i like blue boxes

Bless the highhhh number of people who requested Pynch drawings. You people are my people.

Also bless the person who specifically asked for Ronan sitting next to Adam with his leg over Adam’s (I know you asked for it to be in the Pig but I did not have time to draw a car interior so HERE THEY ARE ON A PURPLE BOX for um artistic reasons)

I work at a popular grocery store that starts with a T in the UK. Lately I’ve been working mornings at the checkouts and lemme tell you that humanity’s shit stains interact with me on a daily basis. The worst one was a week or so ago. 
For some context, the law where I am is that you can’t sell alcohol or alcohol products between 10am- 10pm. Normal stuff, most people who show up to buy alcohol a little before tend to just wander around or wait until 10 if theres no line. This person and his wife were not these kind of people. It was 9:48 am ish and they had a bunch of stuff on the belt and to be honest I was tired as fuck so I didn’t read what was on the box as I scanned it.

Then the little familiar blue “THINK 25” box popped up and I was like oh shit this is alcohol of some sort so I was like “Oh, I’m really sorry. I didn’t notice that this was a wine kit and since its technically alcohol I’m not allowed to sell it to you until 10” and his wife goes “Oh well that’s not a big deal, we can just put it at the end and it’ll be on time by then. No big deal!”

But no, this jackass was not going to follow the law or take any shit today. He starts freaking out and yelling about how “But it’s not even alcohol yet!!” &“ It’s not like I can get drunk of it in the parking lot!!” & “I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER” . (Which I mean yeah, not like you can get drunk off it, I’m just trying to follow the law lel) I’m not talking any just raised voices, I’m talking some immature looking around to get other people to agree with him (people that just were not there) and leaning in so he got to yell directly into my face. Now, I’ve been working in retail since I was 14 (I’m from Canada in a place where thats cool)- so generally I’m dead inside when it comes to customer’s shit. HOWEVER- on this particular day I was already feeling pretty shitty. So I was on the precipice of tears for the first time in years. 

But anyway, by this point I had pressed the little button to alert supervisors that I needed help and ofc they were nowhere to be found. There was, however, one coworker behind me. So I looked back at her and asked if she could see any supervisors or call any in case my button wasn’t working. “Why?” she says (as if she didn’t notice the screaming man-child in front of me) and I say “I need a manager” so her face was like ‘oh shit’ and she walks over and says “So what is the problem?” to yelling man and his wife, who seems to not even notice or care about his screaming/behaviour. And he explains, and I explain & add how I’m only trying to do my job. She goes “Well, it’s not alcohol right now I guess.. So it probably won’t matter” and I’m standing there like lol wtf ok? and she just scans the wine kits through. 

And man-child’s screaming and pissy temper tantrum just.. dissipates. He’s all nice and shit acting like he didn’t yell at me at all. He even says “you were just trying to do your job!” and I was like is this really happening what wow ok. I couldn’t even fake a smile and pretend it was okay. I literally just put my head down, tried not to cry, and scanned the rest of their shit while he kept trying to all of a sudden to be nice to me. The wife was silent this whole time besides her initial suggestion & I think it’s because someone else is finally getting yelled at besides her. 

OH- and if they would’ve just chilled and waited it would’ve gotten done at an appropriate time but no he decided to yell at me until 10. 

After they were gone and paid I casually walked off and had a long ass cry in the bathroom about it. Good times.

tl;dr: man freaks out over alcohol laws, wife doesnt do shit, coworker kinda breaks law to get man outta there, i cry in the bathroom afterward.

The collecting has begun!! >:D 

Wanted to buy so many more, but at the same time I/my wallet want to take it slow. :3 Now I just need to find a book about gems that is more like “this gem is created under these conditions” etc, and less like “ruby is the birthstone of July”.

PS: The salesman seemed impressed that I knew the names of so many gems/crystals. X,D 

Hi mysterious anon! I assume you’re the same peep from earlier. WELL. I must let you know, I started making a CPS tutorial earlier and I REALIZED…I do frame-by-frame animation. Meaning I DRAW every individual frame and I use onion skin. That’s it. No fancy tools, no crazy techniques that are different from any other animation guide. I can’t even cut/copy/paste frames (seriously, how do you do that?? ITS WITCHCRAFT!!)

HOWEVER…I will not leave you high and dry! So HERE is my process!!


STEP ONE (not pictured): Scribble a sketch/comic to make your siblings laugh and stuff it somewhere random. Find it again a couple of weeks later and say “OH SHIT I can animate this!!!” Then download an art program you barely heard of and get to work. Promptly lose the original sketch and rob the tumblrees of a hilariously shitty comic in which you forgot how Poochy looks and you try to compensate by drawing him hilariously different in every frame.

