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Jealous // Cole Sprouse

Hiii :) I’m not sure if you’re taking requests but if you are, please could you write something super fluffy where you’re best friends with Dylan and Cole’s your boyfriend and he gets jealous of all the time you spend with dylan or something? I don’t know, basically just something really cute with both my boys :) xx

Warnings: Angst, Arguing

Word Count: 1,367

Characters: Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse

A/N: I merged this in with the song ‘Woman’ by Harry Styles because I thought it fit well. I’m not sure, but yeah. There will be a part 2 x

—- —-

“Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and then see what we find?” You spoke, walking into the living room of your and Cole’s shared apartment, looking at the blonde who was sitting on the couch. You handed the bowl of popcorn to Dylan, sitting down next to him and looking at your phone to see if Cole had messaged you.

“When does Cole get back?” Dylan asked, already looking on the ‘Romantic Comedies’ sub-genre on Netflix, scrolling through the movies. You looked at your phone, seeing the time he had texted you. “He get backs after midnight, so yeah.” You grabbed a few pieces of popcorn, popping them in your mouth and waiting for Dylan to pick a movie.

Since Cole had gone somewhere close by with the cast for an interview of some sort, you had stayed behind, since he would only be gone for a day. You had invited his brother over, since you were quite bored and you needed someone to watch a movie with. You and Dylan had quite a close relationship, since he was one of your best friends, and had introduced you to Cole.


“Okay, okay!” You laughed, handing Dylan the controller, letting him pick the movie again. You had just finished watching the second movie (you had picked both of them) and Dylan wanted to pick the next one. “What is the time?” You asked, grabbing his wrist to look at the watch. It was only 10:25 at night. You took a deep breath, standing up and stretching your arms above your head, feeling the bones pop in your back.

Dylan was sat on the couch, going through the movies on Netflix once again as you walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge. “Do you want a drink, Dyl?!” You called out, pulling the jug of orange juice from the fridge, placing it on the counter. “Yeah, sure!” He called out. You poured the juice into two cups, about to grab them when you heard your phone ring. “Can you answer that?” You asked, putting the jug back in the fridge. Hearing Dylan on your phone made you a bit nervous. What if it was your boss, or your doctor or your parents?

You walked into the living room, placing the cups down on the coffee table. Dylan’s arm was resting across the back of the couch, ankle resting on his knee as he spoke to the person on the other line of your phone. “Who is it?” You asked quietly, sitting on the edge of the coffee table and taking a sip from the cup.

“Cole,” Dylan spoke, a smile on his lips. “Want to talk to him?” Dylan handed the phone to you, making you smile. You held the phone to your ear, standing up and walking towards the kitchen.

“Hey there, handsome.” You grinned, leaning against the counter and hearing his voice through the speaker. “Hey there, beautiful. How are you?” He asked. You could hear the rest of the cast chatting, and you could just imagine him leaning against the window, looking at the scenery passing by and his headphones shoved in his ear, a smile on his lips as the others all teased him about him being lovey-dovey.

“I’m going good, thank you. Dylan’s just been invited over because I have nothing to do. So we’re just watching movies.” You ran your fingers through your hair, hearing the huff in his voice. “What?”

“Nothing. Just, hang tight. I’ll be home soon.” He took a deep breath, hesitating on the last three words. “I love you.”

“I love you too…”


I’m selfish, I know.

But I don’t ever want to see you with him.

I’m selfish, I know.

I told you, but I know you never listen.

I hope you can see, the shape that I’m in,

While he’s touching your skin.

He’s right where I should, where I should be,

But you’re making me bleed.

Cole walked into the apartment, being as quiet as he could. It was past 1am and the car had just dropped him off. He dropped his back pack at the door, kicking off his shoes and hanging his jacket on the hooks mounted to the wall. He saw that the TV was still on, so he walked towards the lounge. Seeing the familiar head of his brother, he had hoped that you had fallen asleep on either the other end of the couch, or in your shared bedroom.

“Dylan?” He whispered, not sure if he was awake. When he got no response, he sighed, tiptoeing towards the TV. He ran his fingers through his hair, looking on the couch. Once he had seen how you and Dylan were positioned, he felt… jealous. Your head was rested on Dylan’s thigh, soft snores and parted lips. Dylan was slouched quite weirdly, making sure you were comfortable. His arm was resting on your side, but he did look like he was about to fall over.

Cole took a deep breath, gently nudging you, in hopes that you would wake up the first time. You were usually a light sleeper, which was annoying when he woke up early for meetings, but you’d end up going back to sleep after he left. “Babe?” Cole whispered, looking up at Dylan, making sure he didn’t wake up his twin.

A small sound came from your lips, your eyelids fluttering as you looked up at the blurry figure in front of you. You took a deep breath, slowly sitting up and rubbing your eyes. You were still a bit drowsy, but a lazy smile came across your lips as you saw the figure of your boyfriend kneeling in front of you. “Hey, there.” You smiled, taking his hands as he pulled you up, bringing you to your chest.

“C’mon, let’s get you to bed.” Cole let you go, but still held your hand. “Is Dylan going to be comfortable on the couch? We can wake him up and let him sleep in the guest room,” you spoke softly, looking over your shoulder, seeing Dylan’s figure still sitting up. Cole sighed, rolling his eyes. “He’s going to be fine, (y/n). I’ll wake him up after I get you to bed.” Cole opened the bedroom door, letting you walk in first. He closed the door softly behind the both of you

“How was the interview?” You murmured, pulling your shirt off and undoing your bra. You looked through your drawers, pulling out a shirt and putting it on. You slipped your leggings off, dumping the dirty clothes in the basket and stretching your arms above your head. “It was decent. The usual. They tried to get season 2 out of us. But yeah.” Cole shrugged. He was still a little annoyed about how you had been spending time with Dylan and that you didn’t tell him. You looked at him, furrowing your eyebrows a little. “Are you okay?” You asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I don’t ever want to see you with Dylan. Especially not like that,” Cole blurted out, crossing his arms over his chest. “Do you know how that makes me feel?”

“Cole… He’s my best friend…” You looked up at the brunette, biting your lip. “No. He is my brother, and I don’t want you hanging around him anymore! I know, I’m selfish. Yes, I am! You’re mine and I don’t want him stealing you away!” Cole exclaimed, making you stand up, pulling a pair of plaid pants on.

“You’re crazy!” You exclaimed, walking out of the bedroom and to the couch, seeing Dylan still asleep, but now laying down. You threw a blanket over him, grabbing your phone and turning the TV off. You huffed, seeing him following you. “You are absolutely crazy and I am sleeping in the spare bedroom until you get your marbles back!” You whisper-yelled, opening the spare room door and going to close it in his face, but he was quick and knew your movements.

“(Y/N)!” Cole groaned, standing in the doorway, but you pushed him into the hallway.

“I’ll talk to you in the morning.” You hissed, shutting the door in his face.


Author- Roni I.

Warning: 18+ SMUT!

Paring: Cole SprousexReader


Request: none

A/N: I’m a starving artist, just hear to entertain.

Being with a famous Actor wasn’t easy. I love Cole with all my heart, but lately he’s been showing his fans more love then he does with me. Cole and I were at this nice bar for Riverdale getting a second season party. Of course, some fans were allowed in, and I was once again stuck talking to Camila and Lili. Which I don’t mind at all, but I just got him back from going over to Europe for his photo shoot. I swear that boy is always doing something, I guess he does since he has two jobs, and I’m over here just working for the casting department for the show, 4 days a week.

“Hello.! Earth to Y/N” Camila said waving her hand in my face. “Huh, sorry. Drink must have hit me harder than I thought” trying to shrug off the fact I was staring Cole down as he was talking to two girls. They were defiantly getting a little touchy and Cole didn’t seem to notice. “Y/N you haven’t touch your drink?” KJ said I looked at the three of them, and then at my, like he said untouched drink. I grabbed it, then gulped it down, slamming it down on the table I got up. “Anyone want to dance?” I say swaying my hips a little walking back towards the dance floor. Lili and Camila smile and joined me on the dance floor soon KJ joined in. I grabbed KJ’s hands pulling him towards me a little, and place his on my hips as we rocked together as the song picked up. Lili and Camila dancing right next to us, then I felt someone grab my arm roughly, yanking me away from KJ. “Hey!” I yelled ready to swing to the person then coming face to face with a very pissed off Cole. “Ay, Cole..” KJ started to say, but Cole rushed us away ignoring him. “Cole what the fuck is wrong with you?” I say pulling my arm from his grasp as we headed out side. “You think I was going to let MY girlfriend keep grinding on KJ, like a horny school girl?” he yelled then waved a cab to pull over for us to get in. I was baffled that he thought I was having a “moment” with KJ. “Oh, and having fans touch all over you is okay? Well Fuck you!” I yell back then we both got in the cab and we didn’t speak for the rest of the ride home. I got out the car as Cole paid the driver, as I waited for him at the door he walked up, and wrapped his arms around me. “Look, I know you did that to make me jealous, and I also know that I haven’t been that much of a boyfriend these past few weeks” He said snuggling his head into my neck, lightly kissing my weak spot. I gasp, as I felt his tongue lick a strip to my spot behind my ear and then he bit my lobe. I groaned then pushed him off me “don’t think you’re getting off easy, Mr.Sprouse” I say then took the keys from his hand, and opened the door.

