i like drawing kitchens

I love their friendship so much and I’m disappointed in myself for not drawing something for them yet.

Lance is down with the flu and feeling extremely homesick; Hunk is the World’s Best  Friend and does his best to take care of him :’)

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well, blame @sexysilverstrider as usual;;;

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Oh God… look what you did. Now you actually implanted that idea in my head. I have NO idea how these two would be LMAO. Jumin would try to show his affection, but it might come as a bit aggressive, and Saeran doesn’t know how to react to it (and I figured he’d be a huge tsundere.) Whereas Seven is confused and slightly disturbed how things came to be.

Who doesn’t want to stab things and make what’s essentially a jar spell for joyous energy that you can drink later?

The resulting potion is VERY sweet, aromatic, and somewhat bitter. You could lower the sugar, but I think it’s worth it to keep the 44 theme and just dilute it with something when you drink it down the line.

There’s a lot of variations on this recipe out there, including some very interesting ones in Normandy. I’d love to hear about any you know!

lunar witch namjoon! for @with-this-coven’s au again :3c

i guess this counts as an improvement thing bc it looks a lot like my first ever witch namjoon thing? thank god i actually learned how to draw joonies nose fgjfgj


DAY 15

CC Inktober: Embarrassed (Thanks to @forestwater87 for the amazing Gwenvid idea. (Eheh.. I’m trash..))
Inktober: No dialogue Comic (Here’s what happened to Nikki and WHAT THE FUCK IT THIS??? BACKGROUNDS???)

it’s ya birthday boy!!! 🍰🎀✨🎊🎉🎆

The Night Ahead (Part 7)

summary: bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.

pairing: bucky x reader (sort of?? it’s complicated)

series contains: angsty angst, sadness, bucky reliving memories as the Winter Soldier, violence, people die a lot, bucky trying to cope, really awful translations of German, Russian, and Romanian (thanks to google translate i apologize in advance)

a/n: so sorry you all had to wait so long for the next part. work has been kicking my butt lately, and this part is a little longer than the others. once again, big thanks to @dreamtravelerme for german translations in this part!!  MASTER LIST

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“ Ist das Haus bereits geräumt? (Is the house cleared yet)?” Parker demanded.

I frowned at the annoying cackle in my ear. Even though his words were barely above a whisper in my ear, it felt way too loud in the quiet house. Darkness cloaked the home like a blanket, even heavier shadows seemed to lurk in the corners. Like they were lying in wait with the silence. Even the white curtains hanging from the open window above the kitchen sink were still.

I grabbed the walkie-talkie from my belt, holding it next to my mouth as I pressed the button. “Ich hab dir gesagt, dass ich daran arbeite. Zieh jeden raus und ich werde dich in ein paar Minuten treffen. (I told you I’m on it. Pull everyone out and I will meet up in a few minutes).” I didn’t bother to hide my annoyance. We were beyond the stage of pretending to be civil to one another.

I stood with my back against the wall just outside the kitchen, which led to the sizable living room. The refrigerator hummed quietly behind me. I leaned over a little bit, glancing behind me. “Du musst dich beeilen. (You need to hurry).”

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She’s really shaping up

But…. minus the cigarette…. this is 100% how I picture Gansey in my head and I’m having an existential crisis