i like burguer

To all the Arrow fans that do not ship Olicity:

If you want to check the Olicity tag because you are curious about them: go ahead! We are really proud of it and you are more than welcome. But posting things like “I don’t like Olicity, sorry but you have to respect my opinion” uhm… NO, THANKS. Why? I tell you why:

I don’t like McDonalds so I don’t go to any of their restaurants. It’s simple. But what if one day I decide to go just to stand up there and tell every one of their customers “I don’t like these burguers that you are eating, SORRY”. “I like burguers but not this one, SORRY.?? Not cool right? Yeah, I can be with friends in any other place in the world and express my opinion about it … but there? Nope. it’s completely disrespectful.

I will never post my opinions in tags related with ships I don’t like. NEVER. It’s unfair for their fans but also for me. I don’t waste my energy talking about negative things.. Life is too precious!