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korrasami atlantis au || 1 

i received more motivation to continue this, so this might be a common thing now? idk? but anyways, this one was kind of rushed, so sorry, but it was  interesting and fun to do seeing as how intimate an injury like this might be on Asami’s body instead of Milo’s. it was also a lot of fun drawing the cool Heart of Atlantis-glowy stuff.

i’m gonna assign more characters more roles? Bolin as Mole, Mako as Dr. Joshua Sweet, Kuvira as Helga, Opal as Audrey, Varrick as Vinny, Zaheer as Rourke??? maybe? 

just wanted to say something: i think it’s unbelievably cute that bolin carried the metal cables for wei and wing in “operation beifong” so they could fight if something happened - just a reminder that they didn’t know they would have to fight kuvira, they just did it cause zhu li was in danger. 

and it was for them, not for su. look:

i like to think they are really close friends. i mean, bolin has been dating opal for 3 years now, he must’ve visited zaofu a lot with her - cause i believe opal did so, given the fact she was almost killed when the red lotus attacked the temple, su would want her daughter around more often. even more after tenzin decided the air nation would traveled the world again. plus, su said that since baatar jr left zaofu their family has never been the same, so opal would’ve want to comfort her parents and brothers, being there for them. sooo for all of that, i believe opal went a lot to zaofu along with bolin - before he joined kuvira, of course. that made him get closer to wei and wing. i think the twins admired bolin for his strengh and skills, cause they’re athletes themselves. plus, bolin is a sweetheart and easy to get along with. i can see the three of them talking about pro-bending, earthbending in general, etc

when bolin gets to zaofu with kuvira and he realized opal was really mad at him, he kind of asked the twins for help, trying to convince them to back him up. they didn’t. in fact, they look way more disappointed than angry when bolin does so - plus he switch their names, which didn’t helped:

they look like the’re saying “dude, shut up. we’re friends, why are you working with the girl who wants to take our fuckin city?”

it’s personal. they are friends and i believe they do look out for each other. like bolin did, being cautious and getting the twins metal cables just in case they had to fight, cause like i’ve said, it wasn’t in their plans to do so. the plan was: get the beifongs and get out. just that

and speaking of personal stuff: the little hand thing wei did when bolin saved him. for me it was his way to forgive bolin for working with kuvira. that scene wasn’t just cute, it was a big deal

BLESS THEM!! bolin doesn’t have to marry opal to be a beifong, he’s already part of the family. i love it. wanted to see more of them. i miss it all SO MUCH

I'm bored and giddy so here's some Makorra wedding headcanons

•Korra’s one requirement for her dress is that there can’t be sleeves. She wants to show off her guns

•Tenzin pays for the whole thing. Mako tries to convince him to let them save up themselves, but you know how stubborn Tenzin can be when he has his mind set on something

•Mako and Korra both agree on a small, simple wedding so that they can spend more on their honeymoon

•Bolin cries when Mako asks him to be his Best Man (even though he never would have considered asking anyone else), Asami’s the maid of honor. The airbending babies are the flower girls and ring bearers

•Their engagement is really short. Like, a month. They’re like “well we both know we love each other and that’s not gonna change any time soon so let’s just get this shindig done”

•Katara helps Korra get ready for this “shindig”

•When Korra’s dad gives her away, Mako says softly, “Don’t worry sir, I’ll keep an eye on her for you.”

•Mako cries. A lot. Throughout the whole thing.

•The one time Korra cries was during the vows. Mako incorporated “I’ve got your back, and I always will,” and Korra allows herself to shed one tear

•ok I know this is really cliché right now but they dance to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and they grin like idiots the whole time (FIGHT ME ON THIS I DARE YOU)

•(Mako cries again)

•The only person who cries more than Mako is Bolin

•"Dude, you’re not even the one getting married" “I know, it’s just so beautiful… And you’re so happy…”

•Bolin’s speech was actually really precious. He mentions how proud Mom and Dad would be of him, and how much they’d grown since their days on the streets. And then: “Welcome to the family, sis”

•Lin shows up later. “Well, I figured if my best detective was running off for a while, I should see his excuse” which are the nicest words she’s ever said to him

•Mako’s smile somehow gets even wider

•seriously, he’s grinning the ENTIRE night. And his eyes never leave Korra.

