i like focusing on the positive ok

I love, love!

Venus in the 12th: I fear love and will hide it from others, but I absolutely admire the idea of it, of all forms of love, Divine love. I want to serve and heal the world with my love. I want to dissolve into love. Constantly generating fictional romances in my head, I dream of Love. I just want to melt into someone and them into me

Pluto in the 5th: I want my romantic relationships to go beyond the material realm. I want it to penetrate my soul, to kill me and revive me. I wanna know all the mysteries of love.

Neptune in the 7th: I want to save someone and I want someone to save me. Astrologer Isabel Hickey describes this position as “Gives a constant yearning for perfection.” The 7th house is what we project because it’s what we wish to find in ourselves through others. I seek perfection of myself through finding the “perfect” and ideal partner. I seek completion and redemption through love, a celestial Union

Libra moon: I am a lonely person ok?? Nothing wrong with that! I daydream of love. Diurnal Venus, the part of Venus focused on connectivity, relationship and Union works through me so it’s a concept I find very important. The moon=emotional needs & Venus=affection/love; I genuinely feel like I need love. I want to experience joining into One with someone, sounds magical. I want to find someone who will complete my emotional hollowness

Gemini venus: I’m indecisive about love, but curious about it. I talk about it, I think about it, and I want to learn more about it!! The butterfly fitting from one flower to the next, tasting all the sweet nectar. What is love? Why is it like that? So many questions about it

Venus conjunct mercury: Love is always on my mind!!! I sing and speak the love principles!! I want to learn more about love

Venus conjunct mars: sooo passionate about love, I’ll fight for it. I value and appreciate Love as a whole. My adrenaline senses are stimulated by love, sparks that birth a flame in my heart

Venus sextile Saturn: I respect the love principle. I want partners who will bring Order to my relationships, elevated and dignified love.

Venus trine moon: Love is internalized, it’s embedded into my soul. I’m emotional about love, it’s a beautiful thing. Love becomes an emotional need. I want love that brings me comfort and safety. I have midnight dreams about love

Venus trine Uranus: I want to spread love universally. I want electrifying and shocking romances. I want to innovate love in the world, to show that love comes in many forms and not only through conventional configurations

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I was salty about the changes in art styles in su until I read the tags in that post you reblogged. Thank you for educating me that they are VISUAL INTERPRETATIONS of the characters, rather than INACCURATE DRAWINGS of the characters. As an artist, I would feel awful if a lot of people criticized my art because they want it to look a different way than I had portrayed it. Sorry for being ignorant before. Yall work hard, and do an amazing job with the art on the show tbh

thanks! i mean i don’t work on the show, but i am pretty tired that nobody considers that boarders all have their own style and draw the characters in that style pretty darn consistently. i know who does “chibi steven”, who gives lapis what hair, and who makes peridot taller than others. none of that is a big deal to me - that’s how they interpret the characters, and there is no “on-model” version. it’s just your favorite vs least favorite boarder. 

it’s an annoying discussion, because it always turns into double standards: giving earlier seasons a free pass, comparing completely different boarders, or comparing it to shows that aren’t storyboard-driven. none of that is fair to me. i’ve even seen people - friends - get hate because they *gasp* had the audacity to show that “hey, this is kind of a thing with storyboard-driven shows, it’s not some scandalous, new ~crossing the line of animation quality :’( </3 ~ that su is doing”. 

people are allowed to not like ~inconsistency, even if intentional. i don’t care. but if animation “quality” matters that much to them, even when everything is intentional, even when each storyboarder is consistent in their own style, then, yknow… ok. keep raging on for another year, i hope it’s fun. 

i don’t say “get a life” often, but… geez. if they’re so focused on the fandom they either A) let a rage-bandwagon define how they feel B) focus all that time on something they legitimately hate, then… idk. i just feel bad for them. i’m not gonna answer asks about this topic anymore, though, whether positive or negative, cause here’s the thing: once you decide it is, every show is bad. literally anything can be accused of being shit, because this standard that you’ve decided is the “standard of quality” is defined by you. anyone can draw a line in the sand - i’ve done that with shows too. i just want people to be honest with themselves, on whether going out of their way to “prove” something su has always done - intentionally - suddenly makes it bad now is worth it or not. or whether they’re getting any enjoyment out of this at all. 

