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This is coming out of left field unless you follow my twitter, but here are my men’s figure skating favs!! (in no particular order) I can’t wait to see these three at Worlds!! 😭

someone: we need more fictional characters who’re representing cultures and ethnicities that aren’t white american, we need more diverse characters to normalize a deviation from western beauty standards! 

me: hell yeah!

someone: so here is a screenshot of a POC character, which I edited to better suit the look commonly associated with their race, broad noses and lips, super narrow eyes, a hooked nose. This character is part of a religion so make them SUPER RELIGIOUS!!! WHY THE FUCK is this implied immigrant background character speaking accent-less English, this is ERASURE, if this minority character is friend with a non-minority one then racism/privilege/sexism must be taint every aspect of this friendship obviously!!! amplify whatever is relevant cause it’s racist to not have them look like this!!! it’s not a caricature if it’s in the name of diversity!! 

me: …. oh…. honey, no


It’s like I’m looking in a mirror. My name is Chester Whittingham, of Philadelphia’s Whittinghams. Welcome to the city of brotherly love. Now, our good founder William Penn bent over at least three rivers to get this premium plot of land. Now, he set out to be a holy experiment. And Lord, did he experiment with every hole he could find. Where do you think that crack in the Liberty Bell came from?

What is her name again

Is no one else gonna talk about the very accurate kind of alien-racist propaganda that is taking a mutant revolutionary, executing him, then marketing a line of plushies portraying him as an exaggerated, barely-trollian monster? Because I know it’s a joke but it’s also so, incredibly Condesce.

(Small disclaimer: this post is gross and somewhat akin to irl racism, wrt racist caricatures. It’s not supposed to be cool and good. Alternia sucks.)

You tune into your local TV station on a Saturday morning to the sound of a familiar jingle and a peppy, midblood-but-not-too-midblood announcer:

[Upbeat music] New from Crockercorp Industries - it’s My Pet Suffererbeast!

Featuring interactive toy design, you can let your Sufferer free, or keep him locked inside! But be careful - you never know what kind of mischief your Sufferer might get into! [Cut to a broken vase, with a child innocently convincing their lusus that the Sufferer doll did it. Both shrug to the camera.]

When it’s time to punish him for his crimes… find a special surprise inside! [Child’s voice: “Wow- it’s an arrow!”]

My Pet Suffererbeast. Available at select retailers, brought to you by Crockercorp Industries. Accepting bootleg merchandise is treason under imperial code AA-134.

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So yesterday some gross old men cat called me again, so I went home and thought: "you know what, fuck this, Im gonna be ugly. Im gonna be so f-ing ugly that no1s ever gonna cat call me again!' Y'know I was surprised this guy even cat called me in the first place. I have armpit hair, don't wear make-up, Im chubby with fat in the 'wrong' places. I look like your typical caricature of an angry feminist lesbian. Anyway, now I shaved my head, shorter that short, and it's ugly as hell and I love it.

you’re a literal goddess I aspire to this level of not giving a fuck

Still playing with versions of Ganondorf, this time I tried to draw Nabooru too.

Perhaps he’s at an age between OoT and WW/TP.

I’m really interested in his Gerudo heritage, and I like playing with that. His taste in jewelry is so delicate for a big brute of a man.

darkbloomiana replied to your photo “holy fucking shit”

Is this uncommon, then?

it’s routine for rare book and manuscript libraries and archives to have some kind of basic screening structure in place. and for small collections in particular it’s common to want to hear from readers in advance, if only because they can’t guarantee they can staff the place adequately all the time, and if they have relatively few readers a little activity makes a big difference. (i have to email my local rare book librarian 24 hours in advance when i want to come in, for example.) and it’s not unusual for such libraries, of any size, to ask for letters of introduction. i think that particular practice is generally pretty unnecessary and pretty elitist, and kind of absurd for a library like the parker, which has a kind of built-in self-selection mechanism going for it, which is that the percentage of people who know it exists who aren’t also familiar with special collections is probably, i don’t know, fucking low. anyway it’s a gross kind of gate-keeping that excludes, among other things, anyone without a university or research library (or similar institution) affiliation. which is outrageous. but kinda normal, if starting to be less so. this example struck me egregious in the first place in the number of things it asks for (a c.v.?????) but above all in its tone. ‘application’ is preposterous enough, but the bullshit about ~making sure you know how to handle rare materials~ is so unbelievably condescending. and in any case it takes literally five minutes to teach someone how to deal with fragile materials, especially in a small library. it’s just such a throwback to an era when special collections librarians saw themselves as guardians rather than curators of the materials in their libraries, and limited access as heavily as they could – an era i sometimes forget isn’t quite over.

okay but how can you call yourself a feminist and still defend and support lena dunham

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sybil ramkin in 55?

