i like climbing mountains


how old do you have to be before you no longer have the compulsive need to quote spongebob?

also because my brother requested something more traditional:


“Kenma, who do you like more?? Your typhlosion or me?”

“… Do you really want me to answer that?”

Identity reveals are up, so here’s my prompt fulfillment for theneoneevee from the HQ summer hols exchange! Alright alright alright.

I’m in such a serious Legend of Zelda mood this week it’s not even funny. I’ve ALMOST finished Breath of the Wild (I’m taking my time because I’m scared of the main boss and I actually just like climbing to the top of mountains and jumping off… yes I know… some hero.) and I got volume one of the Twilight Princess manga. Ok, Twilight Princess is my absolute FAVOURITE Zelda game, I love it way too much <3 

So have some TP Link doodles! The one on the left I tried to draw a panel from the manga that I REALLY love. I really like Akira Himekawa’s style, especially the eyes <3. The doodle on the right I just thought of for no particular reason. I love Link’s Ordon clothes, and I love how he is affiliated with animals in Twilight Princess (this game particularly…). I really love TP’s personality and his adorable little smile~

what it means

When they finally kiss, it feels like time has stopped. Or maybe it was going too fast, they didn’t know.

For him, the kiss means ‘thank you’. Thank you for bringing me back. Thank you for remembering me even though it was practically impossible for you (or anyone else for that matter) to do it. Thank you for believing in my existence even though eveybody thought you were crazy. Thank you for convincing Scott and my dad and Malia that I actually was a real human being and not some idea that was stuck in your head.

It also means ‘you’re so smart’. Like you actually opened a rift through space and time to save me. And you were the one to know where I was and how to get to me. Once again, you figured it out. God, you are so smart, that’s probably my favorite thing about you.

It also means ‘I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a child’ and I don’t care that we’ve already kissed because right now I’m not having a panic attack, even though the feeling of your lips against mine could actually give me one. I have been dreaming of kissing you hundreds of times, in my dreams, in math class, in the morning or when I went to sleep, and now I’m finally doing it, I still don’t realize it’s really happening.

It also means ‘god, I missed you so much’ and now you’re actually in my arms so I’m probably never letting go of you. I finally found what’s my favorite feeling in the world, and it’s having your body pressed against mine while your hands are on my face and mine are on your waist.

Finally, it means ‘I love you and you don’t have to say it back’’. God, I love you so much I would die for you, but I know I wasn’t going to die in the Hunt, because I had to see your face once more first. Then, I could have died if it meant you were going to be safe. I love you so much I actually can’t believe that you love me back. And you don’t have to say it back, Lydia, because I know. I have known for a while, because the way you used to look at me changed, and I felt more alive than ever everytime your eyes met mine. And I knew, but I didn’t want to believe it, because it would practically impossible for Lydia Martin to actually love me, a pale boy with lots of bones and flannel shirts. But I knew, Lydia, and I know now, and it makes me so happy that I don’t have time to hear you say it, I just want you in my arms right now. You can tell me later though.

For her, the kiss means ‘I’m sorry’. I’m sorry I didn’t remember you earlier. But as soon as you left, I knew something was wrong, I knew someone was missing, and I knew that this someone was important to me. I’m sorry I didn’t convince everyone you were real on the first try. I’m sorry I almost doubted myself when it came to you.

It also means ‘I didn’t say it back, but I do’. Since i first kissed you, I knew. I didn’t know that I loved you, but I knew that something was different between us. I knew the way I looked at you had changed, and the way you looked at me was still the same loving, tender and sweet look you used to gave me since the third grade. But I was scared of admitting it to myself, because I was scared of the consequences and I was afraid of being weak.

