i like characters with big noses

// So it’s lesbian visibility day and as a lesbian myself i wanted to do something for it! since we didn’t have any requests for the female characters of yoi i’m just gonna go with my girl Mila for some fluff headcanons! -mod kat //

  • Absolutely loves picking up her gf!!!!
  • Can and will fight you over who gets to be the big/little spoon
  • Likes to lean on her gf whenever possible and loves taking naps that way
  • Lives for nose kisses!
  • Always texts first to check on them
  • gives really good hugs, they are just the right warmth but are a little too tight because she tends to use the majority of her strength

reasons to read/watch One Piece

  • there’s an 8 foot tall talking singing skeleton with an afro who makes bad puns all the time what’s there not to love
  • there’s a 7 foot tall cyborg who hates pants and says super a lot and he’s powered by cola
  • sky islands
  • at one point someone turns into a giraffe and it’s hilarious but then the giraffe guy actually cuts a building in half because he got pissed at everyone (including his own partner) for not taking his giraffe form seriously. one of his attacks was called “pasta machine
  • the main character is canonically asexual/aromantic. one time he saw the world’s most beautiful woman half naked and his response was “Huh? Why are you naked? Where’s the food?”
  • this series will make you cry over boats and whales. and dogs. and reindeer. and hats
  • none of the main characters have a real romance or romantic relationship with anyone
  • USOPP his whole introduction arc is about him lying to a girl to make her feel better because she had depression, and it was working. (his “lies“ are larger than life stories about him as a kid pirate)
  • there’s a guy named Buggy the Clown and he actually looks like a clown but not out of choice he was born with a big red nose and he gets pissed whenever people mention it (or sound like they mention it)
  • exploding ghosts
  • evil ventriloquist puppet pigeons that may or may not actually be evil
  • one guy’s devil fruit power is to eat anything and then turn into what he eats and it’s actually a pretty dangerous power
  • all the emphasis is on familial love and friendship
  • did i mention that one character is a tiny cute reindeer who’s also a very, very good doctor
  • ANCIENT CONSPIRACY THEORIES like there’s this whole century of history that’s been erased by the World Government and its forbidden to study it
  • there are also these things called Poneglyphs that are indestructible stones with ancient language written on them and they come from that blank century and no one is allowed to study them. the World Government says b/c of the Ancient Weapons that the Poneglyphs talk about (which are real) but in reality they don’t want the information on the people and country the stones originated from to become known knowledge. the world government literally burned down an entire island and wiped it from the map for doing this
  • devil fruit powers okay some of them are really cool like turning into fire or magma or causing earthquakes, but then there’s stuff like turning into a giraffe, slowing things down, being rubber, returning from the dead, controlling/becoming a ghost, controlling shadows, SPROUTING LIMBS FROM ANY SURFACE, secreting poison, being able to cut people up without killing them and switching their body parts around and switching their personalities. one character can control hormones and another can turn his hands into giant scissors. and the thing is, ALL THESE POWERS ARE STILL REALLY DANGEROUS
  • Water Luffy. Luffy is impaled by a giant hook at one point and almost dies and then like literally a day later he shows up with a giant barrel of water b/c the villain’s weakness is water. but the villain can also absorb water, so Luffy does the logical thing and CHUGS THE WHOLE BARREL OF WATER UNTIL HE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN WATER BALLOON AND THEN HE STARTS LEAKING FROM THE VERY SERIOUS WOUND THAT NEARLY KILLED HIM AND SAYS “AHH!! I SPRUNG A LEAK!!”
  • this quote: “When does a man die? When he’s struck by a deadly disease? No. When he’s shot through the heart with a pistol? No. when eh eats soup made from a poisonous mushroom? No!! A Man dies… when people forget him.”
  • you’ll cry over that mushroom
  • Luffy’s idea of an insult is calling a guy who uses three-sword style “four -sword style”
  • also one guy holds a sword in each hand and one in his mouth and it’s badass as fuck i kid you not
  • literally no plot device is forgotten like everything mentioned at one point WILL COME BACK. one time a character was shown in a tiny panel in a super short flashback in chapter 13 or so, and then like 400-500 chapters later TURNS OUT THAT RANDOM BACKGROUND CHARACTER IS ACTUALLY A MAJOR CHARACTER
  • Angels!! Giants!! Dwarfs!! Long armed people!! Long legged people!! Minks!! Fishman!! there’s so many different species it’s great

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Hi! I was wondering if you had any dragon aus? Like humanoid ones. Thank you!

