i like her in the movie too

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I feel like they're being very specific with these movies. People I think would prefer these movies stick to these 5 and Tommy then others. The cast is reacting like this is the first of many with them as the power rangers. The only reason Tommy became a leader is because ASJ left the show. The only reason we had Rocky, Adam, and Aisha was because the other three wanted to leave the show. Same w/ Cat. I don't see the movies being the same.

I just want to see Jason and Kim being in love and slaying everyone together and if we’re lucky, Trini and her girlfriend Tammy too.

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I don't know why people like Jeremy Jahns want to see more of Harley Quinn and the Joker in gotham city sirens. I'd rather have the movie to show even more obvious how badly the Joker treats Harley, then she has someone else's who treats her better that it makes her realize that the Joker is a horrible person. Then, this person can be Harley's proper partner in crime and then eventually her love interest.

That’s what I hope for too.

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Micoo's favorite Disney movie is probably the little Mermaid. The imagery is pretty, the songs are soft. There's a giant badass fighting scene. It deals with betrayal and Manipulation but everything ends up good. It gives him hope that everything will be good for him too.

My precious baby~ This reasoning is really sweet!

I can see the boys arguing over it though!

Michael: Why doesn’t she just write a note to Eric?? Then he’ll know who she is! Movie over!

Gavin: Fish can’t write Micco!

Michael: She signed her fucking name like five minutes ago!

Ryan: *googling if fish are animals*

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Full Name: Yanmei
Gender and Sexuality: female, straight (sex-repulsed asexual) 
Pronouns: she/her
Species: human
Birthplace and Birthdate: October 8th, and I also have no idea where she was born fuck , 
Guilty Pleasures: honestly….probably something like food network competitions 
Phobias: any form of sexual intimacy
What They Would Be Famous For: she’d make a great military official probably? or some other important position
What They Would Get Arrested For: insulting someone high-up
OC You Ship Them With: no one…really?? she and Lee have potential but I don’t think I’ll make it happen :// I platonically ship her and Ronan though!
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Eden 
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: documentaries or mystery 
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche:
Talents and/or Powers: she has really powerful senses and can see auras and spirits it’s really cool!! but because of this she can’t be too close to shiro or eden because their energy is overwhelming and makes her sick
Why Someone Might Love Them: on one hand she’s strong and determined and looks like she’s really cool and collected but actually she’s just a big sweetheart
Why Someone Might Hate Them: mmmmm she can be really stubborn and a bit strict and it can get off-putting at times
How They Change: she becomes a lot more open with the people around her
Why You Love Them: I really love the power I gave her and I haven’t developed her much but she has the potential to be a rly strong character and overall she is an angel and I would give her the world if I could 

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SUPER LATE TO THE PARTY BUT HC THAT Dirk and Daisy watch Disney movies together and see who can obnoxiously sing along the loudest - Dirk always wins ofc.

headcanon fucking accepted oh my god. his voice cracks and he doesn’t even mind, he’s laughing too much and he thinks they’d stopped singing at this point, they’re just yelling – he takes her by the hand anyway and they dance to the sound of lion king and aladdin and beauty and the beast.

dirk likes laughing, he likes being in a good mood, and so he strives for it, always trying to be optimistic, to have fun, to laugh. with Daisy and Pandora, however, it doesn’t seem he needs to try very much.

( @pandora-lightwood )

A few months back I was at a party and saw this cute dog. It was obvious that his owner was a bit obsessed with him (I mean he was at a party in France). I started talking to her and it wasn’t until maybe 30 minutes went by that I realized who she was. Even after she said her dogs name was Gary Fisher. Maybe it was just too much for me. Princess Leia was a character in a movie that I saw before I knew the distinction between movies and real life. So, having Princess Leia in front of me and talking to me gave my body a bit of a shock. Anyway, I would usually keep a photo like this one private but it is such a real honest moment of a real human and her dog, Gary. She was just hanging out at a party having a nice time. When I realized who she was I went into fangirl black-out so I’m not sure if I told her that I was a fan, that I had a crush on her or that I read one of her books. I’m not sure if I thanked her for her honesty in that book or the entertainment she provided for me. But I think I did… Carrie Fisher & Gary Fisher Cannes 2016 #RIP