“Really? I’m trying to love you, and you push me away?” Cole said pissy again. I rolled my eyes “Yeah because fucking doesn’t solve everything!” I yelled frustrated with him. “Who said I wanted to Fuck?!” He said raising his voice as well then grabbed me and we were face to face. “I want to make love to you” He breathed out then smashed his lips on mine in a hungry kiss. I completely melted, that was the first time someone has ever said those words to me, and I was completely baffled by it. Cole cupped my face in his soft hands, looking into my eyes with so much love and affection “Y/N..” he whispered. “I love you” I said then kissed him. We fought for dominance, but Cole eventually won, as we landed on the couch with him on top. His hands tugging at my dress “Off” he mumbled in the kiss, breaking from each other so I could slide out my dress, while he started removing his cloths. Cole pulled me up, and picked me up bridal style making me laugh has he clumsy made his way to our bedroom. He laid me down genteelly, then got a condom out the bedside table, and pulled his briefs down. I bit my lip as I watched him roll it on his long, thick, length as I started to unhook my bra and then slipped my panties off. He settled in between my thighs lining himself at my wet entrance “God, you look so beautiful” He said as he slowly slid in. “Mmm, Fuck baby” I cursed nails digging into his shoulders as he thrusted slowly, and deep. I bit his neck signaling to him I wanted him to move faster, but he didn’t he just hiked my left leg up his hips more and thrusted deeper if possible. “Oh fuck!” I moaned loudly, Cole let out soft grunts as he kept thrusting in me. I could feel that knot forming in my stomach I was so close. “Cole!” I moaned “I know, me too baby, me too..FUCK!” He moaned out then started to thrust faster as we both came prolonging our orgasm. Then he pulled out and laid next to me, both of us out of breath, panting like crazy. “Wow, I can honestly say I haven’t cum that hard ever!” I laughed a little shaky still from the best orgasm I’ve ever had. “Won’t be your last either” Cole said winking at me then getting up to throw the condom away. I smiled up at him and then he laid back don next to me giving me a passionate kiss.

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I loooooooved your cole headcanons especially the Les miserables ones! Do you have anymore?

kakdakks thank you, I don’t think you understand how much I love this boy ❤

I refer back to a few from this post so if you haven’t seen it

  • Eyebrows™
    • Jay: what the hell are you doing?
      Cole: I am doing my eyebrows.
      Jay: that’s a big ass mirror.
      Cole: I have big ass, eyebrows.
    • “My brows are bigger than my future”
    • Nya: cole please just let me pluck one of your eyebrows
      Cole: if you take my source of power I will be rendered useless in battle and you will all die without me

  • One time they shrunk his favourite t shirt in the washing so he cut the sleeves off and wore it as a crop top

  • Emo teen phase?? Emo teen phase.
    • “I’m just trying to look like my HERO, JOE JONAS.”
    • He pierced his own ear and then cried because it hurt so he took it out. Don’t worry he got both pierced properly when he was older.
    • You think he has emo hair now you should’ve seen it before
    • Sometimes it still surfaces:
      Nya: Wu, how did unlock your full potential?
      Wu: well you see, when I was a young boy-
      Cole: *bursts through the door* MY FATHER, TOOK ME INTO THE CITY, TO SEE A MARCHING BAND
    • They had to do a time capsule when they were at school and Cole’s dream job was to be a full time employee at Hot Topic

  • Cole had braces and unfortunately didn’t burn all photographic evidence so his dad literally shows everyone that comes round ever.
    • “Look how straight his teeth are now!!” “Dad the milkman does not care about my teeth now please get your hands off my mouth”

  • He learnt from shaving his head last time, so he ties it up a lot until he can get a proper haircut. Is he the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen? Yes.

  • “Cole how do you like your coffe?” “As black as my soul.”

  • Child: wow I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!
    Cole: haha you mean dead inside?
    Child: ???
    Cole: haha, yo u mean,, super strong??

  • *Skulkin running at ninja*
    Nya: Cole, I need you to buy me some time!
    Cole: how exactly am I supposed to- NYA NO COME BACK
    Cole: what would my hero Joe Jonas do…. I know! *Jumps in front of skulkin* STOP!
    Skulkin: ???
    Cole: … *bursts into an impromptu dance battle*

  • Les mis for you my friend:
    • Eponine is his fave ok he’s like “girl I feel you I too would take a bullet for Marius"
    • No seriously Eponine is his girl, one time he was just in his room singing “on my own” while looking out the window at the rain really getting into it. Nya walks by and bursts out laughing and Cole is like IT’S EMOTIONAL OK and Nya is like nah I think she needs to get over him and stop whining tbh and Cole is like >:O !!! And doesn’t talk to her for a week. When she tries to apologise she gets a 3 hour lecture on how Eponine’s bravery and sacrifice clearly makes her the best character in the musical.
    • Also I’m cry @eyeofthewolfe did one of the best covers of on my own here pls listen to it she’s so talented
    • Kai was trying to convince Wu to let him fight garmadon and he got really mad and told him no, and it was silent for a while until Kai started singing “I dreamed a dream in time gone byyyyyy” and Cole screamed for 27 seconds solid and swears it was the best day of his life
    • Wu: Jay something needs picking up from the store, you need to go get it
      Cole, quietly: look down, look down, you’ll always be a slave…
    • Once they were literally going stir crazy when no one needed saving so they re-enacted the entire musical themselves
    • so @theninjaofcake sent me this video of a young boy playing Val Jean and was like it baby theatre Cole!!! And I have never agreed with anything more in my life

  • I know it’s not technically a musical but Moulin Rouge is his favourite film. It’s one of the only films that will make him cry every time without fail

  • When he first gets his super strength he keeps forgetting he has it so they’ll be like “hey can you toss me that pen” and he’s like “oh sure” *throws pen half way across ninjago*
    • Alternatively:
      Cole: *excitedly runs to Jay’s room* JAY GUESS WHAT *rips off door*
      you need help Cole
      Cole: I know

  • Literally my favourite thing about season 7 is when Cole is like “uhhhh oops new hands!!!” and drops the cup on the floor when he doesn’t wanna drink it, so I’m sure he does it all the time.
    • Jay: cole help me carry this box it’s really heavy
      Cole: oh sure  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      *halfway up the stairs*
      Cole: oh no ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I suddenly am losing feeling in my hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Cole: oOPS NEW HANDS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *drops box on jay*
      Jay, from the bottom of the stairs under a smashed box with the contents scattered on the floor: I hate you. I really really hate you. Were it not for the laws of this land I would have slaughtered you.

  • Cole is so good at getting himself out of trouble. He tried to heat up an entire carton of milk, still in the carton, in the microwave and blew it up and somehow managed to convince sensei that it was Kai.
    • He was rumbled when he tried to blame something on Zane and Zane was like D: and Cole was like “no I can’t do this it was me I’m a filthy liar, Zane I’m so sorry bby"

  • He will not call a villain by their real name.
    • “Well if it isn’t grannydon”
    • “If pyth-whore shows up one more time I am going to bitch slap him into next Thursday”
    • “Oh hello bore-o. Stinky ghost boy. Go steal the realm crystal ugly.” “Cole you’re also a ghost” “yeah but I’m not STINKY”

  • I mentioned that he hated singing and dancing because he was forced into it and it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life, but now that he’s grown and he’s happy with who he is he really appreciates the talent he’s been given. He enjoys it when he’s just singing because he wants to and not cause he was forced. So now thank you for the music is his anthem

  • As you’ve seen from my previous list he is gay but will he hit on girls that Kai is trying to hit on just to get on his nerves?? Absolutely

  • Wu: Cole why is your jacket moving what have you got in there?
    Cole, sweating: n othing,,,
    Cole’s jacket: *barks*
    Wu: he followed you home. In your jacket.
    • *Later*
      Jay: how come Wu let you keep a puppy
      Cole: because he agreed that there should be someone else living here that’s as beautiful as me since none of you are clearly anywhere near our level
      he doesn’t know he’s still here does he
      Cole: no and if you tell him I’ll tell Nya that her favourite pair of pants went missing because you tried them on and got stuck and had to cut them off

  • Cole: you’re back from your date early
    Kai: I got stood up
    Cole: aw that sucks… do you think they walked in, took one look at you and then changed their mind?

  • He makes fun of them all the time but they know he’s just messing. He would actually commit murder for his friends if anyone hurt them

  • Drinks his respecting women juice 3 times a day

  • Cole doesn’t get sick. Well he does, but he refuses to accept it.
    • “Cole you’ve had like 2 hours sleep and you can barely stand, go home" “not to fear, I drank an entire bottle of cough syrup so I am A-OK” *passes out*

  • Wu: Cole where’s my tea?
    Cole: idk where’s my mom? >:/
    Wu: … that’s fair

  • Cole: I’m telling my mom on you
    Jay: you don’t have one
    Cole: fine then I’m telling your mom
    Jay: I don’t have a mom either
    Jay: I’m adopted

Ask me ninjago headcanons

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I just got a load of feels because I was watching a Lilicole fan video and it had some videos of the cast I've skating and isn't it crazy that a single show could bring best friends together. Like Cami and Lili or Cole and KJ and especially Cole and Lili, they all always hang out. They were thrown together by fate but now they are all best friends and I find that beautiful.


They are just constantly hanging out, going on trips, being so cozy, laughing all the fucking time. Ugh love them so much. 

