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I met him! I REALLY met him!! OMG I still can’t believe it…
Ok, so this was yesterday night after the ready player three show in London, we where waiting at the back door and after two hours of waiting they told us that they had already gone asleep… A lot of people left but we didn’t believe them, so we were only like 8 or 9 people left, it had past nearly a third hour already, we where sitting in a circle listening to Jack, Game Grumps and Mark songs, and suddenly there he was, the first thing I said was “you are real!” (and I’m a bit ashamed of it) but he just​ said “I AM real!” And that I asked him for a hug, and holly shit, he really gives the best hugs ever!! I think I gave him three in total😂 But we had a lot of time talk to him, and he is just the nicest person I’ve ever met!! I told him I came all the way from Spain just to see him, I showed him the picture I drew for the #septicart event, he even wrote down “I believe” in my notebook so a girl that had already left could get it as a tattoo and he made a video for her! And I told him that I brought him coffee from Ibiza, and he had already seen it!! And that I had written him a letter, and he just was really nice and funny, and we even took group pictures,…

And he really is a small bean, he’s not much taller then I am, but he is just so cute and nice and he talks to you like a friend and ahhhh, I still can’t believe this has happened…

I just love him so much, and it was definitely worth it to come all the way from Spain!! 💚💚

Thank you so much for everything @therealjacksepticeye !!

You know what’s beautiful? That Andrea and Scott love us as much as Taylor loves us. You know what I mean? They could live their life, mind their own business and don’t care about crazy fangirls crying over their daugther and doing insane things for her but they are with us instead. They go to the secret sessions, they visit fans’ houses with Taylor, they are at every show, they pick people to meet Tay, they spread joy, give life advices, they cry with us, laugh with us, they tell stories. They literally treat us like we’re their kids. It blows my mind that this whole family is so open, so caring, so loving and so wonderful to strangers. No wonder why Taylor is such an angel.

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Yo I just watched season 4 and I was wondering... Is it just me or Shiro is confusing Keith with mixed signals ? First he asks him to lead then he gives him orders but after that he's all "you're the leader keith you have to make a decision" I mean what the hell ? It's all so confusing I don't get it

And now that I think of it it might be one of the reasons why Keith leaved Voltron to join the Blade…

Yes, Shiro has actually contradicted himself on numerous occasions. But I like to think that this is because of Kuron. Despite having the same memories, Kuron does not share the same values as Shiro.


If Kuron ends up not being a legitimate thing, and it turns out the Shiro from season 3 and 4 was in fact the real Shiro, then I’m going to pretty disappointed on how the writers treated Shiro’s character. Shiro has proven time and time again that he’s a father figure first, and he’s a general leading people into war second. He cares about his team, but in season 3 and 4, he brushed aside his team’s feelings.

If you ask me, the Shiro from Season 3 and 4 seems to follow the mentality of “The mission is more important than the individual.” Which is funny because that seems to be the mentality of all the Galra, whether they’re part of the bom or not.

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will i ever find someone i want to be with again? i feel like i'm going to have to either stay alone or settle for someone i don't actually want to be with. i don't want to do either, but it seems like i'll never find another person that gives me that feeling

you absolutely will. It takes time to consider if you’re getting into a relationship for the right reasons. The way I see it is that sometimes people get into a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship, and that’s not healthy. Those kinds of things fill you with dread. Instead, the thought of someone should fill you with excitement for the future. After spending some time alone and assessing the situation yourself, you’ll be able to find someone eventually, I promise.

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Why do you give your characters such generic names?