Reasons Why I Actually Loved Beauty and the Beast:

  1. The back stories added a nice depth to the main characters, without taking too much screen time or taking away from the original story. 
  2. The plot holes from the original movie were filled in very nicely. 
  4. Seriously, whoever did the casting did an amazing job, I am very impressed. 
  5. I loved the greater emphasis on the servants. I fell in love with them. I mean I always loved them, but I loved them much more in this movie. 
  6. I liked the small homage to the broadway musical. (If anyone noticed, when Belle enters her room for the first time they play an instrumental of the song “Home” from the broadway musical). 
  7. Be My Guest had such beautiful CGI animation. That was easily my favorite scene in the film. 
  8. I loved that they made the Beast educated and well-read. And the scoff at Romeo and Juliet was perfect. 
  9. The romance between Belle and Beast felt much more natural and it was all very sweet:
    “They don’t like me either. The villagers all think I’m strange.”
    “Do you think that in time you could grow in affection?” “I don’t see why not.” 
  10. DAN STEVENS. I never thought I would actually feel sympathetic towards the Beast, nor did I thought I would actually like him. But man did Dan Stevens do him well.
  11. DAN STEVENS’ SINGING. (I can’t decide if I like his version more than Josh Groban’s. That’s how good it is). 
  12. “I AM NOT A BEAST.” 
  13. More diversity! I was glad to see more POCs, interracial relationships, and portrayal of a same-sex relationship. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start. 
  14. The Enchantress actually existed as a character throughout the movie and didn’t just disappear like in the original movie. It made the curse seem more like a lesson than a cruel punishment. It made it seem like she was always planning on sending a girl the Beast’s way, she just had to find the right one. And when she saw how kind and intelligent Belle was to her, she knew that she was the right girl for the Beast. 
  15. The inanimation scene before the transformations (I got really emotional and cried y'all) 
  16. THE GROWL. ❤️
BTS as drunk situations I have been in

Jin: That time we ran out of food at a party and I made perfect, miraculously unbroken fried eggs and toast for like 12 people.

Yoongi: That time we snuck mini-bottles of wine into the movie theater and I fell asleep.

Hobi: That time I was drinking wine while dying Easter eggs and I accidentally drank the egg dye. 

Rapmon: That time I drank too much at a function and told my professor to go fuck himself because he said Jane Eyre was a “girl book.” 

Jimin:  That time I spilled a beer on my dog and started crying while cradling her in my arms.

Taehyung: That time I got drunk and accidentally left my door open at 3:00am in a college town and came downstairs to a strange, even drunker girl trying to make ramen noodles in my microwave.

Jungkook: That time we were hanging out around a campfire and it was my first time drinking and I did not feel drunk until I stood up and almost fell into the fire. 

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

Jason Dean

I always end up crying because JD in the musical is so pure, he doesn’t know that what he is doing is wrong, because he has always been treated like that. When he goes to Veronica’s house in “Meant To Be Yours” he just wants to be with her, he wants to kill everyone who hurt them, because the only person who really loved him and supported him was her. When he finds finds her “dead” I always start sobbing. He is hurt. And then he really is a psycho. “Still I will if I must” is the line. Though the note he wrote was very powerful too. I think it is all because in the movie he wants to kill her, he is a murderer; in the musical he is just blind, but he really loves Veronica. He worships her. He trades his life for hers. Their love is God.

Are You Okay? - Tom Holland x (f)Reader

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Words: 1844
Pairing: Tom(meh) Holland x (f)Reader
Featuring: some other cool people idrk
Warnings: swearing, FLUFFFFFF
Requested: technically no but jadyn begged me to do
Authors Note: ok so this is my first cast member x reader so idrk how this went but im hoping it turned out okay xD there is so much fluff it isnt even funny. Basically in this the reader is the leading female in Spiderman Homecoming and lol i made up some stuff about the movie that i have no idea if it will actually happen XDDD

Masterlist. Request List.