  • “Normally my wings aren’t that big of a problem, but you tapped my shoulder too hard and it startled me and oh my god, your nose is bleeding. Please sit down. I am so so sorry.” AU
  • Character A and Character B both have a similar horded item. As a result, Character A begins to majorly crush on Character B, and as a show of their affection, Character A gives Character B an item from their hoard (which would be a BIG deal).
  • Because of a skin issue, Character A’s scales are constantly dull and growing in patchy, which causes Character A to be really self conscious about showing any skin/scales. Character B is really into beauty routines and offers to give Character A a lesson on how to properly care for their scales.
  • “I mean, I’m already pretty short when I’m in my semi-human form, but when I’m in my full dragon form…well…promise you won’t laugh?” AU
  • Character A runs an shop that caters to many different dragon aesthetics – tiny spoons, plastic figurines, jewels, etc. – and Character B likes to stop in a lot. Though Character A notices that Character B’s interests don’t ever really follow a pattern that a usual dragon’s hoarding patterns would. Are they just coming into the shop to see Character A?
  • “I have to admit, I make a great snuggle buddy because of how warm my body naturally runs…just in case you ever get cold.” AU

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Can you draw some Adventure Time animal costume party comics with the Adventure Time characters in animal costumes at a big animal costume party like Finn dressed as a tiger, Princess Bubblegum dressed as a pig, Marceline dressed as a wolf, Lumpy Space Princess dressed as an elephant, Flame Princess dressed as a chicken and all the other Adventure Time characters dressed as different animals? Make sure to have the characters wear ears, noses, tails and the rest of their costumes! Okay?

I could if I wanted to

After how many people liked my Ad Goblin, I decided to do a pass on some of the other NPCs from Heroes and Halfwits. These were a bit trickier since they don’t have players associated with them. So I decided to take other RT staff members and cast them in the rolls.

Quork is Gavin. I mean, big nose/beak, bird sounds, no one likes him. Easy.

Father Dori is Burnie. He’s the conscience of the group, patient with them and very caring about their well being.

Nah is Barbara. Barbara can exude a strength that is perfect for a hand to hand fighter like Nah.

Sanji was hard to cast, given the lack of respect the character received, its almost zealotry towards Bo and the eventual reveal. But I decided Lindsay was the best way to go. She’s so easy to make innocent looking but also crazy, which are the two biggest character traits for Sanji.

I’d like to eventually do the other Kenku, which will be Ray (because he’s dead) and Nah’s mother, who will Anna Hullum.

The plan is to eventually do sheets like I did for the Ad Goblin, both for all the NPCs and the PCs. I’m doing some commission work too so this will be an sporadic thing for right now. I’d like to have them all done before RTX. I’m thinking I might donate prints to art Sidequest auction, but we will see.

my lapis storyboard ratings

Since other people are doing this.. I’m doing this now.

Jeff Liu

I love this Lapis so much. Her hair is messy, but not very messy like Zuke’s Lapis is. Other than her hair, she seems to be on model. Her nose isn’t too small and her face isn’t too big. I love her. Jeff’s Lapis is just so pretty and I love it. I need more of Jeff’s Lapis. 20/10

Katie Mitroff 

I feel like Katie draws everyone chibi. But her Amethyst and Lapis have to be my favorite. With Lapis, she’s also on model too. She’s also very elegant and I love her hair again. 20/10

Hilary Florido

Hilary’s Lapis is adorable. Like Jeff and Katie, she seems to stay on model too. I love how she draws Lapis’ hair messy but not too messy. Just a little hair sticking out, which I love. Hilary’s Lapis is adorable. 11/10

Lauren Zuke

I feel eh on Lauren’s Lapis.. I don’t love Lauren’s Lapis like I do with other storyboarder’s Lapis. I just feel eh. I like it, but I don’t love it or hate it. Lauren seems to love drawing Lapis’ eyes and hair the way it is because it’s ‘attractive’. There are some instances like in Barn Mates, where I love Lapis’ messy hair. But the picture I have from Beta, is just.. lazy.. I feel like Lauren didn’t try in Beta with Lapis or Peridot or Amethyst. I’m just going to give this a 5/10.

