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It was nice while it lasted.

I haven’t played the episode yet, but I actually don’t feel too upset that Leiftan lied about his race?

I mean do I like being lied to? No.

Do I like how violent he was being with the lady in the prison? Fuck no.

But considering how much there is a bad stigma around the Demons (to the point where they are killed just for existing), I can understand why he wouldn’t want to announce his race to the whole world? I mean his race is blamed for all of Eldarya’s failures. Maybe the people he grew up with were Demons too and killed just for that reason? Honestly I’d do the same in his place.

For @evanora23, a first attempt at Thirteen and River, having dinner dessert. There is no way the Doctor has the patience to sit through a full meal, so their dinner date consists of hot chocolate and crêpes.

I hope you like it despite the mess!

the hate betty receives within this fandom is very… annoying.

of course she should be critiqued and have her flaws pointed out but the hate is ott i feel? now did she go the best way about handling cheryl? no. but  i am guffawed at people acting like cheryl is this broken character with funny one quips and therefore anything she does is seen as iconic. i’m not saying what betty did was right, but cheryl is far from innocent herself.

this is a girl, a bully who taunted betty about polly having a mental breakdown and landing herself in a girls group home, and called her crazy, made jokes about betty’s weight, tried to bully her at one point into being a bitch to her, and also a girl who made fun of a hs boy being molested by his teacher. cheryl has done her fair share of nasty and awful things.

i’m not saying because cheryl did these things that it makes betty blackmailing her acceptable. i just find it utterly ridiculous that cheryl does these awful things and it’s seen as funny quips, and betty does a couple dark things even if with good intentions and she’s seen as a bitch and the people who praise cheryl bash betty.

but then again i have seen people who bashed betty in the same breath praise alice tonight for placing blame on her daughter for any future crime in the town, because she was “calling her out.” now there’s a difference between calling your daughter out on her corrupt behavior and fully placing blame on her if all bad things happen.  

dulcet danger

Title: dulcet danger
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Genre: College!AU/Bad Boy!AU/Football Player!AU
Summary: Sometimes, the friskiest of decisions were the most memorable. Baekhyun is a clear example of that.
Note: Happy Birthday to my very beloved and adorable @byunists. I hope you have the best birthday ever and that you get to eat lots, also do great in those exams that I know you are having today! I wrote this for you, knowing how much you like Baekhyun and all~

Gym class is naturally one of those classes that she doesn’t pay much attention to. Neither does she think it has as much importance as other subjects nor she judges those who actually love playing sports when being in school. Actually, she liked those three hours of class she had ever Wednesday at seven in the morning, solemnly because the teacher they used to have –a really old woman who basically orders them around instead of showing them how to actually do sports- let them eat if they wanted to. Sometimes she would bring snacks and sit on the bleachers until she finally was called to play, but other than that, she was never truly excited about having physical education class. However, since Mrs. Lee was long gone after she finally decided to jubilate, she was left with a new teacher that was more than willing to coach everyone into living a fitness lifestyle and at this point, she is starting to hate this class. Turns out that she can’t bring snacks anymore, she can’t even take a break to drink water because sports are supposed to hurt –those are the new teacher’s words- and whoever took a break had to give a ten minute run, so to save herself from both the embarrassment and the struggle, she decides to listen for once and she plays volleyball. It wasn’t her favorite sport, to start with, but she was fairly okay and if playing was going to reassure her a great grade, then she might as well do so.

When she lifts up the ball in the air to throw it to the other team, she doesn’t think much, she does it absentmindedly but strong enough to show that she was in the game. However, a loud thud, a whine and millions of gasps follow after her actions and her eyes widen when she notices that she had thrown the ball at someone and that person was none other than Kim Jongdae. She had never talked to him much, he was just another student in her class that she ignored, even when he was absolutely cute, but she did know that he liked to sing a lot and he particularly didn’t enjoy playing sports, but he wasn’t bad at them. Without having second thoughts, she rushes towards where he was, her shirt clinging to her body with wind as she places her hands over Jongdae’s shoulders, making him turn towards her and she winces audibly when he reaches to touch his lip. Jongdae was surely whining under his breath and she breathed in quickly before feeling the teacher’s presence behind her.

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can i get a curly haired terezi??ill send requests if you need them!love your guys edits btw<3

Also I changed my horn style hope yall dont mind

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