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turn // 4x06

courtesy of major edmund hewlett.

I was watching this again and I barely realize Chichi looks like she was fondling goku’s nipples xDD 

Say It Again

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles


Word Count: 2,222

Originally posted by kalifornia---dreaming

           I pull up in front of the house, killing the engine before grabbing a stack of books out of the passenger seat, and jumping out of the jeep. I walk up the driveway slowly, my eyes glued to the screen of my phone as I slip out a set of keys, and shove one of them into the front door, pushing it open. I walk in, closing the door behind me, and start heading up the stairs. I hear a soft whimper and I pause, panic sinking into my stomach. There’s another whimper and I move as quietly as I can to a door, preparing myself to face whatever new supernatural threat is here, and my hand poised over the door knob.

           “Stiles,” A voice whispers from the other side of the door and I freeze, my ears pricking up, straining to hear more.

           “Right there, Stiles, right there,” The voice moans and I can feel myself tightening in my jeans and I can’t resist the urge to push the door open slightly. Y/N is sprawled over the top of her bed in nothing but a long t-shirt, her hand between her legs and I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning at the sight in front of me.

           Her eyes are closed, and her head presses against the bedspread as she arches her back; her fingers working quickly against her core, sliding in and out of her as she flicks her thumb over her clit. “Stiles.” She moans my name again and all I can hear is blood rushing in my ears as my heartbeat thunders loudly in my chest.

           “Holy fuck,” I moan is a rasp, and her eyes snap open, her fingers stilling as she looks at me with her mouth wide.

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Wrong Place, Right Time

This is a prompt fill from the lovely @raptorlily you are such an awesome supporter of my work and I must admit that every time I post something new on Ao3 I eagerly await your review, just as I do your fics.

I hope this fill meets your prompt, it’s only a little bit of pressure filling a prompt for one of your fave fanfic authors.


Betty Cooper goes to the White Wyrm to confront Jughead and finds herself in hot water. Enter her knight in a black leather jacket.

Rating: M - there is some stuff ‘wink, wink’ going on but nothing graphic.

Also there is a ‘Keep Reading’ cut.

Betty took a deep breath and pulled her pony tail tighter before she walked through the door of the White Wyrm, if Jughead Jones thought that she could be dissuaded so easily he had another thing coming. The text message had been the last straw.

He had been putting distance between them for weeks. No longer coming to Pop’s, declining her invitations to meet at the Register to write. Even when she was with him he was distant, he no longer sought comfort in her touch, and she knew he was keeping secrets from her. It had all started as soon as he put that damn jacket on. She had been afraid for him, what it would mean for them once he was part of the Serpents. He had promised her that it was just undercover, that he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes that his father had, and she wanted so badly to believe him. She wanted to be his partner in this just as she had been there for Jason Blossom’s murder investigation and subsequent solving. Just as he had been there for her with Polly, the very start of their relationship.

She was determined that she was not going to lose him to the Southside, plus no-one, not even Jughead Jones was going to break up with her via text.

She could feel the atmosphere change as soon as she crossed over the threshold, suspicious eyes roving over her trying to figure out what one of ‘them’ was doing in a place like this.

“You are a very long way from home Blondie.” A leather clad man with a long beard, greyed with age sneered at her. She noticed from the corner of her eye another member, a teen around her age had made his way from the table where he was seated. She continued to make her way towards the bar, ignoring the furious beating of her heart and the shaking in her hands. But as more and more of the gang members moved to surround her she could feel her confidence starting to give way. She straightened herself pulling herself up to her full height and continued on.   

“Extremely far from the white picket fences of the Northside.” He continued to chuckled unkindly.

“Did the boys get too boring for you over there. Wanted something a little more dangerous.” The younger man said as he approached her his eyes roaming over her body, as she hugged her arms around herself suddenly self conscious of her tight sweater.

She turned around sharply looking for an escape but was now surrounded by the other patrons of the bar, other members of the notorious gang which currently was locked in a civil war with her own side. Well she was here now and there was no feasible escape so she might as well get what she came for.

“I’m looking for Jughead Jones.” She said cursing the slight waver in her voice as she tried to command authority in her voice.