14x06 - FYI I LOVED THIS EPISODE (soz this is so long)


  1. “Two sober drunks make a meeting, and I need a meeting!” Shepherd to Webber
  2. “Oh, nice picture cover girl, your eyes really pop!” - “Oh, for God’s sakes… thank you!” Koracik and Grey


Ok so let’s just start with the two big awww moment of the episode: AMELIA SAID HER AFFECTION FOR OWEN IS STILL THERE! AND THAT SHE WISHED THEY HADN’T MADE THE RIGHT DECISION BY SPLITTING UP! I know that by the end of the episode her and Owen both hooked up with other people but I am still excited to see what comes next. This is back to the Private Practice Amelia I love who is vulnerable, honest, funny, flirty, insecure, and all i all a bundle of joy. 

Owen and Carina won’t last longer than a mento and Koracik is now gone. I think this episode, in Omelia’s case, was about finding their footing again. Amelia said it herself she made Owen’s life hell for a year and she had a tumour so now let them live a little. It may take a while but their good and love was too strong for them not to drift back together at some point. I honestly think that this will mimic the Owen, Cristina, Emma triangle again. In the promo for next week Amelia walks in on Owen and Carina, and I hope that sparks some jealousy inside of her and we get to see Amelia fight for Owen this time. 

For Amelia this entire episode was about finding her footing again, she is an incredible surgeon and an extraordinary person, and we all know that but she needed to be reminded of it. Which is why her whole speech and conversation with Richard was so heartwarming. He is her person at the moment as they know more about each-other than anyone - he is her father figure, and I really wanted her to turn to him for advice if the whole Owen&Carina mess makes her jealous. Her and Koracik sleeping together was almost cleansing as she has, literally, now put to bed (see what I did there?!) the tumour story. That chapter is now closed. 

Originally posted by omeliasource

Owen on the other hand has spent the last year (on top of the past decade) carrying around so much pain and grief, and now he needs to learn how to stand tall without the weight. He needs fun. Him and Amelia both need fun. They both deserve it. I still think they will sleep together and he will get her pregnant and that is what will bring them back together but only time will tell. 

They’ve both now had a taste of some sexual sorbet to cleanse their pallets of any bad tastes: and now they are ready to prepare themselves for the delicious main course that will otherwise be know as the OMELIA REVIVAL! Anyway moving on…


1) A few weeks ago I wrote something about Carina being bi and people answered telling me to not overthink it. (Cause when DeLuca said she sleeps with all my friends in italian he said amici and not amiche (one being inclusive of male and female the later just female) and Grey’s focuses on the details…) BUT I WAS RIGHT! I think this will be interesting to see how this progresses as it kind of put Arizona back in the Callie/Mark position as she was never fully ok with Callie being bi. I want to see Arizona clear the air with Carina as I like them together and they fit so much better than Owen and Carina. 

2) When I re-posted the promo for this episode I commented saying the girl was going to have put something weird up her vagina. I WAS RIGHT AGAIN! But fyi I never thought it would be a gun…

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I wasn’t too keen on the boys day out at first as I think it would have been funnier for April to say “Jackson bought a boat and as Harriet’s mother I have the right to commander it because I need the day off - girls who is with me?” and have all the girls bonding on the boat instead. (I’ll write the fic if people want) But it was light hearted and it the guys being guys - I do think they used this outing for just 3 reasons which they needed to find a way to introduce: 1) Ben going to Firefighters Academy, 2) Jackson to realise he could have something with Maggie cause everyone knows he likes her now and 3) have Jackson find a purpose - he’s alway been lost but now he has al of this money as he’s finally found an incredible cause for it. (yay Jackson!)


I will be the first to admit that I have never been Meredith’s biggest fan but… I fucking love her this season. She is stepping up for her sisters, Alex, Jo, Megan, Riggs… she isn’t forcing herself into the spotlight. She is keeping her head down focusing on her work, which she is killing it (inappropriate joke cause her patient died?! Yes?! I’ll filter),  and helping those around her when needed. She is back to being the Meredith I liked when Izzie had cancer and Cristina was coping after being chocked or when Lexie was heartbroken over Mark. My highlight of the season 14 Mer is still when she looked up at the sky as though she were talking to Derek. 

Meredith is proving that a woman can have it all without a man! I LOVE KV FOR WRITING THAT STORY! Yes Meredith has help but she is the captain of her own ship. SHE IS THE SUN!


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I like them as an option. I think Maggie is chatty and cute and insecure whereas Jackson has always been cool and calm so I think it would be really cute to see the two of them try and date and be awkward and flirty. (JAPRIL SHIPPERS: I love Japril but it doesn’t look like they are happening any time soon and I honestly want as many of the characters to be happy as possible)

Though they are taking a while with this story - I get the whole let the attraction ferment crap - but COME ON!


