i like calypso okay

I saw this post about if Calypso’s curse had actually killed Annabeth and what would happen if Percy saw her again when Leo brought her back. I can’t help but think Percy would just have a major breakdown. He internalizes guilt like no other, so for Annabeth to die because he didn’t police the gods to make sure they took Calypso off her island would be the ultimate failure to him. I can just see him in front of her, screaming until his voice is hoarse how it should have been him. How she should of cursed him, and why didn’t she, and how much she cost not just him but Annabeth. He would fall to his knees crying, begging to be cursed, begging her to think up the worst curse she could and to send him back to Tartarus so he could die the way he was supposed to. Everyone would be shaken, and Calypso would realize the full weight of what she did. 

“You should have left me on that island, Leo.”  

Consider: Frazel Princess and the Frog AU


  • New Orleans in the early 1900s because that is where and when Hazel was born (same as Tiana, actually) 
  • Best friend Piper McLean, who has a rich dad and is drop-dead gorgeous 
  • Hazel wants to open up a restaurant but since her gems are cursed nobody will buy them from her 
  • Piper’s dad is hosting a party in honor of Frank Zhang, a visiting prince (who can shapeshift!)
  • Piper hires Hazel as the cook, which gives Hazel enough money to buy a restaurant
  • On Frank’s way to the party, Frank encounters Hecate, who curses Frank into being stuck in frog form
  • Frank sees Hazel, this adorable cutie wearing a kick-ass dress, before the party, and think’s she’s a princess (bc yes)
  • He tries to kiss her but she’s like no wtf 
  • and he’s just like please im a prince also fun fact im a literal teddy bear
  • and shes like fine whatever
  • whoops hazel is suddenly also frog
  • the two of them meet up with Percy and Leo
  • Percy is an alligator (AQUATIC ANIMAL) and Leo is a FIREfly (ba-dum-crashhh) who is in love with a star named Calypso 
  • they go off to find Rachel, an oracle who can reverse the curse
  • Frank, Percy, and Leo all can’t cook so Hazel is basically den mom of the group and the only reason theyre still alive tbh
  • They find Rachel and she’s all like yeah buddy you have to kiss a princess 
  • Franks like okay cool let’s go kiss piper i guess she’s princess of the party
  • but he actually has it so bad for hazel
  • so bad
  • So when they get back to NOLA he’s like actually hazel id rather spend my life w u than be human again 
  • but shes like no man you gotta do it so he goes to find piper
  • while hes off finding piper mchottie, percy, leo, and hazel encounter hecate and try to get the charm she’s holding the curse in 
  • Hazel is a badass and wins the charm by learning to control the mist that only hecate was supposed to be the master of
  • but not until leo is killed by Hecate which is super sad for everyone 
  • but hes like its okay i can be with calypso now
  • hazel and frank then find piper but its too late at that point
  • but then hes like actually hazel i really love you 
  • and hazels like wait a second im totally in love with you too 
  • and so they decide to get married (in this AU theyre aged up) 
  • they kiss
  • now they are humans and they are too cute for me or anyone else
  • and since percy is still in the picture we have our princess and the frog version of the SoN trio
  • percy is a third wheel
  • frazel is just super cute and they open a restaurant together 
  • everyone lives happily ever after
  • Frazel Princess and the Frog AU
  • yes