Part Two

“So, is there any off-screen romance?” The interviewer raised her eyebrows with a smile on her face.

You laughed a bit, but your co-star answered for you. “No, no, we’re just friends.” Tom smiled.

The interviewer smiled. “The Tumblr fandom really seems to like the idea of the two of you together,” She smiled.

“Trust me; I’ve seen it,” You chuckled.

“Me too, she’s on Tumblr- a lot.” Tom smiled, and you nudged his side, causing both of you to laugh even more.

The interviewer smiled and continued with the interview. Lately, for the press tour, you and Tom have done a lot of interviews together. Tom being the star, and you being the leading female for the new Spider-Man movie, it was obvious why you two did so many interviews together.

And no matter how many times you and Tom were asked about romance, it was always that you were friends. And it wasn’t a lie; you two didn’t really think about dating. It was your job as actors to be able to play the part like you were dating, but in reality, you actually weren’t.

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I remember having only Mulan as the closest thing to representation in my childhood in terms of appearance. My sister and I are mostly made up of Filipino genes and a bit of Chinese with a a lot of white in there. So we’re a very confusing combination of multiracial. Neither of our eyes look like Mulan’s and our skin is much darker than her’s. But we enjoyed the character and dressed up like her for Halloween when the movie was fresh.

Years later, puberty hits, and my body fluctuates in a body shape that none of the Disney princesses had. So there was no way in hell I could ever cosplay Pocahontas because I wasn’t skinny enough and couldn’t cosplay Mulan because I was too dark skinned.

Then comes 2016 and Moana’s character design had finally been released. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Button nose, brown skin, round face, and athletically bigger than previous Disney projects. I LOOK like her! She looks like me! She looks like my sister! I finally didn’t feel ugly for being a strongly built girl to the eyes of Disney. I didn’t feel ugly for having thick bushy eyebrows. I didn’t feel hideous for having big arms! Because Disney finally made a princess that had a body type and appearance closer to my own and my sister’s.

I may not have grown up with any representation as a little girl, but I’m excited for every little girl that looks like Moana to have her as someone they can dream to become on Halloween and at Disneyland when they’re older.

You did good, Disney.

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So this is a Valentine's Request! Every year on Valentine's Day, MC was either stood up on a date, or when she did go out with someone, she never felt a connection, so she has lost faith in the Holiday. The RFA+V+Saeran offer to take her out saying that it's keep her company, but they actually like her romantically and confess to her...

Thank you for your request sweetie! And i hope you like it!



  • You don’t like Valentine’s day and Yoosung knows that…
  • But he doesn’t want you to spend this day alone…He doesn’t want to spend it alone too!
  • He’s your friend! Let’s go see a movie!
  • Oh yeah…It’s crowded with couples…That would be weird…
  • Let’s go to the park then!
  • And there it was, you two, on the bench.
  • You can’t help to notice that Yoosung is looking a lot to you, and he’s a little blushed too.
  • You’ll not ask why you know this would only make him redder.
  • You felt his hand on yours and you look at him, he takes his hand away quickly, redder than anything “I-I’M SORRY MC..!”
  • You just laughed, “That’s ok Yoosung…” You smile, and he’s just staring at you “So…Let’s go take a walk?” You get up.
  • But before you start walking, he holds your hand, getting up slowly, while you’re looking at him.
  • His finger interlock on yours, he’s looking at your eyes “MC…I know we’re friends…And you don’t like this day…But…I think it’s the perfect time to say…I like you MC…”
  • His tone shows how serious he’s right now, he’s getting close to you “…Please…Just give me a change…” He’s so flustered.
  • It’s so cute. 
  • “I kinda like you too Yoosung…” You smile, now you’re red, looking to the ground “…Let’s go take that walk shall w–”
  • He kissed you before that.
  • This is the beginning of the forever.


