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CW BASICALLY QUEER BAITED US INTO THIS, ALEX AND MAGGIE GOT LIKE WHAT 4-6 MINUTES OUT OF AN HOUR WTF, and mr mxypittldik got most of the show! AND MON-EW, Like bish she loves Lena not any of y'all

I know.

I’m so sad.

I’m like… numb.

Also because they got another cute kiss – and that’s fine, give me all the cute Sanvers kisses – but they don’t get a passionate kiss and yet that disgusting unmentionable thing (she spends the whole episode calling him misogynist and saying she doesn’t want him, as she’s been saying for many episodes, and then that, this is rape culture people) can happen right after?

But Maggie and Alex can’t get passionate in a very passionate setting and an extremely healthy loving relationship????

I just.

But also like trying to focus on the adorableness of them together?

People give me so much trouble for having glofish simply because they are labelled as GMOs.
Would I have picked them for a tank? No. In fact, when my mom bought these fish for my nephew i begged her to get something I actually liked because i knew i would inevitably end up with these damn fish. Things could be worse I guess.
I dont hate them by any means.

Like or reblog this post if you’re a Sherlock blog that:
  1. Doesn’t hate on Mark and Steven, and never send any hate to either our writers or cast members
  2. Actually liked S4. It’s all good to have issues with it cause nothing’s 100% perfect, but hating on it is a different thing, so no hate, please
  3. Doesn’t believe in TJLC
  4. Doesn’t hate Mary Watson, Molly Hooper or both

I’ve definitely enough of seeing hate everywhere and I need kind, positive people around me. Let’s spread some #SherlockLove together!

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Joey, the thought of Reigen existing while Shigeo is not of this world has me shook, but the thought of him teaching his accidental murderer as some kinda remnant of not only grace and love but also loss and anger straight-up makes my hair stand on end and I feel hollow inside. Your art is GREAT and very bitter/bittersweet, but does Reigen ever get any more raw than that? How does he handle it, on the whole? Does Teru clue in to how Reigen and Shige related to the other?

This is a very good rundown of All The Shit I love about this.

I’ll give you these two things:

- everyone gets more raw than that, no one is safe in the version I’m planning. 

- Reigen’s development is likely not what people will expect.

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"Your total is $9." "I think it's 50% off?" "Oh, is there a sign?" *goes to check* the only sign is three shelves down and says $1 off. Uhh...

Honestly I think people that ridiculous are probably counting on cashiers just giving in without checking because they think that cashiers have become beaten down by customer service in a way that makes them meek because “the customer is always right”. Bullshit. Fuckers like this deserve a good toe rotting fungus. No signs anywhere even close to that, then you’re the worst kind of penny pincher because you know the things coming out of your mouth may as well be verbal farts for anyone cares. -Abby


since I have a new url and my style has changed in the while I thought it would be good to update my commission list!!

as always, my commission page (where I update the examples regularly too) is here.

other important info:
the prices are listed in u.s. dollar
> files are sent via email/discord/skype/rly whatever
> I’ll give you the commission/upload it when I Receive the payment
things I can draw:
Ocs || Canon Characters || IRL people || Furries
Gore || Body horror || PDA stuff
things I can’t/won’t draw:

if the thing you have in mind isn’t listed above,
or if you are interested in a commission
send me an ask or message me in the IM-chat!!

reblogs are appreciated!!

honestly inclusionists need to stop throwing the words “abuse” and “gaslighting” around. people who are mean to you on the internet because you disagree about an issue like ace discourse are not your abusers, and they are not gaslighting you.

as someone who has experienced these things i think it’s so fucking disrespectful and it trivializes the experiences of people who have had to deal with actual abuse in our lives.

and if you’re an abuse survivor that still doesn’t give you the right to turn around and call us literal abusers because someone on our side called you stupid once.


Bye Bye Chocolate

I have decided to give up Chocolate for Lent. 

You all know my love for the ‘bad’ things in life; chocolate, red meat, wine, men from the MCU. And my love for the first one in particular has meant my waistline has been expanding more than i would like to admit.

Now, i’m not religious, BUT, i feel that if i can give up chocolate for the duration of Lent (28th February to 15th April - about 6 weeks), this will help my health a huge amount.

