i like gamzee


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So anyway Gamzee Makara was a sweet boy who loved his friends and dreamt of miracles and absolutely did not deserve to be possessed by a demonic puppet and forced to kill his friends before being abandoned by everyone with nary a “wait isn’t it a little weird that Gamzee ‘I love my friends’ Makara suddenly went through an entire 180 personality shift shouldn’t we look into that” from the rest of the cast and most of the fandom

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Ok so you said 'Gamzee better be in hiveswap'. What I hope will happen in Hiveswap: Jude and Dammek, end up finding a fridge washed up on a beach. Upon opening it, they find the wonderful clown known as Gamzee (Dammek slightly disturbed that one of his kind, a troll, was locked up in a fridge). So Gamzee just kinda follows them around, occasionally honking or giving his input on thing ( tHaTs OnE wEiRd MoThErFuCkInG cReAtUrE) and things like that.

Is he still following us?
quit staring at him. 
I don’t even think he knows where he’s going. ohgodhesStaringAtBothOfUsAtTheSameTime
maybe if we walk faster he’ll catch out drift and leave us alone



fantasy au: karkats a dragon boy with really good hair who hangs out in the forest with his pal jade who is a werewolf/witch and dave is a boy whos family is known for hunting down rouge beasts/ wizards or whatever and he meets karkat on a mission to kill him :) 

idk if all the other trolls are dragons in this au too but uhhhh!!!!! i designed karkat and then sollux and then accidentally all of the rest lol 

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