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happy valentine’s day ❤

Troubles of Being a Purple-People Eater

Freshuary Day Four:  How do you think Fresh gets from place to place?

On the incredibly slim chance Fresh has to travel himself… I think he’d have issues. Lots of issues.

(And I know he’s supposed to be a starfish-thing- but I can’t see Fresh with dozens of little starfish feet. So I have him move like a leech).

Fresh was made by @loverofpiggies

Freshuary was made by @feth


μ’s in ➵  Fairy Set pt.2

I decided to try my hand at an artstyle meme thing! 

some of these artists have drawn mtt on a frequent basis, and others have only drawn him a few times but i still love their style to bits so i went for it anyways

@sl4ughtermelon, @m4dh4ttey266, @toddnet, @bl8l, @toxicgummy, @lu-audrey, @thaidraws, @hotlegmeme, @mekacrap, @yamsgarden, @nsfwshamecave

im really super proud of how some of these came out tbh

So, I don’t know if anyone else has done this, but I was doing some coding, and thought this would be kind of a neat thing for bisexual programmers, or any bi people that think computer terminology is neat.

How to be a good person by taking care of your sick girlfriend (and end up getting sick in the process)

a tutorial by Mabel

Here’s my piece for the Summer in Gravity Falls Exchange (summeringravityfalls) for moosepantsonfire! So being sick this past week may have slightly influenced what I was drawing? There was going to be a continuation to this with Billdip but I didn’t have time to do it so I’ll be posting that part later. 

Hope you like it!