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i dont know exactly what ur theory abt shao and his red/black clothes is but i have a strong feeling that i agree with it

i don’t know if it’s 100% solid (i should do a proper re-watch with it in mind) but it’s essentially to do with his motivations and actions within the narrative, e.g. wearing more and more black as he gets further caught up with fat annie and cadillac

The collecting has begun!! >:D 

Wanted to buy so many more, but at the same time I/my wallet want to take it slow. :3 Now I just need to find a book about gems that is more like “this gem is created under these conditions” etc, and less like “ruby is the birthstone of July”.

PS: The salesman seemed impressed that I knew the names of so many gems/crystals. X,D 

10th doctor (Doctor who) one shot - come with me

(Requested by anon ~ ah! Barely anyone requests 10 and he’s my favourite so I hope you like it!!)
Summery: the doctor asks you to be a companion.

It was a normal day for normal you, life had been incredible boring recently and you’ve been looking for that perfect get-away holiday. Little did you know that was closer than you think.
As you walked down the high street you stopped by a small travel agents window, staring at the horrendously high rocked holidays you sighed before pulling out your headphones and walking on.
Switching on your favourite playlist you headed to work, you stepped out onto the road up ahead you could see in an alley a crowd of early workers just like yourself.
You wondered what type of lives they must lead and where they all work, all questions that probably wouldn’t be answered.
You stared back down on your phone shuffling through the songs until you found that perfect one. Smiling now satisfied, you look back up to spot a tall brunette man staring directly at you.
Furrowing your eyebrows you try to avoid the on-coming man, however you couldn’t ignore his look. His eyes were sharp and wise like his soul was old, his coat flailed behind him as you noticed how fast he was walking.
Then just as you passed him, you felt a strong hand take grip on your upper arm, he spins you around almost dragging you behind him.
“Just keep walking, don’t be alarmed. I’m the doctor and I need your help.” He muttered under his breath, his eyes darted from side to side to see if anyone noticed. However they didn’t.
“The doctor? Doctor who?” You asked quietly, your breathing shook as you tried to keep up with the tall man.
“You don’t remember me? Of course you don’t you were one last time you saw me.” He half spoke to you and half spoke to himself.
You were confused, as a child you grew up on stories of a doctor but he was just a story.
“What do you need me for?” You questioned, the doctor looked at you as soon as a tall blue police box came into view.
“Like I said, I need your help. You’ll either trust me and get into the TARDIS, that big blue box over there or you’ll go to work and forget this ever happened. But I know that somewhere in that brilliant mind of yours, you know who I am and pick the right choice.” The doctor stared you in the eyes.
He was right, you remembered the stories. So you simply looked at the TARDIS and whispered…

inquisitor as a companion: banter

Cole’s reflection on their thoughts: “She smiles, but it’s… strained. Stained. Stretched too tight for strangers. So much stone, but I can see the sky. She’s small, slight, but bigger on the inside, bursting like the blue box. Too loud. I can’t hear more. Sorry.”

If her relationship with the Inquisitor is unfriendly, all Cole offers is “She doesn’t like you.”

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Revenge Sketch | Nolan & Emily undercover visits 3.12

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I bet that anon doesn't remember the book either because, Gale is a badass. He loves Katniss, he watches her go to the arena, he takes care of her family, he watches her pretend to be in love with Peeta and knows it's needed, he convinces Katniss of staying and fighting, he saves her family when they destroy district 12 (along with a bunch of other people), he fights for district 13 side by side with Katniss. He's a badass, a great character. tsk, anon. tsk.

i-like-blue-boxes said: Perhaps Neal heard their secrets but once Emma crossed the bridge she was talking really low, almost whispering and JUST to Neal. My bet is he heard but, they didn’t. Which makes me feel awful because Hook just saw the hug.

Yep….which makes me wonder, exactly when will everyone know about what Neal did to Emma in the past? Not just Hook, even Snowing.
I’ve been feeling incredibly broken over Hook in the past few episodes…….ugh but you’d think I’m just glad he finally has someone to LOVE. :’) He seems like a person who needs to love a person to really live.


little doodles on the envelopes i sent out today - for ciel-crossing, dripstraction, and animauxing 

also the day i learned i can’t center things for shit w o w