Because it’s my thing. I’m making all of the creepy, dark and mysterious shit fitting in our reality. I’m making them the way like they are the normal everyday things (and a name is just one of the ways), so they could stop being something you are afraid of. If they are different and kinda creepy that doesn’t mean they are aggressive or dangerous. I’m not afraid of the monsters. I’m actually more afraid of aggressive people, you know

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Idk if you were kidding or not with the tags on the 'straight people don't exist' thing (I apologise beforehand if you were) but it was pretty disappointing since we should be normalising all sexual preferences rather than shame one. I know homosexuality is not accepted everywhere but why take a step back with one while stepping steps forward with another? Just move forward with both ya feel

i am in actually zero mood for this today lol 90% of my class thought it was hilarious to even imagine two women coming in to a hospital to give birth to their child like??????? i don’t owe straight people anything!!!! and guess what, neither does any other lgbt person!!!!!! straight people are not oppressed for being straight, they aren’t marginalized for being straight, they aren’t killed for being straight, they aren’t tortured for being straight. lgbt people are still killed, tortured, and abused all over the world. even in “accepting” places, like where i live, lgbt people are still fucking killed, abused, and tortured. i experience homophobia every day of my life. it has affected every aspect of my life. i used to hate myself, and still do sometimes. i was abused by my own mother for being gay. i was physically/emotionally abused by others because i am gay. if an article titled “straight people don’t exist, new research says” is offensive to you, i really don’t care lol. that is literally harmful to 0 straight people, because guess what, you are still straight. you still exist!!! and you still have privilege for being straight, and like i said, you are not oppressed for being straight, etc, etc. anyway i am too angry and annoyed with straight people today to even care about this message. if you reply with “i’m not straight” i literally do not care lol. tumblr is literally the only place where i feel comfortable with openly talking about being gay, and really just celebrating it. i can’t do that irl. there are literally people out there who want me dead because i am a lesbian, you’ll be okay with reading a dumb article headline lol. like this probably doesn’t make sense anymore and i’ve been talking forever i am just so tired. please leave gay people alone. let me have some peace somewhere, and please if this bothers you just unfollow me thanks!!!!! :-) 

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This whole Mwave thing was so problematic though. People kept thinking it's for nominations for the album&artist daesangs and that BTS wouldnt be invited to the MAMAs at all if they didn't win which is ridiculous but people spread misinformation like this and drove everyone crazy :(

can’t count how many times i yelled inside “this is NOT!!! THE VOTING!! FOR DAESANG!!!” whenever i see a post saying if we don’t vote we will lose the daesang… some said it would give people motivation to vote?? uhm the main voting hasn’t even come yet, that will be when people need motivation the most.. not gonna lie, this was the bloodiest voting war i have ever been in and i’ve been through some of the craziest votings against western fandoms.. but it was fun for me lol, i mostly just voted while lying down chilling on bed (until the last few days when i discovered how to vote way more quickly using pc)🍷 all the pressure and stress aside, we did an amazing job closing the 300k votes gap, overtaking 1st place and securing a 200k gap in just 1 day :)

i think one of the things i like most about jaime and brienne is that their love is everything that their world is not. everything’s dark and gloomy and everyone’s fighting and in the midst of war and despair two broken souls, two people rejected and judged by society find each other and save each other and give each other hope and purpose. brienne shines her light on jaime and we get to see glimpses of him without a shell and in her light he could almost be a knight, the knight that he always wanted to be and jaime takes that light and doesn’t try to extinguish it or mock it but instead he risks his life trying to protect it and if that’s not one of the purest  and most meaningful connections in westeros then i don’t know what is.

anyway…there’s a romanian poem that i love that says something like ‘ Don’t you know that only in mud-bottom lakes the water lilies grow?‘ and i think that pretty much sums up my feelings about jaime and brienne

Time Flies When You’re Writing Fun

Guess what guys! It’s been exactly one year since I posted the first chapter of Routine Maintenance and officially entered the fandom as a content creator!

I’m totally blown away by this guys. A whole year already?! I was never supposed to even stay in this fandom. I was never even supposed to write RM! I’d been content to browse at the outside of the fandom, but then I wondered where all the fics about Shiro’s prosthetic were that weren’t mind control or purely angst, and then I had to write it.