They are addressing the domestic violence story and I think Jo is finally coming into her own. She reminds me a lot of Private Practice Amelia (when she was with James). She has the talent but is insecure - when Amelia first cut again, she has the horrible past she has overcome - don’t need to get into Amelia’s past, she loves with all her heart - see where I’m going with this, she wants to fight against her past because she wants to have a life with Alex - it’s too obvious now…

Camilla will do a great job with this storyline as she can play between the strong and vulnerable really well. Also just like many stories addressed on Grey’s domestic violence cases are still far too in the dark and need to discussed more and people need to be more aware of them so this is very important. Just like Charlotte’s rape, Mer’s attack, Amelia’s addiction and Owen’s PTSD - Shonda (I think) will make something really special out of this.


  1. The boys are welcoming DeLuca into their pack - it’s cute!
  2. I want to see April dating - I want her to have fun and be flirty!
  3. Webber being the wise man he is was just a bundle of awwws
  4. I like the boys turning up drunk- and Alex introducing himself to the new interns
  5. Arizona stepped up as a mom and she will be incredible - I really want to see her and April parent together
  6. Amelia running to stop Koracik was so cute! I like this fresh side of her!


  1. DeLuca seeming interested when he was told about Omelia splitting - don’t go there my man… just no.
  2. Owen and DeLuca living together - do they even know each other? Have they ever spoken before apart from today?!
  3. The DeLuca and Sam past??? 



Second Chances // Part12

Series Masterlist

Words: 1780
 Violence, a lot. Angst?
Bellamy x Reader; OC Grounder x Reader; Octavia x Reader
1x13 We are grounders Part 2

        “Y/N. I need to talk to you,” Octavia said sternly, giving you the idea that you had done something to upset her.

        “Oh, uh, yeah, sure,” You said, following her to the edge of the camp.

        “Who was that Grounder? And don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about,” Octavia asked.

        You sighed. “Jessie. His name is Jessie. I met him a while ago. He saved me from the acid fog,” You answered, gesturing to your scared hand. “Please don’t tell anyone, especially Bellamy,” You begged. 

        “Don’t worry. I won’t,” Octavia promised and you let out a sigh of relief. “So.. do you like him?” She asked with a smirk.

        You laughed and nodded. “I do, in fact, you could say we are a thing,” You stated and she smiled. Octavia didn’t smile much these days, so seeing it made you so happy. “Have you spoken to Lincoln recently?” You asked.

        She nodded,” Yes. He said we need to get out of here as soon as possible and go to the ocean. They are going to attack. Bellamy and Clarke know already,” You could feel your breath hitch at her words.

        Meanwhile, as you spoke to Octavia, seemingly alone, a nosey teenager heard everything.

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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 6

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 3,500+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 … Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 

(A/N: Yowza, the next part won’t be this long, I promise!! I just really loved writing this one, though this part probably contains the least amount of Jiyong thus far. As always, I hope you all enjoy it!!!)

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“For the fifth time, yes, we’ll make sure you get a wig with short black hair.”

You were nearing the end of what turned out to be a surprisingly difficult rehearsal with iKon and were responding to all questions in between your panting. All along it had been extremely entertaining and your difficulty breathing mainly came from how often you’d burst out laughing at the way the 7 men attempted to be feminine. You should have accounted for the amount of effort it would take to get these boys to dance the way girl groups do.

“Short black hair will just work the best with my face. It’s my concept.” Junhoe was insistent, as per usual, that his good looks be maintained throughout the performance and the rest of you had a good laugh whenever it was brought back up.

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typically, when you have BPD or AVPD, you struggle with creating false scenarios of abandonment in your head, you almost expect it. one way i’ve found that helps is if you write “truth statements”. especially when it comes to someone actively in your life that you’re afraid may leave you, write down words that they’ve said to you that prove that they care about you. 

for example, i write down some of the things that my girlfriend says like “i’m so excited to continue our story together” or “you make me happy” or “i’m proud of you”. that way, if you write down positive things regarding that person and their feelings for you, it makes it harder to keep focusing on the possibility of abandonment. this helps when you feel lonely or empty, it reminds you that someone cares and that you aren’t alone.

another important thing that i include is statements of accepting scenarios. like “if she leaves, i will be ok”. i write these over and over and it makes it easier to incorporate positivity and coping into my thought process. this helps regulate my emotions and validate my fears and anxieties when it comes to anticipated abandonment. 

it’s important to remind yourself that the other person is allowed to feel however they feel and that leaving does not always equate abandonment. it’s hard to do at first, but when you can’t afford therapy or medication, it’s almost like a life raft.

if you have any more ways you cope, add onto this. i want to find more ways because this is a Very Debilitating Disorder™

