i like focusing on the positive ok

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hi!! i love your art! can i ask for tips on your composition because you do it so well? if not its ok and i hope you have a lovely day anyways!

Thank you so much!! I don’t often get compliments to my compositions haha

Most of the time I just stare at my sketch long enough and try to figure out the right positioning of things… the rough composition is usually already planned out with the first sketch (example)
Since my art usually focuses on a character I try to just build everything else around them. Here I tried aligning everyone in a circle (cause I wanted something like a wormhole in the bg) with Anabel as a main focus.

A different example, for this digimon zine cover I drew a very rough sketch and just kept tweaking it, moving the characters until I was satisfied. Here’s a process gif where you can see how much I changed them

Additional tips:

  • Splashing rough colors on your very early sketches helps figuring out what needs more tweaking
  • always look at the drawing as a whole at all times
  • I’m a designer so I look at a lot of stuff like movie posters or book covers or just art of artists I like and it’s a big help to get an eye for good compositions. Analyze the stuff you like!
  • I really recommend practicing to work more with type, it not only makes illustrations look more interesting, you’re also automatically forced to think more about the placement of things cause you can’t just put it anywhere
  • I take notes of things I want to try out (dunno if anyone should do that lol)
  • don’t get discouraged too fast, a properly made illustration with a good composition takes me fricking weeks, I don’t joke when I say I stare at my drawings for hours, thinking about it all day, takING NOTES–

I’m pretty bad at trying to explain stuff but I hope this was interesting enough to read!! Have a nice day!!


typically, when you have BPD or AVPD, you struggle with creating false scenarios of abandonment in your head, you almost expect it. one way i’ve found that helps is if you write “truth statements”. especially when it comes to someone actively in your life that you’re afraid may leave you, write down words that they’ve said to you that prove that they care about you. 

for example, i write down some of the things that my girlfriend says like “i’m so excited to continue our story together” or “you make me happy” or “i’m proud of you”. that way, if you write down positive things regarding that person and their feelings for you, it makes it harder to keep focusing on the possibility of abandonment. this helps when you feel lonely or empty, it reminds you that someone cares and that you aren’t alone.

another important thing that i include is statements of accepting scenarios. like “if she leaves, i will be ok”. i write these over and over and it makes it easier to incorporate positivity and coping into my thought process. this helps regulate my emotions and validate my fears and anxieties when it comes to anticipated abandonment. 

it’s important to remind yourself that the other person is allowed to feel however they feel and that leaving does not always equate abandonment. it’s hard to do at first, but when you can’t afford therapy or medication, it’s almost like a life raft.

if you have any more ways you cope, add onto this. i want to find more ways because this is a Very Debilitating Disorder™

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I care cuz Supergirl is my fav show and it hurts to see my fav show ruined by that moron. Chris is a great actor and i like comics Mon el but the writers have ruined him he could be a good comedy relief but the writers give him too much screentime

Ok that is fine. You have an opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. But you seem to have missed the point of the post. The point was why run a whole hate blog dedicated to him if you think he ruins the show? Why go into his tag and intentionally spread hate? What does that accomplish? Don’t you think your time would be better spent focusing on the positive aspects of the show? I’m sure there are some satisfying storylines on the show that you could focus on instead. Not saying you don’t have a right to an opinion or that you can’t care about the show or anything, just saying spreading hate accomplishes nothing except making you more annoyed about him “ruining the show”. Have a good day and I hope you enjoy Supergirl tonight. 💚

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honestly if one or two dislikes upsets you this much i think you should just turn likes off. i'm sorry if i sound harsh but focusing on dislikes instead of likes is never going to feel good. either it stays at zero or it disappoints you. if you go looking for things to make yourself feel worse you will always find it and if the positive of seeing the likes isn't enough to cancel out the negative of seeing the dislikes it's probably not worth it.

ok but it’s not fair people dislike all my vids at once it’d be ok if it was “one or two dislikes” but it’s not????? they add up to like what, 20 dislikes on my videos bc of some troll it’s not directly about them i’m hurt someone took the time out to do that. two people in one day?!?! it’s such a strggle bc i’m trans and autistic like my cis yt friends hardly get any dislikes lol what a surprise. why should i miss out on likes bc transphobes and ableists exist

I’m still really bothered by the lack of aro positivity on this site.

I’m not knocking asexuality, I’m all for supporting that as well.

However where are the posts saying you don’t have to be aromantic and asexual and that the two don’t always go hand in hand

Where’s the headcannons of characters being horny Lil shits but ew get that romantic shit away from them

Where’s the outcry of anger against people who have sex but don’t want relationships being viewed as cold, heartless or players.

Where’s the posts telling aromantic people it’s ok? You don’t have to be all romantic and gushy with someone to care for them or need labels or dating or you don’t need to find anyone at all and you can be your other half.

I love asexuals and I will fight for them till I drop, but can we just even out the positivity? It feels like we’re still focused on the sex, despite encouraging positivity towards asexual people