And that was supposed to be it, really. One contribution and done. Except people liked it, and I started talking to people in the fandom more, and did a challenge with @bosstoaster, and then had another idea, and then there was the Think Tank, and then there was @platonicvldweek so I had to give THAT a shot, and then…well, next thing I know, Voltron has taken over my life. How did that happen?

Anyway, thanks for a great year to everyone who’s ever read, commented, liked, shared, or had fun with Routine Maintenance, and thanks for inspiring me to continue writing. Here’s hoping there’s a bunch more fun left to have in this fandom :)

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people always say it gets better but what if it doesn't for me? things aren't as simple as they were during childhood and i'm scared i'm always going to feel like this :c

Just do what you can to improve your situation and don’t give up hope. I don’t know your situation, but I do believe life can get better for anyone with some some work and support paired with the hope that the future will be better. It’s hard sometimes, sure, but you have to stick around to see. You won’t know if you’re not here. Things may not be simple anymore, but you’re alive now and that’s a beautiful thing. Don’t give up - someday you’ll get to look back and be proud of all you’ve survived. I believe in you.

Coming Out

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Anonymous Requested: Can i please have a male reader x Eddie story where they’ve been friends for years and the reader’s struggling with coming out? Him and Eddie are just friends but he decides to tell him first and Eddie assures him that he and the rest of the Losers will be there for him no matter what. I’m 14 years old and I’m actually having struggles with coming out myself. I figured your writing could maybe give me a positive pick-me-up. All your stories really make my day.

Pairing: Eddie x Male!Reader

Warnings: none.

You almost felt like you were going to throw up. This had to be one of the most nerve-racking things you’ve ever had to do. Somehow, in the midst of your panic-stricken mind, you forgot all about the fact that your friends were some of the most supportive people you’d ever met. In your mind, you only could think what if they were disgusted? Or affronted by your sexuality? 

You’d gone through it over at least a hundred times, playing the scene in your head to try and guess what your friends would say. And no matter how many times you thought about it, you just couldn’t gain the courage to say anything. So for the past little bit, you’ve spent everyday with the words on the tip of your tongue but refusing to say anything.

Eventually you grew tired of not saying anything; you had to. Or it would eat you alive. You told yourself, there’s no reason to be ashamed; you are who you are. And if your friends can’t accept that (which you prayed they would) then they aren’t really your friends.

But of course, telling one is a whole lot easier than telling a group of seven. So it was decided you’d tell Eddie first. You’d been friends with the boy since you could remember, and he’d been the one to introduce you to the rest of the losers. Eddie has been there for you since the beginning and he was the one to pick you up every time you fell down; you were sure, Eddie would understand.

“Hey Y/N.” Eddie greeted, walking into your room after chatting with your father shortly. You swallowed the lump in your throat at his presence, trying to ignore the way you felt as if you were going to throw up everything you’d ate that morning. There was no backing out now, Eddie was here. “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Um- well Eddie, this is kind of serious and i-it’s something that’s been bothering me for- for a while.” Great, you sounded like an idiot; stuttering like a fool. 

Eddie’s smile fell once he saw the seriousness behind your gaze and the way you looked as if you were going to pass out from nerves. Nodding, he sent a reassuring smile your way and went to sit next to you on your bed. The bed dip ever so slightly with his weight, and knowing its what you needed, Eddie set a hand against your broad shoulder. “Okay.”

It took you a minute to find your words, unsure of how you wanted to word what had been plaguing your mind for so long. But then, it just seemed to spill out. “I like guys.” You paused, avoiding Eddie’s gaze. “I mean, I like the same gender. And I have for a while, I just didn’t know how to say it and I was worried that i’d make you or the rest uncomfortable.”

You were too scared to look over at Eddie, too scared to see judgement or discuss.