It simply means ‘I love you’. God, I do. I love how you make me feel, like I can do everything I never thought I could. You make me feel like I could climb mountains, and bring the dead back to life. You make me feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt in my whole life, inside and out, even when I’m screaming at the top of my lungs or when I have spent the night working instead of sleeping or when I have been stuck in a mental house or when I look like a zombie. And my favorite part, you make me feel smart and important. God, nobody ever made me feel smart, not even my parents because they thought it was ‘normal’ to be smart. You make me feel like I could win the Field’s medal and solve the Riemann hypothesis. You make me feel like I am the most important person in your eyes, and sometimes in the world. I love how sassy you are, even when we’re being attacked by zombie cowboys or nazi werewolves. I love how you’d do everything to save the people you love, even though you say you’re ‘just a human’ and you have no superpowers (I love how you always fight with a bat, I told you it was stupid but I secretly love it). I love how you always look out for us, all of us, and you feel like Atlas, because you don’t care about your problems, you just want to carry everyone’s problems on your shoulders. I love your smile. God, your smile is everything, it could light up the whole town. And your eyes. Your eyes are not brown, they are the most unique shade of hazel and everytime you look at me, I feel like you can see through my soul.

And it means ‘I missed you’. I’m not a fan of intimacy, but I missed you so much I couldn’t not touch you. I couldn’t wait. And I just had to run to you because you had been missing for 3 months and I have missed your face and your flannel shirts and your scent and your height and your hands and your smile and your everything about you. When I found your jersey in your room and your dad kept it, I almost cried because I wanted to keep it to myself so I could at least have your scent with me and you could be with me, even if it was not physically. I hated being alone. When you were there, you were my bestfriend, and I never felt lonely when I was with you. When you came back, as soon as we collided, I knew I would never be alone again. And as we were kissing, our bodies were almost intertwined but I still wanted to get closer to you. Because I missed you so much, and I finally got you back.

When they finally kiss, it feels like time has stopped. Or maybe it was going too fast, they didn’t know. But they knew that they had a lifetime to figure it out together.

Gladiolus Headcanons:

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  • Definitely a big time snorer. Seriously, it’s like sleeping next to a goddamn bear #Gladdy Bear. How it is he still manages to get a good nights sleep half the time is beyond the rest of the guys. 
  • Will actually live off of nothing but cup noodles if you do not stop him otherwise. Ignis found this out the hard way after stopping by Gladio’s one day and offered to cook. Although he was more than aware of his friend’s strong love for cup noodles, it was obvious after opening the third and fourth kitchen cabinet that he had highly underestimated it. Gladdy, pls, a man cannot simply live off of cup noodles and beer alone. 
  • Despite being the big bad badass that he is, the moment allergies hit, this man is  d o w n. The man can take on a giant ass behemoth and magiket soldiers with no problem. At first it can seem like this guy is unstoppable. That is until allergy season roles around. Afterwards this unstoppable force is reduced to a sniffling, congested and sneezing mess of a man. Because of this, he’s always sure to stock up on allergy meds and kleenexes. He also knows what meds actually work and actually help relieve symptoms. He’ll usually recommend the behind the counter stuff, mostly since it’s usually the only good stuff that actually works.
  • He got stung by a wasp once and was down for the count. It didn’t take long for this mountain of a man to come crumbling down.
  • “Tell Iris I love her.”  “Gladio pls it was just one little sting.” “Remember me, Iggy.” “For the love of Shiva, Gladio, just get up and let me treat it, you over grown man-child.”  
  • Is secretly a big fan of romance novels. Especially the cheesy ones with Fabio on the cover. Yeah, those ones. Though he’ll typically cover them up with fake covers to avoid getting any odd looks. Guy’s gotta keep up some level of reputation. 
  • Two favorite things in the world: cup noodles and camping. Combine the two together and you have one happy ass Gladio. Should his s/o be there with him, the two sharing noodles while being alone together under the stars, and he wouldn’t think of place he’d rather be at that moment. He has his three favorite things all in one, how can he not be happy? 
  • Lowkey likes to sing in the shower. What he sings will depend mostly on his mood, whether it’s some form of rock, country or a song from a musical…
  • Also secretly has a love for plays and musicals. Being a big book worm, he really likes watching some of the plot and character development, and the music accompaniment only makes it better. Secretly buys himself the soundtracks and merchandise. He’d take Iris to a few every now and again, stating it was purely for Iris and to make her happy because she wanted to go see it, and totally for no other reason.  And he totally wasn’t humming the main overture on the drive home. Call him out, and he’ll just say he has it stuck in his head. Yup, sure, whatever you say Gladdy.  
  • Could definitely see him being a fan of Hamilton or Rock of Ages. Just saying.  
  • Definitely a dog person. Loves their loyalty and their overall affectionate nature. Plus they’re great for morning walks and exercise. If they’re able to be trained to fight alongside in battle, even better. Though they’ll definitely either have to be of the short haired or hypoallergenic variety because allergies.