God’s Plan   By: Y. Black

Wow, I can’t believe it. You here. Look at you so beautiful. I been so anxious just to see your face. Damn look that’s my nose on ya face. “Damn it feels good to have you.” Cole said it best. These tears of joy one day you’ll have the pleasure to know. It’s crazy to know half you is exactly me. All these emotions, I’m beside myself. Look at the queen that birth you. She’s amazing and she’s going to love you unconditionally. She did so well. She’s so strong I hope you get that part of her traits. I never fathomed I’d be a dad, a surely to not be blessed with a beautiful woman like your mom to create a life with. And look at you head full of hair. Lungs blaring throughout the maternity ward. I guess you wanted the world to be sure of your arrival. Trust me baby for you there are no rivals. I just wish I was around to be your idol.
It would kill me to know I can’t raise you. Daddy won’t be there to bathe you. Show how much of a joy you are to see. Can’t admire your beauty as you sleep. Can’t stop looking at you all I see is me. Then I’m rushed with all thoughts of what won’t be. I won’t be there for your first words, or watch you stumble after your first steps. I had plans on teaching you to ride a bike, daddy daughter date nights. I poised to put my pride aside for you. There wouldn’t have been no doubts, you’d know daddy loves you. My entire reason for being would have be altered. But I’ve been robbed, no you’ve been robbed. Better yet we’ve been robbed.
They stole me from you my little angel. I had no clue I would only be allowed to be a spectator of your amazement. I hate this for us. It’s crazy, because I was out already spoiling you. See you had your momma craving Popeyes biscuits, a Chic-Fil-A samich, and to top it off her hood ass wanted an Arizona. I was on the home stretch, just needed to make it to the corner store and head home. Straight to the back, the lemon tea was awaiting me. I grabbed a fruit punch for me since I couldn’t resist.  AS I turned back I heard the familiar click clack. A nigga had Shareef hemmed up, meanwhile I’m on stuck in the back. “Who else in this store? Why the fuck you keep looking in the back?” Shit, I’m just tryna make it to you mommy, and I’m caught up in the middle of an armed robbery.  My heart was in my throat. Scared to breathe for fear a nigga might choke.
Then I heard it, ears ringing. Slight stinging. Looked down like damn nigga shot the fruit punch out my hand. Shit had my whole T-shirt red. But it didn’t explain why a nigga was feeling light in the head. All I could think about was you. How gorgeous you are. How you were already my everything. Then it hit me, my baby girl was going to have to live a life without me. I kind of felt like I was incessantly drowning. But I, looking at you from the other side you’re everything sweet pea. Just wish I was there to show you what you mean to me.

Backyardigans / Cole Sprouse (brother x reader)

Hey, would you be able to write an imagine where the reader is Cole and Dylan’s little sister and she hasn’t seen Cole in ages since he has been away working on set. Dylan and Dayna hold like a small family dinner party or something and the reader sees Cole for the first time in months and it’s just rlly sweet cos he’s really protective of her and yeah lots of fluff, if that’s okay? And I’m love with your writing btw💞💞x

Warnings: idk. Fluff, I guess.

Word Count: 1,923

Characters: Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Dayna Frazer, Matthew Sprouse


—- —-

You sat cross-legged on your bed, your laptop in front of you as you typed away, trying to finish your English and Lit class assignment before the 11:59pm  due date. (You procrastinated a lot. It was a bad habit). Taking a deep breath, you looked at your word count and let out a massive groan, starting to hit the keys a little harder. Sighing, you shut your laptop, getting off your bed and stretching your arms above your head. You grabbed your phone and then headed downstairs to the kitchen, seeing Dylan and his girlfriend, Dayna.

“Hey there, lovebirds.” You walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and looking for something to eat. You furrowed your eyebrows, hearing Dayna and Dylan whispering to each other as you continued to look for something to eat.

“We’re having a family gathering tomorrow night. Just letting you know,” Dylan spoke. You closed the fridge, looking at Dylan and nodding. “Alright, then.” You continued to look through the pantry for something to eat. Grinning as you found a packet of Doritos tucked away at the back, you reached up, trying to grab them. Dylan came up behind you and got them down for you, handing them to you.

“Who’s coming?” You asked, sitting on the bar stool, next to Dayna, opening the Doritos and offering your brother’s girlfriend some. She grabbed a handful and you put the packet on the marble counter, leaning forward on your elbows.

“Uh, I have no idea. Dayna’s organising it.” He looked at Dayna, making her roll her eyes. She sat up straight, turning and looking at you. “Well, your dad and step-mum are coming, obviously. Dylan and I and someone else. I think it’s a cousin or something. An aunt?” Dayna looked at Dylan and he shrugged. “Just, be ready by 4:30 tomorrow okay? You’re helping me with dessert.” Dayna smiled and you nodded, grabbing the packet of Doritos.

“I’ll be in my room. I need to ring Cole for some English help.” You grinned, bounding back up the stairs to your bedroom.


“I hate school. I’m going to drop out and start a stupid YouTube career,” you huffed, typing away on your laptop as you heard Cole’s laugh through your headphones. “I’m being serious! Every teenager has probably studied ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and no one can tell me one simple answer to a question about- Ugh!” You whined, pushing your laptop off your lap and getting off your bed and walking around the room.

“C’mon, kiddo. You’ll be fine. You’ve got 2 more years and then you can go to University and study to be a Vet, okay?” Cole spoke. You sighed, opening your balcony doors and stepping outside. You took a deep breath, pulling your phone out and logging into Instagram.

“Okay. How’s this. When I come home-“

“In like 5 months,” you murmured, pouting.

“Yes. When I come home, in 5 months, I’ll take you to the cinema and we can watch every movie that’s on that day and we can eat so much popcorn, and then I’ll take you to In-N-Out and we can order so much food and then we’ll go home and play video games all night. How’s that, kiddo?” Cole suggested, making you put your phone back in your pocket and smile.

“Promise?” You looked at the time, seeing it was 3pm, and you took a deep breath. “I should go. I need to send this assignment in before midnight.” You added, turning around to go back into your room.

“I promise, and alright, kiddo. I’ll talk to you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too,” you smiled, hanging up the call.


You had finally finished your assignment, sending it in and now here you were, staring at the fairy lights that were strung above your bed. It was about 12:30 in the morning and you were exhausted –it was that point where you were too tired to close your eyes- and just wanted to sleep, but you couldn’t.

Getting off your bed, you pulled on your jacket and headed downstairs, your phone in hand as you used the flashlight so you didn’t wake anyone up when you turned all the lights on. Walking into the kitchen, you opened the fridge and sighed, leaning against the door, peering into the shelves.

“What are you doing up, kiddo?” You heard the voice of your dad, making you turn around and see him standing by the counter, wearing a pair of sweat pants and his old college shirt.

“I uh, I just finished my assignment not long ago and I’m hungry,” you laughed nervously, biting your lip. Your dad flicked the kitchen light on, making you wince at how bright it was. You turned back around, closing the fridge door and going to the pantry, grabbing the Cheetos (which you hated) and throwing the bag at your dad. “Thanks, kid.” He laughed, making you smile.

You and your father had a relationship that was different to Cole and Dylan’s, obviously. You were the last born, being the only girl in the family, you got a bit more spoilt, and since you were only 16, you still had a lot more spoiling to happen. You were the family princess.

Grabbing a packet of Fritos, you leant on the counter across from your dad, who was sitting on the chairs, you opened the corn chips and started to eat them.

“Cole told me you called him today. Something about dropping out of school and doing a YouTube career was mentioned.” He raised an eyebrow, making you giggle.

“I was having a bit of a meltdown. So many people have studies To Kill A Mockingbird and no one could give me a straight answer and I got mad. I’m definitely going to stay in school until Year 12 (im australian ok?) and I’m going to go to University.” You smiled, popping another chip into your mouth, looking at the glimmer of proudness in your dad’s eye.

“Well, you do you, Kiddo. I’m gonna head back up to bed. I love you.” He stood up, putting the Cheeto packet back in the pantry and kissed your head before heading up the stairs and disappearing onto the second floor. You sighed, grabbing a bottle of orange juice and going back upstairs to watch Vampire Diaries.


“(Y/N)! Get up!” You head a female voice shout, startling you from your sleep. You sat up in your bed, rubbing your eyes and looking at the figure at the end of your bed.

“Dayna? What on Earth are you doing? It’s like, 9 in the morning?” You groaned, falling backwards onto your pillows and looking at the ceiling. She had obviously opened your curtains, and your balcony door was also opened, letting the fresh air breeze into your room.

“No, (Y/N). It’s actually almost 1 in the afternoon. What time did you get to bed last night!?” She exclaimed, opening your closet doors and going through the clothes that were hanging up. She grabbed a grey hoodie and threw it on your bed. “I told you to be ready by 4:30, yes, but I expected you to come and save me from your brother and stop him from eating all the cookie dough!” She huffed, looking at you with a raised eyebrow. “Get up!”

“Okay, okay! Calm down.” You sat up, huffing and watching her go through your drawers now, looking at various pairs of shorts. She grabbed a pair of your blue denim ones and threw them on the bed, along with an olive green bralette. “Why are you picking my clothes out?” You asked, looking at the grey hoodie, which was your cropped one that had a rose on the left side of the chest.

“Because I know you will take forever, and I can put an outfit together easily, so here you go! Oh, and wear your Adidas Superstars, too.” She nodded, turning to leave the room. “Chop chop!” She clapped her fingers, looking over her shoulder with a grin on her face.

(Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=223274611 )


You had gotten changed into the outfit Dayna had thrown together, and you were now throwing on your sneakers. Headed into the bathroom that was attached to both yours and Cole’s (old) room, you turned the light on and started to quickly put on some make up and spritz yourself with perfume before tucking your phone in your back pocket and jogging downstairs, hearing a commotion of people.

Once you walked into the kitchen, there were way more people than just your parents, Dayna and Cole and the unknown person. “Dylan!” You hissed as he walked past, grabbing his sleeve. “What happened to like, 6 people!?” You looked at the blonde brother who had a smudge of lipstick on his bottom lip.

“We may have lie- What are you doing?” He questioned as you rubbed at his lip with the sleeve of your hoodie. You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms once you had gotten rid of the pink-y colour.

