i like giving things to people

BTS as my favorite things my friends and I said watching the BBMA's
@doublebammie @xbasicwentz and I had a lil skype call while watching and this was the product, reblog and guess who said what 😂😂

Jin: I hope they give BTS good snacks like?????? is the food good there????????????

Yoongi: If anyone made Jimin mad they can choke like why does my muffin look mad who did this what happened

Namjoon: MGK is the air I breathe

Hobi: *inaudible screeching whenever BTS is on camera*

Taehyung: *looking at Florida Georgia Line* Is that One Direction / *looking at the chainsmokers* who are those people wow so famous
“The chainsmokers…”
Oh.. woowww

Jimin: *in the middle of the skype call* o k but guys look at my hair
*all of us stop everything to look*

Jungkook: Everyone is probably like “oH MYGoD iS THat tHe BULlETproOf BoYSCouTS SAraNgHaEeE”

A Letter from You

AN: @whitechocolateperfection Thanks Emily for requesting and advising as always :) and @teen-mendes you know why 

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It’s laying under the flower pot at your front doorstep. There’s a small rock set on the opposite corner, like the pot isn’t heavy enough to keep it down.

Leaning over, you take it from its hiding space, realizing it’s a letter. Your name is written across the white in black ink. The handwriting is familiar. Something you’ve seen in journals and lyrics written quickly on newspaper or paper towels when his phone was too far away. You found parchment in your purse from the small train you took in Amsterdam. The song turned into roses. Who knew one lyrical line would’ve turned into your favorite song.

When the door is unlocked and your bag and keys are on the hook, you take a seat by the window. Your cat is curled up at your feet, stirring in her sleep.

The envelope is sealed, but you don’t go to open it as quickly as you should. The lip feels heavy, straining your shoulders. The breakup is still fresh, too fresh to read his letter. Maybe he wants to get back together.. maybe he’s about to show up with a bouquet of tulips and a single white rose- the only way you’ll accept flowers. Maybe it’s actually from Aaliyah, or an old friend from college. It was your birthday just last month. It could be a forgotten gift and the writer was too embarrassed to give it to you, face to face.

“What am I waiting for?” You ask yourself, knowing the longer you wait the worse the pain in your chest will feel. The words he spoke will never leave. They’re tattooed in your mind..anyone else would’ve found it beautiful, poetic. For you? It was tragic.


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Why care about the whole Jimin hates white people thing. I'm white and I don't mind at all, I actually find it funny. It's obvious it's a joke and people fucking around, it's nbd? Besides these types of jokes run around the internet and if anyone thinks it's serious all they need to do is ask and people will answer. Whoever doesn't like the joke can just not interact w it and that's it.

I keep asking this but no one can give me an answer. Why use Jimin? How about let’s use your own face and put the same caption?

What you all aren’t saying is that you all use Jimin to make the joke more acceptable to more people. It’s normalizing hate because you use a familiar face to convey it and because Jimin is someone that’s like a separate person from yourself, you somehow don’t make yourself accountable for the hatred. But use Jimin as a vessel to normalize it and make it ok. I don’t care what you hate. I’m saying that it’s really shitty to use Jimin as a face for it so that you can pass it off as a joke and let people in and think it’s ok to do it.

It’s very very very heartbreaking it comes from our own fandom. Please don’t use jimin for your hate. I don’t care if you just think it’s just a joke. Don’t drag jimin into this.

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I was at a funfair today, and there were goldfish being given away as small prizes at a game, and I was wondering if you thought it was ethical.

Nope. They’re being given out as prizes in pretty bad welfare situations (small bag, no filtration, no temperature regulation) and then going home with people who likely don’t have an appropriate setup for a fish laying around or even know what a correct one would be, which means they’ll still be in low welfare situations. Giving fish out as prizes really assumes they’re disposable things that it doesn’t matter if people kill as long as they’re thrilling for a bit - but they’re living creatures, not throwaway toys.

I guess what surprises me so much about this “hiatus” and the venture into the brave new world of solo 1D is the jealousy???