THANK you for givin’ me the inspo to draw my big soft and kind and beautiful gf sybil

send me a character + a palette?

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Helloooo, I look up to you as an artist! x3 and I was wondering if you could help me? I'm in the process of developing my own art style and I've tried many already so I kind of know what I want to be my personal mark and, as it's not much realistic (although it has some traces of it), I'm having a hard time making my drawings recognizable. I mean... I want people to be able to tell that's Taehyung, or IU, or Jaejoong, etc. Do you have any tips on how to do this without being too realistic? Thx!

Its just practice! There’s not really a shortcut because drawing stylized people recognizably is specific to your own style, so it takes some time to figure out how to ‘translate’ their unique features into your style. For that, you just have to study your person really closely and keep at it with your own style. But, I’ll do my best to point out BTS’ unique features through other artists, which should help you learn what you should pay attention to! 

Here’s one of my favorite stylized artists: @kkum_bts on twitter 

She does a really good job making her art look like the member it’s supposed to even though it’s so stylized!   I’ve found mouth shape to be a pretty important feature, at least more important than you’d probably think at first. Mouth shape has a lot of personality! You can see it here with taehyung’s flat lips that have the same thickness all the way to his corners, yoongi’s tapering lips and sharp corners when he smiles, jimin’s pouty lips, and jungkook with the thinner top lip and fuller bottom lip. 

Their eyes are pretty accurate too, with tae having slightly drooping eyes with big eye whites, yoongi’s are triangle shaped, jimin’s are small and wide, and jungkook’s double eyelid hood. Lastly but also important comes their special features, like tae’s big ears, yoongi’s angular jawline, jimin’s cheekbones and rounded smooth jawline, jungkook’s heart shaped face and signature earrings etc…but the more specific detail you include, the more realistic the drawing tends to get, so pick out what is most important and adapt it to your style! 

Here’s another artist that simplifies their unique details especially well: @tansong0109 on twitter, who draws only chibis but they are really accurate!

She’s a hobi stan so she draws hobi a lot and it’s spot on. You’ll notice his inner and outer eye corners are really sharp and droop downwards, and his top lip makes flattened heart shape when he smiles. His cheeks are a unique feature too, and the combination of those 3 is enough to make the art definitely look like him despite a completely different nose and face shape!

this one with all 7 of them lets you more easily compare whats unique about them that helps make them recognizable: 

hoseok : heart mouth and drooping eyes
jimin: thin wide eyes, pouty lip and wispy eyebrows
jin: big eyes, thicker solid eyebrows, lips 
tae: signature box smile, tanner skin and big ears
namjoon : eyes shape and thick bottom lip
kookie: giant round eyes and the teethy smile
yoongi: triangle shaped eyes (critically speaking i personally think tansong’s yoongis arent as recognizable as the others, like kkumi, but her others are really spot on) 

If you want to check out other stylized bts fandom artists, I would reccommend stupiddragon_​, plslm, kiiroiren, bamvxoxov, niro, and cheese_bang!

TL;DR is find their unique features! Mouth, eyes, and face shape tend to be the most relevant, and it’s all relative to your style (notice that tansong’s doesn’t really use different face shapes.) I’m not as familiar with ex. IU or Jaejoong but I’m sure if you are you can pick apart what makes their unique from others ^^

Context clues will help a lot too, with hair color, outfit, background, etc. Keep in mind most people who aren’t in the fandom probably won’t even recognize a real photo of the person so don’t get discouraged if you have to keep explaining who it is haha~ sorry this got so long but i hope this helps answer your question!

My kink is writing fics where Bro Jerry has a rare moment of softness and kindness for a kid who needs help (either a young Portia or a young Nigel) and then goes right back to being a dick

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5! And the kids one!

