i like him and i want him to be happy

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Putting aside his attitude towards Louis, which is nasty, I was surprised about the way he talked about the process of making music in the beginning. Of him being allowed to talk about how authoritarian it was, and how the boys weren't happy with it. I know in the process he is talking himself up, trying to imply the whole 'they would be nothing without me, I groomed them in the beginning, it was all me' but still. Interesting how it was all so strict for the boys, and how they didnt like it

he sounds like a condescending dick no wonder louis wanted to cut him loose

  • Emily: So I've been wondering for awhile. Why do you call Jack Morrison "Dad"?
  • Tracer: Umm. I don't know he kinda acts like that to everyone so we started calling him that.
  • Emily: I don't know Reinhardt seems more like a "dad" than he does.
  • Tracer: We call him "Grandpa". Ana is "Grandma" sometimes "Nana". Angela would be "Mom".
  • Emily: Ah...I see...
  • Tracer: What?
  • Emily: Nothing! Nothing.
  • Tracer: Is this odd?
  • Emily: Umm...Well the calling a co-worker mom just sounds...odd yes.
  • Tracer: It's out of respect really.
  • Emily: I guess but...
  • Tracer: ...Do you want me to call you mom?
  • Emily blushing: ...well-
  • Winston: Hi, happy to have you over for movie night and all but I don't think now is a great time to-
  • Sombra: No no. Please go on. You're making everyone uncomfortable. Especially Team Mom.
  • Mercy: Please don't call me Team Mom for awhile ok?
  • 76: OK I am suspending the use of familial codenames for now.
  • Tracer: ...kay.
  • Emily: Ok...But what is Lucio then?
  • Sombra: Baby Brother.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY BOY! Lowkey don’t want him to grow up…

Look at this dork, smiling like an idiot

It’s been exactly one year since I got obsessed with him. Yup, I got obsessed with him on his birthday, a fucking ass cool coincidence.

Please be healthy and safe this year, it hurts my heart to see him in pain

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i rlly want frank to grow his hair out. i wanna see him tie it up in a bun, i wanna see the hairs that escape curl so softy and delicately by the nape of his neck and by his ears making him look like the softest angel. i wanna see him in his oversized cardigan with his tea n smiling gently, so warm n so happy and wholly content with his life, thats all i want from him

this is beautiful and pure

nothing is more beautiful than namjoon’s smile

1) you mean on iscribble? bc otherwise i’m not sure what you mean….but no yeah feel completely free to join me if you ever see me on!! i don’t really announce when i’m on there though but yea, i have no problem drawing with followers ^__^;; maybe next time i’ll make a post ?

2) honestly, abel wouldn’t be happy abt it, but he’d let him go
buuut BM is just…way too caught up for that. he wants whatever abel can give him, even if it’s not Marriage TM…this boy is around for the long haul LMAO

3) it’s hard to explain, i just pick them intuitively at this point!  here’s some random skin colors i picked out..sometimes i use colors that you wouldn’t consider actual skin shades ie pink or dark blue but *shrug* putting diff colors really makes stuff pop imho

i’d also recommend color picking / getting color palettes off of pics of real people’s faces in natural/different colored lighting and try to replicate that

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Oro's height anon: My mind honestly boggles thinking of Oro standing next to pretty much any other main character (apparently by the time Naruto becomes Hokage he's 180cm tall!) so I'm now imagining Kurama and Oro being very similar in height and quietly glad there are other short badass men/probably men around. Or just wanting a fic of teen!Sannin after Jiraiya's growth spurt lording himself over his "tiny ladies" and Oro and Tsunade just *looking* at each other before attacking him.

(The Naruto thing confuses me so much like?? Where did that come from. Your mother was tiny and your father was p short too. Which tends to be why I headcanon him as around Minato’s height instead.)

xD The Tsunade + Orochimaru vs Jiriaya thing makes me so happy because yes. They would destroy him and it would be amazing.

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my crush gave me a ride home yesterday and he has the nicest cherry red mustang with black racer stripes and he was so cute blasting music, jamming out and tapping me on the shoulder excitedly when his favorite part would come on and AGH just him occasionally looking over and smiling at me made me completely melt i'm so completely crazy for him and he texted me after saying he wanted to hold my hand but i looked to nervous and idk man this boy got me feelin some type of way 🙈♥️🙈


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ok but maybe Yuuri has been so desperate™ for tickles that like he just curls into himself and like tries to tickle himself and like it only works a little and it gets to be a habit of his whenever he wants it and Victor finds him and is like "? what are this" and Yuuri has to explain and he's Flustered and blushy and it's CUTE and Victor tickles him til he's happy ahhhh

uhghghg i love the trope of someone walking in on their partner trying to tickle themselves i LOVE IT

victor walks in and sees yuuri like, all stretched out on the couch, dragging his fingers down his own side and shivering a bit but kinda pouting abt it becuz its not the same, and victor is like omg babe what are you doing? and yuuri is like FUCK IT and explains himself (albeit very, very nervously omg) and victor just gets this smile on his face and is like “so… you mean like this?” 

and then he reaches out and drags his fingers down yuuri’s side, just like how yuuri was doing it, and yuuri jolts and almost rolls off the couch and hes giggling like “yehehes….!” and then victor tickles him for Real

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tbh like your blog makes me so happy... dan is like my brother and dad all in one and hes like everything i ever want to be when i get older. i love him and i thank you for bringing me him every single day

This is such a pure feeling.
I love everything about this.
You’re so very welcome. Keep on being sweet and amazing.

