i like her boots

Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.

Can you see that?That is my heart being ripped in two.Look at Yang’s Hunter outfit but precilesy at her thigh-high stockings.Her emblem is on the outer side of her leg.

Now this is just stating the oblivious,but this doesnt end here.

When I watched the third episode of Volume 4,the first thing I thought was ‘Whoa’.Blake’s outfit was amazing and the details were amazing.Bu then I was like ‘Wait a second there’.Her black boots were thigh-high and her emblem was in a white color.

That was when my brain clicked.I opened Yang’s Hunter outfit and Blake’s new outfit and the realization hit me.Blake’s boots reminded me of Yang’s stocking.Their lengths,the emblem were just really hard to ignore.

Let’s just say my Bumblebee heart exploded in those moments.

So what do you think?It might be silly but the detail was really cute for a Bumblebee fan.

Lenalee was never my fav exorcist in high school. I actually disliked most of the exorcists, except for Allen (noah clan 5evur). But rewatching the old show, I realize now that the treatment of her specifically compared to Allen, Kanda, and Lavi was really weird. Why was she Komui’s secretary?? None of the other exorcists had weird side jobs, why does the cute girl have to bring coffee to the science department. And why did Kanda and Lavi get a sword and a hammer for weapons, but she got thigh-high boots??? 

Anyway. I started liking her more after the Edo arc, and I think she’s great in Hallow (last night’s episode in particular was real swell I think).


Sorry I’ve left these very late. These two Asks very similar so I’ll answer them both in one go.

I’ve made a post on Starfire’s age in various continuities here. To answer the question, I thought she would be about 20 as a continuation of her solo series who seemed about that age. Turns out Starfire is 18-19 in the Rebirth Teen Titans series.

My thoughts on the Rebirth Costume/look:

I think it’s Starfire’s best costume yet. I like her thigh high boots, the fact that her costume isn’t an aerodynamic nightmare like the original costume and the glove section on her hands. The metal knuckle pieces and the fingerlessness make her look quite combative but still rather sleek.

I like the use of green gems instead of red gems (I’m a total cartoon convert on that front). I just think it’s a better colour scheme. 

I really appreciate the attempt at giving her costume more utility with those tech compartments. I wish they’d gone so much further, but it’s better than what she’s had before.

I love the way her eyes are depicted in these few panels more than any other version of her ever. HER EYES ARE SO PRIDDY


High-heels are a baffling choice. They are hugely impractical, and her costumes have always had flats so it’s not like they’re there to stay true to her old looks or anything. For someone who is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter it makes no sense. Don’t even try to argue her flight negates the issue because she still fights from the ground on occasion.

I also worry that the boots would slide down over time. I think it’d just get annoying having to pull them up every now and them. Maybe having some suspender type feature or just plain ol’ superhero tights? Then again maybe her alien clothes can stick to her skin or something so I guess that’s just a very minor thing. I think I’m just worrying about the cosplayers walking through comic-con all day lol

I think it could do with more skin. Believe me, this is not a complaint I thought I’d hear myself have about a female comic book costume, but there we go. Not a lot more, just a bit . I could go on about why I think this should be so in more detail, but basically it boils down to her culture, her powers’ dependency on sunlight, the fact that her costume isn’t actually meant to provide any real extra protection and just keeping in spirit with her old costumes.

I wish her Starbolts weren’t green. I know it’s a cartoon thing but I prefer the old colour scheme when they’d bee red/orange/magenta. I think it makes for a better colour scheme too when that’s then paired with green gems instead of red gems in her costume. While on the topic of Starbolts, I haven’t seen them use “skree” as a sound description. #MakeStarboltsSkreeAgain

If I’m perfectly honest, while I like a lot about the Rebirth costume, there’s something missing. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but it’s missing an x-factor that would turn it from “this is pretty nice” to “OMG THIS IS PERFECT I NEVER KNEW HOW SEEMINGLY OBJECTIVELY PERFECT THIS DESIGN IS”. It may just be everything I’ve just mentioned, but I’m not sure.

I like her civilian clothes a lot, my only objection is the inclusion of her ripped jeans. I just don’t think ripped clothes are a style Kori would go for. I kinda think it’d remind her of slavery or something. I’m not saying she would refuse to wear them, certainly not for her modelling job, just that I don’t think it’s really her thing when it comes to dressing herself. Now, if the idea is that she got them ripped through her badassery, that I can respect, but I don’t get the impression that’s what they were going for.

It looks quite nice in some ways, but I would prefer her to have her red hair instead of this pink shade she has that’s obviously inspired by Teen Titans Go!. Her hair is, according to the notes on the design sheet, meant to have the fiery effect we’ve her have in several incarnations now. So far, it just seems like it’s dyed such that the ends get lighter. I do miss the energy trail effect.

it isn’t one set of footsteps that walk slowly down to varric and the inquisitor.

it isn’t one tired hand that greets the herald of andraste.

it’s two. it’s always two. it’s always been two.

“Inquisitor, meet Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall.”

“Though I don’t use that title much anymore.”

“And this-”

“I’m Anders, pleased to meet you.”


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Here we have two saiyan girlfriends in their natural habitat, coming home from a long day spent being in looove ♡ @percyofnom Air Kakarot is a go, please hold tightly to each others tails and enjoy!

These two and their lives make me really happy. They’re a little scuffed up after their sparring session, but then they happily land in a field of flowers where Kakarot gives her princess a crown. Vegeta is very flustered and sneezed a lot but she’s too content to complain today!


The reason why I was at Takeover was to see what all this buzzing was about. And it’s the women of NXT. That is why I was here. And clearly, they stole the show. Am I right? Yeah, they did.