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hey yo idk if this has been mentioned before but some certain things about mountain climbing??? like I think aliens would be real messed up about how not only do humans risk their lives climbing through literal death zones where you will die if you lay down just for bragging rights, but also use the bodies of people who have died as landmarks like wtf is wrong with us


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My Impressions Of “Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild” So Far
  • The rain is kind of relaxing to listen to, unless you’ve fallen off a cliff and didn’t get a recent enough autosave, so you have to sit there for TWENTY MINUTES AUGH RAIN IS SO ANNOYING
  • Literally nothing is as terrifying in this game as the lightning. NOTHING.
  • These are the best vidya game horses that have ever been vidya gamed. 
  • Why did you have to ask for 10 Restless Crickets? I NEVER SEE THEM UNTIL THEY FLY AWAY UGH
  • Sometimes the puzzles seem too simple, sometimes they make me feel clever, and sometimes I look them up online and facepalm because of COURSE that is what I was supposed to do.
  • If cooking were this fun in real life, I would never stop. So instead I will cook for an hour at this campfire. 
  • Also I got an edible (albeit dubious) dish by placing several Guardian screws and other metal parts in the pot. Conclusion: Link is a robot.
  • Freaking Guardians…
  • I love the idea that the durian fruit being so awesome in this game will cause unknowledgable youngsters to try eating it in real life. Hahahaha the naive fools
  • How the crap do the Octoroks always know where I will be when they shoot, NO VIDYA GAME MONSTER SHOULD HAVE SUCH GOOD AIM
  • The stamina wheel needs to be longer. *upgrades it* The stamina wheel needs to be longer. *upgrades it* The stamina wheel needs to be longer. “But wouldn’t you like a heart-” Look, until I can climb this entire mountain unaided, the stamina wheel needs to be longer.
  • The Rubber Helm looks like a fish eating Link’s head. Best. Armor. EVER.
  • Uuuuugh it’s raining agaaaain why must this rainforest jungle be so realistic 8l
  • Blessedly, the Blood Moon doesn’t respawn enemies in a camp while you are in it. Because if they had come back right after I’d spent half an hour destroying that one camp I would have been TICKED
  • *takes 8 million snapshots of low-flying serpenty glowy dragons* THESE ARE SO PRETTY now if only they’d stop dropping balls of elemental pain
  • I know there are a limited number of buttons on this controller but it’d be great if I stopped crouching and/or using my telescope during important fights to the death.
  • Look I’m SORRY I’m such a terrible rider, horse, but if you could stop bolting at the slightest sign of bad guys until I can get you to the stables, that would be great- okay nevermind he’s gone.
  • I should really head towards the next story point. *spends two hours reaching a shrine* Okay now I’ll definitely head out. *detours into swamp ruins* Right it’s getting late better start now. *explores half a map section on the opposite side of where she’s supposed to be going*

(More impressions can be found over HERE)

I have never felt particularly tempted to climb a mountain, most likely because I’m from Chicaog, which is as flat as a pancake. The tiniest inclines feel dramatic to me.

Seeing Mount Cook, in person, I finally understood why people climb mountains. They’re so beautiful and captivating. Unlike little cement hills, it isn’t all effort and no real reward.

- Sandy Noto

Location: New Zealand, Mount Cook

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i wish i had more friends. my only real friend is my boyfriend and while i do love him, it just gets so lonely sometimes. i just want someone who’ll stay up with me at 3 in the morning and we’ll talk about the universe and our feelings and hold each other when we cry

mostly i want to go out and see the world. i want to experience other towns, other cities, other cultures, other lives. i always say that I don’t want to live anymore, that i want to die. but i don’t think i necessarily want to be dead, i just want to live a life that feels better

i wish i could just fade away and become something beautiful; like a red rose freshly bloomed, the ocean waves so blue, the sunset’s rays kissing your lips goodnight, the constellations dancing with the dark summer sky

i know i need to drown out these feelings, because dreams will never be reality. it’s just another mountain i have to climb. but I’ve become far too familiar with mountains. instead of climbing, i feel like it would be easier to just let go