  • Zen is so romantic, so you weren’t surprised when he called you to spend Valentine’s day with him.
  • You know he hates to be lonely at this date, but hey…You can be his company!
  • He’ll not shut up until you spend this day with him.
  • You guys go see a romantic movie, he’s pretty close to you, for you this is normal.
  • Zen always showed his affection.
  • He’s always hugging you, putting his hand on your waist, for you, this is what is normal for him.
  • But for him, he just can’t believe how you didn’t understand he’s trying to be with you!
  • Now you guys were walking to your house, while he was with a hand on your waist after you just saw the movie.
  • When you get there you just smile “Thank you for this day Zen…It was really good!” You were ready to enter your house, but Zen is in your way.
  • “MC…I don’t think all the signs i show to you made you understand…But i like you!…And i know you like me too!”
  • After that, he kisses you, you were surprised by it, but you kissed him back, he’s so happy by that…You two were finally kissing each other!
  • No, it’s not weird, you were his friends, WERE because now you’ll be his girlfriend!
  • When your lips parted from him, he just smiled, catching some air.
  • “…And how did you had so certain that I liked you?”
  • He laughs “Because…” You were expecting very romantic “I’m the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen”
  • You laugh and give his shoulder a little punch, he laughs again, after that you just smile “Want to come in?”

  • Zen’s are head filled with this type of thoughts
  • One man, one woman…In the same house…Alone…THIS ISN’T RIGHT MC!!!
  • “Yes, sure.”


  • You and she are like…Super close friends.
  • Jaehee likes you more than that…And she is afraid…You might not like her in that way.
  • You might not even like a woman.
  • She doesn’t like Valentine’s day that much too…But when she thought of the possibility to spend this time with you.
  • She needed to call you to go out.
  • You accept, and she’s super happy about it.
  • She wants to do everything together.
  • You guys watched some movie and after that, in the night you guys go watch a musical.
  • Her favorite actor is there, you know that you fangirl with her!
  • This night was so fun.
  • While you two were there cheering, she looked at you “MC I LIKE YOU” She yelled so you could hear.
  • You look at her, she was blushing, but you smile “I LIKE YOU TOO” You yelled back.
  • You laugh, jumping a little with all those people, and then you look at her, “THAT WAS WHAT I MEANT”
  • Jaehee stands still, surprise…
  • But then she smiles…
  • She puts her hand on your shoulder making you stand still…
  • And then she kisses you.
  • And you kissed her back.
  • When she stopped, she looks at you “This place is a mess! Let’s go to my place!” 
  • She was with a large smile on her face, you can see the brightness in her eyes when you nodded.


  • Jumin is just so sweet with you.
  • You can’t understand people when they always talk about him being so cold.
  • He is always there for you.
  • When he called you to a restaurant on Valentine’s day you were surprised…
  • He is always working, but today he is free…And he wants to spend the day with you?
  • Just because he knows you’re alone too?
  • Well, you accept it anyway.
  • He said that Driver Kim was going to pick you up.
  • When you arrived, Jumin got a big smile on his face.
  • All the staff of that restaurant was finding it weird…Jumin Han so happy…
  • He’ll ask for the best things to you, and he’ll always compliment you.
  • Always with a smile on his face.
  • Even for you, this is weird, he’s smiling so much, and you can swear he blushed in one moment.
  • When you guys were finished, you and Jumin get out, smiling.
  • Everybody did not understand what the hell all this was…That was really Jumin Han?
  • And now you guys are in the car, while Driver Kim is taking you to your home.
  • Jumin said it was too dangerous to go alone.
  • When you arrive there, Jumin walks with you to the door.
  • You look at him smiling “That was really good Jumin…I really appreciate that…”
  • He smiles again “Me too MC…”
  • You laugh, “I could see it!You must really like that place”
  • Jumin sigh and then he got closer to you “…I didn’t like that place, i like you” You froze, blushing.
  • He got closer and closer and he gives you a little kiss, you kissed him back.
  • That kiss was filled with passion…And when both of you needed air, you stopped.
  • He looks at you smiling “…Can i see you tomorrow?”
  • You nod and you enter your house “See you tomorrow then…” You close the door.
  • Jumin opens his mouth smiling and look at Driver Kim, who has with his thumbs up.


