i like big pugs


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boofintheboofer  asked:

You seem to really like pugs

I really like dogs! Specially big dogs, y’know, those that can easily knock you off your feet if they decide to jump on you, MAN i love them

but pugs are special, i mean, every dog is special in their own way (all the pets are tbh) but pugs idunno, theres something on that weird adorable little happy face of them, i just cant take it

I also really like shibas, and corgis! huskies are soo beautiful.. dont even get me started on basset hounds, ohhh boy, fila brasileiro too (my two dogs are from that breed).. well yeah, i really REALLY like dogs. all of them

(i think its worth mentioning the fact that i have a folder specifically created for dog photos)

(that folder is my happy little place)

Thanks to those who popped in for the stream!

I can’t draw pugs.

Based off of an episode of Hat Chat where Smiffy announced his undying love for this breed of doggy and how he wanted to carry one in his hood