STEP TWO: Go into CSP (remember to create a new animation–not a regular file like I did…and do every friggin time…) and make a rough doodle of every frame of your animation with any brush you feel like. Choose a bright color, because you’ll have to trace these lines! If you forgot and used black anyways, like I did, click the little blue box above the layers. (It will make your entire layer blue.) Be sure to use onion skin so your animation doesnt explode all over the place.

STEP THREE: Create a new animation layer and trace your rough animation in a new color as cleanly as you can/want! I chose black because it looks especially clean. (Feel free to go crazy with colors, though, I won’t stop you.) Don’t forget to hide (or delete–BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???) the rough sketch layer after you’re done tracing!

STEP FOUR: Create YET ANOTHER layer and add color. You can do this by filling in your outline with the paint bucket tool like a normal person (check the “refer to other layers” box in the paint bucket tool options so you apply color INSIDE the actual lines) OR you can choose a pretty brush and color directly over it. I chose the latter because I want to get better at coloring and I am obsessed with the watercolor brush.

STEP FIVE: Add a background so your characters don’t float away. (Even if that means scribbling a little shadow or drawing a line behind them.) Or not. Your choice. Float away, little guy! Follow your dreams!

STEP SIX: If you like your work, go to the “File” tab, select “Export animation”, and select “animated GIF…” aaand…name it something/save it somewhere you won’t forget.

STEP SEVEN: Repeat steps ONE through SIX until you’re happy. 

Don’t give up!! And remember what Jake the Dog says: Sucking at something is the first step to being sort of good at something!!! 

Happy art-ing!!

i’ll see you on my next rounds
Revenge Sketch | Nolan & Emily undercover visits 3.12

10th doctor (Doctor who) one shot - come with me

(Requested by anon ~ ah! Barely anyone requests 10 and he’s my favourite so I hope you like it!!)
Summery: the doctor asks you to be a companion.

It was a normal day for normal you, life had been incredible boring recently and you’ve been looking for that perfect get-away holiday. Little did you know that was closer than you think.
As you walked down the high street you stopped by a small travel agents window, staring at the horrendously high rocked holidays you sighed before pulling out your headphones and walking on.
Switching on your favourite playlist you headed to work, you stepped out onto the road up ahead you could see in an alley a crowd of early workers just like yourself.
You wondered what type of lives they must lead and where they all work, all questions that probably wouldn’t be answered.
You stared back down on your phone shuffling through the songs until you found that perfect one. Smiling now satisfied, you look back up to spot a tall brunette man staring directly at you.
Furrowing your eyebrows you try to avoid the on-coming man, however you couldn’t ignore his look. His eyes were sharp and wise like his soul was old, his coat flailed behind him as you noticed how fast he was walking.
Then just as you passed him, you felt a strong hand take grip on your upper arm, he spins you around almost dragging you behind him.
“Just keep walking, don’t be alarmed. I’m the doctor and I need your help.” He muttered under his breath, his eyes darted from side to side to see if anyone noticed. However they didn’t.
“The doctor? Doctor who?” You asked quietly, your breathing shook as you tried to keep up with the tall man.
“You don’t remember me? Of course you don’t you were one last time you saw me.” He half spoke to you and half spoke to himself.
You were confused, as a child you grew up on stories of a doctor but he was just a story.
“What do you need me for?” You questioned, the doctor looked at you as soon as a tall blue police box came into view.
“Like I said, I need your help. You’ll either trust me and get into the TARDIS, that big blue box over there or you’ll go to work and forget this ever happened. But I know that somewhere in that brilliant mind of yours, you know who I am and pick the right choice.” The doctor stared you in the eyes.
He was right, you remembered the stories. So you simply looked at the TARDIS and whispered…

cigarettes that ive tried

I want to try a new kind but idk what to get so comment your suggestions. Heres what I’ve tried.

  • Marlboro Reds - this is what I started on. They’re my second favorite non menthol cigarette
  • Marlboro Menthols - These are my favorite menthols.
  • Camel Turkish Gold - These are my favorite non menthols. Incredibly smooth, I like the smell of them and idk theyre just really good
  • Kamel Reds - These were recommended by a friend, I didnt even know that this brand was a thing but she said that they tasted good and were really smooth. Theyre pretty smooth but idk theres a weird aftertaste that I didnt like.
  • American Spirits (light blue box) - I love that these are slow burning but thats literally the only thing I like about them. they taste horrible and theyre really harsh in my opinion. I still have a pack from like two months ago that I never finished.
  • Camel Crush - I just finished a pack of these in two days. usually it takes me like a month to finish a pack but I really like crushing these more than I like smoking them lmao. Theyre really good once you crush the menthol but on their own they’re absolutely disgusting

anonymous asked:

pls i need to hear about ransom's minivan

wow dude you work fast. if anyone didn’t know, i posted this about four minutes ago with a vague reference to ransom’s mini van and yeah. here it goes;

ransom has two sisters, both of them older than him. he is the baby despite the fact that he is the tallest in the family and everyone treats him as such.