5. The cutest date I’ve ever been on- I’ve been on a lot of cute dates so I’ll talk about my first date with my girlfriend, I guess. We’d been chatting for several weeks online, having been mutual for over a year, about hooking up while she was in town, sexting, etc. I was nervous because my bed was in a bit of a rickety state/needed reinforcing. The night before I went to Home Depot for super strength wood glue to glue my frame together a bit better- it still only withstood about an hour of sex, and we laughed every time the mattress sank a little bit closer to the floor. I was just getting good at making sourdough and tried a new recipe (my favorite now, for the record) the week of our date to ensure that it would come out well, because we decided to make some bread while hooking up. There were lots of signs that something more than sexual was up- we talked casually about being the other’s dream girl, wanting the same number of kids, wanting some silly things in common like the same color Le Crueset dutch oven, liking the same fruits, and worse I asked her if it would be okay to use pet names together while hooking up. I went to Target with my mom and grabbed some sparkling cranberry-apple juice (my girlfriend is not 21 but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to drink so much as because I love sparkling grape juice) and my mom later got offended when I told her it was for the date because she’d already figured that out.

All of this is pre date. So bad already.

Anyway the day comes to meet and I now know she changed outfits 6 times trying to find the perfect outfit and she landed on this really good shirt that was not sexy itself but uhhh showed just enough cleavage from my height, and some jeans so tight on her (very nice) legs that I had trouble peeling them off later. I was at work at a coffee shop (SBx- this is not a secret but I quit a few months ago after 4 years there) and, when I saw her I got so shocked at how pretty she was that I promptly turned around, took a garbage bag that was half empty to the back of house, and collected myself to look cool and calm enough on the outside. So I collected myself and walked over to flirt on a break for a bit, sexted with her until close, and then met her at a bar across the street because I was skipping out on an after work meeting and couldn’t leave hand in hand with her. She was so excited she kissed me outside the bar, earlier than she had planned to, and I held her hand in the uber home while (I forgot this until she mentioned it) stroking her hand with my thumb.

I’ll spare you the details but we quickly found out that we are very sexually compatible and pretty much had great sex for 6 hours while making bread in between (bread only needs to be touched a fee times prior to baking- most of the time is waiting), including a few “I should go but uhhhh one more time…okay one more” times, and chatting the night away. We had a great time and the bread turned out really well and I just felt that spark you feel with someone who’s almost a perfect fit. I don’t know how to explain it, and I’ve only felt it once before her in my whole life. But it’s a feeling that you want to keep this one around as long as possible, that this person is going to be significant factor in your life for as long as possible. At the end I thought I looked fine but she says I looked like a caricature of a sad person, slumped over with my hands in my pockets. We kept in touch and eventually started jokingly sort of dating and then allowed ourselves to admit we were dating even if we didn’t call it that. We didn’t see each other for 4 months because she was out of the country but we Skyped for 4 hours almost every day and we’ve visited a lot since she’s been back in the country.

We are coming up on 10 months soon and I’m very deeply in love, and consider her the best surprise I’ve ever gotten. She’s the most supportive and kind and caring partner I’ve ever had, and hopefully that I will ever have so long as she’ll have me. I’m still amazed at how lucky we got that she just happened to be in my city on a day when I just so happened to get off early and that we even just so happened to follow each other here for a while beforehand. I’m hoping to visit her next month and also I hope this makes her cry a little.

5. I would love to have kids, as many as I can reasonably afford to raise! I’m super excited to be a butch mom.

Writing Older Characters; some things to consider

After I reblogged the post on how to write characters that are older than you, I was asked to talk a little more about it. When I posted it, I thought it did a pretty good job, but maybe there’s a little more I can add.

The thing about writing a character who is not the same age as you are is that you have to imagine yourself in their shoes. This is the same for writing ANYONE who is different from you, whether you are writing a space pirate and you work in an office, or you are writing a person who is a different race than you, or you are writing a male if you are a female and vice versa. 

You have to INHABIT their humanity. You have to remember that a person who is the different from you is not a conglomeration of all those stereotypes you’ve heard, the things you don’t like about those people, the opposition. You share more in common with every human alive than differences. Attempt to spend some time walking a mile in their moccasins, imagining where they came from, how they changed, what situations they might have to deal with that you don’t and how that can affect them, just like the other post suggests.

Writing characters who are a different age than you might have a few more things to consider. I actually think this counts for adults writing young people as well as young people writing old people. We have a tendency to look at the other generations as ignorant, stupid, biased, blind, out of touch, and just not “getting it.”

The truth is both old people and young people are a part of their worlds, in touch with it, and have valid reasons for what they do and how they act, whether their motivation is security or freedom. If you respect them and their reasons, as humans, and don’t assume that kids are here to be rude and antagonistic, or grown ups are here to put kids down and stop them from growing, you’re going to be closer to writing realistic people of all ages.