  • Seven knows how you despite Valentine’s day!
  • But he kept asking you to out with him, even when he hates to go out!
  • He takes you to a nightclub.
  • You found it strange, but he reassures you “I’m coming here because i know you wouldn’t resist me in a place where is only us”
  • You laugh, oh that jokes…
  • He heard the music that was about to start, he grabs your hand walking with you to the dance floor, actually, he’s dragging you, with a happy smile on his face
  • “SAEYOUNG!” He pulls you for him, making your body collide with his body, you’re blushing so you look away.
  • He laughs, with a hand on your waist and the other one he grabs your chin, making you look at him “…Don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me” 
  • He laughs singing the song while he makes you look at him when your eyes met his…
  • Something made him get closer and closer, and then he’s kissing you.
  • You can feel a lot of passion in that kiss, but you didn’t move…
  • After some while he just looks at you, catching his breath, so then he felt a blame in his heart “…I’m so sorry MC…I thought you might like me too…I like you that’s why i kiss you…Oh, this was a bad idea…”
  • When he was about to run you laugh and then you grab his hand.
  • He looks at you and you smile at him “Shut up and dance with me”
  • He just smiles…Going back with you.


  • When he asked if you wanted to go out with him in this Valentine’s day you agree in the same minute!
  • V’s just too calm, and so gentle, so you just believe that he’s doing this because he pities you…Because you’re all alone in this day.
  • He can be alone too, but he doesn’t hate it like you.
  • He even finds it funny when you say you hate Valentine’s day.
  • That was cute, he called you…Well, he is cute.
  • He takes you to the museum on that day, after that he take you to an art gallery.
  • You know how he loves those things.
  • And to be honest, you thought all this would be so boring, but with him…It was more than pleasant.
  • After that, you guys go to a mall to see some things, and he wants to buy a new camera too!
  • But in the way, he saw a photo booth “Let’s go there MC!”
  • “IT’S FOR COUPLES!” You yelled, while he was dragging you, looks like he didn’t even listen.
  • When you enter there with him, you sigh laughing.
  • You guys were doing some poses, he looks at you while you were laughing and he just keeps staring at you.
  • When you two saw the photos…That was literally you doing poses and V was just looking at you “Why you were looking at me the whole time?” You laugh again “You were too cute MC…And i can’t keep my feelings to myself”
  • You look at him, and then you just give him a little kiss, he is blushing now “I’ll treasure this photo ” You laugh and then you start to walk.
  • V puts one of his fingers in his own lips “She kissed me…” He saw you walking “MC WAIT!” He starts to run to you “ I NEED TO KISS YOU BACK!”


  • Saeran hates this day too…But he likes you.
  • And maybe he will like this “holiday” after he starts to get closer to you…
  • You understand him, he can be neurotic sometimes…
  • But you understand him, you listen to him “whine”, sometimes he’s scared of himself…
  • But you’re never scared of him, you’re just so gentle…
  • He smiles when he thinks of you…He accepts it…
  • He likes you.
  • So when he called you to go to the park to eat some ice cream, you were surprised…!
  • He is inviting you and he’s saying is for you to not be alone today.
  • This is sweet.
  • And now there you guys are…Eating some ice cream.
  • Saeran looks like he’s blushing a little when you look at him, you don’t understand why but you smile with it.
  • After some time he looks at you, your mouth was a little dirty with the ice cream, he just got closer to you, and you froze with the surprise “Your lips are dirty…I’ll clean it”
  • He got, even more, closer to you, you can see now clearly…He’s blushing.
  • But before you could even ask him about that, he gives you a gentle and short kiss…After that, he looks at your eyes “…You’re the only person that i don’t want to kill…”
  • You widen your eyes even more “….Do you mean…You like me?”
  • He’s blushing even more “…Yes…” He said almost like a whisper, looking down “I’m sorry, what?” You laugh
  • He looks at you, grumpy “…I’LL NOT REPEAT MYSEL–” You give him a little and cold kiss, laughing, “Your lips taste like ice cream…We can do this every Valentine’s day now…!”
  • Ok…Now he has a girlfriend…And now he loves this holiday…
  • But he’ll have to wait for so long to give some ice cream kisses to you?
  • But god…This feels so good.
On Jyn, whom I love like burning

I’ve been thinking about making this post for a while now, and I’m finally at a point where I think I can articulate all of my thoughts.