his oldest sister played soccer for years, the other one being a field hockey athlete for her high school career, so ransom’s mom was driving them around for years in this mini van that was the definition of a Soccer Mom’s car. the color of the van is unknown; it might be maroon, it might be a dark blue-y green. no one knows. it’s like the fucking black or gold dress or whatever. everyone sees a different color. one of ransom’s weirder friends sees it as yellow. ransom made an excel sheet on it that turned into a school project, which he got an A- on (”while your sources are wide and varied, i cannot condone listing one of them as “the weird guy on our block who eats too much corn” (sidenote; he also wrote a report on how much corn is too much corn and what it does the body. he got an a+ on that one (oh and none of these assignments were requested. he is Extra to the max))) (wow two parenthesis inside another parenthesis. either my parenthesis game is awesome or i am overusing parenthesis (also raise your hand if the word “parenthesis” has lost all meaning))

so back to the minivan. the floor of this thing used to be carpet. now it is covered in sweaty uniforms, snacks for that brief span of time between the end of school and the start of practice, every important document the oluransi family has ever needed, and no less than three overdue library books. ransom learned organization to survive.

this minivan also makes a very loud noise when it starts up, much like a gunshot, and it’s probably the only reason that ransom wasn’t asleep by the time he got to school every day from the time he was twelve. it’s hard to sleep after a noise like that.

on to how ransom received this mini van; after his oldest sister went to college but before his second sister graduated high school, mom opened up a second restaurant which, after a year and a half or so, gave her enough profits so she could buy a better, more efficient car. it still fit all of her children, even when her oldest came back from college, but it was sleeker, cleaner, and all around better. the beloved minivan was kept in the garage, lonely and waiting, until…

ransom got his driver’s license. now, both of his older sisters were offered the mini van when they got their licenses, and both refused to drive it in public. not ransom, though. ransom drives his minivan with pride.

look, this is one sick minivan, okay? like, it fits all of his hockey gear, the speakers won’t go below 15 on the little twisty thing so all of his pump-up music is blasted. also, it only plays cassette tapes, so he has a fucking huge collection of them. there are enough seats for all of his stupid friends when they go places AND it is so easy to spot that he never loses it in a parking lot. many of his friends have fallen asleep in it after a long night of partying. it is the best car ransom could have hoped for.

cue graduation and going off to college, ransom shoves everything he wants to take into the extra seats in the minivan, probably creating a safety risk since he’s blocking his entire view out the back window, and sets out for samwell (his parents would come with him, but big things are happening at work and they’ll be there for family weekend so it’s okay). ransom does run into a problem when he gets to samwell though; where does he park the Ransomobile 1994? (it’s called that because that was the last time the van looked new) the solution; the haus.

the haus members decide that they’ll let ransom park it there as long as they are able to reap the benefits of having a car. they go on road trips to different tourist spots in and around the state. ransom does all the stop and shop runs, since he can fit all the groceries in his car (which, before bitty, is mostly made up of srirache and ramen. and, of course, alcohol) it also has heat that’s better than the haus’s, so sometimes they sit in it just to keep warm.

the minivan is also great for wheeling, it turns out, since not all hook ups are ready for the Ransom Holster Attic Experience and all it entails, so when a hook up is too skeeved out to do it in a bunk bed with another dude in it (seriously boys get your shit together) down to the minivan they go. of course, not all hook ups are up for that either, doing the do on the dirty carpet floor on a minivan, and, on those nights, usually ransom and holster end up on the fuzzy floor of the minivan, drinking and chatting and maybe making out just a little.

ALSO since i’ve already turned this into a holsom hc, the first place holster and ransom actually talk about their feelings is in the Ransomobile. They went on a road trip to Niagara falls and sat in the back of the minivan, watching the falls from the parking lot, and actually talked through their shit. the mini van has magical powers.

also ransom becomes the ultimate soccer mom, dragging the team to shitty fast food restaurants in between practice and classes just so they eat, keeps gatorades in a cooler under the back seat for when his boys need to keep up their electrolights. many a samwell men’s hockey team member has been “sent to the van” to “actually fucking finish that assignment” by a not-angry-just-disappointed-soccer-mom ransom. 

i forgot one more thing; the chirps. you know that ransom cannot get away with driving a mini van without at least two or five or twelve chirps from the team. it’s not a sexist thing shitty it’s just fucking ridiculous to see a six foot two hockey player stuff himself in a literal soccer mom vehicle and attempt to act like it’s no big deal. the chirps die down after the first few months, but damn, those boys did not relent in that time

but yeah i can just imagine ransom in a color shifting mini van, the back seats piled high with textbooks, hockey equipment, and the most random shit in existence, being content with his soccer mom status and super cute nerdy ridiculous boyfriend (holster, if that wasn’t clear)