Joe Johnston

I love Joe’s Lapis. It’s just amazing. Some times I feel like he draws Lapis’ pupils too big and her nose too small. But other then that 9/10.

Paul Villecio

I’m in love with Paul’s Lapis too. He’s on model with her and shit. I just love it. I feel like Lapis is one of the only characters Paul and Raven try to draw. There are other characters that they draw and it feels sloppy. But I love Paul’s Lapis, it feels like they actually tried with Lapis. 10/10

Raven Mosilee

Raven seems to draw Peridot and Lapis thicc. I love that. She also stays on model with the hair. 9/10

Lamar Abrams

I love Lamar’s Lapis. Sometimes he draws the hair way too big. But otherwise 9/10.

Colin Howard


That’s my rating of the storyboarder’s Lapis. Feel free to rate them yourself.

when ppl say ron can’t be bisexual bc he’s ‘canonically straight’ i’m just like ??????????

where ?? does it ??? say that ???????

like i’m sorry i must’ve completely skipped this part of the book: ‘He was tall, thin and gangling, with freckles, big hands and feet, and a long nose. He was also the biggest heterosexual to ever heterosexual. “No homo!” he yelled when Harry approached, waving his straight pride flag in Harry’s face.’

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What do you think each of the characters best physical features are?

Dallas: nothing if you ask him. His eyes if you ask me. (Malek spasming and trying to Not Be Gay and run his mouth about Dallas’ freckles cus’ he corny like that)
Poppy: her eyessss. They’re big and reflective and have long, long lashes.
Dev: if you were to ask him, he’d start flexing.
Paulina: her lips! Always pouty. She likes pink lipstick u3u
Malek: I, personally think Malek is perfect in every way, but his hair makes him handsome. It’s just so flippy. And his nose too. And his dimples. (Malek is written to be very attractive)
Tyler: (Blake screaming in the background: “a stunning ass? A fantastic personality? I am so gay dude. Wait, oh Ty, sorry, I was talking about myself lol” ) his nose. It’s just so nice. Boop-able.
Blake: if you ask him: everything. He is perfect. He really is cute though. (Gotta be fake cocky to hide that wrenching self doubt)
Parker: Parker has lips that curl like a cat’s naturally. It’s very cute. (I think it’s oft forgotten how.. tall.. Parker is. So I say his height too..)
Sara: her!! Eyes!! It has high creases. They are half moons. Her pupils are huge.
Ben: his eyebrows. Captain of the bushy brown crew.
Phoebus: He has a jaw that’s so sharp it could kill a man. His eyes are cornflowers.
His cheekbones could put Cara to shame. I’m kidding. What I’m trying to say is that Phoebus is also like Malek, who’s written to be attractive. Except he’s a dumbass so his attractiveness is often overlooked.
Ari: their chin. Ari also has eyes that look like the void. Better call Anish Kapoor.
Charlie: her. Hair. Look at it. It’s so red and big. She sometimes do Merida impressions for kids parties.

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I've been having the most crappiest months ever, my life is a mess right now and I am so fragile, everything makes me cry or feel emotionless. And to top it of my mum is having surgery tomorrow. I could really use a fluffy fic, to remember that hopefully everything will be alright. That there's a real son why I'm going through these horrible times xx

i’m so sorry this is weeks late, my love, i hope you’re doing okay, know i’m rooting for you, and here is some halloween sterek to hopefully make you feel better


The first Halloween back home from college is not one Stiles is looking forward to. Nor is it one he wants to celebrate with full force and a damn party.

Scott, however, is keen to embrace the festivities now they’re able to, and he arranges for all of them to go to a “sweet” Halloween do at the town hall.

Stiles mutters darkly about Winifred, Mary and Sarah coming to curse them all, and Derek (to his huge surprise) starts humming the creepy song from the start of the movie as he throws a cushion at Stiles’ head.

He’s seemingly, astonishingly, totally okay with going to a party for Halloween.