“Well girlie, you found us instead.” The older man said as he placed an arm on her shoulder and as she moved to shrug him off he only gripped harder. Frightened she reached for the pepper spray that she had stolen from her mum’s bag, grateful that she had had the forethought to do so. “And we don’t take too kindly to your kind nosing around here.”

Just as her fingers clasped around the cannister a tall figure pulled the man away from her,  pressing him up against the bar, as she moved back stunned, free from his grasp.

“Back off Mongoose.” A rough familiar voice threatened, and recognition washed over her. A beanie-less, leather jacket wearing Jughead Jones, had the Serpent pinned to the bar, twisting his arm behind his back, his tall imposing figure had the other members who had initially gone to help take a wider berth as soon as he glared at them.

Her heart was now racing out of something more than fear, seeing her Jughead defending her honour sent a heat spreading through her body and a flush to her cheeks. His hair was wild, waves falling over his eyes, as he glared at those around him. He leant closer to the man’s ear whispering something that she couldn’t quite hear and noticed a widening of Mongoose’s eyes as he took in the information, before nodding eagerly.

Jughead released him and Betty watched as he nursed his arm as he moved to the back of the small crowd that had gathered when the commotion had started. None of the other serpents seemed to want to be near him as if he was tainted.

He turned to her next, his hand pushing back his hair from his face and his eyes captured hers with such an intensity that she felt her flush intensify, her sweater becoming too warm despite the coolness of the bar.

“You need to leave Betty.” . His face an expression of something that she had only seen a few times, when he was held back by the orderlies at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and when someone had covered her locker in pigs blood spelling out their hatred for her. There was a roughness and authority in his voice that made her go weak in the knees. Her protector, always.

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A bit of canon divergence in which Naval! Killian replaces August in the Wish Realm.


“It’s just,” he shuffles his feet and scratches at the back of his ear, a furtive glance shot at her from beneath thick eyelashes. “The Princess I knew liked pretty things.”

She tilts her head to the side and considers him – the blush that stains his clean-shaven cheeks, the uniform that stretches tight over his shoulders. He’s the same age here as their own realm, but he feels more innocent. Subdued. He bites his tongue against his remarks and regards her from the corner of his eye, careful to keep appropriate distance from her at all times. But he’s still, well –

She supposes she still likes pretty things.

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Books and Throwing Knives

My title is so damn creative, I astound myself. So this is for a @twh-sss Ragnarok!Loki with his flippy flippy knives…..and I’m not sure if it’s smut-tastic enough… I dunno. It got away from me, but I still liked it…. so here.

Warnings: Nothing really. Oh, a little smutty smut smut. 

Let me know if you want on/off my tag list :)

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Request ⇾ Hi! Can I request a Eddiexreader imagine where you two are married and you have to return to Derry to defeat Pennywise again and you reveal to him that you’re pregnant? Thanks!

Warnings ⇾ mentions of unprotected sex, mentions of pennywise being back?? I think that’s it

A/N ⇾ I’m not sure about this one? I hope it’s okay, I decided to take it in a different way as I noticed the same request had already been written for (which is fine) so I just wanted to do it in a slightly different way to stop it being repetitive!


Eddie had just received a phone call from his old friend, Mike Hanlon. It was 2017. It was back. Eddie had quickly put the phone down and swallowed nervously. How could he tell Y/N? That the thing that haunted and ruined their childhood was back? Had they not defeated it when they were kids? He shook his head, trying to think of the various ways he could reveal it to her, but what he didn’t know, was that she also had something to reveal to him too.


“Eddie! Eddie!” Y/N said as she ran down the stairs and towards their shared living room, where she knew he was. She stood in the doorway with her arms clutching a hidden object behind her back. “Guess what?”

She was so overcome with joy and excitement that he knew she wasn’t going to tell him what he needed to tell her.

“Wait, Y/N. Before you say any–”

“No, Eddie! This can wait I promise you, once you know what it is then you’ll understand!” She bounded into the sitting room, still with her hands behind her back.

“Please? Just let me say this one thing then you can tell me anything you like! I promise!” She batted her eyelashes and had the sweet smile he fell in love with beaming across her cheeks, he couldn’t say no to that, not even if he wanted to.