I’ll make no bones about the fact that Louis and Harry are my faves, and so I will probably cheer the loudest for them, but all of them are still our boys, you know? You’re not required to like what they do or the answers they give or how they dress, but why treat one poorly for the sake of another?

Bitterness, jealousy, hatred, these things do not make you a better fan, and they definitely don’t make you a better person. I have no qualms with anyone supporting their fave, what I think is terrible are the people who do it at the expense of someone else.

So I’ve noticed that people go out their ways to scold artist/other warframe players that the Warframe themselves (not the tenno) are non-sentient machines. That isn’t proven wrong, nor is it proven right.

With Digital Extremes, they’re never straight-forward about these questions. Like it took about 3-4 years of this game being existent to learn what the “tenno” even were. They tend to leave you in the dark and occasionally give you small fragments, there’s lot’s of reasons to prove warframes are just puppets but there are things to prove that they aren’t. That debate can literally go into a loop with what evidence we’ve been provided and honestly i’m sick of having that argument so i’m not even going to give evidence for either side.

Though if you’re one of those people who get fucking pissed off whenever you see a canon idea different from yours and you decide to go try to make them feel like shit because they drew their warframes with a personality/sentient, or even vice versa, then you’re a fucking asshole.
It goes further than just having a different opinion, i don’t care if you believe warframes are just a suit full of spaghetti it’s fucking rude to go enforce your opinion on others and get sour if they disagree, let others enjoy what they like.
They’re people who draw their warframes as humans, i don’t see that as correct lore-wise but i’m not going to go bitch at them for having their preference on what the warframe could be. 
Go ahead and believe that warframes are just a puppet like it’s canon, i really don’t care just stop trying to seem like the smart-guy and attacking people who like a different thing.

I can’t believe I exceeded the limit of posts within 24 hours just as they read out the nominees for Top Social Artist, I had written a huge post but Tumblr wouldn’t let me post it or save it, so I deleted some asks from last night and I’m hoping now this will work.

I have a few things I would like to say;

-I’m so proud of them and us, I couldn’t be happier to a part of this fandom. They work so so hard and they deserve the world, and we were able to help give them their first American music award. They accepted their first American music award in front of artists they idolise like Drake and Nicki, and we were a part of that.

-I’m not expecting overnight results but the barrier between western music and Asian music just got tore down. People have to recognise that Kpop is huge, it’s literally a global sensation and the BBMA’s changed the way the genre will be viewed worldwide.

-Kim Namjoon.
He did so well, out of a group of seven people he’s the only mostly fluent English speaker, he made sure everyone was on the same page, he was kind and humble to interviewers while translating for his members and really shined bright as the best leader possible; the other members and us are so so lucky to have him.

-BTS, our guys, our kings, our faves; have been recognised internationally for their hard work and talent, BigHit can’t ignore this and perhaps the next “world tour” they have will genuinely be a world tour, they’re going to be given so many more opportunities.

-The first Kpop group to receive an American music award, if that doesn’t scream hard work, team work and determination I don’t know what does.

Well done Bangtan, you truly deserve this.

I will see you all in 24 hours when Tumblr finally lets me back on

Back From Hiatus

Hello! I know it’s been a very very long time, and most of you probably have forgotten all about me, lol. I’m sorry that I left so suddenly, but I needed a break to figure some things out. 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am back and will be posting again! My art style has changed since I was last posting here, but i hope you all still enjoy it. 

Also, I am going to be giving out free character sketches today :) Just send me an ask with a character request. I’ll post again shortly with more info on how to request one as well as some examples of what my current art style is like (although it’s been so long, I’m not sure how many people will actually see it, lol)

I’ve missed you all so much! 

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Did you see a blind about Harry trying to warn Liam about Cheryl and Liam not taking it well? I wonder if there is any truth behind it and if it can be a reason behind his strange new attitude.

I did see that and honestly, I laughed at it. The only thing blinds are good for is occasionally giving insight into what people bts are trying to push.

But I stg, I’m wondering about that one. Not the details of it, those sound super made up, but the gist of it, that Harry tried to warn him off of this mess with Cheryl.

