i like having the points to use just in case


Rereading the chapter: did Mutsuki dissociate to the point of er, mishearing Uta? Because Uta says, 「下ろして」(oroshite; ‘get off me’), and it’s almost as if Mutsuki heard 「殺して」(koroshite; ‘kill me’) and went, “Okay”.

After killing Uta Mutsuki thinks 「出来上がり」which basically means “Voila” and is usually something you say when you’ve accomplished something productive. 

Mutsuki specifically uses the kanji for romantic love, apparently just in case someone couldn’t tell. 

I guess “It’s almost embarrassing how much of a woman I am” means I need to change Mutsuki’s pronouns? I think I’m going to use a singular ‘they’ for now, but that’s a pretty big point for the “traumatized girl” theory. 

Amon says: “The ghouls… have Mado-san?” so he’s at least partially aware of his surroundings. 

The last three phrases of the chapter are actually all said by Takizawa: “He’s tough (literally, like a rock). I’ll leave the rest to you, Academy student. I’m going to go all in.” Which is sensible, I guess, considering kakujas are unstable at the best of times.

Psychologist Pixi Is Back With Some MV Explanation

Ok I’m gonna make a post explaining mental illness in b.a.p’s mv bc I think lots of y'all are missing that all of that was mental illness (schi//////zophrenia, anx/////iety/dep//////ression w suicide ideation, body dysm/////orphic disorder, sub//////stance use disorder, and ano////rexia) I’m sorry about the slashes, if just rather not have this post in tags where people are seeking out help and recovery as it’s off topic

Sch////izophrenia: the guys seeming oblivious to the world around him, conducting even though there was no band? That’s what this disorder looks like frequently in severe cases. He’s caught up in hallu////cinations that keep him from reality. Everyone keeps mentioning him as murder and in that I think they’re missing a lot of the point. While more mentally ill people are more likely to suffer from violent crimes than to commit them, it still stands that violent crime by mentally ill people exists. (I’ll admit I’m a little bit iffy about this part of the mv bc of fear of violent crime being part of the stigma of mental illness, especially ps////ychotic illnesses, but I think bap addressed it in an appropriate way bc it wasn’t the point they were trying to make) the point they were making with this man and the bodies around him so a long standing legal debate, can we really hold this man accountable when he’s not aware of his actions? He keeps conducting, not knowing what he’s done. A lot of you are actually playing into this, reacting the way people normally would: you only notice the bodies, not the unaware man. He makes you uncomfortable because he is strange and different. But is he really at fault when he doesn’t know? That’s what bap is trying to say.

An/////xiety and de/////pression w suicide ideation: y'all have generally figured out the man in the bathroom, but in general that’s what he represents. He’s someone at the end of their line, frustrated, hopeless, and stressed. I feel like we’re used to seeing this disorder portrayed, so most people understood, so I’ll leave it there. Feel free to message me if you need further explanation.

Body dys//////morphic disorder: people keep labeling the girl looking in the mirror as just “insecurities” and i just want to clarify that it’s further than that. This is a woman doing anything she can to convince herself that she looks alright (which she does) but her appearance is never right to her. Likely what she’s seeing in the mirror is different from what we’re seeing, which is why she smashes it. She doesn’t want to see her reflection when it’s something so terrible to her. Baps making a good point here, bc we typically look down on people who hate the way they look and call them shallow and vain for obsessing over their looks, while bap is pointing out how much they really are hurting

Su/////bstance use disorder: the girl in the hall, holding her head, taking pills, is a clear representation of this disorder. We find her first in the withdrawal state, trying to resist what she’s addicted too, but she gives in despite the negative side effects (i.e. vomiting). I really like the way they approached this, because a lot of media dehumanizes and demonizes people with this disorder, but bap did the opposite, reminding their audience that these people are human, are suffering, and are mentally ill

Ano////rexia: I think people generally understand the girl in the kitchen, but here’s a little clarification. She’s cutting the food smaller because it’s a common rhetoric that if you eat smaller bite you’ll eat less. Even the one sliver of carrot feels like too much for her tho, bc like a lot of people with this disorder, it’s like she’s become afraid of food. She thinks eating anything is disgusting and will increase her weight, that’s why she’s hallucinating worms in the food. It’s a metaphor for how she views food. I really appreciate the way they approached this, instead of just putting a sad skinny girl in front of a mirror and maybe having her faint. Showing the really an//////xiety and ps//////ychosis of this disorder instead of standard, not really effective portrayals

Finally, emotion revolution is a summit held by mental health professionals every couple of years, focusing on creating a conversation about mental illness and lowering stigma

All of this to say, B.A.P - Wake Me Up is entirely and wholly about mental illness. It’s a music video that displays mental illnesses accurately while addressing the stigma surrounding them. It focuses on humanizing something we’ve demonized, and on showing mental illness not only in its reality, but without looking down on the people that have it. I really want people to understand this, because their message was really important

You can make a perfectly valid argument without having to drag Taylor’s name into it to make your point. I would just like to go one day without having to see a headline and her name attached to it because people feel their argument has no credibility unless her name is attached. You don’t need to use someone’s name to make your case. Leave the girl alone.


