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I’ve been too afraid to dress nice bc for some reason every time i do, i end up having a really bad day. Its extremely cursed. But i needed to look nice for today’s gay communist goblin revolution session. 


Vance: Agent McGee.
McGee: Hello, Director.
V: Agents DiNozzo and David, they were supposed to contact me before they left with our witness. I should have gotten a call by now.
M: Yeah, their flight was delayed.
V: Are you sure about that? Paris can be very hard to leave.
M: Not for them. No, Tony and Ziva don’t like traveling together much. Actually, they don’t like doing much of anything together. I think it’s safe to say that they’re not enjoying themselves very much right now.


This is the look of a man saying to himself, "Oh for fuck’s sake”:

Like, Vance actually can’t believe McGee is that naive and I am here for it.

What this rerun has taught me is that Vance has been fishing for Tiva gossip FOR YEARS only they’re too oblivious to notice (like McGee) or know better than to play ball, unless the cat’s out of the bag (like this joker).

I mean… Look at Vance just sidling up to McGee’s desk to ask what’s taking Tony and Ziva so long in the most romantic city in the world, nudge nudge wink wink. COULD YOU BE ANY MORE OBVIOUS. Why, Leon, it’s almost like you sent your agents there ON PURPOSE. I’m on to you, big guy. 

Which, you know, just confirms that everyone (except McGee) knew there was something going on and that was just Tony and Ziva’s Thing™ and they mostly ignored until it occasionally blew up in their faces but once in awhile they couldn’t help themselves and would trade dirt. (Except for McGee, because he is too pure for this world.) 

Like, this really, really made me laugh last night. A lot.

Bonus “Vance is so shocked at McGee’s gullibility he’s actually angry” caps:

Also confirmed: Vance ships it


Corruption AU - [narrative: 1/?]

Michael Bluth is discovering that being President of the Bluth Company is a lot harder than he’d previously thought. There are the discrepancies in the budget reports, for starters. The family is constantly siphoning off funds. And some of the business partners are insisting that if Michael’s wise he’ll launder several million dollars for them quarterly — no questions asked. 

It’s a lot for one guy to handle.

Luckily for Michael, though, he has Gob, his older brother who has been searching for a way to earn Michael’s respect for years. It becomes sort of a win-win arrangement. With Gob acting as his right-hand man, he gets to be an invaluable asset who volunteers to do the dirtiest of Michael’s deeds in exchange for a fair paycheck and his brother’s attention.

Surprisingly, it goes about as well as it possibly can. Maybe that’s why things start changing between them. Maybe it’s the reason Michael starts seeing Gob in a different light. If Gob wants his respect, pride, and love, well, he’s more than deserved them. As for Michael, why shouldn’t he want to feel good about strengthening their previously tenuous bond? It’s gotten them this far. 

Besides, they’ve already gone all in.

i’m having a block on romantic writing, so if anyone could send me a character-centric prompt to get things working again, that would be amazing!! it’d be nice to have new ideas to work with.