Two of the criticisms I’ve seen about Jyn are as follows:

  • The movie doesn’t give us enough information to be able to fully understand her.
  • The change in her is too abrupt, making her arc seem unrealistic.

I, of course, disagree.

The film tells us the following things about Jyn: she had parents who chose, early on, to rebel; she had a close relationship with her father; she had to flee her home, alone, at a very young age; she watched agents of the Empire kill her mother while her father stood by; she was raised by a soldier as a soldier; she was ultimately left behind by said soldier; she is desperate; she is a lone wolf. From all of this, we can discern that she has been abandoned by one father figure and “betrayed” by another (Galen did not actually betray her, but consider how the events on Lah'mu might look through the eyes of a child: “Dad, Dad who is great and whom I love and who says he loves me and will protect me, just let bad people kill Mom and went with the bad people instead of coming after me”); that her childhood was difficult, violent, and traumatic; and that she has difficulty interacting with other people (which is a direct result of the former points).

The film also tells us that, beneath her tough facade, she cares, and that she maintains a firm moral center positioning her against the Empire. That’s why she says that she prefers to believe that her father is dead; that she rescues the child in Jehda; that Saw asks her, “you don’t believe in the cause anymore?” Her apathy is feigned. It’s a product of the fact that, post-Saw, she shut down and began surviving just for the sake of it, because she was littered with wounds that would not heal.

When Jyn says to Saw, “it’s not a problem if you don’t look up,” she doesn’t actually believe it. Watch her: she pauses, and her mouth quivers, and the words come out mealy. It would be easier if she believed it. It would sync up with her trauma. But because she knows right from wrong, she can’t say it with conviction; she can only deploy it as a “gotcha,” as a set piece in an argument. She is trying, very poorly, and as a self-defense mechanism, to convince herself of a convenient fiction.

The reason she becomes a beacon, a “speech machine,” after watching Galen’s message is because said message resolves 95% of what she’s been going through. It tells her that her father did not actually betray her, that he has always stood against the “bad people,” that he wants her to fight against them, too, that he’s actually paved the way for her, for everyone, to do it. He’s been steadfast and true, something the people in her life, up until then, have decidedly not seemed to be.

Jyn doesn’t change, after Jehda. She just takes off her mask.

To that end, Cassian’s “welcome home” works on two levels: it welcomes her into her found family, into a group of people whom she can trust and rely upon and who believe in her as much as she believes in them, but it also welcomes her back. She is the prodigal daughter, showing up on the doorstep of her childhood home (the rebellion, lower-case-r because it’s the spirit, not the organization) after having worked through all the shit that made her leave.

oh my god, tempted by mcu fic ideas for the first time in a million years

nope. nope, not doing it. not even gonna entertain it.


but just–darcy though; she’s not gonna be in the next thor movie bc tptb always considered her a vestigial jane attachment anyways. and since natalie’s not coming back (for good reasons of course) then why would they bother bringing back the snarky sidekick?

but like, imagine in-verse something similar-ish happens? it would obviously depend on the in-universe explanation of why jane has up and disappeared and isn’t in this movie, but say jane and darcy for whatever reasons split ways. necessity or misfortune or darcy wants to take another stab at her own career field again. 

only things don’t work out.

it’s a shit economy and she’s been noodling around for like five years AFTER completing her polisci degree, and let’s face it her resume in the interim is–well–eccentric.

she’d expected job hunting not to be EASY, but impossible? well that caught her off guard.

