i like burgundy

Little Chiss Siblings | Thrass & Thrawn | Star Wars Legends

Raise your hand if you still have Thrass feels.  And if you don’t know who Thrass is, go and read Outbound Flight right away.  :)

(more Thrawn art | more Star Wars art)


Some favourite artistic representations of fifteenth century dresses. Bit of a mixed bag, though mostly Burgundian/French influenced, but with a bit of Italian in the second last. Yes I know portraits aren’t always faithful resources but this is just so I can fangirl.

(Ladies- Isabel of Portugal, Duchess of Burgundy; Anne of Burgundy, Duchess of Bedford; Margaret of Burgundy, Dauphine of France; Arolfini’s wife from the Arnolfini portrait by Jan van Eyck; Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scots; Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy; lady from the Visitation by Ghirlandaio, often identified as Giovanna degli Albizzi; and from the end of the century Anne de Beaujeu, or Anne of France, daughter of Louis XI)

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Thank You Jesus! 😊😇🙏 Finally someone took off that ugly ass blue necktie sweater! It does nothing good for Joseph's clothing color palette! Like he probably wears like Ralph Polo Laurens loafers/boat shoes 👞to fit his nautical preppy daddy theme. ⚓️. He just needs to burn 🔥that ugly ass blue necktie sweater or replace it with a brown/burgundy/red one to match his belt and khakis and Pink Polo, then we'll be fine.👌

I’ve been staring at this for 6 minutes and still haven’t fully processed it


it says a lot about how my style has evolved that not only am I considering buying this free people set, but I’m pretty sure I could absolutely kill in it in like five different ways.

Natalie Jamieson on Twitter
“@noelfielding11 is a joyous addition to #GBBO & seems we have Serge @KasabianHQ to thank for nudging him to join in... https://t.co/OxFEhZ6m2o”

Noel talking about Serge getting him hooked on Bake Off

“It’s terrifying, really. Your soul stained my entire existence and now everything smells like you. 

This will take time, undoing you from my blood. Though i’m not really sure if i’ll ever want to…”

Guitarist Tae and Pianist Yoongi au~ 

Kinda like a Prologue to this one~

☆ pure angel queen ☆
Happy Birthday Historia (^ω^)

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what are your favorite Mac products?

I love all their eye shadows ! Quarry is my fave color. I just lost it fml. Also their mineralized skin finishes are so pretty. & every lip liner they make. They’re the king of lip liner. I like plum, half red & burgundy. But I go through phases

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sorta cute story: in december I was watching skam with my mom and I said that I really liked that burgundy scarf Isak has, and then she bought me a similar one for christmas and now my dad just calls it the Isak-scarf

awww!! funny though bc i bought one that looks like it too and i call it the same hahah