Stiles attempts to resist, but his best friend is just so damn earnest.

Derek doesn’t even try to fight Scott’s excited announcement, only asks if they have to wear costumes.

“Of course!” Scott bounces over, claps him on the shoulder, “That’s the whole point!”

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I saw a post you made about avoiding sameface, and I figured I might as well ask you this, even though it's not quite your area. I need help with sameface... in writing. I have no idea how to describe faces, and all I can find on it is "look at real people! :)" which doesn't work because I have prosopagnosia. I also don't want my PoV character to say "this person looks Korean/etc," I want to describe what features they have that make them look that way, but I don't know how. Have you any advice?

Oh, and I specifically want to describe the facial differences between two characters who are not siblings in a situation where it would make sense for them to be siblings. One is (fantasy equivalent of) half Korean, the other is (again fantasy) Chinese. (I write fanfic, canon is weird.)

I’m not a writer at all so asking me wouldn’t be the best idea, I’m hoping that there will be genius writers out there who see this ask and would be willing to help out :D

I don’t know if it is appropriate for me to connect art with writing but… usually artists exaggerate the facial features of a character depending on the personality of the character. Like for example if you take the concept art of Big Hero 6 characters, Tadashi and Fred:

(artwork is by character designer Jin Kim I think! Correct me if I am wrong)

Tadashi has very dark features that complements his asian ethnicity. Prominent jaw/chin for a more masculine, mature appearance. Big dark pupils making him look very friendly and warm. Broad shoulders to give the ‘protective older brother’ vibe. 

Fred has a long scrawny face with a very large nose, meaning that his face is ‘unbalanced’ which can be interpreted as a goofy character. Lean body could mean he is very chilled out/doesn’t take things seriously etc.

My point is that you can describe your characters with unique ‘exaggerated’ features to build their personalities.

Let’s face it, not everyone we meet will see our beauty. Most will go solely off the surface, not bothering to dig deeper. And each person has their own specific criteria for what they consider to be aesthetically pleasing. So your freckles, while adorable to me, will be met with distaste by some others. My big nose might be viewed as giving my face character to you, while others will call it a ‘honker.’

And I know what it’s like to be teased and bullied for something as vulgarly superficial as my appearance. While growing up, I was laughed at; made the butt of jokes; and simply overlooked because the looks of me weren’t deemed good enough. I was well acquainted with the adolescent mean boy act where they told their target (me) that one of their crowd liked me…then riotous laughter and I’d-rather-be-dead denials from the supposed ‘liker’ followed. Just because my outside wasn’t beautiful in their eyes, it somehow made them think of me as less than human.

Now I’m starting to finally feel beautiful. I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter if you have a stunning face and figure–the mind, heart, and soul are the true indicators of beauty. And knowing I have so much to offer inside, I’m learning to appreciate the shell that houses it all. These eyes have a depth that is eye-catching. This mouth speaks kindnesses more often than not, and is waiting with the biggest smiles to feel the lips of my one and only. These hands, though not at all delicate, tenderly hold and help raise a sweet, precocious little girl. And though my outer appearance doesn’t define me as a person, it’s an added bonus knowing someone still thinks I’m gorgeous without a drop of makeup and my hair undone.

—  They say love is blind, but I say love sees best of all

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hi !! i love your art btw but i need advice, there's a slim chance i could be a concept artist for my studio but i need to send in a portfolio and sample character designs, almost all of my character designs are fan art which i can't submit but ifk how i should go about making a bunch of new ones

I’m not sure what advise you’re expecting from me. How to come up with original character designs? I’m not a professional and I’ve never created a portfolio so I have no idea if this can help you in any way or not but this is what I do sometimes when creating a character - I made up a story (it doesn’t have to be anything complicated) like imagine an Italian florist, he’s tall, has a big nose (because he loves smells of flowers :)) and curly hair. He’s in love with a woman who buys flowers in his shop every day. Such a flower shop au (I’m disappointed in myself xD) And here he is:

① Something like this? :)
② Look how happy he is when he talks about the woman of his dreams! lol
But what if he was short and plump? Well… in ③ he looks more like a mafioso, I can hear his hoarse voice “You’ll all be pushing up daisies…”

Anyway, you can draw whatever, whoever, but if you know a bit the character you want to draw it’s easier to make them look the way you want and give them a particular personality. This is why you’ve no problem with designs based on someone else’s stories. You already know those characters. Now you just need to make up something yours?
Good luck with the job!!! :)


There are so many talented artists on Steven Universe, so don’t take this post as me saying who is better, it’s merely what I prefer.

