i like dragons can someone buy me one pls

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1. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi

2. Disney or Dreamworks: Disney (but I still love Dreamworks!)

3. Coffee or Tea: tea, coffee has always been gross to me try as I might to like it

4. Books or Movies: I love both, but if I could only pick one, books

5. Windows or Mac: um EITHER, can someone pls buy me a laptop???

6. DC or Marvel: some of my fave superhero movies are DC but I think I prefer Marvel a tiny bit more bc overall they have better content, plus they’ve got X-Men.

7. Xbox or Playstation: Playstation

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: I’ve never played either of these games

9. Night Owl or Early Rise: night owl

10. Cards or Chess: cards, I’ve always been too impatient to learn chess

11. Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla because I love vanilla pudding

12. Vans or Converse: Vans tho I don’t wear either

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar: ?

14. Fluff or Angst: I can’t choose!

15. Beach or Forest: the beach, does someone want to take me? I haven’t been in forever ;-;

16. Dogs or Cats: I love both, but I’d rather own a dog.

17. Clear Skies or Rain: rain

18. Cooking or Eating Out: I love to cook 

19. Spicy Food or Mild Food: mild food, even hot cheetos are too hot for this weakling

20. Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas: Halloween is my fave holiday everrr

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: cold because I sweat so easily and hate the heat (and sadly live in Las Vegas)

22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? super speed so I could be like Peter in X-Men!

23. Animation or Live Action: live action

24. Paragon or Renegade: ?

25. Baths or Showers: showers bc I have a horrible phobia of touching the bottom of bodies of water, it gives me so much anxiety to touch the bottom of pools, or lakes, or even bath tubs, so I just can’t do it! (I’m a weirdo, I know)

26. Team Cap or Team Iron Man: Team Iron Man!!!

27. Fantasy or Sci-Fi: sci-fi

28. Do you have three or four favourite quotes? If so, what are they:

1. “I crush her against me. I want to be part of her. Not just inside her but all around her. I want our ribcages to crack open and our hearts to migrate and merge. I want our cells to braid together like living thread.” -Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies

2. “Don’t choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful.” -Harry Styles

3. “She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” -Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

29. YouTube or Netflix: both!!!

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: I’ve never watched or read HP I keep meaning to read the books and I’m sure I will eventually, but definitely Percy Jackson bc I related a lot to Percy with his dyslexia and adhd and used to fantasize when I was younger that maybe I was a demigod too 

31. When You Feel Accomplished: when I actually sit down and write something (god damn you, writer’s block!)

32. Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

33. Paperback Books or Hardback Books: I like either

34. Handwriting or Typing: typing bc I type a lot faster than I write, also when I write bc of my dyslexia I tend to skip over a lot of stuff and when I reread it I realize nothing I wrote made any sense unless I write kinda slowly. 

35. Velvet or Satin: idk if I have a preference tbh lol

36. Video Games or Movies: Movies a little bit more but I love love love my ps4

37. Would you rather be the dragon or own the dragon? own a dragon

38. Sunrise or sunset: sunrise 

39. What’s your favourite song? Saturn by Sleeping at Last; the music video will make you cry

40. Horror Movies yes or no: YES YES YES

41. Long hair or short hair: I like both, tho my hair is more on the longer side. If it was straight I’d wear it short, but I don’t think a short style would work with my type of curls.

42. Opera or Theatre: theater

43: Assuming the multiverse theory is true and every story ever told has really happened somewhere, which one of the movie/book/tv show/game/etc worlds would you pick to travel to first? I’d want to live in the spn world and become a hunter!!

44: Are you scared of thunderstorms? Why? No, I actually find them peaceful

45: If you were going to move in the next two months, where would it be and why? I’d move to Hawaii because that’s where I plan to actually move with my friend once we move out, plus I love the beach and I’ve never lived anywhere tropical so it’d be a nice change.

46: What is one superpower you should never be allowed to possess? Why? The ability to control others because free will is basic human rights 

My new question is:

47. If you could be a mythical creature, what would you want to be? (mermaid, for anyone who is curious)

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