so she’s in some city of relative size, not even new york because she couldn’t afford the rent anymore. she’s barely hearing from jane these days because jane’s on a project and it’s a stroke of luck if jane foster remembers to eat or wash her hair when she’s in High Science Mode, much less respond to email and text. erik started corresponding with her less and less the more he started coping, and that was BEFORE he got some new fancy secret government job.

things have gotten rough and she’s working crap jobs, maybe waitressing maybe retail, just trying to pay bills and figure out how the hell her life came THIS CLOSE to superheroes and alien demigods and action and adventure and things Really Happening, and still ended up HERE of all places.

she reads the headlines on her phone and she watches clips of the action on youtube, and she feels like she somehow fell out of the life she really should have been living, if she’d just found a way to hold on to it, to be invaluable, to seize opportunity, to really MATTER.

and she watched with despair as the sokovia thing and then corresponding accords happened, (and not a little outraged ranting about the absurd political maneuvering of it all and oh my god tony stark what are you DOING) and then it all went a little bit quiet for just a little while.

and a while later she’s busing tables or restocking pastries at a cafe or diner that pays a third of her rent, and clocks two shady as fuck beefy dudes at the table in the corner (backs to the walls eyes on the entrances/exits).

they seem to think they’re low profile with their ballcaps and hoodies and giant sunglasses and newspapers, but darcy lewis got within five feet of that star spangled square jaw one time and even said hi, and he keeps coming in with a short muscley black guy or the mangy looking brunette with the unseasonably long sleeves and gloves and that godawful haircut, and she is Not Stupid. 

but being Not Stupid means knowing steve rogers and friends are considered international fugitives, though she thinks for a moment–a breathless, adrenaline-buzzing moment–that they might somehow be here, in her shitty little diner/cafe in her mediocre little city ON PURPOSE–because she is.

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Appreciation Post for Porpentina Goldstein

I really really love Tina; she’s probably tied for my favorite character in the whole HP verse, along with Hermione Jean Granger and right before Harry. Even though I admire Hermione immensely, I think it’s Tina whom I relate most to, despite just one movie of knowing anything of her character.

Like her, I also have a sister, just a few years younger than me, so close in age that it seems like we’re twins. But we are as different as night and day. Like Tina, I’d die for my younger sister, but I’m also jealous of her too because she’s shiny and vibrant, and I’m dull in comparison. And like Tina, I’m ok with that. Sure, insecurities pop up now and then, but then again that’s human. It’s never at the forefront, but you can tell that Tina has vulnerabilities, but at the same time she is proudly unapologetic to be herself.

I love how human she is, how flawed and how normal. She’s a witch, but like a grey spot in the vibrantly colourful world. You wouldn’t notice her until you got to know her personally, and became acquainted with her passion and her generosity. Who willingly lets two strangers into her home (one of whom she’ still suspicious of) just because one of them is injured?

She’s also important on a meta-level (I will forever hold on to the headcanon that the title of his book was Newt’s dedication to her). Newt in-universe is disliked and annoying, but in reality, his character is the type to be a Tumblr favorite, universally loved for his eccentricities. Meanwhile, Tina is sometimes called annoying and blamed for betraying Newt; let us not forget that she didn’t know him that well yet and that she was only protecting her city. I think some people dislike her in-universe and out for being a woman and daring to be ambitious.

She is unapologetic in that, in wanting to get her job back, and it makes so much sense because I can imagine her working her ass of, armed only with guts and ambition, because she thinks she has no special talents to speak of. Tragedy strikes in the form of her parents dying, but she has no time to feel sorry for herself. She has to raise herself and Queenie. She had to grow up early.

Despite that, she never lets the world make her become jaded. She puts on a tough front; she has to, to survive, but her caring and protective nature is still there, shining brightly at her core. She chooses to save a lonely boy over her career, and I think that moment captured who Tina truly is.  

And I love Tina and Newt’s relationship because I find it incredibly realistic and heartwarming. They are the same, really, protectors and caretakers, and I think that’s what initially draws them to each other (imo, i don’t think they’re in love yet). But also, they are really different, and in that they are complementary. Newt has his head in the clouds, but Tina grounds him. Newt doesn’t take care of himself, and so Tina will support him.