Kids and young people are smart. They have just as much intelligence as an adult or older person. Intelligence is not a function of age. Older writers need to stop writing kids as dumb. They may not have as much life experience or perspective or know about as many things, but that doesn’t mean the experience and life lessons they do have are not valid. Kids and young people also have a plasticity in thinking that allows them to adapt to new situations faster and easier than adults do. Some adults seem to think that means young people are not able to make good decisions or be responsible, but I think that’s a misinterpretation. I think it means they are better able to be open minded and try out new options and solutions. To change.

The truth is that every person who is old was once young, and they have the ability to remember what it was like to be young. However, young people have never been old before. So they have to project and empathize and imagine what it means. Figure out what could have happened to them to create who they are as older people.

One of the things I’ve noticed in the younger generation (kids today!) is they have a tendency to assume that all grown ups are conservative, square, stodgy, old world, narrow minded, racist, homophobic, sexist, The Establishment. This makes me laugh, because I’m 45 and not only have I been involved in social activism for, like 30 years, but all that cool style that you younguns are working now? It wasn’t mainstream when I wore it. Not only that, but MY parents, from the 60s? They marched on Washington. My dad was a protestor at Columbia U and was involved with the Black Panthers. My parents were in an interracial marriage, the year of Loving vs Virginia. My mom has read more science fiction and fantasy than any of us. Geekery is not a youthful invention. Neither is rebellion.

Something that young people don’t understand about old people is that old people were not born being fuddy duddies. We’ve got generations of rebels and activists before we get to the current youth culture. You’re, like 50-60 (100?) years too late to be the first people who rebelled against mainstream culture. flappers, beatniks, Civil rights activists, anti war hippies, feminists, punks, queer activists, grunge rockers, etc. People don’t all automatically start supporting Trump when they get an AARP card. Think about the life and culture that your older character has gone through, which shaped who they are. A person who came from a conservative midwest family in the 50s is going to be different than a person who grew up protesting against the Vietnam War, even if these people are the same age. Respect the character enough to find out where they come from and who they are.

Yes, it is harder for older people to explore new technology. Yes, they see new styles of fashion or music and don’t understand it (because their experience is different.) And yes, they do depend upon the knowledge and experience they ALREADY have, rather than exploring new ways of doing things. They’ve done a lot of their exploring already, and you don’t always need to redo that experimentation if you’ve found things that work. They tend to draw more on the knowledge they have already acquired, rather than look for new discoveries.

Another thing you want to consider with older characters is their level of RESPONSIBILITY. Generally younger people do not have as much responsibility, but older ones have to care for children, houses, employees, lives. They’re committed already to spouses and jobs and homes and communities, and can’t just drop everything because they need to find themselves or fall in love… and if they do, that says something about the kind of person they are. Other people depend upon adults and older people, and that dependency changes how they react to things. A grown up who is responsible for a child has a whole new range of concerns that should be addressed to make a well rounded character.

They also have fewer choices in life. As you get older and choose your paths, other paths are closed. You’ve committed to living a certain way. And changing that is a bigger deal. 

It’s easy to write, say, a mom as classist or racist or controlling or snobbish, and that creates a bit of tension and struggle within the story, but unless you look at how that mom got to that place, and try to understand her as a character, you’re just writing a rather flat, two dimensional caricature of a mean grown up. Mom=bad. Kid=good. And it’s an accepted characterization, because the story of the child fighting against the rules of the mom so that they can be independent is a classic story. It’s the story of the kid. The mom is just the obstacle, and not a full character.

You know, now that I think about it, maybe one of the reasons so many stories and adventures are about young people is that it’s a simpler, less complicated character to develop. They are LEARNING how to be the person they become and we get to explore that journey. With older characters, they’ve already done that learning, become that person, and there’s a lot more to wrangle into the character you’re trying to represent. Well, yeah. But if you find the right details, you don’t need all that much to create an older character who feels real.


a series of unlikely crossovers

My headcanon is that at some point Scout broke his leg doing a stunt, and for two months he had to sit around doing nothing while it healed. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t run.

So to keep himself busy he started drawing, he drew constantly. He drew on on his cast and in the margins of books. He got in trouble for doodling mustaches and devil horns in his moms magazines, so she ended up buying him a ton of sketchbooks and he’d fill one a day.

And once he’d healed up and could run again, he kept doing it, just on napkins if he had a spare minute during lunch or on his homework while in class. For a while he thought about becoming a comic book artist, then Mann Co. came along so he put that dream on the back burner, but he still finds time to draw off hours.