We all know Dazai and Fyodor have many things in common from their level of intelligence to the way they use their ability a.k.a *tap tap*. But what caught my interest the most is this particular scene. (I feel stupid that I noticed this just now lol,I have to point this out to spread the word in case no one talked about this before)

They really and I mean really think alike.

Let’s take a moment to note that both purposely let themselves get caught in order to gain information from their enemies and then flawlessly succeeding afterwards. Like Dazai letting himself caught by Kyouka to gain info about the guild and then we have Fyodor who also let himself get caught by the kidnapper in order to attain the list of the mafia ability users. Both also outsmart a mafia executive.

So? I wonder what other parallels can these two have in the future

Can we talk about Ch.15 for a second pls?

I just wanted to point out the public so far in this chapter. Now obviously, we more than likely hate them for not helping Yoon Bum, but take in mind that this reaction is sadly a very real one. The are many cases around the world that have many people claiming that they witnessed something wrong or someone in distress and that they did nothing at all.
Koogi is clearly showing this to us and letting us know that it wasn’t just Yoon Bum who failed to notify the police that he’s in an abusive relationship, but the public’ was well. This also happens when a MAN is in distress and society still sees it as being weird, even to the point where we witness the woman Bum asks for help calling him a pervert (simply for grabbing her shoulder) and the rest calling him a drunk. If Bum was a girl we all know that everyone would’ve helped her out; but they also may ignore her.

These are the terrifying facts that deeply scares me.

Before and After pictures.

I love reading and listening to revert stories, it totally reminds you of how Allāh loves a person and how He guides those whom He wills and blesses them with such great honor of being a Muslim.

It’s just one thing that I would like to address is the use of the pictures of these Muslims, especially in the cases of sisters.

We all have to keep in mind that reverting to Islam is not an overnight decision, some took months and some even years before they finally decide and enter to the fold of Islam, and so you’ll see how important this decision is for them, indeed it is a life changing/turning point in their lives. (And this also applies to born Muslims who just started to practice Islam accordingly, same struggle, really.)

So when a sister decides to wear the hijab, know that all her pictures online (those that she has the ability or has control of) has been deleted or removed.
This is the issue I want to point out. Please do not go out of your way in researching or looking for a “before and after” picture of this sister that you can post.

I know you want to make a point and inspire others but know that there is also a point that you are missing when you post such pictures - her decision to cover herself for Allāh.

Let us respect our sisters who chose to wear the hijab, please do not share the photos of them where their hair or some flesh are seen.

Their stories will speak enough for them. 

Let this be a reminder for the mindful.

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writing thing - not trying to sound condescending or anything, just offering something that really helped me - have you seen "how to use a semicolon" by The Oatmeal? It completely unfucked my sentence structure

Not condescending at all! I may go so far as to say that this is a great way to offer someone help/a critique! Point out a problem area (I know my sentence structures tend to get a little muddled, especially when I rush!) and then offer a way to help! In this case, I love the Oatmeal!

Here’s the source for anyone else who’d like to give semicolons a look over today! (X)

It’s interesting how pervasive emotional language is. I’m so used to using terms like “angry” or “sad” or “hurts” for things I experience, even though they’re not really accurate in the slightest. It’s like… I am aware that an experience elicits an expected emotional response and I correspondingly identify whatever those feelings should be and then use those words to describe the… not at all the same experience I’m having.

Case in point, when I describe something as hilarious because I was laughing or I liked it to any extent, even though I don’t… actually feel anything when I laugh?

I suppose to some extent it’s just adaptive. I couldn’t constantly tell people I didn’t like something as a way of explaining a negative or lack of. And I have experiences that correspond, situationally, to what others generally call anger, so I call it anger too. But it’s not.

And I am finally allowed to say that. Here, anyway.

I think it’s useful to still report when it is a place where the word “anger” would go, though. Not only for personal frame of reference, but because I am really quite serious about complete honesty on a personal level. It’s compulsive, if I’m being frank.

But the way I’ve been “trained” not only to use emotional words, but to think of my experiences using these words, even when they’re grossly inaccurate, is… interesting.

It’s on my mind a lot. False equivalencies.

Lying that isn’t lying, but very much is. For the sake of others?

But it protects me, too.

Very tired.

…try and live every day to it’s absolute fullest. That’s not always going to be life changing, living to the absolute fullest every day is not a case of, like, oh I’m going to save someones life today or I’m going to donate a billion dollars to charity or anything like that. Sometimes, living to the most every day - it’s just being happy and content within yourself, or giving someone else a compliment because sometimes that’s all they need.