•Korra is having the time of her life and has never laughed so much before

•they hold hands for like 10 hours straight and don’t let go and are basically glued to each other’s sides. You’d have to get a crowbar to pry them apart

•after the delicious dinner (catered by Narrook’s), they DOMINATE the dance floor

•I have strong feelings about them taking swing-dancing classes before hand

•even Lin is impressed

•ok so airbending babies: Ginora is just in complete awe that two people could be in love THIS much. Ikki is as energetic as always and basically jumps around and asks a gazillion questions whenever she gets the chance (“so what kind of flowers are these? Why are they blue? Why are the streamers red? Those two colors don’t really go together–wait! That’s because you’re a waterbender and he’s a firebender! Aw that’s so cute omg but aren’t you technically a firebender too since you’re the avatar? Shouldn’t you include green and yellow in here too??–” “IKKI STOP”). Meelo doesn’t really know what’s going on but all these adults are laughing at everything he says so that’s fine by him

•cutting the cake turns into an all-out war

•"the fire nation is attacking again!“ “You started it!” “We had a peace treaty, remember? Ask Katara, she was there”

•it takes them forever to leave because everyone has something sweet to say to them or some embarrassing story

•it doesn’t help that Mako keeps offering to clean up every two seconds

•eventually Korra just picks him up bridal-style (or I guess you could call it groom-style) and carries him to the car

•The airbending kids, Bolin, and Asami all helped paint the “just married” decorations on their car

•Basically the whole ride back home was spent either kissing or calling each other “husband” or “wife”


Korra and Asami can’t wait to make their relationship official, but they decide to stick with the extended Team Avatar first. They decide to do so during a small party.

Tenzin approves, saying something about how Korra keeps changing the world and yes, Ikki, not all relationships look like him and Pema.

Nobody has been able to locate Varrick and Zhu Li during the past two weeks.

Lin just gives Korra a clap on the shoulder and tells Asami “I hope you know what you’re getting into”. She hopes it says everything she wants to. It does.

Su gives them a big hearfelt speech about true love and how happy she is for the both of them, sneaking in one or two or ten hints that she’d be happy to host a wedding at Zaofu.

Korra and Asami haven’t even thought about a wedding, but they both instinctively want to hold it in Republic City.

Korra has a little idea about a wedding in the Spirit World, but she hasn’t told Asami - she’s learned a thing or two about rushing things.

Asami has already arranged for Future Industries to manage without her for another week, which she plans to spend with Korra in the Sato mansion.

Bolin gives the both of them a Earthbender-style hug with the biggest, dorkiest grin on his face, saying that he kind of hoped this would happen and he’s so happy for his friends. He also guesses they’d probably like to be alone for the rest of the evening and would you look at that, Opal seems rather demanding right now. He whispers “Have fun”, making Asami smirk and Korra blush.

Mako gives them both a big long hug, saying that he kind of saw it coming ever since Korra came back and is really happy for them. There is a long moment of mutual understanding, which Wu interrupts by demanding the attention of his bodyguard. Mako obliges, a small smile on his face.

I have a lot more, but right now I really need to write a “Mako and Bolin have a few drinks together” thingamajig.

The new most embarrassing thing I’ve ever written.  I saw this post  and then this stupid plot bunny happened and I had to write it down.  I apologize for my wuko.

It still bewilders Mako that in the three short years he’s known him, Prince Wu has gone from spoiled bratty future king, to actually oddly responsible foreign dignitary/ pop sensation.  