“Lipstick.” You simply said and walked out the back to look for either Dayna or your dad. There was a lot of people out the back, but since your family had a huge entertaining patio, they usually put it to good use. Especially when you had parties.

“Oh, (Y/N)!” You heard a very familiar voice call out, making you stop in your tracks and let out a whine. Turning around slowly and plastering a fake smile on your lips, you walked towards the aunt that your whole family dreaded, but she still showed up at these events.


You had managed to find your dad and step-mum, and now everyone was sat down. You were sat next to Dayna and your dad, chewing on a piece of meat as you listened to the chatter. You hated socialising, it just wasn’t your forte, so you usually just sat there quietly, nodding and smiling whenever you needed to.

“Hey, (Y/N). This is the part where you might wanna pay attention and turn around.” You heard your dad whisper in your ear, nudging your side. You furrowed your eyebrows, finishing your mouthful of food and swivelling around in the chair you were sitting on.

Standing near the gate, a bag slung over his shoulder and wearing the stripy red and white shirt you gave him, was your older brother, who was supposed to be home in 5 months.

Cole looked up, a grin on his face as he saw you, his beloved little sister. “I expected a little more excitement from you, missy.”

Your brows furrows a little, but the realisation struck as he walked closer, and your eyes widened. “Oh my god!” You exclaimed, scrambling up from your seat and slipping through the gap between the two chairs. You almost tripped over the leg of the chair (but the chair fell over instead). This was probably the only time you were going to run, but as soon as your arms were around Cole’s shoulders, you almost started crying. “You’re home? But- I- You.” You fumbled on your words, not pulling away from the hug, since it was a much needed hug.

“Someone told me you were a bit mopey without your favourite brother around and you were getting sick of beating Dylan at Mortal Combat all the time.” Cole laughed, his arms tightly around your torso.

“I just, I can’t believe it.” You pulled away from the hug, looking up at your brother. “You’re home.”

Somewhere Else pt 6 - The Market, the Bar, and the Rooftop

Somewhere Else pt 6

Summary: All of the what ifs of Drake & Riley meeting somewhere else, in any other way.] 

Part 6 to Somewhere Else

Part 1Part 2 , Part 3Part 4Part 5

“If we’d met somewhere else…anywhere else. At a club in New York or in an airport, or at a party…If you hadn’t been our waitress that night, and I hadn’t been sitting next to Liam…Do you think all of this…do you think it could’ve been different…between us?

“What the hell is a cronut?”

Riley halted in her tracks, nearly slipping on the curb she walked along to look at him incredulously. “Excuse me? You don’t know what a cronut is?”

“No. Should I?” Drake looked at her indifferently from where he walked on the other side of the sidewalk. Ever since the theater – the intermission, really – he’d been more distant, emotionally and physically. He would hardly look her in the eye and only spoke to answer any questions Riley had about places he’d traveled with as few words as possible. Drake wouldn’t even walk near her anymore, leaving a few feet between them or trailing behind. Riley hated to think that it was all because of what happened during the play’s intermission.

He’d almost kissed her.


“Um, yes.” Riley said, snuffing out those thoughts and her extreme awareness of the (unnecessary) space between them. “They’re only the best creation known to man.”

“Cronut,” Drake repeated, one hand in his pocket as he tugged at his tie. “You sure you don’t mean donut?”

“Oh, they’re so much better than donuts,” she sighed out. The very thought of the delicious pastry had her craving one. “It’s got the inside of a croissant but the outside is like that of a glazed donut. I can’t believe you’ve never had one!”

“Well, believe it.”

“You know what this means, right?”

“I hope not…”

“You have to try one!” Riley exclaimed, hopping away from the curb to sidle up to him. “Tonight. While you’re still in New York. You won’t find them any better than here in The Big Apple!”

Drake looked sideways at her. “These cronuts… they’re simple right? Nothing fancy?”

“Simple, I promise,” she nodded. “But the taste is otherworldly. In a good way.”

“I’m a simple man, Cole.”

She grinned. “I don’t think anyone would argue with that.”

He shook his head, but Riley could make out the small smile on his face. “Yeah, yeah, have your laugh. Let’s see how good these cronuts really are.”

“Yes!” Riley whooped, skipping gleefully. “The bakeries are probably all closed by now, but I think I know just the place…”

Without hesitation, she grabbed Drake’s hand and immediately veered left, down a small side street.

“Hey!” he protested, stumbling slightly to keep up with Riley’s newfound speed.

“Come on, slowpoke!” she chuckled, tightening her hold on his hand. “You better not slow me down, we have cronuts to eat.”

Not having much else of a choice, Drake gave in and let her lead him around yet another corner. They weaved their way around city blocks and down questionable alleyways, Riley hardly taking a second to glance at street signs before going on her way.

“You got GPS system in there or something, Cole?” Drake questioned, only half joking. He’d already lost track of how many twists and turns they made; he had no idea how Riley knew where she was going without directions. Everything looked the same to him.

“I’m your guide tonight, remember?” she said over her shoulder. “It’s my job to know where to go.”

They went on like this for a short while. Riley chirping over her shoulder to promise they were almost there. Riley darting out across the street and calling out a hasty apology to the cab who slammed on the brakes for them. Riley holding his hand. Riley , Riley ,  Riley .

It was like he couldn’t help it. No matter how hard Drake tried to keep his eyes wandering around - see the neon signs, the ivy spreading over red brick, the tour buses driving by – they always strayed back to her. Her dark hair had slipped off of her shoulder and now fell freely down her exposed back, brushing against her white dress, which looked almost pearlescent as it flowed around her legs like moonlight rippling across water. The very sight of her striding before him, glancing over her shoulder with a smile dancing in her eyes and laughter playing across her lips, almost had him convinced that he was dreaming. Dreaming that he wasn’t actually running through this big city, there weren’t beautiful women named Riley with long dark hair and expressive eyes, and he wasn’t actually happy for the first time in almost a year.

And yet, Drake wasn’t dreaming. He was in the city, Riley was real - so, so real - and he was happier than he’d been since Savannah had left.

He must have been out of his damn mind.

He’d almost kissed her. Definitely out of his mind.

But in that moment, back in the theater, he felt so warm and so comfortable,  she was so full of life and teeming with energy in his arms – she always seemed to be doing that – and he was so drawn into her light, who was he to try and resist that? Then logic had gotten the best of him and he somehow managed to do just that. Step away.

After the intermission had ended, he tried to draw back, put those walls back up and keep Riley on the other side. He didn’t glance her way again during the show and he kept a few feet between them when they walked, doing his best to ignore the look she gave him when she noticed.

Then, she talked about cronuts and he was fascinated by the way she spoke, through and through. He couldn’t even put up much of a fight when she took his hand and led him away. Even now, he was still so hazed, he didn’t even realize they had arrived at the destination until the sound of waves lapping against the waterfront was clear in his ears and Riley ’s hand tightly squeezed his before letting go.

“Welcome to The Market. Generic, I know. But also a little pretentious, don’t you think? It’s so good, it doesn’t have any other name. It’s just The Market. Which market? The Market,” she said, walking forward to go down the nearest aisle. “Well…what’s left of it, anyway.”

Drake looked around. It looked like any ordinary market, with ripe produce on display and all sorts of dipping sauces to try, but there were also things he’d never seen before: donuts made out of spaghetti, pizza with macaroni and cheese, massive sandwiches thicker than his forearm… There was so much to see, just in this aisle alone, Drake thought his head might explode with all of this new information to process. Luckily, Riley didn’t give him the chance to stare until he had a puddle of drool at his feet, for The Market was winding down around them. Vendors were packing away their goods and taking down tents. Some greeted Riley as she walked by, some had knowing smiles at Drake’s dumbfounded expression.

“There’s so much food,” he said, swallowing as they walked by a place that sold Sloppy Joes. “Some weird food… but good food.”

Riley laughed. “It’s like all of the worst kinds of junk food, with a twist. Honestly, I don’t come down here too much anymore because if I did, I’d never stop eating.”

“Yeah, well, when day in and day out, all you get is fancy finger food,” Drake shrugged helplessly, his stomach growling. “All of this junk food looks like heaven on Earth.”

“Well it looks like I hit the jackpot with this one. You look like you’re about to faint,” she teased, glancing back at him and rolling her eyes playfully. “Come on, hurry up. If we don’t get cronuts, there’ll be hell to pay. I’ll get us something to eat after we snag some of those.”

Despite himself, Drake let out a hearty laugh and tore his gaze away from the oddities of the mark. “Dessert before dinner?” he raised an eyebrow, placing his hand over his heart. “Cole, you really know how to charm a guy.”

“Don’t act so surprised, Drake,” she grinned. “I do this with all of the gruff tourists I meet at the airport who also happen to be best friends with the crown prince of a country far, far away.”

“When you put it like that, it almost sounds hard to believe,” he chuckled, sarcasm coloring his voice.

“That’s because it definitely is. This whole thing? It’s crazy, like something straight out of a storybook,” Riley admitted, drawing a piece of hair between her fingers to twirl. “If I’m honest, it feels more like once upon a time.”

Her words sobered him and he looked down at her for a long moment before shaking his head. When he looked ahead again, feet mindlessly carrying him wherever she led, his lips were no longer smiling.

“Spare me, Cole. Fairy tales are for kids.”

“Oh, I think I’ve found heaven.”

Riley had to cover her mouth with her hand to stop herself from laughing and risking spitting out her own food as she watched Drake, positively overwhelmed with bliss, eat his first cronut. They sat at a small circular table a few feet away from the tent they bought the cronuts from, and on the table between them sat a dozen of the pastries. Riley , unable to curb her own sweet tooth, had caved and purchased the last of the cronuts the vendors had for the day.