“Okay, go on then.” He said sitting up and forward on the couch.

Instead of saying anything, Y/N swung her arms around and placed the mystery object onto the table in front of him. “Open your eyes, silly!” Eddie had been so nervous, that without fully knowing, he had closed them and actually needed Y/N to prompt him to open them.

“Wait.” Eddie paused, eyes widening at what he thought he was seeing. After getting the news he did earlier, you can understand why he thought it was all a dream. “Wait, wait, wait, wait.” He said, darting his eyes up to look at Y/N. She was still standing, in the exact same poise, with that wholesome smile lighting up her face. She was so excited.

“Are you—”

“Pregnant? Yes!”

She couldn’t even let him finish his sentence, she was practically bursting at the seems.

“I just found out, I had to tell you. I was so excited!”

He sat there, in silence, with his hands covering his mouth.

“Oh, Eddie, please say something, will you?”

“I-I’m just so, did we really not use protection?”

“Remember the night of your golf friends wedding?” She said reminding him of their passionate night where presumably, their first child was conceived.

“Oh. Oh, yeah. Wow.” He said, he really was dumbfounded. “I’m so shocked, but I’m happy Y/N. Its just…” he said trailing off.

“What, Eddie? It’s just what?” All of the worst possible things she could think of were rushing through her head and she was struggling to stay calm at the thought of something ruining their special moment.

“I got a call from Mike.”

“Mike? Mike Hanlon?”

“Yeah. He said…. he said that it’s back.”

“Wha- Oh.”

Instead of being surprised, like Eddie, she began to cry.

“What does this mean for us? We have to go back? B-but, I’m pregnant?”

He quickly rushed to his wife’s aid and sat her down next to him on the couch. He wrapped his arms around her and began rubbing circles on her shoulder.

“Don’t cry, babe. It’s alright. We’re going to be alright, I know we will.”

Acting (Bob Morley x Reader)

Request: I just saw that you write for the actors so could I request an imagine where the reader is an actor on the show as well and her & bob Morley are super in love/best friends and everyone knows/sees it but them. thank you! Xx

Originally posted by helenkomskaikru

Living in the real world was hard. That’s why you always appreciate The 100, you were so thankful you had a role on the show. Acting has been your passion since you were young and not only does this show give you amazing opportunities, it let you meet Bob Morley. Watching him shoot his scene from afar, you admire the way his curly hair fell over his face. 

“Staring at Bobby again?” Marie states, standing next to your seat, “What is that like the 100th time this week?“ 

 "Shut up.” You smile, pushing her arm gently, “I’m trying to get into character." 

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@jonxsansafanfiction All Hallow’s Week - day 1: autumn 

Sansa strides down the cobbled streets, her brown thigh high boots crunching on the crisp leaves scattered across the ground,  her face nestled into the knitted burgundy scarf around her neck. 

No place can compare to Stratford-upon-Avon during autumn. The picturesque villages, bouts of countryside bursting with shades of reds, yellows, browns and oranges and babbling brooks and flowing rivers meandering through, quaint hang-outs from book shops to museums, coffee shops to pubs. 

As a second year student at London College of Fashion, Sansa has adjusted to the hustle and bustle of city life and come to appreciate the limitless shops where she can quite literally shop ‘til she drops, along with the constant goings on that make it impossible to ever be bored. 

But nothing can quite compare to her hometown and she lives for the times she is able to visit. The peace, tranquility and beauty here is second to none and Sansa feels immediately more at ease just for being back. 

Entering her favourite coffee shop, she heads straight for the counter and greets the barista with a friendly smile. 

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eliz1369  asked:

If you're still taking requests, the non-sexual acts of intimacy sharing a bed for NaLu? Thanks 😊

‘Cuddle Puddle’

Rating:  k, fluffy fluff

Word Count:  765

Pairing:  Nalu - modern AU, Firefighter Natsu & Reporter Lucy

Luxuriating between fresh sheets and the comforting blast of the air conditioner, Lucy wriggled in pleasure, turning onto her side to look at Natsu.  "There’s nothing better than a freshly made bed.“

“What about free food?”  The bed squeaked as he shifted to face his girlfriend.  "Free rent?  A pay raise?“  He grinned and tugged a lock of Lucy’s hair.  "What about me?”

