i like crossovers okay


Screencap redraw - Lunyx Anastasia AU

Lunyx was like my first ship in the game/movie so I’m curious what they look like in my drawing. and since I’m getting addicted with screencap redraw/crossover, these happened. My curiosity has been appeased.


pa pa pa pa, plucking petals off each flower

7space0chips7  asked:

So the world needs more Yoosung so my request would be Yoosung as Allen Walker from D. Gray Man. Also congratulations again!

Agreed, the world does need more Yoosung and I WILL HAPPILY OBLIGE *THROWS DOWN* Thanks for the awesome request @7space0chips7 hope ya like~

I have finally rewatched this amazing musical and this is just a perfect crossover for these two, okay?

And I believe, there’s good in everybody’s heart,
Keep it safe and sound.
(Listen close to everybody’s heart,
And hear that breaking sound.)
With hope you can do your part
To turn a life around!
(Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground!)

(Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – I Cannot Believe My Eyes)


Dragon Maid & Dragon Butler 


animation crossover couples:

odette x beast

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did you know Hide and All Might have the same b-day :)

Woah, I didn’t know that, thank you anon! Now we know where Hide went for his birthday (he’s going get buff before his reunion with his boyfriend Kaneki) <:

please come back to re, sunshine child, I miss you


AND A BONUS, CAUSE I KNOW WE ALL WANT IT or maybe its just me:

External image

( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )

Miraculous playing Overwatch
  • Adrien maining D.Va and Nino maining Lucio because Adrien is a weeb and music kids stick together
  • Bonus Adrien and Nino being suckers for D.Va/Lucio and knowing all the interactions by heart
  • Alya mains Sombra because knowledge is power and hacking is great
  • Mari doesn’t have a main. She wrecks ass with all the champions. She’s the forever play of the game.
  • Chloé not wanting to play at first and acting all haughty but then she tries (supposedly against her will) and falls in love with Widowmaker

  • Rose mains Junkrat. Unexpectedly.
  • You thought she’d main Mercy but no
  • Juleka mains Winston because she constantly wants to hug him
  • Mylène mains Orisa because she reminds her of Ivan and Orisa is just too good. Efi wants her to be the greatest hero, and fight me she is
  • And Ivan plays Bastion because they could cosplay each other with a minimum effort
  • Max mains that little turret cunt Symmetra
  • Kim mains Tracer because gtg fast
  • And Alix hates the guts of Tracers but then gets used to her cheefulness and actually enjoys premaking her games with Kim
  • She also mains Torbjörn
  • Lila plays… Mercy. Yes. Deal with it because I think she’d be the greatest Mercy of the history of Mercies.
  • She also plays Roadhog when Mercy gets instapicked and she’s salty
  • Nath mains Zarya because tomato boi and ripped mum make the best duo ever
  • Master Fu mains McCree go home
  • And Prince Ali mains Solider 76 because S76 is just so cool and imagine this kid just being in awe in front of S76′s lore
  • Nathalie plays too. Because she connects on a special level with Ana.
  • Jalil plays Farah. Because she has that one Anubis skin he’s ready to murder for. Jalil is a sucker for skins.
  • Gabriel is an edgy hoe, so he plays Reaper
  • can bridgette main mei
  • and felix would probably main genji. Unexpectedly.

I still have Hanzo and Zenyatta to give but idk to whom man idk

also i dedicate this entire post to @megatraven because garbage can


decided to kick my morning exercises through the window and do my inktober instead (using ink is like press-ups, right?)

you guys are not helping me to stop drawing this crossover and I appreciate that

animation crossover couples:

dimitri x eric

My tl talked about mage/archer Todoroki and!!! Crossover any series with RPG-like elements and I’ll be there immediately 


/Guess who just finished catching up on Erased and got carried away with a crossover

seriously if we hang out this much you gotta fork over some rent

Okay highschoollevelotaku and me are indulging here because this is one of my all time favourites I hope you enjoy as much as I do friend!!


Hello neighbor x Knock-knock!! crossover

@neighbor-and-crow okay, how you can see, I really like your crossover and honestly I’m very surprised that you know this game xD
Your art inspired me to do this -w-
(I don’t know how the forest girl is called in other countries, but in Russia her “name” is Бука (Buka))

P.S. Sorry for my Englishʕ•ᴥ•ʔ