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I remember reading that you started discovering spirituality and created a positive energy from it when you were younger, and I was wondering how you go about that? I've tried practicing mindfulness and it does help, but when I'm tested by people who are very negative and dislike me, I find it difficult to keep a positive mindset.

i get questions similar to this often & i think my consistent response is that spirituality is ultimately a practice. it takes so much practice & discipline to respond to negativity or discomfort with positivity or even neutrality. mindfulness is a wonderful tool but it too requires diligence, so much so that people spend their entire lives focusing on it, so don’t feel down abt it! i strive to grow every day to be a more positive person but i’m human, & even though my spirituality has (and continues to) be a positive force in my life, to focus so much on positivity denies me my wholeness. it’s ok to let more negative emotions / feelings rise simply because we’re human & those emotions have purpose just like positivity does. the work comes once we let them rise–what do we do with them? do we use them to be hurtful or incite suffering toward ourselves or others? or do we see them, with mindfulness, & respond to them with non-judgment before releasing them? 

this is the practice, because people will continue to be hurtful or test our limits. but how we receive negative emotions that flow and how we utilize them is what gets us closer to the freedom that comes from preserving a positive mindset. show compassion and gratitude for your wholeness & every emotion you feel, bc they enlighten you. positivity will come to you organically from this ✨

ok so I’m like conflicted bc I wanted jamilla to come into the picture not only for sana’s sake but to remind her of what social media can do like it literally wrecked their friendship

on the other hand sana smirked and finally got some relief but it would’ve been nicer if she didn’t do it at all and focused on Ramadan instead like……

The Adoption

Part Seven

Getting Emily to let her hair down seldomly happened.  Sure, our bedroom activities were never boring, but she was a mom and as such she was always hyper aware of how she was being viewed.  I knew she envied the fact that I was able to get up onstage and let loose, she always watched me with such fascination when she was at shows with me.

She needed this though.  We needed this.  No kids.  No pressures.  Just the two of us enjoying each other and being alive.  I knew she was still struggling with everything Justin had told us.  I was too.  But I needed us to remember that whether this happened or not, we were still us.  We would be alright.

Monaco for the week was exactly what we needed.   Jeff had found us a little villa where we would be completely hidden from prying eyes.  We were still close to the city for daytime activities, but the house definitely felt like we were tucked away from the world.

Emily seemed to relax the moment we entered the house.  Her face, usually filled with tension, was bright and happy as she walked around to check things out while I put our bags in the bedroom.  I couldn’t wait to spoil her with amazing food and exciting nights on the Riviera.

She walked into the bedroom, her eyebrows quirking at the sight of the huge white four poster bed smack in the middle of the room,

“That’s enticing.”

I smiled,

“My thoughts exactly.”

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This is about to contradict a lot of “positivity” blogs out there

First of all: self-love and self-care are important. You are God’s creation and should treat yourself as such. However. Taking care of yourself only does so much.



Other people deserve to be cared for too.

So give them the positivity they might need. Be the one person who listens. Bless them in ways you wish others would bless you.

“But what about me?“


Helping people feel better helps you feel better yourself! Focusing on how my life sucks and how my problems outweigh everyone else’s and how I have it worse and on and on and on…

That only.


Your problems.


A lot of people say to put your needs first and all that. Sometimes that’s ok. But DO NOT forget the needs of others. They deserve the same love and care you give to yourself, and they might not even realize it. So, I say it again: give them that love. Even when it’s hard. Even when you feel like crap. I promise you will feel better.

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Ooh, can you do number 69 with Nessian and a wedding please????

Thank you @squirrel-or-moose for sending this in! Apologies for the delay. Stuff and more stuff kept me too distracted these past few weeks. Hope you like it!

*Disclaimer: written without ACOWAR knowledge*

Nessian: Just pretend to be my date.


Cassian sat a table in the massive courtyard that Rhys and Feyre had sequestered for their wedding celebration. They had done it as the official celebration for the end of the war and they had truly asked all of Velaris to join them. It was decorated beautifully and the lights were bright and colourful. Rhys and Feyre danced in the middle of the courtyard, surrounded by other couples and groups dancing as well. He had never seen his brother so happy, Rhys hadn’t stopped smiling since he had started getting ready this morning. Feyre looked radiant, in fact she was radiant. He could see that she was glowing unable to contain it in her joy. The black glittering dress she wore caught the light and shone brighter. What made it do so, Cassian couldn’t describe it. Female clothing had always been a bit above and beyond his comprehension. It was black and glittered. That description would do him.