“You know what I mean!”  Lucy pouted.  "In this moment - it’s so rotten hot outside, hanging out in our bedroom is super decadent.  The AC makes it so cold I think I’d like to use the comforter.“  She fluttered her eyelashes, making her most convincing sad face; not that Natsu ever refused any of her requests.

"Uh huh.”  Natsu reached over and dragged the coverlet off the floor, tossing it onto  Lucy.  Amusement topmost in his voice he spoke, “I knew you’d want it.”

Lucy covered her feet and whistled for Plue and Happy.  "C'mon!  Up!“  She patted the bed and grunted as both the dog and cat barreled onto her; the dog coming to rest on her legs and the cat on the highest point on her body; flopping down so his back legs were on her upper arm and the rest of him was settled on her breasts.  Happy flexed his paws and tested the sharpness of his claws - easily piercing the comforter and Lucy’s skin.  "Ow!”

Carefully Natsu reached over and pulled Happy off his perch.  "Can’t say I blame him, your boobs are super soft.  Who wouldn’t want to curl up on them?“

Natsu chuckled and Lucy scowled, although it wasn’t very convincing.  "He does it on purpose!”

Plue felt left out and walked up and over Lucy to lodge himself between his two humans.  Both Natsu and Lucy reached over to pet the dog, giving him praise.  Several minutes later Lucy ordered Plue down back to rest at her feet, giving Happy the chance to lay between them.  The cat burrowed under the blanket and curled up, no doubt planning to sharpen his claws on Lucy after she fell asleep.

“How was work?”

“Boring; same old, same old.”

“Natsu, how can that be true?  I know your company got called out to a big fire near Magnolia’s garment district.”

“It wasn’t that big - we had it under control pretty fast, on account their fire alarms worked like they were supposed to.”

Lucy edged closer and reached out to touch the back of Natsu’s head, digging her fingers into his spiky hair and rubbing his skull as he let out an appreciative moan.  Next, Lucy trailed her fingers down his neck and spine.  She massaged random points on his back as he continued to make noises - incentive to keep her going.

“And what did you feed yourself for dinner?”  This was part of their nightly ritual.  It didn’t matter so much what she asked or talked about, but she wanted to show she was interested.  And maybe it was for practical purposes too - knowing what they were running low on made drafting a grocery list easier.

“I made mac'n'cheese.”

Pride oozed in Natsu’s voice, and deservedly so.  Not too long ago his efforts at cooking that always resulted in stodgy and thick pasty sauce - but he’d found a good recipe and discovered he’d been adding too much flour.  Lucy snuggled even closer, “Ooh, did you make enough for me to have some?”

“Packed you a lunch for tomorrow.”  Natsu’s voice was soft and mumbling.  He was going to fall asleep talking soon.  It had happened many, many times already.  He could be making perfect sense, answering Lucy’s questions and then he’d just start snoring.  Lucy was used to it.  It didn’t bother her anymore - it was funny actually.  If she kept the right flow with her questions and sharing parts of her day, Natsu would respond intelligibly for close to half an hour - and even remember some of what they’d discussed.

“Thanks, babe.  Do you know what you want to do with our weekend off?”  Soft snores were Lucy’s only answer.  "I’ll ask again when you’re awake.“  She pressed a kiss to his forehead, smiling as he still managed to mumble, ‘love you.’  "I love you too, and so do Plue and Happy.”  Lucy closed her eyes and pulled the comforter as high as she could manage with the dog weighing it down and the cat nestled in the crook of her one arm.

This was love - her and Natsu’s chosen family; them and their fur babies.  Life was good in the cuddle puddle.  

anonymous asked:

So when did you know that you were in love with Victoire?

Thank you @girlswillbeboys11 for being the most amazing Victoire ilu

[It’s just an average day here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. a fifth year Teddy Lupin and a fourth year Victoire Weasley are chillin’ as people who are friends do and nothing particularly interesting is going on. Victoire is taking her time doing some homework and Teddy is there for moral support.]

Victoire: I’m sure you did fine, you always say you don’t think you’ll do good and then do amazing.

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