“This is pure gold,” she giggled, swallowing her bite while Drake closed his eyes and savored the sugary taste. “I can’t believe I’m actually watching this. Drake, you look so happy it’s adorable. I have to take a picture.”

“Shut up, I hate you,” Drake muttered through another mouthful of the cronut as Riley pulled out her phone to snap a picture. “Leave me alone. I like a good dessert. Who doesn’t?”

“Good point, good point,” Riley chuckled, stuffing the last bite of her first cronut into her mouth before shamelessly grabbing another.

After her second cronut, Riley stood up, wiping sugar from the corner of her mouth and dusting her hands off with a napkin. “Drake, do you think you can handle being alone for a few moments?”

He looked up at her, raising an inquisitive eyebrow. “Why? Where are you going?”

“It’s a surprise,” she said cryptically, holding onto her wrist behind her back as she rocked from her heel to toes, heel to toes. “You’ll see when I get back. Sort of. Can I leave you here alone or should I get the nice cronut lady to keep an eye on you?”

Drake scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Trust me, Cole, I’m not going anywhere. If one of us need a babysitter, it’s definitely you.”

“Oh, no, it’s not you running off that I’m worried about,” Riley shook her head and pointed at the cronuts. “It’s those. You better not eat them all, because if you do – “

“You’ll do what?” Drake teased, dark eyes glittering. “Threaten me with fancy clothes or leave me alone in the middle of New York? Because I think we’ve done that already.”

Riley rolled her eyes and let out a flat laugh. “Oh, you think you’re so clever, don’t you? Real funny. Do not eat all of the cronuts.”

Drake glanced at the pastries and then back at her. “Fine.”

“I mean it.”

“I know you do.”

“Because if you do…” Riley pointed a menacing finger at him.

“I’ll regret it,” Drake rolled his eyes, holding up his hands. “I get it, I get it.”


“I won’t eat them!”

Riley stared him down for a few moments until finally, she straightened up and gave a satisfied nod. “Good. Save your appetite.”

And with that, she turned away and disappeared down another aisle.

After Riley was gone, Drake let out a deep sigh and sat back in his chair. “Sheesh, lady.”

He looked down at the pastries. There were still more than half a dozen; it’d be more than okay to take another one, right? Drake raised his hand to take a fourth, but then remembering how fiercely Riley defended the cronuts, he decided he’d better hold off.

He wiped his hands off and ran them through his hair, eyes resting on the spot where he last saw her. He shook his head and smiled despite himself. Some woman.

When Riley returned with a blanket draped over her shoulder and a picnic blanket in her hand, Drake had an idea of what she had in mind.

“A picnic?” he questioned, brows raised. “Isn’t it a little late for that?”

“I see you didn’t eat all of the cronuts,” Riley observed, ignoring his question. “I’m proud.”

“I’m glad,” Drake rolled his eyes as he stood up and carried the plastic container the desserts were kept in. “So where are we going?”

“To have a picnic,” she answered simply, smiling as he let out an exasperated smile. She started walking, leading the way out of the market.

“You’re not going to tell me about this little destination either, are you?”


“Would it be too much to ask what you’ve got in that basket of yours?” he asked, already certain he knew the answer.

“Oh, yeah,” Riley nodded, shifting the basket to her other hand as if she was expecting him to try to peek inside. “You’ll have to wait and see. I’m not telling you.”

Drake sighed again and shook his head. “I expect nothing less of you, Cole.”

She grinned. “You know me well.”

Thankfully, their next stop wasn’t nearly as far as The Market had been from the theater. It was hardly even two blocks away and Drake was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a bar. But the downside…

“Cole, it’s closed,” Drake observed. The lights were off and there wasn’t a soul to be seen inside. He wondered how late it really was, but then again, it was also the middle of the week.

“I’m well aware of that, Captain Obvious,” Riley drawled sarcastically as she went up to the front door. “So it’s a good thing I have a key.”

He watched, surprised, as she pulled out a keychain from her pocket and picked one of the three she had on her ring to fit into the lock. It opened.

“Why do you just have the key to a bar?”

“Because,” Rylie grinned and faced him as she pushed the door open with her back. “I work here.”

“You work in a bar?” Drake knew his eyebrows were halfway up his forehead. This woman.

“I’m usually just serving food,” she shrugged, holding the door open for him. “Does that surprise you?”

Tucking his hands into his pockets, he followed her inside. “In the best way possible.”

The bar was small and cozy, with dark wood everywhere and golden lighting that gave the bar an almost rustic feel. The wall across from him was decorated with old pictures of people in the bar that he assumed must have been celebrities considering they were all signed. There was also a dartboard, darts wedged into the wood, and fliers for all sorts of things filled every open space on a corkboard in the corner. It was simple and full of character. He liked it.

“This is a nice place,” he told her, leaning with his elbow on the countertop as Riley walked around and looked at the shelves of liquor behind the bar.

“Isn’t it?” Riley smiled faintly. “You should see it in the winter. The bartender, Frank, he decks the place out in holiday decorations and there are tons of candy canes to go around. The heater’s almost always on, so no matter how cold it gets outside, it’s nice and toasty in here.”

Drake hummed in response as he looked around, trying to picture the holidays here. He wondered if he’d ever come back to witness a winter in New York City.

“Anyways…” she said, glancing over her shoulder as she grabbed two glasses. “What are you drinking?”

Drake grinned, seating himself on one of the stools. “Whiskey.”

Riley nodded and pulled a bottle off the shelf. “A whiskey guy, huh? Yeah, I see it.”

“I’d take a glass of whiskey over anything on that shelf any day,” he admitted, watching as she poured the amber liquid into one glass and slid it over to him before pouring a glass for herself. “You drink whiskey?”

Riley raised an eyebrow, putting one hand against the counter to lean against it. “Don’t act so surprised. Besides, I wouldn’t let you drink alone.”

“No, it’s not that,” Drake said quickly, a smile tugging on the corners of his lips as he thought back to their short time together on the bus. He’d felt bad about the way he treated her and had made a mental note to himself to make it up with her, maybe with a drink. Maybe with whiskey. “It’s just I had a feeling.”

“Ah, I knew you had some of those in there,” she smirked, tilting the glass against her lips and drinking.

“You know what I meant.”

“Of course, because I know you oh so well.”

Drake chuckled but didn’t respond, his eyes wandering around the room.

“Been one night, Cole,” Drake shook his head and downed his glass. “You already know me better than most.”

“Well, I’m honored.” Riley followed his lead and finished hers off as well. “Now,” she said, scrunching her nose slightly at the slow but deep burn in her stomach. Riley nudged her glass and the bottle of whiskey over to Drake before picking up the blanket and picnic basket again. “You take these and follow me.”

“We’re going somewhere already?” he questioned but did as she told. She led him down a short hallway to a wooden door that she unlocked with a key.

“Not far,” she said, shouldering it open. “Just up.”

Drake followed her up a few flights of stairs, past all of the residential floors, until they finally reached the rooftop. Immediately, a soothing breeze swirled around them as they exited the stairwell and stepped outside into the open air.

Drake blinked and looked around.

“Oh, wow…”

The building was much taller than Drake had originally thought when Riley brought him to the bar. Now, standing at the top of it - seeing over other buildings - he couldn’t believe there were skyscrapers that still towered over them. He wandered over to the edge, still staying on the other side of the short wall that rimmed the edge as he gazed out at the city lights.

“Incredible, isn’t it?” Riley smiled gently, setting down their picnic basket and spreading out the blanket. She opened a small metal panel near the door they came through and flipped a switch. Several lights flickered to life above the stairwell, illuminating the rooftop in a faint golden glow.

“It’s…” Drake trailed off and shrugged, glancing over at her as she came to stand next to him.

“Yeah?” Riley prompted, her eyes meeting his.

“It’s…” His voice was soft and his mind had suddenly lost track of what he was about to say. He looked at Riley for a few seconds – a few seconds too long, in his book – before snapping back to attention. Drake quickly averted his gaze back to the skyline. “Incredible, yeah. It’s not…what it looks like down there.”

Riley studied his profile for a moment, pursing her lips. Why did he have to do that? Draw back into himself before she had the chance to try? She hated it, but she knew better than to overstep. Nodding, she faced the city blocks that stretched out before them. “I know what you mean. Down there, it’s crazy. It feels so compact but also endless. Like a maze. It’s overwhelming.”

“And up here, it’s an entirely different perspective. Like you step back from a – from a microscope or something,” Drake said, surprising her with his insightfulness. “It doesn’t seem so…I don’t know. Scary,” he muttered that last bit, feeling a bit childish. He was grown up, he felt like he shouldn’t be connecting cities to the word “scary” anymore. “That sounds stupid.”

But Riley didn’t seem to think so. She was looking at him again, eyes wide as she shook her head. “No, that’s…that’s exactly it. That’s part of the reason I like coming up here all the time. Whenever I feel like I’m in over my head or something, I come up here to step back and remember that it’s not as bad as it feels.”

Drake chuckled slightly. “You? Scared of this place? I can’t imagine it, Cole. You’ve got the city mapped out and memorized and everything just seems to bend to your will. If anyone can make it in a place like this, it’s you.”

“Drake…” Riley breathed out, touched by his sudden sentiment.

“I mean it Cole,” he said, glancing sideways at her before turning around to sit on the blanket. He reached for the picnic basket and added, seemingly as an afterthought, “I swear. Sometimes, you remind me of her…”

Riley followed him, her fingers tangling in her hair as she sat and crossed her legs. “You mean Savannah.”