He’s not sure if it’s the responsible or pop sensation part he finds more surprising.  

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Rating: T

Word Count: ~900

Summary: Of all the words one could use to describe Bolin, “stupid” was not one of them. He wasn’t completely oblivious; he knew something was up with Mako. Now all he had to do was find out what.

Author Note: Basically, I just wrote this fic so I could make a pineapple joke. But writing the Bolin POV is new for me so I hope it works out like I envisioned. Happy V-Day if you’re celebrating…a night early (unless you’re Jen and your time zone is super far ahead of me).

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Of all the words peopled could use to describe Bolin, “stupid” was not one of them. Yes, they could say he was a bit daft or quick to jump into things, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know that something odd was going on. Okay, and maybe he sometimes didn’t read people as well as he probably could, but Mako was an exception to that rule.

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Korra book 3 episode 12& 13 finale reaction

Bolin Bird calls
why can’t he be serious for more than 30secs..please

P'Li and Zaheer showing their love

External image
Korra hugs Asami first
External image
Korra hugs Mako
External image
Bolin hugs Korra and she just rests her head on his
*My love and I are the same way and today’s our anniversary yeah!! Tenzin is alive!!
External image
The new team avatar find out they were double crossed

 Su yun and Lin defending each other

External image

Korra fighting with her daddy chained up P'li blows her head up and..now this gif has more meaning Zaheer starts flying

External image

Bolin Lavabends!!

a lot of people were predicting it so I was kinda…like figures but still..

They bring out the poison

They start poisoning Korra

External image

Korra starts channeling her inner Hulk and goes crazy on the Red Lotus.

External image
Mako fighting against Ming Hua and wins
External image

Ghazan’s last moments The Airbenders helping Korra

External image
Korra lays the last smackdown on Zaheer one last time
External image

Korra about to die from the poison but Su yin helps!

Korra’s daddy being the “daddy’s little girl” man he is

External image
Bolin puts his sock in Zaheer’s mouth and makes a pun

Asami helping Korra get ready

External image
Korra in a wheelchair

External image

Tenzin giving his speech about Jinora

External image

Jinora takes off her rob and looks just like her Grandaddy Aang

External image

Korra still in her wheelchair crying

External image

Credits The fandom

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I'ma time machine myself to season 4
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See you guys next year!!

And once again


Thought they were gonna pull a young justice invasion on me..I know in season 4 they will, but not this time!!

anonymous asked:

Asami grow up a lot, just like Mako and she's almost as tall as Mako, which is riddiculous, but hey, Bryke said there will be some height difference mistakes during Book 4 so... Korra is a full head smaller than Mako, Bumi and Tenzin, almost a full head smaller than Asami and Bolin. Half head smaller than Lin and Lin is a little more than a half head smaller than Mako now. So Korra is a cute little shortie.

I mean sure, there’s going to be mistakes here and there, but Korra is anything but a shortie. Bryan specifically talked about her height increase and said “sorry haters. Korra’s even taller now” (Emphasis on “even,” because she was already pretty tall). In this shot, she and Bolin almost look of a height:(it’s hard to gauge Mako and Asami there because of their placement, but Korra and Bolin are on equal ground).

And she’s definitely nowhere near a full head smaller than Mako (who is quite tall himself):^That’s like what? 4 or 5 inches. A forehead difference?

If we want a “cute little shortie” I think Opal fits that description:

Honestly, Team Avatar is just really, really tall. Like all of them.  Korra wears super flat boots throughout S4 (flatter than Bolin’s shoes even) and Asami’s heels threw off a lot of the perception. If I had to guess, Korra’s around 5’8” and Asami’s around 5’10”. The caps show Bolin more consistently even with Asami. And then Mako right around 6’. I guess Tenzin is a giant. Oz has spoken.

ETA: for reference, average female height in the US is 5'4.5", and male is 5'10" for the 20-29 age demographic.