i like daiki

  • Aomine: The stars look beautiful tonight.
  • Kagami: Yeah.
  • Aomine: But you know who's even more beautiful?
  • Kagami: You?
  • Aomine, at the same time: Me.
  • Kagami: *smiles*
  • Aomine: *whispers* Shit I love you.

based on this, because it was about time i drew another @incorrectknb quote!
little did they know kuroko was there the whole time……… like always.

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been wanting to use this dumb scene since forever but it looks like itll never happen in my fics so here take my mediocre art instead 👌

Aomine is pretty much dead on his feet when he finally gets back home. It’s cold and wet and disgusting, and it absolutely sucks that he’d been called in when it’s technically his Christmas vacation. The worst part? Kagami had a day off from the restaurant- the owner had gone away for a wedding, and instead of spending some quality time with his boyfriend, Aomine had been stuck at work, and it had gone so badly; he had temporarily become borderline homicidal. The thought of coming back home to the red head was the only thing that kept his sanity intact.

As soon as he stumbles into their warm, cozy apartment, he kicks off his shoes and then decides to keep them at least semi-neatly away. Shrugging off his coat, he hangs it up haphazardly before stalking into the living room, desperate to catch a glimpse of his salvation.

It doesn’t dawn on Aomine that it’s a lot later than expected, and a quick glance at his watch tells him it’s somewhere around 2:30 in the morning, explaining the absence of his redhead, one that usually greets him the minute he gets home. A plate of food on the table catches his attention, along with the subsequent note placed beneath it.

I have work in the morning, sorry I couldn’t stay up. Eat well, it’s teriyaki burgers. 
Love you, Kagami

Aomine smiles at the end note, his heart fluttering like a high schooler’s. Over the years, Kagami and he had gotten so much more comfortable with declarations of love, even if it was embarrassing as fuck. Sure, they fought every single day over pretty much every little thing, but his love for the red head never ceased to grow, never ceased to amaze him and he couldn’t believe just how lucky he had gotten.

Feeling a sudden rush of affection, Aomine polishes the plate of food in record time, throws the dish in the sink and makes a dash for the bathroom. Taking an extremely quick shower and finishing up with his nightly routine, he pulls on some sweats and a tee before quietly stepping into their bedroom. The large lump in the bed shows him where Kagami is sleeping, which just so happens to be Aomine’s side of the bed, his face buried into the taller man’s pillow.

The sight makes Aomine weak, and he manages to make it to the bed without collapsing. He’s still exhausted and cold, and Kagami practically radiates heat, so Aomine does the only thing he can- he crawls in on the same side and snuggles right into Kagami.

Of course the man is hot (literally and figuratively) and Aomine sighs in content just as Kagami hisses slightly at the cold fingers that have made their way into his shirt. Aomine cuddles into him for a minute before finding the perfect position- his face pressed into Kagami’s neck, the rest of his body entwined with his, and his arms wrapped around his middle possessively.

Moments later, Kagami repositions himself and ultimately, Aomine finds himself engulfed in a warm hug, Kagami’s legs entangled with his own, his breathe tickling his ear.

“Welcome home Daiki,” the red head grumbles, probably subconsciously more than actually meaning to say so. He lightly kisses whatever of Aomine is near his lips, which happens to be his forehead.

Aomine feels his cheeks warm, along with his insides, all the way down to the core of his very being.

This warmth, this love, this embrace, it makes everything worth it. Hugging the red head just a bit tighter, Aomine breathes in deeply as he takes in the all too familiar scent- spicy and sweet, maybe slightly tangy. He knows in that moment that he is where he’s meant to be.

“I’m home, Taiga.”


You taught me to see this beautiful world. Everything is beautiful, even my sad past, even the traces of my tears.❞  心が叫びたがってるんだ。 the heart wants to shout.
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I bet Momoi gets harassed a lot. And Aomine always manages to be there at the right moment. And once he’s chased all the shitlord guys away he never reprimands her for her appearance or her attitude. Because he knows that its not her fault, and he’s always so angry at guys who treat her that way. And always so angry they make her cry and feel threatened. 

protective!Aomine is a thing that I loveeeeeeee

This is like my first comic I’ve ever done wow these two are sO IMPORTANT

i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as aomine being all happy and excited when playing against kagami because he has finally found a worthy rival in him