In real life i am one of those people that everyone knows LOVES chocolate, and even if i say “I’m trying to be good” i get replies of “Oh go on, have a little bit”. But if i say “No i’ve given up Chocolate for Lent” people shut the fuck up and respect my decision (weird fuckers).

So, will anyone join me in being slightly healthy and perhaps give something up for six weeks as moral support?  Anyone with me?

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I think a lot of love that isn't like an exchange. That you don't expect anything back because you just love freely. Your text post reminded me of it. My question will always remain, when do you pick up and leave and stop handing out free love to an undeserved individual? How do you stop?

I think there is a mistake when people equate love with just doing things for people and sacrificing everything for a person. I can love you and respect myself enough to know that loving you shouldn’t cost me my humanity, my sanity, or my self worth. I can love you by being supportive and caring for you. But I do not have to sacrifice myself in order to give love.
I feel like people talk about love like it’s a prison. That you have to figure out how to leave when you love someone. I think that if loving someone causes you to feel empty, then you need To go. No ifs ands or buts. Love does not have to be sacrificial to be meaningful. You give because you want to you love because you want to. Once it gets to feeling like you HAVE to love and you HAVE to stay, ta dangerous territory

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two things i'm into: john laurens' curls smelling like weed, yelling at protests, kicking people's asses and giving cold looks to strangers in public but also john laurens having stuffed animals and going little at the drop of a hat


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Which fics have had the most influence on your writing?

This is a tricky one actually, because aside from the fic that convinced me to have a go at writing fic instead of original stuff (by the love @mulderscullyinthetardis) there haven’t been any watershed fic moments for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fic, (give me all the @malibusunset-xf-blog, syntax6 classics and all the tumblr stuff I consume daily) but my writing style hasn’t changed much as a result of reading fic.

If anything, I would say that I’ve learned more what I don’t like from reading fic. There’s certain common words (particularly in smut), certain OC things that for me are not something I enjoy reading, so I try and navigate away from them. My main influences are al the books I loved growing up, Roald Dahl, LM Montgomery, Wilkie Collins, Keats, Yeats… people who love words and play with them until they become something new!

Perhaps @somekindofseizure‘s work mught be the closest thing I have to a stylistic checksheet, her mastery of language always resonates with me, the way she creates these gorgeous images but without losing the pace of her plots is something I would love to emulate.

I also have huge respect for @sunflowerseedsandscience for the sheer speed and creativity that she puts out great plot driven stories. I am much more comfortable navel gazing so I’d like to let her influence me for good.

But the truth is, I have no one major influence, but am also influenced in small ways by everything I read. I’m a bit of a sponge, and that makes it hard to isolate one great influx of ideas and easy to find lots of pieces of other talented writers creations floating inspirngly in my brain when I sit down to write

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I need to say this to someone... I don't know how much longer I can take this. Everything is getting worse. The few people that cared either left or I pushed them away. I feel like I'm a burden to everyone. I have lost any sense of purpose in my life.

Well, it’s time to find it back, you see the thing about our purpose is that no one can take it away from us because it has been placed in us from before we were born, it’s already apart of you. Some people find it at an early age some later on in life, it doesn’t matter when, what matters is that you don’t give up on finding it. Each second of each day, new life is created and within each one their purpose is already there within them, patiently waiting for them to unravel what it is. Not one being placed on this earth was placed here without a purpose, and we definitely weren’t placed here to feel miserable, unloved, unhappy, trapped or afraid either; so if you’ve lost sight of what life means to you, if you’ve lost sight of your value, if you’ve lost sight of your will to live, it means fear has corrupted your core, making you forget who you are. What did Mufasa tell Simba, remember who you are. It’s time for you to begin your new adventure (Thank God for each new day eh) and this adventure is rediscovering yourself. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is, that it is always when we’re at our lowest that we find out who our true friends are. That it is when we are at our lowest, we find our strength and re-build, rediscovering ourselves. It is because we are cleansing and renewing ourselves and our lives, those people who left, they were apart of the old you, this doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. It simply means that the person you’re now on your way to becoming is outgrowing them and that’s fine, you didn’t push them away, they’re just not meant to be apart of your life anymore and that is okay, many others out there you’ve yet to meet who will also be apart of your life. Life is a never ending cycle of new beginnings, new friendships, new relationships, new discoveries, new adventures, new lessons, constantly renewing itself and that’s what we as humans are suppose to be doing as well but fear keeps trapping us. 