It’s always monday , by @therealjacksepticeye (hyper link should take you to the correct point in the video) 

This episode spoke volumes to me, Jack spoke volumes. To sit down and have him speak to us like this, like a mentor and a friend all in one - and to some extent like a big brother who’s always looking out for you. Thank you Sean. 

If you ever find yourself internally screaming while calling a company; please remember that the voices on the other end of the line are just people like you, and people are by nature sillier than they are scary.

Case in point; one time I was answering a customer call and a pal started typing the words to the Smelly Cat song on the computer in front of me and I couldn’t hold it together and had to explain to the caller why I was laughing. They took it pretty well.

Someone point me in the direction of...

a good way to run the sims 2?

I have tones of CC and it’s so slow with even just 9 gbs. Or is that just so much? I have a pretty solid pc. Like I know I can run it but I feel like I’m missing something?! Like its been so long with managing ts2 I forgot how to really. I use the tools suggested in most cases. I can’t remember, if you could merge them like ts3? Or if there was another tool like the dashboard to run ts2 through?

Or am I doomed to have it load time of 1 hr

What do you have? And do?

YOU Stole Frisk’s Soul: Analysis of The Trade With Chara

At the beginning of a No Mercy run, just after you’ve killed Toriel, Flowey will approach you. He calls you Chara, and delivers these lines:

Okay, this fits in with the basic premise of the No Mercy run: Chara has stolen Frisk’s soul and possessed their body, and will to use it to their own purposes, etc etc. While I would like to point out all the proof that this isn’t quite the case, it’s been done over and over by many people ( @draikinator, @passivechara, @narrachara to name a few) and I don’t need to rehash. 

But I realized something today.

After the end, once the world has been destroyed by Chara, they offer you a choice. A soul in exchange for the chance to retrieve the world.

Here you’re given a yes or no prompt without context. Selecting yes…

Please note that Chara uses “YOUR” here.

(Offhandedly, it’s interesting, that such a “ruthless murderer of a demon” should give you so many chances to back out.)

Once you agree, you get an…interesting reaction.

Silence, the same kind of silence you receive during certain battles–sparing Toriel, killing Undyne on a neutral run. That is, if you agree with the narrator!Chara theory.

And the world fades out, and leaves you back at the beginning.

What this all means is that Chara never owned the soul. It was never in their possession during that first No Mercy run, but in YOURS.

YOU stole Frisk’s soul.

YOU forced them to fight.

YOU bartered their soul like it was your property.

That’s a little messed up, if I’m being honest with you.

hi everyone! just a quick check-in to say if you’re ever sending anon hate, especially to blog like this (I can’t think of a blog with better intentions than one like this, besides like the anti-puppy kicking brigade?), then I feel bad for who you have become. 

I don’t know what you’ve gone through to make you like this or to push you so far away from basic human compassion and understanding, but in any case, pointless hate against vulnerable people is unwelcome here, and I seriously recommend you reflect on why you do this and why you would target people who especially need love and support right now such as me and the audience of this blog.

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How do you recommend prepping for a job interview?

I like to create a little folder to take with me. Packed full of information and what not. I make sure to know who I will be interviewing with, their names, departments. I have a copy of my resume just in case. I have directions and times printed out or written out. Then I create a little cheat sheet. I have bullet point of my skills that are useful for the position and examples of those skills being used. THEN I also have a numbered list of potential questions they may ask, with my typed out answers. I study it a few days before.. and I have it with me so I can refer back to it if needed. Questions such why do you want to work here, what do you know about the company, why do you think you would be good for this position, tell me about a time you made a mistake/how did you fix it/what did you learn.. etc. 

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dean teaching you to drive baby (headcannon)

- when you first asked him, he flat out refused

- “Y/N, she is the most important lady in my life.”

“I thought I was the most important lady in your life.”



- you begged Sam to help your case, but he would just laugh and smile

- “Why do you want to drive so badly? Trying to get away from us?”

“At this point, I’m not sure.”

- finally, you made a bet

- “If I can kick your ass in a fight, you have to teach me to drive Baby!”

“Bring it, kid.”

- him being too stunned to hear what you’re saying when you absolutely wipe the floor with him

- eventually, he does let you sit in the front seat

- but you watch him drive her, like, a thousand times around the block first

- “Okay, Y/N, this is very simple: which is gas, and which is brake?”

“Gas on the left and brake on the right!”

“Damn it, Y/N! That’s it, get out, you’re not driving-”

“I was joking! Relax…”

“Not funny.”

- him secretly being super proud of you when you finally master it

- he sometimes lets you drive when it’s just the two of you out hunting, but neither of you ever tell Sam

- “Does this mean I can take her out whenever I want now?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Aw, c’mon, Dean!”