Should be really exciting because we had this epic match in 2005. The final was unbelievable. It was a turning point in my career, to be quite honest. For me to be able to focus for, I don’t know how long we played, maybe four hours, smashing forehand after forehand down the line. I remember I felt like I had to learn how to fight in matches, and there I showed it to myself and my team that I could do it.
It was against somebody who ended up being my biggest rival. It’s definitely going to be very special playing Rafa here again. Of course I’m thrilled for him as well that he came back as well as he did after the comeback, the struggles that he had last year. 
I feel like there is a mountain to climb in Rafa. He’s not won it yet before. He’s definitely feeling fresher than I feel right now. That’s not a problem – I’ll be ready on Sunday, Hopefully it’s not our last match.
—  Roger Federer on Rafa Nadal and their Miami final.
Size Difference - Zach Werenski (#5)

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Imagine number 5 already?? What the heck??? Anyways, I thought this was a super cute idea but I’m just now realizing that I didn’t make the reader a hockey player too.  Oooppsss, hopefully it’s still good! I still think it’s cute!! Much love pals! 

Word count: 640

Warnings: a couple swear words but all fluffy, fluffy stuff

Request: “Hey! Heard you wanted more requests! Could you write a zach werenski imagine where he makes fun of you for being short, and it’s just super cute and fluffy, and you like compare hand sizes? Also could you be a hockey player too! Thanks:)))” - @brooke5bb


You jumped up onto the kitchen counter in your apartment, trying to grab the peanut butter off the top shelf of the cupboard.  You wanted to have peanut butter toast for breakfast but you were really debating if it was worth it after all the effort you were going through.  Your boyfriend, Zach, was a big 6’1” hockey player and even though you were only 5’2”, he insisted on making use of the cupboard space by putting things in a place that you believed was made for actual giants.  

“Fuck” you yelled as a jar of Nutella and box of granola bars narrowly missed your head as they fell onto the floor with a thud.

“Everything ok Y/N?” Zach asked as he made his way into the kitchen to grab breakfast.  He took one look at you balanced on the counter, clutching a shelf with one hand and the peanut butter with the other and burst out laughing.  “Why are you climbing the counter like a mountain goat?”

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PTSD: The strange, surreal maze of mental tricks that leads to bizzaro shit like managing to avoid knowing how long it is until the surgical consult appointment YOU SCHEDULED, for like 3 whole days. 

Now I know, though, and it was actually a real surprise that I was clearly shielding myself from, and I’m really not into it. Forever. Purgatory. Aaaaaaah….

I felt like writing today.

Five years of climbing mountains and exploring this new world, and he finally wanted to find a home. Lee Adama didn’t know what home was, but looking for it alone while he slept in a crude lean-to under the stars sure as hell wasn’t getting him anywhere. So he came back to where they’d landed, to where he’d last seen his father. He couldn’t find home on his own; maybe he could find it where he’d left the rest of humanity.

He couldn’t find home, but apparently he was in the minority. There were children, babies, everywhere he looked from his vantage point on the hill, spilling out of rough cabins and shouting into the clear air where before there had only been savanna grass and herds of animals grazing.

Babies. We’re at war, and that woman wants us to worry about having babies. He could still hear his father’s voice ringing in his ears, full of disdain for the schoolteacher who dared to call herself President of the Twelve Colonies.

He could still see her tight, guarded smile as she stood in the CIC watching his father line up ships for water transfer, asking him for help with the military.

He should have known then that eventually Laura Roslin would get her way. Even as he bent over backwards to help her in the early days after the apocalypse, he hadn’t believed that she’d actually do it, actually save them all, but she had. In her own stubborn way, she had given humanity a fresh start.

Five years after he’d watched his father and Laura take off in a raptor, five years after he’d set out on his own, he was back on a green hillside, shielding his eyes from the sun, staring down at the new civilization that had sprung up in his absence. No cities, no technology, but a civilization nonetheless.

