i like her solo stuff better though

Thoughts on IHQ/CITC @ MMVAs

So I just watched Camila’s MMVA performance. It was okay. I’m not saying it was a bad performance, it’s just that I’m used to her having such a great charismatic stage presence and vocal slayage, so it’s noticeable when she’s less than her standard stuff. I felt like her voice was flat at times or maybe she was feeling sick or something - but it’s minimal though. Someone said that she sounded so much better live than in the recorded video, so I guess that’s that.

It was still a good performance – not her best one, but still okay. The set design was good. I love her back up dancers.

One thing I really like about Solo Camila is that she changes things up every performance. It doesn’t get boring because she has a different concept for each one. So I’m looking forward to her future sets.

As of now, my favorite IHQ/CITC performance is still the BGT one. Next is her BBMAs, then this one.