You do not have to be afraid anymore, you do not have to hold yourself back anymore, you do not have to be discouraged if challenges come your way, you do not have to doubt your abilities anymore. You’re in the midst of your process, with lots to learn, and the mind loves to be filled with new ways of seeing things, it wants to think outside the box, it wants to be open and free. It’s time for you to start trusting this process but most importantly trusting yourself, you are not alone. Fear wants us to believe we are unloveable, that we are incapable, that we are a burden, that we are a problem, that we’re stuck; this rough patch that you’re currently experiencing is apart of the process, it’s a stepping stone in your journey, what is it trying to teach you in this moment, don’t worry about tomorrow or the day after; in this moment what is it trying to teach you? It’s trying to show you something, it’s not trying to break you, if anything it’s trying to strengthen you as well as expand your outlook. 

You’re stronger than you think, i’m not asking you, i’m telling you. It’s now 1:37 am for me, if I could, i’d pack some snacks, bring a tent, the instructions too because I don’t know how to put up a tent but that’s okay, it’d be a learning experience, some blankets and pillows, my Winnie the pooh bear oh and can’t forget Piglet, pick you up and take you to the beach and we’d just sit and listen to the waves, if we fall asleep so be it, well then i’d have to bring an alarm clock too so that we wake up in time for me to take you back home to get ready for work or school. If people think we’re homeless, so what, stop worrying about what people think and just do you. Stop being so hard on yourself, allow yourself to grow, that’s what life is legitimately about and when times get challenging, (which creates the illusion that things are getting worse) it’s only trying to build our character, strengthen our being and expand our awareness. You are the main character in your life, extremely important, give yourself a chance to discover new levels of your being, that can’t happen if everyday is smooth sailing, you can get through anything. <3 <3

“I get that people don’t approve of a lot of thing happening in this season but I feel like its part Of the story. Every bad thing, every person dying and TF being breaking down is all part of a story. They will get back up and other things will happen but I feel like giving up on it stops you from knowing the end of it all. Wether its a happy or sad ending.” 

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waige, 10

Leave it to you to give me a Waige prompt! Thanks, Nicole :)

“Please don’t make me socialize.” Ralph looked across the rooftop in horror at all the random people he’d never met before.

“Ralph, this was your idea.” Walter was trying to be the parent in this situation, but they both knew he didn’t want to socialize either.

Walter looked around the crowded roof, trying to spot Paige. She was standing next to the wall talking to some of her classmates, still wearing her black cap.

Music was playing softly, and some people that may have had a drink or two were dancing. Black and gold streamers were haphazardly thrown around, and a “Congrats Grad” sign was hanging over the doorway. No one ever said geniuses make great party planners, but it’s the thought that counts.

“It was a good idea in theory, but I underestimated the amount of human interaction involved.” Ralph stared longingly at the door.

“Do you think your mom had fun at the quantum mechanics symposium we went to last week?” Walter has gotten better at giving advice lately, it wasn’t quite the blind leading the blind anymore.

“No. She doodled in her notebook the whole time.”

“She knew she wasn’t going to enjoy the symposium, but she went anyway. She went because she loves us, and she knew we would enjoy it. We are doing the same thing.”

They both turned to look at Paige. She’d taken off her cap and ditched her shoes, and she and Toby had started pulling people out of their chairs to dance.

Walter put his hands on Ralph’s shoulders and started pushing him in Paige’s direction.

Their eyes met briefly as her face lit up when the song changed.

“Do you see that smile on her face?”

Ralph nodded and even began to smile himself.

“That’s why we socialize.”

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I'm worried that my daddy is talking to other girls. He won't check messages in front on me, and it always girls messaging him. I've also noticed that he gives other girls cute nicknames on messenger. There's lot of girls who are all really pretty listed as friends on his facebook. He also refuses to make thing official with me. Even though we do exactly the same thing as people in any relationship and have been doing this for nearly 8 months. I'm really worried. I don't know what to do.

