i like dinos


[SEVENTEEN] - kings of Performance;



short-lived hair colors

neon orange mingyu / blue jun / mint wonwoo / copper dino / red-streaked s.coups / teal-blonde hoshi

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Lee Chan.

  • Seventeen’s maknae.
  • Helps Hoshi choreograph.
  • Has a strong rapping voice
  • Michael Chanson. Powerful and sharp-edge dancing.
  • Has a stable singing voice.
  • He can do falsettos.
  • Brave. Brave enough to break a gourd thing on Jeonghan’s head.
  • Jeonghan’s baby. Even if he doesn’t like it.
  • He can actually MC well.
  • His glow up.
  • I mean, he endured an era with that Dinosaur hair. Praise him.
  • Girl group dances. Michael Chanson style.
  • Facial expression changes in a split second.
  • Cute, precious child.
  • With this pure, adorable smile.
  • …But also pretty hot. But he’s still a baby. RIGHT? :( 
  • Cinnamon roll.
  • Sinnamon roll.
  • Had Seungcheol and Jihoon soft enough that they let him use a “gat” for their OMG performance– even if the two knew it was ridiculous– in Seventeen Project because he sulked and wouldn’t talk. If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.

I probably missed a lot of things. But we just got to keep adding to list and spread the love for Seventeen’s precious maknae.

  • Me: *listens to boom boom on repeat 200+ times*
  • Me: alright this is getting kinda old, time to switch songs.
  • Intro: *plays before I can switch songs*
  • Me: dun dun dun dundundun seVENTEEN TEEN TEEN… alright one more time..

I really couldn’t help wondering how things went down for Alphys when the amalgams first happened…

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