He recognized some of them – Ellen, still tall and lithe and easy in her skin, clutching Saul’s arm as he shouted and waved at the kids blocking his path. The oldest, grown taller and thinner since he’d last seen her, but he’d recognize that smile and those curls anywhere. Helo’s smile, Athena’s eyes. Hera was clearly the ringleader, the other children falling in line behind her as she teased the old Colonel. A few feet away, a tall, blonde woman bounced a baby on her hip as Gaius frakking Baltar kneeled to argue with a little boy who looked just as determined as he did.

Romo Lampkin was deep in conversation with a woman Lee knew he should recognize, but he didn’t. She wasn’t a Viper pilot; she wasn’t a refugee from Caprica. She wasn’t important to him, those days between the end of the worlds and the start of this one. Maybe that’s why he left, all those years ago. Humanity deserved a blank slate, but he knew he couldn’t give it to them. Maybe that’s why Kara left, and his father too. Some of them were just too rooted in the old ways to give them up completely.

Other faces were new. The primitive culture he’d witnessed when they’d landed on this rock, not quite as primitive anymore. They were communicating, and as the wind shifted, he picked up on the curious combination of words and clicks and sounds.

He wondered who taught them, without Laura. He remembered the white board with the numbers written in her careful, looping hand. If anyone had deserved a blank slate, it was her. He shifted the threadbare pack on his shoulder and made his way down the hill, determined to find out.


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My rock hide is now my new favorite!

Not only do I like to sleep in it, but I like to pretend I’m a mountain climber and climb all the way to the top, I can see so much!

I also enjoy trying to climb up to the weird meshy thing at the top of my tank. I don’t know what it is, but I do know that I need to be careful, it’s a long way down!


Catch up post #2

A week ago Sunday, I had the sprint triathlon and @amft ran a half marathon in Oklahoma and then that night we scrambled to meet each other. Both starving, we made some terrible nutritional decisions that will never be discussed in public and then went to The Majestic in Dallas to watch Brandi Carlile’s , The Story Tour. It’s hard to believe that song is ten years old, but it is.

Most of Tumblr is too young to have watched Ally McBeal, but each of the characters had a theme song. And like Ally McBeal, my theme song the past three years has been, The Story. Sometimes it was one line.

“Even when I was flat broke, you made me feel like a million bucks”

And even Ironman.

“I climbed across the mountain tops. Swam across the ocean blue”

And even sometimes very personal

“I crossed all the lines, and I broke all the rules. But baby, I broke them all for you”

At different points throughout the three years, the song changed meanings. It applied to different parts of life and different people.

To watch her perform it live, it was kinda life stopping, life altering, and I’ll forever be a different person than I was before I saw her perform it.

It’s so much more than a song for me. Thank you Angela for one of the greatest gifts you could give me.

“All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I’ve been
And how I got to where I am”

And where I am today…. is not where I want to be. But hopefully soon, things will change.

jaal:come meet my mother and my entire family on one of my species planets, surrounded by loved ones, then accompany me into my bedroom while I show you the most personal objects to me ALSO do you like me yes/yes?

Vetra: Takes you to one of the most barren planets, then takes you out into the badlands THEN MAKES YOU CLIMB A MOUNTAIN- I know you probably don’t like me but…. like…. NOT THAT I LIKE YOU- just makING SURE. JUST INCASE. don’t want to make things awkward by accident or anything.

I like climbing mountains and reaching the top,

With sweat soaking the hair at my temples.

I like walking a mile into the sea

On a popsicle stick of sand

And finding dead sharks and shellfish.

I like being underwater,

Where no one can speak to me, and I can pretend

To be something else.

I like Florida, and fresh mangoes;

Very hot nights,

And wearing a bikini.

I like to be alone with the forest,

And listen to the soil make its ancient earth noises;

To feel the perfect shifting of all things in harmony.

I like the color lilac, and cerulean.

I like to write essays, just to hear myself talk

In my head.

On a date in Night Vale

Me on a Date: So what are your interests?
Them: Well, I like mountain climbing -
Me, shoving breadsticks into purse:
Sheriff’s Secret Police: *arrest me for possession of wheat/wheat by-products* Sorry we have to go right now immediately.