Break up with him. He sounds like a dick flat out. Don’t let a man take advantage of you like that. Confront him if you feel necessary and safe too do so, but unfortunately sounds like a bad man.

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climb is kind of not correcting people or giving you credit though... people have sent them asks saying 'oh my god your idea for a white scourge is amazing!!!!' and they just reply with something like thanks or a tiny joke :/

Now, now. I’ve looked into this a little myself, and people are specifically referencing a female Scourge, which I certainly did not come up with. Climb ain’t actually saying “I did the white Scourge thing”, they’re just reblogging art of female Scourge. And so what if she happens to be albino? I never said Scourge was albino here. 

Actually, I don’t think I’ve said he’s anything but completely white-spotted with blue eyes…

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How would US, UF, and SF reactor to their S/O coming home through a blizzard in below 0 weather and when they arrive they are freezing cold with numb finger and toes and stuff.

US!Sans: AHHHHHHHH. WHAT DO I DO???? He has no idea what to do but knows humans shouldn’t be out in the cold like that and is now really worried about you getting sick and is running around the house trying to grab things that make people warm and please don’t do that ever again!

US!Papyrus: Lol, what were you doing out? He warms you up, making weather and heat jokes all the while. Ice to see you. Looks like you have the chills. Hey, don’t give me the cold shoulder. He’s warming you up by flustering you and wrapping you up in him and several blankets.

UF!Sans: Panic. When did you go out? Why did you not take a jacket? What were you thinking!? He is very, very worried because he knows you could get sick from this sort of thing, and that translates into anger. While he’s shouting about how stupid you are (he doesn’t really mean it), he’s running you a warm bath, piling all the blankets in the house on top of you, and heating up one of your favorite hot drinks. 

UF!Papyrus: Grump™. As he warms you up he’s giving you a lecture on how to properly dress for the weather. He’s also reminding you to check the report before you go out (assuming you’re on the surface) so you know when it’s going to be something like this. He is rather efficient at warming you up, though.

SF!Sans: Simultaneously impressed and irritated. You survived it, so that’s all good and dandy, but you’re also freezing and that’s worrying. This Sans doesn’t really know all that much about humans but doesn’t want to ask anyone for help. So he ends up just covering you in blankets and hoping for the best until you or his brother corrects him. Expect praise for your hardiness and scolding for your idiocy. 

SF!Papyrus: Real worried. He knows how humans work, and knows you shouldn’t be out in weather like that, so he immediately gets to work on warming you up. While doing it though, he’s pretty quiet. The internal struggle is powerful in this one. Please don’t ever do that to him again.

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Just a minor nitpick. the "Misplaced cel" tag has Sonic Underground even though it was the first Sonic cartoon to be done digitally...

I honestly couldn’t tell, I knew Hong Ying did the animation and I’ve spoken to Pierre De Celles briefly about his time working on it (hectic), however I never cottoned on to the fact that it was digital (in my eyes, digital stuff looks a bit sterile, though that’s usually a stylistic choice). It does give a possible explanation to a few things; like the scaling issues (that Sonic and Knuckles bit you all know about) as well as why Sonic got two mouths here.

However, it does raise the question of how people can make mistakes with digital work when ‘ctrl+z’ exists, I assume people just fail to notice these things in the rush to meet the deadline. It might also be interesting (for all you actual animation buffs out there) to make a comparison between mistakes made with digital animation drawing and traditional cel animation.

However I digress, on your point about nomenclature I know that I’m very broad with my terms (for instance I really should call a lot of things ‘layering mistake’). Honestly it’s laziness on my part because I either don’t know or I’d rather keep it simple, at this point I’ve got so many posts here that to go back and change them all would just be taking up my time that I need/should be spending on other things. I apologise for that, also I must ask what I should call a ‘misplaced cel’ on a digital screencap? Misplaced Layer?

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my mum keeps telling me if I start taking T I'll fail my studies?? Like where would she get that from?? Is it true??

I don’t think it’s true, I don’t know where she bases her thought process about it, possible things can be that she thinks it will mess with your head going through a second puberty (which taking T basically is) which is false, or that people will mock you for being trans, or other things. Honestly there is many things that can be the reason for her saying this, but asking her exactly why she thinks so might help you give her information why that is false.