i like dinos


You know i love smth if i make a khr crossover. Anyway Bakugou’s still stuck at episode 2 because he still hates Deku (tsuna)

8059 LIVES!!!

fun fact: I fucking lost the 1st picture (somehow it got corrupt) and I didnt save the sai file I was so angry, good thing I sent these to my friend so I have a copy

Moral of the story: send your finished art to ur friends so u have a back up.


[SEVENTEEN] - kings of Performance;



“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
(pay attention to everyone’s reactions)


bangchan vs. lee chan’s real answer (ft. wonwoo + his brotherly instincts)

Excerpt from “Idol Maker” 


1. When “Don’t wanna cry” was being made, there was this “one part” in the lyrics which didn’t satisfy Kye Bumzu, Woozi and S.coups. While they were all worrying back and forth, Jeonghan just came by and said a few words, those words were used as lyrics in the song. 

 2. The lyrics were: “우리 다시 볼때” (we will see each other again)


i can’t believe i stan him TT

svt meets f(x) :: performance unit as serenity red light

pic cr [x]

other units :: vocal unit :: hip hop unit :: bonus