Cassian spied Mor and Azriel dancing together. That was another male he had never seen look happier. The two of them were smiling and laughing and were dancing flawlessly together. Az’s shadows were no where to be seen and when Azriel caught his eye Cassian raised his glass to him. Azriel just smiled wider and turned his full attention to the exuberant female in his arms. Cassian wasn’t sure why he wasn’t with them. Dancing with them, embracing the night.

Actually, Cassian knew he was a liar. He knew exactly why he was with them.

It had to do with the female who was leaning against a pillar not too far away from him, trying to hide in one of the very few shadows that were available. She looked beautiful there, dressed in a purple gown, a small sad smile on her face. Her eyes were trained on her sisters, both of them dancing with their mates. Downing the rest of his drink in one gulp Cassian got up and started to make his way over to Nesta.

He reached her. And that’s when he realised that he had nothing prepared to say. Nesta noticed him, gave him a look then turned back to her sisters. There was a moment of silence, then Cassian said the first thing that came to his mind.

“Hiding in the shadows?” Cassian asked. His only reply was a shrug of Nesta’s shoulders. Cassian looked out to the dancing crowd, he saw Lucien and Elain dancing. She was laughing at Lucien’s missteps, such a clear and lovely sound. “They look happy.”

“Yes they do,” Nesta replied quietly, her voice almost breaking.

“Nesta…” Cassian started but at the moment he heard some call his name shrilly through the crowd. Cassian felt his body stiffen. No, not now. He turned slightly, just to be entirely certain, and out of the corner of his eyes he saw her. Panicking he turned to Nesta.

“Pretend to be my date,” Cassian blurted out.

“What?” Nesta said cooly as she pushed off the pillar.

“Just,” Cassian could hear the female getting closer, “pretend to be my date.”

Nesta must of seen his panic and desperation on his face because she nodded and moved closer to him. Just in time as the female appeared next to him and she lightly put a hand on arm.

“Cassian,” she said with a simpering smile, but the she saw Nesta at muttered a soft ‘oh’ as her hand fell away.

Cassian shifted his gaze to Nesta. She was glaring at the female, and she moved closer to Cassian so she was practically nestled into his side. Instinctively Cassian’s arm wrapped around her waist.

“Cassian who is this?” Nesta asked sweetly. Cassian gaped a little. The ability the Archeron sisters had to so easily fall into required roles terrified him. Each of them did it flawlessly. He would never tell them how much it scared him though.

“Nesta, this is a friend of mine, Janice. Janice, this is Nesta Archeron,” Cassian said indicting to them both in turn with his free hand. He saw Janice’s eyebrows raise a little, recognition showing in her features.

“Pleased to meet you,” Janice said.

“Likewise,” Nesta replied.

Cassian could tell neither female meant it.

“Sweetheart, dance with me?” Nesta asked. Cassian turned to look at Nesta. She looked at him pleadingly and he just nodded. Partly out of shock, partly because there was nothing else he would rather do in that moment. The sound of his nickname for her coming from her lips for him had sent a thrill through him and the world around them may very well not existed. At his affirmative answer Nesta led him out to the dance floor. Nesta placed her arms on Cassian’s shoulders, almost linking her hands behind his head.

“She’s still watching,” Nesta said through a charming smile.

Cassian couldn’t care less he was only focused on Nesta. The way her hair caught the light, the smooth curve of her jaw, how tonight her eyes were more grey than blue.

“Ok she’s gone,” at that Nesta’s arms dropped to a more casual position, but didn’t leave his shoulders. “Who was that? And why did it look like you’d been kicked in the balls when you saw her?”

Cassian let out a heavy sigh. “We used to have… relations. Everyone hated her, thought she was irritating and bad company. Everyone was right of course, but when I ended it she just kept hanging on. Sometimes when we see each other when we’re out, she tries to, well you know.”

“Does it ever work?” Nesta asked. When Cassian didn’t say anything Nesta just raised an eyebrow.

“Sometimes it used to, depending on how drunk I was.”

Nesta just tipped her head back and laughed.

Cassian poked her hard with one of his fingers, “That’s not very nice, Sweetheart.”

That seemed to sober Nesta up because she stopped laughing and she once again looked at her sisters. Cassian gave her waist a small squeeze and she looked back to him and he gave her a questioning look.

“They don’t need me anymore. Either of them,” Nesta said and Cassian swore he saw her eyes glisten with mushed tears.

Cassian pulled Nesta a little closer and she looked up at him. “They may not need you, but it doesn’t mean you’re unwanted.”

Nesta cocked her head to the side and gave Cassian an unreadable look.

“Cassian I…” Nesta swallowed before she continued, “Cassian, I don’t want to pretend.”

Before Cassian knew what was happening Nesta was kissing him, and he kissed her right back.

