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Alright so I had this pop into my head on the train this morning and I wanted to share. I have no idea if it’s been done before but here goes: What if the Assassin’s and Templars came from the Four Nations? Like Avatar the Last Airbender. Where would they come from? Here’s my little “headcanon” if you may…
(Feel free to add anything else, or add your own ideas to it! It was a coffee fueled, 6am daydream)

Altair - Air. it suits him. His upbringing, where he was born and raised, it just works.

Ezio - Fire. need I say more? I mean, it’s in his name. He’s got a hot blooded demeanor, sort of like a lot of young firebenders exude.

Connor (Ratonhnhaké:ton) - Earth. As a Native American, he’s very in tune with nature and his surroundings. I feel like he could Earthbend like Toph does in a way, though not quite the same. He listens to the earth rather than the earth listening to him.

Edward - Water. This one is also obvious. He belongs on the sea, in the water. There’s no other element that flows with him more perfectly. His attitude also kind of reminds me of Master Pacu in a way!

Shay - Fire. My conclusion. Hear me out. I was thinking water, because like Edward, he loves the seas. However, I see a lot of Zuko in Shay. The fiery spirit of a young boy looking for something. In the end, being a firebender suits his personality.

Arno - Water. I see water when I see Arno. Waterbending is like a dance, and when I see Arno I think ballrooms and romance. He’s graceful like a waterbender.

Jacob and Evie - Metal. What could suit these twins more? It’s the Industrial Revolution after all. They’re tough and it’s a modern twist on earthbending.

And as for the Avatar, I chose Connor. He and Aang share so many things in common in who and what they represent. They’re very loyal to their people (even though the air nomads are gone) and they’re for the freedom of everyone. Connor is more ready to fight than Aang, but they’re both nimble and quick and excellent fighters.

If anyone wants to add anything or input their own ideas, feel free!

A friendly reminder about Connor Kenway

I just wanted to say something that’s been on my mind in the AC fandom that I hear all the time.

Connor is the worst assassin. He has no personality. Ezio’s the best.”

I understand that since we played as Ezio for about three games, we would all love him and can’t get enough. I mean, come on. All AC fans love him! 

But please remember that Connor has a personality.

Please remember that his culture he grew up in was not about being flamboyant and flirtatious and mischeivous like say and Italian would. (Trust me, I am Italian. I know.)

Please remember his culture always taught him to be respectful and to speak his mind clearly, but not quickly. To take his time with his words and what he wants to say.

Also, remember that Connor watched his mother burn in a fire when he was five, so that numbs a person and scars them. 

Connor does get mad, happy, sad, excited, vengeful, worried, embarrassed, curious, and a little immature at times, just like anyone else would. It’s just he doesn’t experience his emotions as intensely as Ezio does due to how he was raised and his life experiences. (Not saying Ezio didn’t experience anything tragic, all the Assassins did.)

I just hate to see Connor recieve not as much love since I like all the Assassins.

My thoughts on AC II

I recently have started to replay the whole Assassin’s Creed series before Origins comes out. I have started with AC II (I want to play the first one + Bloodlines between Brotherhood and Revelations like the book chronology). 

I have never been too much into AC II. I honestly didn’t understand what everyone is hyped about because I think the story is not that great. I can totally understand when people are into Ezio’s character development . He really grows mature during the game. From the guy I don’t like to a strong character which is totally likeable. But the story is kinda meh. I mean, what exactly happens? Ezio’s family got killed and he’s up to revange - okay legit. But during the game he is killing some bad guys which don’t seem to be quite important. The only one who is set up brilliantly is Rodrigo Boriga. The other bad guys are just feeling like beeing there for fill up the game. Especially that mission when you have to kill nine dudes before you see Savonarola burning on that bonfire got me like: u serious? I’m killing one dude after another to see the dude I actually want to kill, burning!? Anyway.

What I really love about AC II is that great atmosphere. Firenze and Venezia are set up that perfectly. I simply love how they have worked with the musics and combined them with those beautiful cities. I’m always getting melancholic when visiting Venezia in the game. The soundtrack got me.

I also adore all these minor characters which are set up so well. Leonardo, uncle Mario, Paola, La Volpe, Bartolomeo + Bianca (hell yeah best characters) and the others. Ubisoft really gave them a background story and individual characteristics. That’s totally rare these days at least in the AC universe (unfortunately).
Plus the NPC’s quotes are legendary!!!

My favorite moment is Minerva’s speech to Desmond. I mean, it’s totally creepy she is looking at the player all the time while speaking. And as she says “Desmond” you realize okay this series will be much more than you think it could be.

Frankly: I’m not too much into AC II’s story, but it’s totally worth replaying because of that wonderful and nostalgic atmosphere. I wished they had put more efforts into the PS4 Ezio Collection. I had the same bugs like I had when I played it the first time years ago. At least they could have fixed the music issues between seperate scences, don’t you think?

5. “You can sit on my lap, if you want.” - Jacob Frye

A/N: I laughed writing the beginning of this one, not gonna lie. Hope the requester doesn’t mind that it’s modern day! Also… I meant for this to be a drabble BUT. Get me started on a modern assassin thing and throw Jacob into it… Anyway. This is a slightly crazy plot but once the ball got rolling with this one… It didn’t stop until it hit a wall. ON WITH THE STORY.

Word count: 1,097

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After watching the leaked trailer of Black Flag, I get this feeling that Edward might an Ezio clone… So I want to say thank you to all the people who bitched about Connor’s personality. BECAUSE NOW EVERY FUCKING ASSASSIN IS GOING TO BE LIKE EZIO. No more individuality, he’s going to be exactly like Ezio. Good job convincing Ubisoft to make all the future assassins like Ezio. BECAUSE GOD FORBID THAT ANYONE HAVE THEIR OWN PERSONALITY AND MINDFUL VIEWS.

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