i like giraffes ok

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ok imma vent about dan howell bc….oh my god! his thighs are the best thing in the entire world.. like they are so squishy and cute and i seriously want him to bash my head in with his thighs.. like have u seen the videos of people crushing watermelons between their thighs? yea i wish my head was the watermelon and dan crushed me. and !! his tummy oh my god its so cute n squishy and i !! want to die his tum is perfect n i love :( and his arms!! oh my god!! i hope he strangles me with his arms bc they are so adorably long n i!!!!!!! and his legs ? are so good like hes a giraffe but its ok n i just! cant believe his legs are the definition of perfection!!! and his hair… oh my god his hair…… with the shaved sides and hobbit hair i seriously hope he never changes it bc he looks so soft n squishy and i ! love his hair !!! i love curly hair!!!!!!!! and his ass….. is so perfect like he can booty bumb me into a different state… his ass is so ? good ? and his cheeks.. are a soft rosy pink which is very good and i wish i could pinch them and call him adorable! and his personality is so golden, he is such a good boy!! he cares about the people he loves so much but hes witty and funny and would do so much for his loved ones and is so creative and comes up with the best video ideas and puts so much time and effort into his videos :( and i cannot believe what a soft boy he is and he is just, perfect in every way shape and form and i hope he gets cuddles n i hope he knows hoe important he is and how loved he is because.. oh my god i love dan howell


vice quadrant lyrics, slapped on crappily drawn mspaint spacescapes! did every song except 10 because i got frustrated after doing so many, lmao. y’all say something if you’d like to see the rest, cause i’ll totally do them. also if you reblog or w/e say which one is your favorite because i’m curious :O

i think i’ll do this with the rest of the albums (not spacescapes though, like a different theme for each album? hmm. and i’ll draw them better.) if anyone wants to see a specific album done like this pls tell me and i will oblige!