I’m going to put my favorite interpretations of the Crystal Gems and Jasper on a list!


I prefer Garnet’s design when drawn by Paul Villeco, mainly because I love the cube hair XD.


This is a very difficult choice, but of all Pearl variations I think my favorite is Lamar and Katie’s Pearl. Her nose isn’t too big but is still pretty pointy, and I just think it looks great!


I do love Lauren and Hillary’s Amethyst, but I’ve gotta go with Jeff and Joe. She looks so precious ^_^!

Peridot(My Favorite Character):

Ok, due to my intense love for Peridot, I love all her designs. However, the first design that comes to mind as what I think Peridot looks like is Lauren and Hillary’s! It could be because I’ve rewatched Lauren and Hillary’s episodes with Peridot in them too much, but in my opinion it looks like a perfect DORITO!


Ok I’m the one f*cking person on Earth who doesn’t like Jasper that much, so there’s no possibility of bias like there is with Peridot. I’m going with the creator herself, Rebecca Sugar! Although Paul’s has great expressions, Rebbeca in my opinion portrays the most emotion.

Anyway, remember. All the SU artists are VERY talented people who I LOVE! It’s not a competition. I don’t care who’s storyboarding and who’s writing, what matters is that the product is the Steven Universe I know and love

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First of all, welcome to our little family/fandom

Originally posted by knkeunakeun

I don’t necessarily have a specific master post but I will create one right now. Since I don’t want this to cover up people’s dash, just click read more because I’ll try to go through everything as simply as I can :’) (Edit: REALLY sorry y’all for some reason this doesn’t work on mobile app so I’m removing the ‘read more’ thing)

First of all, the basics: there are 5 members. Although they may look cool in their music videos, they’re just a bunch of dorks.. Don’t be fooled.

Let’s briefly start with Kim Youjin: ‘93 liner, the eldest member, basically the dad (and the mum) of the group, looks like a dinosaur when he sings, hates skin ship (he literally cringes), had the cutest red nose after removing his mask when he was on king of masked singer (idk why I think this is important to know), nothing scares this guy, usually quiet but he is just as weird as the rest of the members once he gets comfortable.

Originally posted by knkingjay

Park Seungjun: also a ‘93, the tallest member, a big softie, gave us the name tinkerbell (how cute), calls cartoon and game characters his ‘sunbaenim’, likes talking about Jihun’s butt (I always mention this but oh gOD), loves skin ship and will find any excuse to have skin ship, his laugh..is special, self-proclaimed as ‘best in english’ in knk, drinks a lot of pumpkin juice.

Originally posted by chaoticcassidy

Next is Jeong Inseong: ‘94 liner, basically a bunny, has the cutest laugh, usually the loudest (screams when something shocks him but it is cute), also loves skin ship (well they all do minus Youjin), hits them high notes so smoothly and makes it look easy, he watched his own performance 50 times because who wouldn’t, likes to show tinkerbells love.

Originally posted by frogger-heejun

Then we have Kim Jihun: ‘95 liner, a.k.a Kimchi or Kimchihun, the leader, funniest laugh, he turned blonde and ruined half of tinkerbells’ lives (because he looked so good), assumed to be Seungjun’s boyfriend (those two..), he choreographed two of KNK’s dances and ruined everyone’s life with his performance of Troublemaker with Hani from EXID.

Originally posted by aintmyoppa

Lastly, Oh Heejun: ‘96 liner, maknae, in 95% of their broadcasts you will find him on the floor, his reactions are so extra, easily the one who gets scared the most, is Youjin’s weakness, he is everyone’s weakness tbh, I believe he is the funniest member (idk how many people have him as their bias wrecker or bias but you can’t not love him!), smol bean.

