i like her lips tho


#the oliver smile #the i’m-so-in-love-with-this-man smile

Headphone girl's totally into it

in Hayleys Gravel to Tempo video im the headphones girl shes full on digging Hayley dancing in front of her on the lunch table i dont blame her 😏❤

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also the fact that Hayley gave her her headphones “cause she prettyyyyy”

i’m currently working on a cass retex and HOOOOOOOOO BOY


tbh my sims don’t wear makeup tho :/

like all their skins details/makeup is directly on their skin.. my girls will sometimes wear eyeliner, lipstick and eyeshadow but it’s usually on like 30% opacity and then my guys don’t wear any makeup at all. uhh with lip textures idk i just blend from different skins that i like or grab stuff from off the internet. 

even Wes &Granger have their facial hair directly on their skin and Fenix with her eyebrows.


i really hate this game.. lol i tried to tweak Ani so she looks more like her face claim and in CAS she looked fine to me but then in game i was like ‘LOL excuse me?’ so i just went back to her regular face.

smh the bottom pic is the original.