I can imagine the angst in the next movies, when Tina meets Leta. Her old insecurities will probably pop up. How can she, plain Tina, compare to someone as majestic as Leta? And yet although Newt fell for Leta because he was intrigued by her wildness, Newt falls in love over and over again with Tina because of her steadiness. For a man who’s travelled the whole wide world, Tina’s meaning becomes synonymous with home for him. He’s always thought of his suitcase as a place to live in and be himself, but he’d never thought that home would be a person.

Tina falls in love with Newt because of his compassion and the color he brings to her grey world, but also because, with him, she can be vulnerable. She doesn’t always have to be strong or carry her burdens herself. They can be vulnerable together, with each other.


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And also some observations:

-I don’t know,it could be the quality of the picture or something but to me Lucy’s eyes look rather dark and empty,like some extremely saddening/or scarring event took place and it HAS left an impact,a scar of sorts on her(and prolly others too) which could be related to Natsu’s transformation and the events that ensued thus or not.

-sorta funny how Natsu’s guild mark looks like it’s in a shade of pink.

-I believe it could be the scene after Natsu’s inevitable transformation has ended and he is tired so he just drops into her arms{*EEEEEEEEP**SQUEALS MORE FOR GOOD MEASURE*}


The Movie Releases On May 6,2017.

not too long after the holidays, isak goes home to spend the weekend with his mom. she’s been doing okay. they haven’t had long conversations. he hasn’t told her everything he wants to tell her. he’s not really sure he’s ready for that now, anyway. but it’s been good, they eat their meals together, they watched a movie last night. it still feels strange, in a way, realizing that she knows and yet she still loves him. it’s still something that he has to get used to. because he had conditioned himself to think that his relationship with her was over. he had taught himself to accept that fact. but she was still there and it was now a fact he had to unlearn, and it wasn’t something he could do overnight. but he was getting there. it was good. they were good 

the next morning, they’re making breakfast. isak isn’t a great cook, but he’s been trying. his mom is cracking some eggs and isak says “wait” and he quickly opens the fridge and looks for some sour cream, finds it and then he adds a tablespoon to the eggs before his mom starts whisking them. she asks “why did you do that?” and isak replies “it’s, hm, it’s a trick. it makes them creamier and better. you’ll like it” and his mom looks at him and she starts smiling, a smile he hasn’t seen on her face in so long. “when did my little one turn into a chef?” isak bites the inside of his cheek a little “it’s even. he told me about the trick.” he doesn’t know if she understands who even is. he’s never talked to his mom about him, except for when he texted her to say he started dating a guy

his mom stops whisking and there’s a moment of silence and she stares at the eggs before she turns her head to look at isak. her eyes are still the same. the love is still there. “that’s lovely. he should come the next time you come here, we should let him make the eggs”. she starts whisking the eggs again and isak smiles to himself before saying “yeah, we should” 

161106 Hat’s On fansign - Kyungsoo fanaccounts

@tur8_0412_1127: Chanyeol said that after rapper MQ, lately Kyungsoo is who visits his recording studio the most often!

@coco_9488: I said to Kyungsoo that I usually thought of him as sexy, but he was too cute today, and he said “Right~? It’s the hat.” He really does accept that he’s cute now..

@Yeoliette__: I asked Kyungsoo to recommend a song for the winter, but he got flustered and asked Chanyeol with big eyes what songs were listened to in winter, what songs were warm. Chanyeol got caught off guard too and said “Huh?? Just tell her what you like to listen to,” but in the end Kyungsoo couldn’t think of anything and apologized TT

@real__nyeol: I asked what movie has deeply moved Kyungsoo recently, and he said that he hasn’t watched any lately, embarrassed TT When I said it didn’t have to be recent, he stared and said Kamome Diner! My mind blanked out because his eyes were so big and pretty.. 

@yoyoya11: I asked for just a compliment, but there was no response so I went “a compliment!” His eyes went big and he repeated after me, “a compliment!” and smiled as he told me “you are incredibly bright.”

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