Drake paused, going rigid as if he only just realized he’d let that last bit slip out. After a moment, he nodded stiffly. “Yeah.”

Riley frowned slightly and the crease that had formed between his brows at the mention of his sister’s name and the tenseness in his jaw. She reached out to touch his hand but fell short as he turned his head down and opened the basket.

“So, what do we have here?” he asked, starting to pull out wrapped up bits of food. “I’m starving.”

“Well, let me see,” Riley said, getting on her knees to lean over the basket. “I know you’re a simple guy, so I tried not to do anything too crazy. I hope you like barbeque.”

“Now you’re talking!” With obvious eagerness, Drake grabbed something covered in foil from the basket and unwrapped it to reveal a slightly squished but perfectly fine Sloppy Joe.

“You’re a fan?” she giggled as he took a bite, barbeque sauce covering his chin.

“Oh, you’re killing me, Cole.”

“I never want to eat palace food again,” Drake sighed out, letting his hand rest on his stomach as he stretched out on the blanket to look up at the sky. “I’m doomed to a life of fancy finger food.”

Free fancy finger food,” Riley reminded him, packing away their food into the basket.

“Free doesn’t mean good, Cole,” he countered and she rolled her eyes.

“Only you would complain about free food,” she scoffed and he let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Yeah, yeah, call me a spoiled princess, won’t you?” he grumbled, glancing over at her. “You see this Cole?”

Riley glanced upward. It was just the sky, a few sparse clouds and a plane every now and then. “See what?”

Drake grabbed her wrist and, without warning, pulled her down to lay next to him. As she fell beside him, he got a clear whiff of her sweet but subtle scent and her hair tumbled across his arm in waves. He could feel her eyes on him, questioning. He pointed skyward.

“Do you see it now?”

“I don’t see anything.” Riley sounded slightly confused.

“Exactly.” Drake nodded, flattening his hand against the sky as he swept it along. “There’s nothing. No stars, nothing.”

“It’s because of the city lights.”

“I know that, but don’t you miss them?”

“Miss what?” Riley questioned, glancing over with an eyebrow raised. “The stars?”

“Yeah.” His voice was the softest she’d ever heard it.

Riley pursed her lips and thought for a moment. She propped herself up on her elbows, glancing over the edge of the rooftop at the Manhattan skyline. “I never really thought much about it, to be honest… I always had the city lights to distract me.”

“Oh,” he said simply.

Riley rolled over to face him, a smirk playing on her lips. “Oh my… Drake, do you have a soft spot for stargazing? I never would have imagined.”

His soft demeanor quickly vanished and Drake rolled his eyes. With a scowl, he reached over and gently shoved Riley’s shoulder, sending her on her back once again. “There’s no satisfying you, is there, Cole? Every time you learn something, you’re shocked. You’d think that after learning so much in one night, you’d stop being so surprised every time you find something out from a stranger.”

Riley opened her mouth to snap at him, but stopped short. “You’re right.”

“And to think, with how much you surprise me – wait, what did you say?” Drake sat up and looked down at her with furrowed brows.

“I said you’re right,” Riley shrugged, lacing her fingers together over her stomach. “You aren’t so bad, I know you aren’t. I shouldn’t be so surprised when I find something out that isn’t all rough. I just… stargazing. I wouldn’t have guessed they’d mean anything to you. The stars.”

“Well,” Drake said after a moment, drawing up his knees to lay his arms across them. “If I’m honest, I wouldn’t have guessed either. It’s just something with Savannah. We used to go out every year for this meteor shower. I guess I got into the habit of just going out at night to look at them when I needed to think. The stars, I mean. And after she left… It’s a little easier to forget she’s gone when I’m looking at them.” He reached for the bottle of whiskey, refilling his glass from earlier. “And drinking a little doesn’t hurt, either.”

“Drake…” Riley said softly, sympathetically. “I’m sure there’s not a second that goes by where she doesn’t think of you. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that every time she looks up at night, she misses you.”

Drake looked down at his glass and swirled the amber liquid around, bereft. He didn’t respond.

She felt her chest tighten at his fallen countenance. Unable to sit back and stare at an empty sky any longer, Riley sat up beside him, covering her hands with his. “Drake, maybe that’s why you were wrong to come here.”

He hardly glanced at her as he took a long drink from his glass. “What do you mean?”

“The stars,” she said, gently pulling at his hands. Riley got to her knees, tugging him with her as she stood up. She stood before him and gently squeezed his hands until he lifted his eyes to meet hers. “New York City doesn’t have them, not in the sky at least. She wouldn’t go somewhere that she couldn’t see the stars. I don’t know Savannah, Drake. But I know you, and I know she wouldn’t be able to give you up like that.”

“Riley, you don’t understand…” Drake shook his head, turning his head.

“Then help me.” Riley reached out, pressing her hand to his cheek to turn his face towards her. Her voice was unusually demanding.

Drake’s lips parted slightly in surprise as he looked down at her. A sudden warmth bloomed from deep within his stomach and rushed through his veins. It wasn’t the first time he’d had this feeling tonight, but he was far from used to it. Even so, he reached up to cover Riley’s hand with his own.

“Riley…” Something shifted, a new emotion coloring his eyes that Riley had yet to put a name to. It wasn’t quite sad - longing, almost.

“Don’t,” she said, shaking her head as she slipped her hand from his cheek. “Don’t say anything, don’t say you can’t. Just…” Riley stepped away but left her other hand in his. “Come with me.”

“Where?” Drake questioned, bending to pick up the picnic basket.

Riley looked up at him through her lashes as she gathered the blanket under her arm. “You’ll see.”

“You always say that.”

“And the best surprises are left unspoiled,” she said simply, leading Drake back down the stairs.

He chuckled and the sound almost had Riley grinning from ear to ear. She hated the way he looked and sounded when he was sad; she’d take a scowling Drake over an unhappy one any day. He wasn’t exactly smiling, but he had let out a slight laugh. And that was more than good enough.

“You couldn’t find Savannah here, and I’m sorry for that.” Glancing over her shoulder, Riley gave his hand a gentle squeeze. “But, Drake, I promise you. I’ll give you the stars.”

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ALSO THE BOOK ONE FINALE UM???  madeleine was so obvious but I still hate her so much???

Doomsday's Favorite Finishers of 2013

Daniel Bryan’s Running High Knee

Just the strength of him unleashing this to win his first WWE Title is enough for me to put this on the list. 

Bad Luck Fale’s Bad Luck Fall

It’s a move we’ve all seen before from other wrestlers but the sheer fact that there is a gimmick behind it where he KOs opponents is great.

Kevin Steen’s Package Piledriver

Always a favorite of mine. Whether he hits in on a ladder, from the turnbuckle, on a guardrail, over some chairs, or even just regularly, I always loose it when he does it. 

Tommaso Ciampa’s Project Ciampa

I love backbreaker variations

Roderick Strong’s End of Heartache

Did I mention that I love backbreaker variations?

Kazuchika Okada’s Rainmaker

Still one of the best finishers out today. The Rainmaker is just simple but effective. 

Adam Cole’s Florida Key

Adam Cole’s put away some top notch guys with this move. 

Ricochet’s 630 Senton

Not many can do this and Ricochet does it well. 

Shinsuke Nakamura’s Boma Ye

Like the Rainmaker, just a simple but effective move. 

YOSHINO’s Lightning Spiral

When he really gets the momentum going on this move, it’s crazy.

10 Times Rap Lyrics Explained Social Better Than Adweek

Sorry, Adweek, but you can’t knock the hustle.

For better or for worse, like it or not, hip-hop and rap culture is growing. It is in your homes, on your phones, in your offices. Your grandmother listens to it, your bosses start their mornings with it, your children remix it on Snapchat. You get it.

But now, it is coming after your jobs because it can explain how to perform yours better than you can, and do so in a way that is memorable and timeless.

Proof: here are 10 times rap explained social better than Adweek, or any social publication for that matter.

Disclaimer: These lyrics have been slightly modified due to expletives. Keeping it clean, mostly.

“I shine different, I rhyme different/Only thing you got is some years on me, man f–k you and your time difference.” – Drake, Pop That

This one is dedicated to all the senior marketing strategists who have yet to extend social the respect it deserves. Social is a novice compared to other veteran strategies, but does that make it any less impactful?

Originally posted by thatmanrj

Social is different – it yields different results. Though in the grand scheme of marketing, it is of the same echelon as traditional advertising – if not greater. Social is to marketing what Drake is to hip-hop/rap: a fresh face with an unprecedented arsenal of talent and authority. Like the Champagne Papi, the only thing traditional advertising has on social is some years – but disregard that time difference. 

“Speak softly, watch from the crowd.” – J. Cole, Knock Tha Hustle (Remix)

Social listening – this is for you. Brands lose sight of their voice and originality trying to break into conversation, or implement social strategies entirely. J. Cole said it best on his feature verse of Cozz’s “Knock Tha Hustle”: listen before you speak. Monitor conversation to understand who is saying what and how. Learn from these dialogues and note the best way to insert yourself into the conversation. Avoid an André 3000 and do not talk just to speak. And when you do speak, make sure it matters. 

“Crazy I tell you all of this in the middle of a club/where words tend to get thrown around lightly like, like-like, love.” – André 3000, I Do

Talking in social is like meeting a young, attractive woman at the bar. She has been the object of countless affections coated in vapidity. Those approaching her toss around smooth one-liners seen on television, heard from friends, rhymed by their favorite artists. But it never makes any sense – and the unlucky pursuer will continue to throw around words lightly, like, like-like, love.