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hi!! i love your art! can i ask for tips on your composition because you do it so well? if not its ok and i hope you have a lovely day anyways!

Thank you so much!! I don’t often get compliments to my compositions haha

Most of the time I just stare at my sketch long enough and try to figure out the right positioning of things… the rough composition is usually already planned out with the first sketch (example)
Since my art usually focuses on a character I try to just build everything else around them. Here I tried aligning everyone in a circle (cause I wanted something like a wormhole in the bg) with Anabel as a main focus.

A different example, for this digimon zine cover I drew a very rough sketch and just kept tweaking it, moving the characters until I was satisfied. Here’s a process gif where you can see how much I changed them

Additional tips:

  • Splashing rough colors on your very early sketches helps figuring out what needs more tweaking
  • always look at the drawing as a whole at all times
  • I’m a designer so I look at a lot of stuff like movie posters or book covers or just art of artists I like and it’s a big help to get an eye for good compositions. Analyze the stuff you like!
  • I really recommend practicing to work more with type, it not only makes illustrations look more interesting, you’re also automatically forced to think more about the placement of things cause you can’t just put it anywhere
  • I take notes of things I want to try out (dunno if anyone should do that lol)
  • don’t get discouraged too fast, a properly made illustration with a good composition takes me fricking weeks, I don’t joke when I say I stare at my drawings for hours, thinking about it all day, takING NOTES–

I’m pretty bad at trying to explain stuff but I hope this was interesting enough to read!! Have a nice day!!

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A girl just teased me about being the first to text a boy (like, I have texted so many boys first in my life. It's kinda incredible. Good for me.), but now i feel weird? It's like... I feel like i was acting really desperate and "forever alone" or whatever. Like i get it's kinda weird to text someone you know personally but you don't talk face to face but i have done it many times. And i just.. I dont know. I kinda feel ... I dont know the word for this feeling but it's not a positive one.

I do this too. I think it’s just a shy people thing and that’s ok. It’s best not to focus on boys when you’re in school or at work cause you should be focusing on the task at hand. So if you wanna talk to this person I say do it over text or after class/ work when you get a chance! Don’t listen to what people say, you are your own person and you know what’s best for you!

ok all the posts i’ve seen on my dash abt the mercy rework have been positive so here i am, a mercy main w/ 400 hours on her, to be angry & bitter

- no rez invulnerability, sooooo get ready to go back to dying constantly & not being able to use rez cleverly to survive being focused & getting targeted by tracer and junkrat ults
- it’s going to be impossible to retake the point from a teamwipe now!!!!!!!
- like valkyrie is just going to make you a HUGE target and you’ll be vulnerable for it too bc you’re separated from your team by flying, so again: impossible to come back from a teamwipe
- when your team dies in a clump, you’re…… not gonna be able to pick which one gets rezzed. bc they’re so close together & death markers don’t tell you who’s who. so maybe you want your tank back & you get fuckn…. widowmaker
- all rez strategies are fucked now. can’t turn a 4v6 into a 6v6, can’t hold the point bc you only get one person back. rez is an important ult for more than 5 man rezzes GET FUCKED BLIZZARD

Message In A Bottle [REQUEST]

Ok, so I’m not very good at writing sad things. I doubt this will make you cry, maybe feel a slight twinge but that could just be indigestion or heartburn. I hope you are happy with the scenario though.

I on the other hand need to watch lots of happy things to cheer myself up because I’m very sad. Don’t worry though, I’m sure a bit of Baekhyun and Chanyeol will cheer me up.

Jade xo

As soon as his plane landed, Sehun went straight to the hospital.

He had been in Thailand performing when he got the call. His phone had been ringing from the moment he got off the stage. Breathlessly he answered the unknown number and as he did, the water bottle in his hand fell to the floor. The news crashed down on him, that you had been knocked off your bicycle and were in a critical condition, and Sehun knew he needed to be in Seoul. He went to his manager, who organised the flight while Sehun went straight to the airport to fly home.

Running into the hospital, Sehun leaned against the receptionist’s desk to try and catch his breath. “I need to … my fiancé … in a car crash.” He wasn’t making any sense, he was too focused on holding everything in. Once he saw that you were ok, he could let it all out.

The receptionist seemed to know what he was trying to say. “I’ll get the doctor for you, Mr Oh,” she said, hurried from her position to somewhere up the corridor.

Sehun sat down on one of the cold chair in the waiting room, running his hands through his hair. “Please be ok baby,” he murmured repeatedly like it was a prayer. “I can’t live without you. We have so much to do together: get married, have children, travel the world. Just please be ok!” His tears piled up but he wiped them away before they even had a chance to fall. He needed to be strong, for you.