And then Eddie spoke; “that’s what you’re worried about?” Your heart felt like it plummeted. “Y/N, there’s nothing wrong with liking the same gender. I don’t think any differently about because of it.” Your eyes widened and almost immediately your gaze snapped to your old friend in surprise. But then again, you shouldn’t have been surprised. You knew it all along, your anxiety just got the better of you.


Eddie smiled; “of course.” He laughed, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. “You’re still my best friend and I know the losers won’t care either. We’ll help you through it, Y/N. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

You knew deep down that Eddie would be supportive, but hearing the words made it feel as if a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders. Smiling over at the smaller boy, you nodded; “thank you.”

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Confession....I relate a lot to Greg and Steven alike, I'm not kin with either of them but I feel such a strong familial connection. I'm a bastard kid like Steven with a single mom, among so many other things. I plan on changing my last name to Universe since I neither know my dads last name nor want to have my older sisters Dads last name. Is that weird....

Nope! I actually plan on legally changing my middle name to ‘Steven’ sometime in the future.

You don’t have to have some big important official reason™ to change your name. People have been changing their name to cool names that they like just for the heck of it for decades!

So no, not weird at all! And if anyone says otherwise, lemme know and I’ll give ‘em a stern talkin’-to.

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Kind of in reply to that ask you got about keith and his place in the BoM and stuff. I think in season two, he had the realization that he actually belonged with people, he had a place. He truly believed that, so that’s why the blade transformed. But now in this season, I think he truly honestly believes that he doesn’t have a place in voltron, so I think that changes things.

Yes, exactly. It breaks my heart and I’m still so !!!! because I want him to feel like he has a home and a family but he’s clearly struggling with a lot of inner turmoil and I just want to give him a hug

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If the gang were vloggers, what kind of channels you think they would have?

I think I have talked about this before, but I can’t find the posts of it, so lol. Let’s get it here.

- Donna would be The Vlogger™. She is the one that starts it all, she talks about music and has Hyde appearing in her videos sometimes, and other times, Eric makes an appearence or two, but never a big thing. People gives him shit when it becomes obvious they are together and Eric hates it, but it’s something Donna loves doing and he has to deal with it.

- The other vlogger is Jackie. She is a makeup vlogger like most of us has agreed in, she also vlogs of fashion and other stuff that has to do with that. She is pretty good, also. People LOVES her, she has tons of followers in her other social media and when Donna starts appearing in her instagram stories and pictures, everyone is like ?????? 

- There’s a point in which the internet ships them.

- Fez starts as a guest in Jackie’s videos, talking and doing hair. He later gets his own channel that Jackie promotes like crazy. His girlfriend-in-turn is always the model. People gets involved in his love life too much.

- Kelso, Hyde and Eric doesn’t vlog. But Hyde used to have a vine account were he put ALL the bullshit Kelso does. When he started trying to get into cop academy, he wanted Hyde to DELETE EVERYTHING. He didn’t. But then he did, but has saved all of them into videos when Vine closed.

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I LOVE the idea of everyone who knows Kukui just referring to Ash as his boy after seeing how often the two are together and how much Kukui obviously adores Ash. Like "hey Kukui your kid left this behind when he ran through the market yesterday" and at first Kukui laughs it off but then he just starts accepting it and doesn't blink anymore when people call Ash his kid. One day he realizes "geez I think I have a son now". Somewhere in Pallet Town, Delia Ketchum feels a disturbance in the force.

delia hasn’t realized it yet, but her son finally has a dad worth having.

but yes yes yes!!! just! everyone in town recognizing ash as kukui’s boy is just the best thing and them giving him little updates on his antics in town is the most wonderful thing? it’s perfect.


charmed rewatch  1.21 - love hurts
“The last thing I remember, I was bandaging a soldier’s head wound, and I felt a sharp pain. And then the next thing I know, I was floating, surrounded by Whitelighters. And they offered me immortality and a chance to help special people like you. And I never once ever doubted that I didn’t make the right choice till I met you. Ever since, all I can think is how I’d give it up to have a mortal life again, to have a family and grow old with you.”