Brands, you are the pursuer. Not only are you speaking with yourself in mind, but also saying words you do not mean. You are solely working to achieve an end goal. Brands do this with buzzwords or whenever they latch onto a national trend. Be the one who enters the room, bar or club, and says what you mean. Make sure it makes sense, swoon us, and we may love you forever.

“What’s better than followers is actually fallin’ in love.” – Chance the Rapper, Interlude (That’s Love)

Originally posted by lxrda-mercy

Quality over quantity. The only thing better than having a large following across social is having genuine brand advocates. Followers will only make you appear influential online, but having those who believe and champion your brand makes all the difference in actually influencing others. Chance the Rapper explains this in his melodic Acid Rap “Interlude.” Unlike the other artists on this list, Chance intentionally discusses social with this verse. He recognizes that having those who truly understand and appreciate you for you is better than having a mass Twitter following, or being the topic of countless Tumblr posts. Brands should follow suit.  

“I guess it took 10 years for me to be an overnight success.” – Big Sean, Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)

Social became popular seemingly overnight; your execution will not. It takes artists years to obtain the mainstream popularity that yields financial success, respect, and influence. The same holds true for social and its campaigns. Smart social executions require time and patience. You will need more than one night to etch G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) into one of your campaigns. Ideation rooted in research and social listening on its own guzzles a significant portion of time. Any agency that says otherwise is a liar, and you should fire them immediately. You will not succeed without it and the time it demands. That being said, what is the rush? Pace your overnight success.

“By not preaching to me, but speaking to me in a method that was leisurely.“ – Common, I Used to Love H.E.R

It’s Common Sense: social is a conversation. It is a dialogue between a brand and its audience. But this is an amazingly, almost embarrassingly, overlooked aspect of social. Brands dedicate a lot of time targeting people to communicate with that they actually forget to communicate WITH them. You often see this with community management and conversation ambushing. If you received a dollar every time a brand has latched onto one of your tweets and mentioned their products and/or services, how rich would you be?

Practice the Golden Rule of Social (Life): speak unto others as you would have them speak unto you. Refrain from yelling at your audience, talking at your audience, and commenting on a shared article without skimming it at the very least. Make the conversation as relaxed as possible – that is how you love H.E.R.

“And nothing last forever but be honest babe/It hurts but it may be the only way.” – Adam Levine, Heard ‘Em Say (Kanye West)

Originally posted by wu-bk-zu

Yes, this is Adam Levine – but it is in a Kanye West piece. Shoot us.

Being honest and transparent with your audience is important – you know this. Still, brands shy away from being their most honest selves, fearing the outcome.

Some may go back and forth as to why this has been included on the list, or how valid this list may be. Those feelings will eventually dissipate, however. If anything, it will encourage conversation – extend the lifespan and lure of this article, all of which is a part of healthy conversation. The purpose was not to be deceitful. It was to prove that ill will not last forever and honesty will always be the best policy, even in social. And look, we’re still here.

“If you are what you say you are, a superstar/Then have no fear, the crowd is here/And the lights are on and they want a show.” – Matthew Santos, Superstar (Lupe Fiasco)

Lupe touches on several elements in his sophomore album The Cool – but “Superstar” proves that with great power comes great responsibility. Maintaining a favorable perception as a principal brand is difficult when there are countless pitfalls to sink into, and more people betting on it. But a brand is only as good as its ability to recover from failure – and social is unforgiving – ask Starbucks.

If you are as good as you claim to be, then you welcome failure. It is your opportunity to prove why you are the leading branding in your industry. Social is your platform, and thousands are watching – sharing, tweeting, snapping, etc. Your audience wants to see how you will perform - so this is not the time to quiver in your corner offices. And when it is all said and done, ask yourself if you can honestly drop the mic and say you killed it. Can you really call yourself a superstar?

“No idea is original, there’s nothing new under the sun/It’s never what you do, it’s how it’s done.” – Nas, No Idea’s Original 

Hoping not to let Nas down with this. Sometimes it is not the idea itself, but how you put the idea in motion. Brands execute the same strategies – a dash of monitoring here, copywriting there, think thanking everywhere – to piece together a memorable campaign. But what makes it special is the way you sprinkle that dash, pen (type) said copy.  

No need to reinvent the social wheel – polish it, make it spin a little faster, roll a little longer in a way that only you can. 

“Remind yourself, nobody built like you, you design yourself.” – Jay Z, A Dream

Originally posted by democrips

All those hours of sleep lost in crafting the perfect mission statement, company vision and culture were not for nothing. Do not throw it all away for the sake of social relevance.

Because there is no other brand like you, within and outside of social. Period.


“You Make Me Whole, You Make Me Right. Don’t Ever Want To Think About You Leaving My Life.”


Days Later, Wedding Day.

Looking down on both letters that sat in front of me I sealed my lips together and shook my head. One made me feel all happy inside and I know it would make Ant happy as well while the other had my thoughts running a mile a minute. And with it being my wedding day I can’t have my thoughts from this particular letter distract me from everything going on today.

Hearing a light knock on my door snapped me all the way back to reality, tying my robe I walked over to the door and matched the same smile my girls wore once seeing me.

“Hi pretty,” they screamed I laughed shaking my head walking away from the door letting them in. I quickly placed both letters in my underwear draw before they could question me on what they were.

“Hair and make-up should be here any minute now, we just spoke did you shower and everything?” Ci asked me I nodded. “Yes, you speak to the boys?” I asked

“Yea, Jay told me that they are about to get their hair cuts and stuff and that their suits are getting delivered by 12,” I raised my eyebrow and shook my head while my aunt, mama J and Mama Lisa walked in the room

“They should have been at the house since early this morning,” I stressed my aunt placed her hand up. “Don’t Rae. Everything will be fine, don’t let anything stress you out, or have your mind running all crazy,” she coached I shook my head if only she knew her words are a little too late.

“I’m not ma, I just need everything to run smoothly,” I breathed out as the doorbell rang.

I would be lying if I said the butterflies weren't on a high ten right now. I thought waking up this morning I would be fine, I love Ant and I’m more then happy to be marrying him but I’m so nervous. I thought wedding day jitters was something you only saw in a movie or TV show, but this is real life. It’s weird though because neither Ci or Jay looked or felt the way I do right now. I’m just mostly scared something will go wrong and I don’t want that to happen. Both Ant and I worked hard to make sure this day would be perfect for the both of us.

“I don’t know Rae, you look like you’re about to throw-up, you okay?” Iyana asked me.

“I’m fine, though I am a little nervous,” she smiled and waved me off.

“That’s natural baby,” Mama Lisa spoke smiling at me. “Tell me about it, I fainted the day your uncle and I got married,” My aunt said I chuckled shaking my head.

“Why?” I asked her she shrugged. “I was nervous, for some reason I had a feeling that when it was time to walk down the aisle he’d leave me or wouldn't be there all together,” she laughed.

“Oh my gosh aunty, I can imagine how that made Uncle Nas feel,” Tae said. “He doesn't even know, my mother made sure nobody told him, and she told me not to tell him either. I have no idea why she did it or told me why but I have never told him and never will,” My grandmother really was a trip I do miss her dearly, I know she’s extremely proud of me though.

“Did you ever get over your nerves though?” I asked her she nodded. “Of course, once they opened those doors, we made eye contact and I saw those tears fall from his eyes,” she paused reminiscing.

“I told myself Nia this is your best friend, you’re marrying the guy who knows you better then you know your own self at times what is there to be nervous about. That’s all you have to tell yourself baby,” she shrugged kissing my forehead. Ci looked over at me and quickly looked away once my eyes met hers which had me all the way confused but I brushed it off. I didn't need that confusion on top of how I’m already feeling, especially not today.

“That’s so sweet aunty, how much years now?”

“28 years of beautiful marriage,” she boasted. This is why she and my uncle are my inspiration.  

“I’m trying to be like you aunty,” Yana smiled big her and Cole are already married and out of all of us I thought they’d tie the knot before any of us. We have all been in a relationship around the same time, but those two are so different. I don’t think they’ve ever had to deal with any infidelity ever. Tey may have had to knock a few bitches for trying to get at her man but with Cole he knew what he had and he cherished her I’m so happy for them and know for a fact that they are forever.

Just as we were going to continue our conversation the doorbell rang loud as ever. We all headed out my room and downstairs. “Hi,” I answered the door greeted by a bunch of people and of course David

“Your hair and makeup crew,” David announced. “Hi David,” I smiled hugging him.

“I spoke to Kathy she will be here with your dresses any minute, I’m going to check on the men. Call me if you need anything,” I nodded letting him out the house.

After setting all my girls up with their own mini glam squad it was finally time to sit with mine. We have more then enough time before the actual wedding so I wanted to explore different hairstyles. With the way my dress is set up I need an up-do, so we’ll experiment with that.

I will say my nerves are slowly dying down and I just can’t wait to walk down the aisle.


*Later That Day*

Fixing my bow tie I walked out the room to where all the guys stood and cleared my throat posing one time. “That boy clean up nice,” Jamal spoke brushing my shoulders off, I laughed rubbing my hands together.

“You ready bro?” Jay asked me shaking my shoulders. “Shit, more ready than I’ve ever been in life, I still can’t believe this day is here, finally here. I’ve been ready to marry  Rae since pulling that ring out,” I sighed rubbing my hand over my head.

“That’s real bro, so I guess I don’t have to talk you about treating my sister right huh?” he aksed me I waved him off.

“Have you ever had to before?” I joked as we bust out laughing. “You right bro, you got a good one right there, never forget that, and that’s all I’m going to say,” he said I nodded, don’t I know it.