At that moment, the doctor arrived, making Sehun get to his feet quickly and bow. “How is she sir? Is she going to be ok?” he frantically asked, searching the doctor’s passive face for any sign of what had happened.

“Let’s sit,” the doctor said softly, making Sehun gulp hard. It wasn’t good news if he was being asked to sit. He did so anyway, anticipating the doctor’s next words. “While you were on the aeroplane, we had to perform emergency surgery on your fiancé. There was a lot of internal bleeding and she was struggling to breathe properly. One of her lungs had been punctured by her broken ribs.”

“But she’s ok now, right?” he asked hopeful, feeling his eyes fill up once again. Sehun knew what the answer was going to be. Part of him had felt it in his heart ever since he got the call and as much as he didn’t want the doctor to say, he had to hear it for himself.

The doctor placed his hand awkwardly on Sehun’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry Mr Oh but your fiancé didn’t make it through surgery. She suffered a massive haemorrhage and ….”

Sehun didn’t hear anything after that. His world just seemed to shatter around him, losing all its colour and life now that you weren’t in it. All sounds were dull knowing he would never hear your voice again – he even became numb to the strong sterile smell of the hospital. He didn’t notice the tears fall down his face. All he could feel was his heart breaking.

“She knew her chances when she agreed to the surgery,” the doctor continued on, even though Sehun hadn’t been listening at all. “She wanted me to give you this if something happened to her.” The doctor handed him your phone and then got to his feet, leaving Sehun alone.

Even holding your phone was hard for him. It was always attached to your hip; he never saw you without it. He went to unlock your phone, your lock screen flashing up in front of him. “Oh baby,” he sobbed, his head falling into his hand. It was a picture of you and him on a boat on the Han River when he asked you to marry him.  “I still can’t believe you said yes. Chanyeol kept telling me you would say no.”

He swiped up and the picture disappeared, being replaced by an image of you in a hospital bed. You had recorded a video for him. Covering his open mouth, he swallowed back his tears and willed himself to be stronger. He asked a nurse for the toilets and then locked himself inside them, sliding to the floor by the door. Then he hit play.

“Hey baby,” you said weakly, your voice coarse and husky.

The camera kept shaking as you struggled to hold it up. As soon as you started speaking, Sehun began crying, his sobs heaving his chest as the tears fell thick and fast. He kept wiping them away because they blurred his vision and all he wanted to do is see you.

“I guess if you’re watching this, I didn’t make it through the surgery.” Sehun couldn’t believe how brave you were being – you were staring death in the face, plus being in so much pain. “I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough.” You winced and the camera shook, making Sehun cry harder.

“This is my little message in a bottle. I know you’re in Thailand at the moment but I couldn’t face this surgery knowing I never told you everything. I love you so much baby. You are my best friend. When I moved here, I knew no one and I was so scared of this big city. And then some idiot split his coffee down me and turned my white top see-through. I should have known how perverted you were then. But you showed me around the city and made me feel at home and I quickly fell in love with you.”

Silently the tears started to fall down your face, mirroring those of Sehun.

“I couldn’t believe it when you said you loved me. Someone so handsome and perfect shouldn’t have be interested in me,” you continued, ignoring the tears stubbornly. “Every time I saw you, I had to pinch myself to check I wasn’t dreaming. And you asked me to marry you. Oh I want to marry you so bad, more than I ever wanted anything in my life. To hear someone say that you are mine and always will be, makes me feel giddy and excited.”

Sehun sighed through his sobbing. “I wanted you to be mine too baby!”

“If I don’t make it, I want you to promise me that you’ll try and be ok,” you told him sternly, your voice beginning to crack with raw emotion. “It won’t be easy but you have to try. I know you’ll want to shut everyone out but you have to let them in so they can help you. They love you just as much as me.” Your face screwed up in pain, the camera angle dipping as you became more and more tired.

“I love you so much Sehun, please don’t ever forget how much I love you.” And your face froze, the video ending.

Sehun didn’t know how long he’d been on the floor of the hospital bathroom. It could have been minutes, or hours, or days. Time just didn’t seem to be important anymore. Nothing was important now that you were gone. His tears were still wet on his face with more on the brink of falling. In his hand was your phone. He had probably watched the video you made for him a hundred times and it still wasn’t enough for him.

Taking a deep breath in, he wiped the tears off his face and splashed himself with a little bit of water before leaving the bathroom. He needed some air, he couldn’t think straight with all the hospital noise around him. As soon as he got outside, he was hit by the fresh air of dawn and he immediately broke down, hating the fact that a new day was about to start without you. He pulled out his phone and hit dial on a number, still staring at your phone in his hand.