@taylorswift I finally got hearing aids, and the first thing I did was listen to you! I’ve needed since i was 10 but wouldn’t get because I was severely bullied and didn’t want to give people more of a reason to treat me more like a freak. Your voice is even more beautiful than I thought! I didn’t even know that was possible! You’ve been my hero since i was 11, and I wouldn’t be here without you. You gave me the courage to finally get hearing aids even though i fear people will bully me again. You also gave me the courage to pursue my dream of being a pediatric nurse to help kids like Ronan even though I thought it was impossible because of my hearing impairment because of you, and with the help of my hearing aids and a specialized stethoscope I am now in my 3rd year at my dream Nursing school! I love you more than anything and my biggest dream to hear you clearly live clearly for the first time with my hearing aids is coming true Dec. 7th!! I Love you so much! I hope one day you’ll Know that this was one of the happiest moments in my life all because of you, even if I know I’ll never get to tell you in person. @taylornation

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Well hey, I am planning to tell an INTP that I love him. Any advice how to do it? Should I just say it directly? Should I give a brief talk first? Should I tell how and why?


A couple of things:

First, be quite certain that the INTP likes you, as otherwise he will be placed in a very awkward situation, and one which no INTP ever wants to be in. See, we have a hard time turning people down. That doesn’t mean we won’t, but we often figure that we’ll basically mar ourselves in the eyes of others if we go against them in the least bit. So, your INTP might reject you, but it would probably hurt him quite a bit. That’s why I say be quite sure. Despite popular belief, INTPs take these things seriously and feel them deeply.

Also, I suggest being as straightforward as possible. We like someone who can be blunt. Believe me, if the INTP has any feelings for you, he will let you know and he will be infinitely relieved that you took some initiative. You don’t need to lead up to it. We’re already there and wishing that the other person would make the first move.

After that, I guess the thing to do is play it by ear. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of things to talk about!

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

i will always always ALWAYS care about people way more than they will ever care about me. no matter what i do for people it’ll never be enough for them to care about me as much. i give so much of myself to like everybody and i get nothing in return from the people i spend the most of my energy on and i’m goddamn sick of it. no one owes me shit and i know that but it’s fucking exhausting. the least a person could do is ask if i’m doing ok or say  they hope things get better (this isn’t about any of you i’m not guilting any of my followers rn) like i don’t do nice things or stick around with people just to get something out of them. that’d be shitty. i do it because i genuinely care but it’d … just be nice to know if they cared too.

when i was out with that okcupid guy last night he very hesitantly said “so… how is this whole thing working out for you?” and i was like “what thing” and he was like “you know… the whole… ok… thing” and we started just very frankly comparing our experiences and talking about how terrible most people’s profiles are and we were going OFF on people who present themselves like this – like come ON what am i supposed to get out of this? what is the hook? fucking give me something! everybody is all “i like to travel and hang with my friends and eat. message me if you want to know more.” like wow god after that introduction i actually don’t! and we were talking about how wild it is that everybody on here is, you’d assume, a unique and interesting individual, but when called upon to sum up their character for this huge audience that might possibly contain their soulmate, everybody says the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING (and then his profile is SO strange and he was telling me how he did like, a focus group at okcupid and they looked at it and were like “um, what is any of this? you’re never going to attract anyone this way” and he was like “no that’s the point, i’d only want to attract someone who would find this funny” and i was like oh… i see)

there is also something sort of endearing about okcupid though, like… everybody you see, you know why they’re there. everyone is just lonely and hoping for something. and it’s sweet and sad and exposes you to so much human vulnerability it can be hard to look at for long

i miss he-who-must-not-be-named so desperately and i keep imagining what he’d have to say on all that – he thinks online dating is terminally stupid and i know he would be howling at some of these profiles and the messages i get – he would be so, so funny about this and i’d give up all my earthly possessions to hear his stupid trilling laugh one more time, lol