I remember there was a point in time where I knew for a fact that I wasn’t going to get married because I could never keep a girl for the life of me. Girls only wanting me for money, or using me to be on my arm just because of the authority my name holds.

Seeing Rae in the club that night I thought I could pull her, we’d have sex and that would be it. But seeing her in the office the next day and just talking to her my mind changed immediately after. I didn’t think we’d make it here but I knew I wanted to keep her around for a little minute. She was cool as hell and easy to talk to, getting to know her more each day made me fall in love quick. She is everything every guy in the world needs, she’s beautiful, outgoing, independent, holds it down, has the best personality in the world, and to top it off she’s crazy, and when I say that I mean in a sexy way.

I can most definitely say my girl is one in a million because quite frankly she is. In all my years of dating I have never met anyone like her, and I’m happy I got her before anyone else could. This girl is everything and more and I’m glad that she’ll be wearing my last name.

“Yo anybody speak to the girls?” Trey asked Cole nodded. “Yea they waiting on their limo, ours is outside everybody ready?”  he asked I nodded.

“Wait where Dom go?” Jay asked. “He still had Ken’s bag so he went to drop it off, said he’s gonna meet us there,” Ty answered I shrugged and walked out the house. In all honesty we are cool, and got over whatever beef we had but I wouldn’t miss the nigga if he didn’t show up. If it were up to me he wouldn’t even be at the wedding, but he’s Rae’s friend so whatever. Now that I think about it he can watch as I marry the girl he wish he could have.

Pulling up I smiled in awe it looked completely different than when we came here a few days ago just for a test run and it’s the same exact area. David did his thing I tell you that much, I know Rae is going to love it.

“The girls will be here any minute,” David spoke once we approached him. “Cool, can we go see who’s out there?’ I asked him. “Of course go greet your guess I’ll let you know when it’s time to take your places,” I nodded.

I smiled once walking inside greeting all my family members and Rae’s family that Uncle Nas introduced me to. Everybody and everything looked absolutely looked amazing last piece of the puzzle is the girls and my bride to be.
“You ready?” Jamal asked me I nodded. “Yea man I’m ready. You see her?” I asked him he smiled.

“You lucky man, she looks beautiful. Bro believe me when I tell you she’s a keeper,” he said holding his hand out. We dapped each other and ended up in a brotherly hug.

“Okay, Ant you go ahead and take your place, your bridal party will follow after,” David instructed I nodded and dapped everybody.

Walking up to the alter I looked around and smiled at anybody I made eye contact with. I’m really about to get married.

After shaking hands with the pastor I took my place and watched as everyone came down the alter. The girls look great, Rae did a good job picking out their dresses.

The doors opened and instead of the traditional wedding song playing I picked out I Gotta Be by Jagged Edge to be played while Rae walked down the ailse. This is something I wanted to do and she told me I could even though she claims she was nervous for what I would pick. She wore a big smile once the song began playing that I mirrored. She looked stunning, like the queen she is and that alone caused tears to roll down my face.

My dad always told me Jordan men are Kings, and one day I would find a Queen to spend the rest of my life with. And for the first time ever I can finally say I found my Queen.


My hair came out perfect something simple yet elegant exactly what I wanted. The dresses have finally arrived so now it was time to get dressed and get married.

“Rae we need you dressed first, just in case we need to alter anything,” I raised my eyebrow and shook my head. I’m confused as to what Davis is implying but I’ll leave him alone.

“Yo where is Ken’s bag at?” Ci asked I shrugged. “It should be upstairs,”

“It’s not, I’m trying to get her ready and nothing is here,” I sighed and grabbed my phone before walking over to David and Kathy. Unlocking it I went to my recent logs and hit Dom’s name.

“Yo,” he answered all loud. “You loud as hell man,” I complained.

“Sorry, these fools loud as hell, what’s up?’ he asked me. “You all like what’s up, we need Ken’s bag fool,” he cursed under his breath which caused me to laugh a bit.

“I’ll be there in 2.5 seconds the shit has been looking at me for the past ten minutes and I ain’t even realize it was her bag. She’s good right?” he asked me.

“Yea, she’s sleep right now Ci was just about to start getting her ready,” I informed him.

“Alright, I’m leaving right now,” he said before we both hung up.

“He’s on his way,” she nodded and headed back upstairs. “Alright come on,” David said as I removed my clothes. Holding my boobs with one hand I used my other to hold David’s hand as I stepped into my dress.

“How does it feel?” Kathy asked me. “It’s fine a little snug but I’m fine, I can breathe and move around so I’m straight,” I joked.

“Your shoes?” Lauren asked me. “Upstairs, I’ll go get them,” I said holding my dress up and headed upstairs.

“Ci,” I called walking into my room. “Rae you look so good baby, Ant gon be crying his eyes out,” she said

“His ass better or I’m turning my ass around,” I said as we bust out laughing. “Get my shoes for me please,” I smiled big. “C'mon,” she bent down to place my shoes just as Dom walked in the room.

“Oh good you here. Help Rae put her shoes on and I will get Ken dressed,” Ci breathed out grabbing the bag and lightly picking up a sleeping Ken.

“You look beautiful Rae,” he said before getting down to place my shoes on. “Thank you,” I mumbled.

“No problem,”

There was an awkward silence between us and we both knew why. This should of have been us but we all know how that turned out.

“Look Dom-” I started but he cut me off and stood to his feet. “Don’t trip, we don’t even have to speak on it. I’m glad you got it though,” he smiled looking me in my face I nodded.

“You do know I love you right, and you’re still one of my best friends ever?” I asked him he chuckled shaking his head and kissed my forehead.

“Shit, I better be. But I love you too Rae, you know that. Now come on before they come up here and curse ya ass for making them late,” he joked I smacked his shoulder and followed him out the room.

“The bride has arrived y'all,” Dom yelled holding my hand as we walked downstairs.

“You look so beautiful baby,” Mama J said kissing my cheek. “Thank you Mama,”

“My son is one lucky man, you look absolutely gorgeous, welcome to the family,” Mama Lisa smiled hugging me. I looked over at my aunt and she was just crying her eyes out.

“You know I’ve been waiting for this moment forever, next are my grand babies,” I laughed shaking my head. “You ready?” she asked me I nodded.

“Of course ma, I’m ready to go meet my husband,” I smiled big. “You wanna ride with us Dom,” I asked him.

“Nah, I’ll meet you guys there my car outside,” I nodded as we all walked out the house.
“Wow Rae I never knew you could remove that ugly ass mask off your face and look so pretty,” Ty said walking up to me. “I should beat your ass,” I spat he bust out laughing and hugged.

“Shut up, you know I’m joking. You look prettifull,” he said kissing my cheek causing me to laugh. “You really get on my nerves, thank you though,” he nodded.

“Everything turned out the way you wanted it sis, everybody looks great, you look beautiful, congrats sis,” Trey and Cole greeted. “Y'all rehearse that corny asses?” I asked laughing.

“We brothers, we think alike sometimes,” Cole said kissing my cheek. “Thank you brothers,” I smiled as Trey kissed my forehead. “Don’t tell Ant I said this but you make his ugly ass look so much better,” Jamal joked I waved him off.

“You gon stop talking about my baby,”

“You look stunning cousin in law,”

“Thanks,” I smiled as Jay walked up to me. “Uncle Nas you know this girl right here?” he pointed at me I smiled shaking my head. “Can’t say I do, she does look familiar though,” my Uncle played along.

“Y'all need to stop,” I said walking into my Uncles open arms. “No but seriously though Rae I know we ain’t blood related but that don’t stop the fact that you’re my little sister. I really can’t believe you’re getting married, no matter how old you get you’re still gonna be my annoying little sister following my ass everywhere in the damn park knowing damn well you was too young to play with us,” he said making me laugh through my tears.

“C'mon now Jay, you got me crying,” I chuckled. “My bad, I got you,” he said grabbing a tissue tapping my tears. “Look I’m proud of you that’s all you need to know, and of course I love you. I gave you your nephew, where my niece at?”

“It takes time bro, I love you so much man,” I said hugging him. My Uncle walked up to me and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“You want the long version or the short version?” he asked which caused me to laugh. “You gonna make me cry too Unc, give me the short version,” I smiled he laughed and shook his head.

“Besides your aunt you have become one of the greatest blessings to enter my life and I try my best to make sure you know that everyday. Whether it be by me actually telling you, showing you, or just loving you. I’ve never claimed you my niece to anyone because well you’re my daughter and I know you look at me more as your dad then uncle and I’m glad I was able to be not only an Uncle but the father you need. Walking you down aisle has been a dream of mine, and today it finally comes true, you’re growing up everyday but please never forget you will always be my little girl and know that I will always be here for you. I love you more then you think you know Rae. Now I just need my grand babies,” I shook my head and wiped the tears that fell from my eyes.

“If that was the short version I can only imagine how long the long version would be,” I joked as we shared a laugh wiping my tears.

“Thank you so much pops, I love you more then you’ll ever know,” I said kissing his cheek.

No one really knows how much this man means to me, he didn’t have to take me in but he did and I’m so thankful for him.

“You ready?” he asked as everyone took their places. I nodded grabbing on to his arm.

Once we stepped inside ‘I Gotta Be’ by Jagged Edge started playing and I immediately placed a smile on my face and like the clock work the tears began when I caught Ant’s gaze and he began crying.

My baby did great by picking that song, I honestly had no idea what he would pick and I was so nervous. Everything and everyone looked so great I can honestly say I did that.

Grabbing Ant’s hand I smiled stepping up to come face to face with my baby and the butterflies started once again. I’m really doing this, I’m getting married.

The pastor began and heart raced quickly, soon from now I will become a Jordan.

Third Person