i like both of us

To @yurarat and @skydog64

Thank you two for helping me feel a little bit better

I still have no hecking idea why I feel so meh or bleeeh, maybe it’s a mixture of things, but either way, thank you two both for your support and for making me smile a little bit more today <333

(Also sorry if I got your skelesona wrong bro, I was looking at your icon for a ref ppfttTT–)

They’re too nice to fight each other what are you even talking about.


Outerswap bros!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

I did this design awhile ago and decided to change/add some things and t be honest they could always change again. For example I inverted OS!Pap’s hoodie colors from original OT!Sans colors and gave him one stripe (whereas I gave OF!Sans 3 stripes and OT!Sans has 2).. But kept the pants relatively the same except darker. Some fluffy booties!!! HE IS SO FLUFFY MUCH FLUFF!!!
I like the thought of the scarf drapes being really long and dragging on the floor as OS!Sans walks.

Please imagine: OS!Pap lazily walking but then proceeds to trip and fall over from his untied boot tassels. Also sparkly space smokes.


Hair down, no makeup, and they’re still the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen


Getting to hell is easy. The rest is where it gets hard.


open your heart to love, it is so worth the risk

for @inloveswan from your csss ♥

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

decided to call it love

“So you’re boyfriends now,” says Yuri, when Victor disappears somewhere during training. Probably gone to buy Katsuki flowers or something. 

“No!” says Katsuki. “No no no no no, I - no!”

“Okay, engaged, whatever,” says Yuri. “I’m not coming to your wedding.”

“No, we’re not -” says Katsuki, petting his ring like he’s apologising to it. “That’s just a Victor thing, one of the things he says. You know how he is.”

Yuri considers trying to explain to Katsuki that actually, no, no one knows how Victor is anymore, but Katsuki always just laughs nervously when people bring it up. This Victor who smiles like he’s going to break his face in half and keeps his promises and actually cares about stuff that isn’t for skating, he’s a mystery to them all. But Katsuki seems to think it’s normal, and is confused when anyone comments on it. “You moved in together,” Yuri says instead. “You sleep in the same bed. That’s boyfriends. I’m sixteen, not six, you can just say it.”

“Yurio -”

“You made out with him at the Cup of China,” says Yuri. “It’s on YouTube.”

Katsuki goes pink. “That was the quad flip.”

“What, you only kiss when you land a quad?” says Yuri. “That’s weird.”

“No, that’s not how -” Katsuki cuts himself off. “It’s not like that, Yurio. When you’re older you’ll understand.”

“Georgi is practically thirty and he thinks you’re boyfriends,” says Yuri. “Coach Yakov is practically dead and he thinks you’re boyfriends.”

“It’s different,” says Katsuki. “We love each other, but it’s different. It’s not something I can define.”

This is just Victor’s stupid it’s a feeling so I can’t put it into words all over again. What’s wrong with putting things into words, that’s what Yuri would like to know. Especially if it’s really obvious shit like skate it about your grandpa or - okay that one wasn’t obvious, but Yuri figured it out in the end. Anyway, does Victor know Katsuki’s not his boyfriend?

“Does Victor know you’re not his boyfriend?” Yuri asks. He doesn’t give a fuck about Victor getting his precious feelings hurt, definitely, but what if the two of them go all weird and then Yuri has no one good to beat at Worlds?

“Of course,” says Katsuki after a moment.

“Wait, you moved in with him and he doesn’t know you’re not his boyfriend?” demands Yuri.

“Well, we don’t need to talk about - I mean - obviously I’m not,” says Katsuki hotly. “We don’t even -” and then he goes from lightly pink to bright red. “Er - that is -”

“You’re not even having sex?” says Yuri, except it comes out as more of a screech. Sex-sex-sex! echoes across the ice. Mila and Georgi and Yakov and Lilia all turn around and stare at them, or rather stare at Katsuki, who looks like he wants to die.

Day One Hundred

-I felt my spirits lifted as the woman I was ringing up said, “I really like your haircut, buddy.” I then felt them fall back down as I realized she was talking to an unseen, very short child, and not to me. This is okay, though. I like my haircut enough for both of us.

-As I handed a ten year-old girl her bags full of flower-growing kits, she told me that she could not wait to start her business. I am not sure what her exact plans are, but I am prepared to be her first and most loyal patron and give her all the free publicity she could ever want.

-A woman purchased a large bottle of extra-strength laxatives and told me that she did not want a bag. I applaud her bravery and I hope that everything comes out okay.

-I am happy to report that even after one hundred shifts, I still get a deep sense of serenity and satisfaction from even, repeating, and palindromic totals.

-A man came through the next lane, the epitome of indie punk. He had 1" gauges in his ears, adding to his aesthetic, and a detailed tattoo of a snail behind his ear, perfecting it. 

-“Do you sell sunglasses?” A woman asked, her back to a thirty-foot wall of sunglasses.

-The man formerly known as the dude trying to bring back the Hitler mustache has opted to rebrand himself. He has now shaven everything and can be identified as the skinhead with the nose ring trying to make his political affiliations abundantly clear from a distance.

-I looked on in fascination as a dad locked a child in the family bathroom, cackling to himself as he held the door shut. I am still uncertain whether or not the child was his.

-A five year-old stopped at Starbucks as his mother tried to usher him towards the doors. He threw his fists up in the air and shouted out to the heavens, “I want a Cherry Coke and I don’t want to leave!” He then left. I hope, at the very least, he stands firm on his drink.


hungrykook vs eatjin

I’m so close to tears
And so close to
Simply calling you up
I’m simply suggesting

We go to the hidden place 

Bjork - Hidden Place