i like giraffes ok


vice quadrant lyrics, slapped on crappily drawn mspaint spacescapes! did every song except 10 because i got frustrated after doing so many, lmao. y’all say something if you’d like to see the rest, cause i’ll totally do them. also if you reblog or w/e say which one is your favorite because i’m curious :O

i think i’ll do this with the rest of the albums (not spacescapes though, like a different theme for each album? hmm. and i’ll draw them better.) if anyone wants to see a specific album done like this pls tell me and i will oblige!

vice quadrant is so weird bc i’ll have an au where cosmo and cosmica are roommates and adopt a cat and name it Milky Way and then i listen to Oh No and its just. such a tonal difference i dont understand how easily my brain goes from

“space tragedy concept album that deals with how crushingly huge and dark and terrifying the galaxy is. Featuring characters such as: an immortal superhero who becomes so depressed by the fact that no matter how many people he saves everyone will die so he attempts to commit suicide by essentially flying directly into the sun,

a half human half nebula humanoid entity who grew up in complete isolation and accidentally caused her lover to slowly wither away in the void of space because she had no idea she was hurting him,

and a dying astronaut rescued by a celestial being who he falls madly in love with, and then, drunk on power, starts destroying things and causing the death of countless people before being separated from his beloved and finally dies alone in the emptiness of the cosmos.”


“adorable sitcom roommates get a tiny kitty”

I just…I just really like to draw shiny things. his shirt AND face are shiny.

so much shiny.

much love for the shiny

paint tool sai (original photo reference by Trekkiebeth)

the spine is the sweetest honey-voiced robot dork and must be protected

Alrighty, I DID IT! RoboCop The Spine and some interesting driving skills XD

I think I drew it the wrong size so I’m sorry if its pixely… 

Ok, if you weren’t there, this is from David’s twitch game stream last night. He started playing this driving cop car game and was crashing into everything. i’m sorry David but it was hilarious So the chat came up with RoboCop Spine, and I just HAD to draw it.


“ugghhhhh tree” -David Micheal Bennett