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hi, sorry I'm a new hockey fan so this is my first time with trade deadline sufferings :( but so did Jordie want to go to Montreal? Or he had no say? I just want him to be happy....

hiiiii! so it’s kind of hard to say if he wanted the trade or not, because there are absolutely instances where players ask their organizations for a trade, but jordie didn’t have a no-movement clause, so the organization could pretty much move him whether he wanted it or not. i’m not going to speculate on whether i think jordie wanted the trade or not bc we could be here for days. with that being said, it seems like he’s happy, and although i know they loved playing together, i think it’ll be good for jordie to be on a team where he’s not just “jamie benn’s brother.” he’s a solid d-man and i think he’ll do well in montreal! i’m sure getting traded can be rough on players but at the end of the day they understand that the risk of getting traded is just part of playing the game. i’m sure he’s fine, and he looks happy in all the pics i’ve seen! it’ll be fun to see him play tonight.

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Hey- I just wanted to mention how you always seem so happy and hardworking from what I can tell from your posts. But even the happiest people need their time to cry, so you just take however much time you need. I am so so sorry this happened to you, but you are so strong for going back in that building and continuing your education like I know you will. I guess I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you and I'm sending all my hugs. Keep your chin up, it'll be okay. <3

Ahhhhh sorry this took me so long to respond to, but I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, to you and everyone who has shown your support. It was a rough few days, but I’m happy to report that the pup’s brother is doing well. I take care of him every morning, and every time I see him he looks brighter and better.

Thank you so, so much. It means the world! ❤

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god negan u nerd. first he's showing off then so happy rick saved him then asking him to trust him. he wants rick to like him so much and my soul aches......

I think he was totally hoping Rick would notice his butt while fighting the walkers. He’s like oh man I hope Rick notices and appreciates my sculpted ass while I save his life or whatever. When I throw him over my shoulder I’ll give him a little squeeze and he’ll give me a little squeeze. Some mutual squeezing OH FUCK A WALKER ALMOST BIT ME!!

But yeah Negan has reached murderous, confused yet loyal kitten status in regards to Rick.

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I just want to say something, Skylar. I'm a habs fan, and I cannot tell you how happy I was/am for Jordie, I've always liked him, and when I learned he was ours I couldn't stop smiling. I know it's sad to see him leave his brother's side, but just think about this great opportunity he has now, he has real possibilities to win a stanley cup, and lbr, he may even do it before Jamie if things don't change for the stars. I hope Jordie wins a cup so everybody who doubted him bite their tongues. xxx

Hi bud!! First and foremost, please for the love of god take care of my man. Let him know he’s appreciated, and amazing, and deserving of this wonderful opportunity. 

I’m honestly not that sad about him and Jamie being split up, they’re grown men, they’re both still playing the sport they love, and they both understand that this is the way it goes sometimes. They were beyond lucky that they got to play together in the first place and I’m sure both of them realize that.

The reasons I’m so upset about Jordie’s trade are this:

  1. It was a total and complete shock to everyone. Sure there were whispers about Sharp and Oduya, and pretty much everyone saw Patty’s trade coming. But no one was even aware that Jordie getting traded was a possibility. And apparently negotiations happened like just that morning so it was a super quick deal that no one saw coming
  2. I’m also beyond frustrated at all the people now crying foul and saying they can’t believe that he got traded and that they’re so upset when they were the people this whole season who were saying that they would be happy to see him go. Fake bitches ain’t shit.
  3. What we got for him wasn’t what he was worth, we got a no name defensemen and fourth round draft pick in a draft class that’s shaping up to be not great. So Dallas got the shitty end of this deal and that’s super annoying
  4. I love Jordie Benn more than anything in this entire world. He went undrafted but with a shit ton of hard work and dedication to the sport that he loves to play he made it to the big leagues. He’s an amazing man and I’m just beyond upset that I never really got to tell him how much I appreciate and admire him. I have so many regrets, and when you go from seeing your fav like everyday between practices and games, to now only seeing him probably once or twice a year, it’s really tough.

On a lighter note!! I am beyond ecstatic that he’s gone to a team that he’s excited to play for and has a real chance of possibly winning a cup this year! I’m 110% now rooting for the Habs in this cup run. I wish him nothing but the best in Montreal and you should all now that I’m never gonna stop loving that man, no matter where he goes in his career. #JoBennBestBenn ❤️ 💙

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Who in bts do you think would like dominant and badass girl?

ooooh this is an interesting question….. tbh the one I’m getting that vibe from the most is yoongi.

he has an idgaf attitude and has even told fans countless times that appearance and things like that dont matter to him. he just wants someone who he could get along with and have good conversation. that being said, anyone too happy-go-lucky or soft is gonna get on yoongi’s nerves real quickly, and him on theirs bc he’s so dry and sarcastic that i dont think they’d mesh well. i think yoongi would find someone v attractive who stands up for themselves and sticks it to the man, someone who’s feisty and doesn’t take shit from anyone, including him. it would be a sassy, savage pair, and i think it would be absolutely adorable.