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GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FINALS. I just want to know how Bucky feels about animals other than dogs (which I think he likes, now I'm second-guessing myself). Which ones would he adopt as pets and which ones would he prefer to be nowhere near him or in a proper zoo/in the wild?

there are pretty few animals that i dont think are great. if it holds still,  im gonna pet it. if it bites me, well, i already got one metal hand, i could probably make do with two metal hands. although it would probably sound like banging pots and pans together when i clapped. 

having had several long conversations with various animal-powered superpeople, i can say that as much as i would like to have a pet tiger, most wild animals are better off staying that way, or left in the care of professionals who know what the heck theyre doing. i barely know what the heck im doing with my own life, let alone the life of some animal. 

thor and i have been watching this show called crocodile hunter. if steve irwin was still around he probably would have shown up in new york a few years ago to wrassle some chitauri. but thor assures me hes quite happy meeting various dinosaurs up in valhalla. 

hey. all concerts are good concerts but sign me the FUCK up for small venue concerts over big arena concerts any day

After how many people liked my Ad Goblin, I decided to do a pass on some of the other NPCs from Heroes and Halfwits. These were a bit trickier since they don’t have players associated with them. So I decided to take other RT staff members and cast them in the rolls.

Quork is Gavin. I mean, big nose/beak, bird sounds, no one likes him. Easy.

Father Dori is Burnie. He’s the conscience of the group, patient with them and very caring about their well being.

Nah is Barbara. Barbara can exude a strength that is perfect for a hand to hand fighter like Nah.

Sanji was hard to cast, given the lack of respect the character received, its almost zealotry towards Bo and the eventual reveal. But I decided Lindsay was the best way to go. She’s so easy to make innocent looking but also crazy, which are the two biggest character traits for Sanji.

I’d like to eventually do the other Kenku, which will be Ray (because he’s dead) and Nah’s mother, who will Anna Hullum.

The plan is to eventually do sheets like I did for the Ad Goblin, both for all the NPCs and the PCs. I’m doing some commission work too so this will be an sporadic thing for right now. I’d like to have them all done before RTX. I’m thinking I might donate prints to art Sidequest auction, but we will see.


Robin: “Th- The only reason I am ‘small’ is because my bones, with me being of the avian kingdom, and because of this my bones are light to enable me to fly, but since I cannot fly they’re useless, and, if I might add, THE ONLY REASON I AM WHAT YOU CONSIDER TO BE ‘SHORT’!-”

Manny: “Yeah, like a little baby pigeon!”

Harry: “I’m taller than both of you. Now stop.”

Once in a lifetime sighting of an extremely rare bird (or at least around the area I was in)! Called “cuiniao” in pinyin! :3 Sorry for really bad photo tho XD