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About the Niylah thing, I think both of them knew that it was just more of a grieving thing in Clarke's case and Niylah was just there for her. But I think it's also important to point out that Niylah did almost die the previous episode and I think Clarke was like "fuck it, who knows if we'll live or die at the end of this" [well, she's determined to live that's for sure]. I don't know, also, Clarke doesn't exactly have time to properly grieve her which sucks :/

Yeah I get that. She was projecting. But it’s irritating that the writers are using it to try to make up for the fact that they killed off their most iconic LGBT character. You can’t just throw another wlw relationship into the mix to try and appease the crowd. Niylarke is sweet, but their relationship pales in comparison to Clexa. No one will understand Clarke the way Lexa did. Niylah is the physical comfort she needs, but she isn’t a leader. She doesn’t understand the stress/pressure Clarke is constantly under. Only Lexa could comprehend that. That is why their bond was so beautiful in the first place. 

Imagine Dean getting jealous when a policeman hits on you during a case because he secretly likes you.

“Well, thank you for your help then Mr- Jake.” you corrected yourself “Jake.” you repeated once more and saw an adorable to say the least smile spread on his lips.

“Anytime.” he gave you a cute grin “Even if it is the slightest thing I need to be of help. Doesn’t hurt that I will have to work with such a beautiful agent as yourself.” he gave you a soft shrug.

A giggle left your lips before you could stop it and you found yourself acting like a schoolgirl all over again, it just was something in this officer that you couldn’t point your finger on but you certainly liked.

“Well, it’s going to be a long case so we could use all the hands we can get.” you tried to play it off as nothing although you had a grin on your lips.

He opened his mouth to speak but didn’t have time as Dean came by your side “Uh excuse me.” he said sharply “Sorry for interupting.”

“No it’s fine, (Y/n) and I were merely talking.” Jake was fast to reply but he regreted his decision at the death glare Dean sent him.

He gave you a look at realizing you had told him your real name before giving him a tight smile “Yeah well, sorry- maybe not really, but you’ll have to say goodbye to (Y/n) for now, we’ve got work to do.”

“Oh alright I-”

“You know, FBI stuff.” Dean cut him off, continuing with his mocking “Which I don’t think you know you have any of, right? I mean- what is your ranking anyway?” he tilted his head to the side with freaking annoying smirk “Errands boy?”

“Alright, yeah.” you clapped your hands trying to get Dean to stop “I think we’re done here, Jake I will call you later.” you gave him a small apologetic smile at which he nodded his head, although he gave Dean a look.

“Alright, let’s go.” you grabbed Dean by his arm and all-but-shoved him away before he could embarass you any further.

“What the hell?!” you hissed at him and he looked at you as if there was nothing wrong.

“I don’t know what you mean.” he shrugged “I was just making a conversation with the guy.”

“Yeah, and if I hadn’t stepped in you’d have choped his head off!”

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I mean it's canon in the show that Pearl takes a lot of time to think about her regeneration while garnet and amethyst's last regenerations were rushed (ruby+sapph in jailbreak likely rushed to reform and ame rushed after being poofed by jasper) while Pearl took three weeks to think about potential wardrobe changes. idk I mean I'm against Pearl having special treatment but it makes sense in this case when you put it in context.

yeah true, you got a point. but idk! i just wish the designs were better ya know.

but actually since you brought up jailbreak, how on earth did ruby and sapphire reform so damn fast?? and like… why didn’t jasper, uh idk, shatter them when she had the chance? and why didn’t she use the yellow electric thingy (i forgot what it was called jdkgjk) on steven to poof him after knocking him out? (we all know he can’t poof but she doesn’t know that so… huh)

I basically don’t read anything that anybody writes now about us, at all. Cause I just can’t anymore. And the main reason for that was, that I happened upon, sort of by accident basically, a review of our Oxford gig [july 7th 2001], which was just like.. I mean, one of the biggest days in my life. Obviously for all of us. And this… whoever this person was, just tore it to shreds. And they couldn’t really think of how to tear us to shreds, really, so they just tore the audience to shreds. And just said basically ‘who are these people, bunch of students’, you know, 'white middle class’, which was not the case at all, but what’s the point in arguing. But this person managed to totally and utterly ruin that day for me forever. And it really shouldn’t have done, and I should be bighead enough to just ignore it. And there was a lesson there, which I have I learned now. But I just didn’t understand why… how someone, just because they had access to a keyboard and a typewriter, could just totally write off an event, that meant an aweful lot to an aweful lot of people. And there’d been just no answering back, no nothing, that was it, the end of the story. And obviously that happens all the way through your career… so many people were there and saw something completely different, but yet you’re the twat who gets to sort of write it all off. And it’s sort of… I don’t know, I should be used to it by now.
—  Thom Yorke