IDK, it’s probably bullshit, but like everything else, it’s filed away to see if it matches up with anything later.

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that's really crazy because my dad literally said that agender people are the result of contaminated water in high density population areas,, is dirty water some universal parent thing? like barbecues?

when i was still trying to convince my parents to give me the blessing to go on ‘mones, one of my father’s genuine arguments against it was that “the hormones will end up in the water and mutate the aquatic life.” he is really obsessed with the relationship between trans people and water contamination

im so fucking angry right now

i’ve just watched new skam clip and i’ve really pissed out

everybody is against her, she has no support from her friends because they don’t give fuck about her, noora is acting like william in season 1 and bitch what the fuck? i used to love her so much. and now she just make me angry more and more. and it’s not about that kiss with yousef bc it wasn’t only her foult of course. but she didn’t say anything to chris or eva, but she yelled at sana. and where is justice???  sana has been through a lot of shitty things and now everyone is just blaming her for anything that happens. they say bad things about her, her faith, her choices. and some people are asking why she is acting bitchy. yeah bc u all would be so nice to everyone mhm

i just want to hug her so freaking much

she desrves so much butter than that

Post-Episode Thoughts

Okay, so I made a post just a few days ago about the fact that I didn’t know what to make of Laura just yet. I had never read the books, so I didn’t know what to think about her because we hadn’t seen that much of her yet. Going into this episode, there was a lot of hype surrounding this character. A lot of people were hyping her up. So going into this, I had some high expectations based on those responses alone. 

Laura Moon is an interestingly complex character. I will give her that, but do I love her? No. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even really like her. She’s sad and unfulfilled and unhappy and all those things, but I still don’t like her. That could definitely change since she’s planning on turning over a new leaf by being a better person in death. But as of right now, I don’t love or like her as much as everyone else does. I did cheer for her when she saved Shadow; but again, why did it take her dying to become a better person? 

I understand that she may have been suffering from some sort of mental illness, but that never justifies people being shitty individuals because of that. It wasn’t Shadow’s job to help her through that either like I’ve seen some people say in passing, because Shadow’s not a licensed professional. Contrary to popular belief, love and emotional support doesn’t cure everything. And Laura needed a licensed professional to help her through those issues, but it still doesn’t excuse anything she did. After watching the episode, I want Shadow to find someone who will appreciate and love him as much as he needs to be appreciated and loved. And Laura is not that person. So while I’m open to Laura redeeming herself, I don’t want her anywhere near Shadow. At least not in the romantic sense. (And the ‘puppy’ thing still bothers the hell out of me.) 

I will say this - I do think the episode did fairly well with incorporating this complexity into Laura’s character. They did a good job with making her complex, layered, and three-dimensional. So, I can definitely give credit in that respect. 

There’s this older woman named Lou who works where my husband does. She has for years, and I’ve known her since I was a 19 year old who would go in and hang out with the overnight people, before I ever met my now husband. She’s just this huge sweetheart and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She comes in at 6 am, so if I’m giving rides to people I’ll get to see her, but it had been awhile. I walked in and the first thing she said to me was “Life’s been really good to you lately hasn’t it?” I told her I thought so. “I can tell, you just look like life has been good to you.”

I know a lot of people who knew me aren’t happy about some changes I’ve made, but I’m glad there’s also people who can tell how much better I have been too.

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Hey, don't worry, you can tell us stuff. Most of us are helpful with stuff like that. MOST of us.

((I’m just not to up for the idea for sharing to a big crowd. I mostly like to give updates just to let people know when things are delayed. But to sate some concern, yeah something big kinda dropped on me about my family over the past few weeks and it kinda made it emotionally difficult to work on this. So I took that break so many of you guys have been asking me to do. I just didn’t expect to take it.))

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pet au: how would the boys react to their owner or s/o being kind enough to teach them that it's okay to do things like people do?? like teaching them to be able to walk upright, give them better vocabs/how to read and write, say no to particular advances, etc?? i'd imagine it'd be painful and confusing for them, but i thought i'd ask anyway .u.

Admin Mawile: ((*゜Д゜)ゞ” Yeah… that won’t end so well. 