Originally posted by seunqjun

As for other things I could recommend, I recommend going through their vlive broadcasts and their My KNK TV episodes (you can find these on youtube-I’ll link my favourites with the rest of the videos down there). 

Here is a list of things you could watch (not sure if all their content has English subs though, turn on CC) :

My KNK TV (only posting some, you can find more on that youtube channel with english subs (bless them), or you can find them on their vapp channel)

ep. 33 (a personal favourite-warning: jumpscares)

ep. 42  (part 1) 43 (part 2)

ep. 51 (part 1) 52 (part 2) -Halloween special

KNK on KSTYLE TV: kcon immigration

KNK on Weekly Idol: 1  2  3  4

KNK (Seungjun & Inseong) on Doni’s hitmaker

KNK on ASC 1 | 2 (honestly don’t remember if I watched the second time they were on there but I heard a lot of mixed reviews)

KNK doing ASMR live version of U

KNK on Men Who Top The Charts (also go on this youtube channel they post KNK videos with subs)

There are so many things but for now this is what I thought off from the top of my head :’) Enjoy!


You know, this entire episode was hell on earth and I don’t think there’s enough screenshots to send but I thought I’d at least send one of the better moments. The hair is the worst part but I feel like the nose is too small and the semicircle eyes zuke draws on every character gets old fast. There are also other anatomical errors in this like the head being too big and her diamond pattern taking an electric side to the right.


God I hate this episode but this edit was fun to do!

Again, the original doesn’t seem too bad at first, but the more you look at it the more you realise how big her head is lmao. Also it really annoys me when the crew draw Lapis’ nose too small, there’s something nice about the most “conventionally attractive” character still having a fairly large nose.

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My dogs and cats get along like siblings. As in they play fight a lot. The dogs like chasing the cats. The younger cat (male) teases the dogs (2girls,1boy)The older cat (girl)is overweight so she can't be bothered. My male pug & my female bassett hound both take turns humping on the younger cat. I think the cat likes it. P.s. I always love how your character triggers Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory. 😘

Before Luna moved away, she would delight in antagonizing Marlowe until Marlowe chased her, at which point Luna would jump up to a place Marlowe couldn’t get her, and swat at Marlowe’s nose. Luna was such an asshole, but we loved her (and still love her, even though we don’t see her very often) a lot.

Another thing I am angry about:

I’m so mad that we have this whole genre divide between paranormal romance/fantasy romance and regular ass fantasy. Because I have read SO MANY wonderful paranormal romance labeled books that are just as intricate and well written as other fantasy novels, but they kind of get stuck into the genre of “women’s fantasy” and are sidelined. They aren’t thought of as “literary” fantasy. We see this happen a lot to YA fantasy as well. 

And it’s just annoying, because I’ve read SO MANY “serious” fantasy novels by men that also include heavy romance plots. The difference is that it’s romance and sex that men want, so its acceptable and deemed literary. But when women want to include romance in their stories, romance that fulfills them and gives them an outlet for their own desires, it gets a big fat romance sticker slapped on it and literary wonks look down their noses at it. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve felt judged by a man for my romance novel reading ways. Meanwhile, many of the “romances” I’m reading contain fantasy plots as intricate as anything in GRR Martin. 

Like in “The Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss, which is a disappointing sequel to a great opener, there’s a portion of it in which the main character just stays with some fairy for a month or two and fucks her brains out. It’s impossibly boring and stupid. And in “The Wheel of Time,” series by robert jordan, we see male sexual fantasy fulfilled by the main character having three wives. Oh.Kay. Both of these books go in the hardcore fantasy section and are adored by men and women alike. 

But books by Karen Marie Moning? Sarah J Maas? Amanda Bouchet? Maria Snyder? these books are either “YA” fantasy or get a romance sticker slapped on them and are sidelined to their respective genre sections. It pisses me off. Not the genre labeling, but the way the genre labeling dictates that these are books for teenagers and women who want smut. So not serious or well written literature. Literature geared at women is just not viewed as being as serious as literature written by and for men. 

Meanwhile. GRR Martin will probably never finish ASOIAF and Rothfuss has no date for his next book. The authors i’ve listed above work at lightening speed and produce polished, well plotted novels. But like, there’s female orgasm in them, so nah, they aren’t “serious” literature.