“Sehun?” Luhan answered almost immediately.

Sehun couldn’t control his sobbing. His tears were hot as they fell down his face, as he stuttered your name down the phone. “She’s gone Luhan,” he cried, crumbling to the floor. “She’s gone forever and I don’t know what to do without her.”

“Whoa Sehun, slow down!” Luhan exclaimed down the phone. “You’re barely comprehensible, I can’t understand.”

“She’s gone hyung!” he shouted, angry at the fact you were gone. “Some asshole knocked her off her bike and now she’s gone and she’s not coming home.”

“Sehun,” he sighed softly. “I’m so sorry.”

“I don’t know what to do, my baby’s gone!”

“Ok, where are you Sehun?” Luhan asked in a calm voice. Now he was showing his age, being the responsible and caring older one.

He sniffled back the tears, trying to pull himself together. “Seoul National University Hospital,” he told Luhan, staring at your phone. He was willing it to ring, for you to be on the other end of the line accusing you for stealing your phone. “Oh god, what do I tell her parents? Am I supposed to arrange a funeral?”

“Calm down Sehun! I’m cancelling my flight to Beijing and coming to the hospital now. I’ll be there within the hour,” Luhan explained calmly. “It’ll be ok. It probably doesn’t feel that way now but it won’t always be like this.”

Sehun didn’t say goodbye: he didn’t get to say goodbye to you and that was the only important one. He just hung up and stared at your phone. It seemed he didn’t have any tears left but he still felt like crying. While he waited for Luhan to arrive, he just sat outside the hospital on the floor and watched your ‘message in a bottle’.

And watched … and watched … and watched.


Astral Projection nightmare

Ok so , I’m going to talk about the time I had a crazy astral projection expiernace.

Pls don’t think I’m crazy

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Ok so . First somethings you should know I guess .

-I have not tried astral projection since (not from fear but I know I’m not ready)

-and that’s it lol

Ok so . I had tried astral projection but only ever felt the pull of my legs or upper body , one time I felt very big like fat.

So this one I had seen u should try before you go to sleep or something.

So I was gonna go to sleep and I later in the position and got myself ready and focused my intent on traveling into the astral.

I remeber being asleep but consciousness and I felt my legs lift from legs so I knew it was happening . My body didn’t lift as a whole it was like lifting first from my legs.

And I got too excited

And I felt myself feel my legs like , I felt my self in the astral/ in spirit form or whatever

Then I could like feel my leg pulsing.

And I went “oh no” and I don’t know what happened next . But I went oh no. And I felt really bad. I felt like I was in a dangerous position and I acted without thinking

Because I only felt my legs out of my physical body , I well …. opened my eyes.

And this is also confusing because I believe I opened my astral eyes. Because it was as if my eyes were cut in half . 1 half was looking into my bed and the other was like all purple and blue but like misty ( I don’t remeber that vividly)

Here’s a picture I drew to what it looked like

And so I remeber opening them and screaming , but I think the scream was in my head and then I believed I knocked out or something

Because it gets MORE CONFUSING.

I woke up and I remeber having a dream where I was being chased down a brown dirt road and it was night time and there were trees around and there was a house in the distance to where I running too. And there demons chasing me very fast . And I was also very fast. I remeber I got into the house and I went upstairs into a room and the demons were down stairs looking for me

Then I went to the window I stood in the frame crouched down and I looked back and said something like “I’m done with this” and I jumped out.

then that’s all.

That night is kinda a blur but I’ll never forget . It was never traumatizing for me. I’m not really over whelmed by many things.

So what do you think? Please respond.

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I wanted to make a New Year Spread (even though I think I’m a bit late on this one!) that was mostly positive, that focused on looking forward and growth through positive energies! (Ok, one card about looking back, but that’s it.) I purposely left out obstacles/outcome because I wanted to vibe to be more uplifting and open-ended. Anyway, hope you like it ♡

i wish being trans wasnt so heavily focused on the negative parts! like sure im very dysphoric abt my chest but i wish i didnt need to justify my transness with it to every person i come out to. it’s as tough feeling bad about yourself is a requirement for being trans, rather than feeling good about yourself when experimenting with gender (representation)! i’m slowly, gradually, but surely learning to love myself more for being trans. sure, the world is scary, but i’m seriously having a lot more fun, knowing i’m surrounded by trans friends (even if i talk to them mainly online) who go through a similar situation and just… having something nice to look forward to. a more comfortable version of me. a happier version. but i can honestly already say i’m pretty happy where i am now too. i love being trans. i wish it wasn’t so stigmatised to say something like that.