-It’s too much to expect of him. He’s a bad pet already, and expecting him to manage human things too is just more than he can do. All you’re doing is finding more things to punish him for failing, and he can’t see the lessons as anything but a creative way of making him miserable. 


-As much as he wants to learn anything an owner asks of him, behaving like a human goes against every bit of training in him. You’re forcing him against the two most driving forces of his personality, and the stress of having to choose between obedience and good behavior might actually hurt him. 


-While he’s always desperate to please his owner in anything you ask of him, it’s impossible to do this. It’s not right for him to act like a human, and even if he did do as you say, it would be just giving you reasons to hurt him. He’s not allowed to act like a person, and you both know that. 


-Most likely, he’ll break down sobbing from the very first request. He’ll obviously be punished if he steps out of his place and tries to act like a person, but disobeying you would be just as bad. There’s no way for him to get out of this situation without being hurt, and he’s all but panicking. 


-Almost immediately, he assume you’re looking for reasons to hurt him. If he hasn’t done something already, what you’re asking of him will definitely qualify. He expects this kind of cruel trickery from humans, and despite knowing there’s no way to win, he still feels desperate to do something right. 


-He’s bad enough without attempting to act human, and if you were just looking for an excuse to hurt him, there already would have been many. This has to be something even more cruel; maybe you just enjoy watching him struggle? Either way, the stress feels like physical pain crushing him. 


-He may be used to functioning on his own, but stepping so far out of a pet’s place in the presence of an owner is the kind of thing he knows he could be killed for. He’s terrified of what you’ll do if he denies you, but it’s been beaten into him to never cross the lines of a pet. 


-Just behaving as a pet near you is hard enough, much less being forced out of the one place he’s finally become comfortable in. When he’s still barely able to tolerate your presence, trying to change literally everything about how he knows to live might actually give him a breakdown. 


-He’s already afraid of you getting rid of him, and being forced to act like a person will just elevate that fear to crushing levels. It’s wrong to step out of his place as a pet, and it’s basically giving you an excuse to hurt him or throw him away for crossing lines a mere pet never should. 


-He wants to obey you more than anything, and he’s by no means afraid of the pain of punishment, but it still feels like you’re going to get angry if he does as you say. He’s a pet, right? Isn’t it just wrong for him to act like a person? He’s so confused he might shut down a little. 


-He’s content as a pet. There’s no need to tease him with a bright future he could ever have, not when he’s already worthless and dying. He’s hardly strong enough to function as a pet, much less find the energy to learn a whole new way of behaving on an owner’s whim. 


-Honestly, he takes it as your attempt to torment him, dangling the freedom he could never really have over his head like some kind of sick joke. He knows exactly what he’s allowed to do, and you’re all but luring him into a trap to hurt him either for disobeying or getting too full of himself. 

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"It was probably Candice Patton's best performance to date." I feel like people say that about every new episode where she's given a chance to shine. Our girl keeps outdoing herself and raising that bar. So proud of our Saturn Award Nominee!

Moral of the story, give Iris more to do! And not just more of one thing, I want her to continue to be well rounded. I want to see her with Barry, I want to see her with her family, I want them to give her some non-STAR Labs friends, I want to see her working, I want it all. 

Although it was the toughest thing, you were exactly what I needed. You were a lifetime of lessons in one human being. A single person to teach me all the different kinds of betrayal people can give a person. Like one gun with so many bullets

And I was meant to survive you

—  WritingsbyAN
400 Followers, That’s Cool. Wait... WHAT?!

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I’d been hovering around the 375 mark for forever and was losing more followers than what I was gaining, but then you- my wonderful, amazing Bellarke fam stepped in and encouraged people to follow me. I can’t thank you all enough. You have been so kind since the moment I first joined Tumblr and I’m so incredibly grateful for all of you. Thank you for welcoming me into this community with open arms and for liking and reblogging the things I post. You truly are the best.

I’ve been ridiculously busy as of late, but I’ll try to write a few poems to celebrate and give back. In the meantime, stay awesome and know that I love you guys! Thank you again!

Best wishes,