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Day 10 

I tried my best with something other than a brush pen for once…oof. not the cleanest work, but I had fun with my favorite blue boy 💙💙💙

as for who gave him the bloody nose, I’ll let you decide that


He’s gonna die


some more asakiku doodles (guess who didn’t know that was a thing until this morning??)

also most of you might not know but I did my university dissertation about pirates and LEMME TELL U ABOUT JAPAN KICKING ASS AT BEING PIRATES way to go island buddy

[TRANS] Haru Hana Vol. 41 Issue ‘Interview with NCT 127′

Group Interview

NCT127 who were the last to appear on stage at the 68th ‘Sapporo Snow KPOP Festival’ held on the 12th of February. Because of their Japanese member, Yuta, we were able to hear their stories on their first time in Hokkaido.

Q: What did you do in Sopporo?
Taeyong: We saw the snow and everyone played like kids.
Doyoung: We haven’t seen snow in a while and everywhere we go there’s piled up snow, we played happily. We also wanted to show our fans this scenery, so we took photos and shared them on SNS.

Q: What did you eat?
Mark: Ramen.
Taeyong: Shabu-shabu and sushi.
Yuta: Can I speak Japanese? It was my first time eating miso ramen in Sapporo, it really is delicious, everyone all ate like they were possessed by a hungry demon.

Q: During your concert, Taeyong performed Kotori Yoshino’s gag, who showed it to him?
Yuta: I showed it to him, and he seemed to like it a lot, so he decided to do it once.

Q: Yuta also worked hard to be the MC.
Yuta: Normally it’s hard for me to express my feelings in Korean, but I can freely do so in Japanese, so I want to talk more and interact more, ad libs just comes out.

Q: How did the other members feel after watching Yuta?
Johnny: This was my first time coming to Japan with Yuta, and because he was so used to Korea, I thought he is almost a Korean. But after seeing him in Japan I thought ‘ah, (he’s) Japanese’.
Mark: That’s right, that’s right
Taeyong: He came to Japan and did various things well. (He) organised our food menu as well.
Haechan: When we arrived in Japan and asked about things we didn’t know, Yuta hyung helped us.
Jaehyun: During the show when we were doing the ment, I also asked questions, Yuta hyung overcame it all.

Q: I am going to bring up a unique fashion topic, what kind of style of plain clothes do you like?
Winwin: I like clothes that are clean (bright) and smart.
Doyoung: I like comfortable clothes. Casual clothes.
Taeil: For me, training wear. I really like being comfortable.
Yuta: I like (wearing) entirely black. Or all black.
Jaehyun: I like all kinds of colours. I also like anything monotone, simple but with a point.
Haechan: I like comfortable clothes~
Taeyong: I like baggy clothes. For example, a t-shirt that I have at home for 5 years.
Mark: It differs depending on how I feel. I pick clothes according to how I feel.
Johnny: I also wear clothes depending on how I feel that day, I pick clothes that can express my feelings.

Q: Which member cares about their fashion the most?
Mark: I think it’s Winwin hyung.
Yuta: Isn’t it fashion terrorist Winwin?
Doyoung: It’s high fashion (as in high fashion sense).
Taeil: You will be surprised when you see it.

Q: What goals would you like to achieve in 2017?
Taeyong: We would like to have more activities in Japan, and in Korea of course.
Yuta: There will be a lot of chances this year to come to Japan so please look forward to them.

Solo Interview

Q1:Food I can’t get sick of
Q2:If I could go on a one-day trip without any distance restriction
Q3: Member with who I want to always stay together
Q4: Song that I like
Q5: Praise for another member
Q6: A word for Japanese fans

A1. Samgyeobsal, Pizza (it has been my favorite food)
A2. Gangwon-do. I want to go to a ski resort for skiing and snowboarding
A3. Johnny. We talk well. Even if I ask strange questions, he answers well. It’s fun.
A4. NCT127 LIMITLESS. The more you listen, the better it becomes
A5. Taeil -> Johnny:  He is calm. He is tall.  Can communicate well with anybody.  Language Skills (English, Korean, Chinese). He is strong. 
A6. Thank you for always giving us your support. From now on we’ll work hard to be able to show you a cool stage and music. NCT fighting!

A1. Sandwich. You can eat it wherever and whenever you want, there are a lot of types as well.
A2. I want to sleep on my bed in our house in America.
A3. I like all of the members!!
A4. Coldplay – Yellow
A5. Johnny -> Taeyong: Really handsome. Knows for sure what he is looking for. It’s cute when he tries to look cool.
A6. I wish there were more fan signs where I can meet Japanese fans! Thank you so much for cheering (for us)!

A1. Sujebi. I have liked it ever since I was small, and I also like kneading.
A2. Youngsters’ street, Shibuya. I like fashion so I want to see what it’s like.
A3. Yuta. It’s comfortable (with him) because we’ve known each other for so long.
A4. NCT127 Limitless
A5. Taeyong (JT/N I think in the original text, it was misspelled as from Taeil) -> Yuta: a good friend who is joyful, cheerful, righteous, he always does his best, cool and manly
A6. I will always appreciate the interest and affection we get from Japanese fans. I will continue to do my best to make NCT 127 reputable!!! 

[ YUTA ]
A1. Takoyaki. Isn’t Takoyaki the best?
A2. Europe. Italy. The streets are very pretty.
A3. I don’t have one. I don’t want to be together until we are old (I want to be) together with my beautiful wife in the future…
A4. TVXQ sunbaenim’s Begin. I always listen to it when I sleep.
A5. Yuta -> Doyoung: He sings well. I like his voice. Among the member, he is a person who is always stable. (well-controlled and organised) he is the mediator. He can talk about his personal opinions, but also care about his surroundings.
A6. Japanese fans, it’s Yuta! I am always, always thankful for your cheers!! Please continue to look after us!!

A1. Noodle soup (Udon)
A2. Italy
A3. Taeil
A4. NCT127 Switch
A5. Doyoung -> Jaehyun : I can’t choose one because he has so many charms. I just want to point out his ‘Reverse Charm’. He’s both manly and kind! The charm is coming from the gap.
A6. To my fans in Japan, I will cheer you up because your love and encouragement. 

A1. Water. I never get tired of drinking it.
A2. Neptune. I want to go to Neptune as the first person in the world
A3. Winwin.  He’s my friend. I don’t think I’ll get tired of him when we are together
A5. Jaehyun -> Winwin. Winwin’s is optimistic. He is very innocent but can also be serious at times.  And most of all, he is very, very, very cute. 
A6.  Everyone please love us 'limitlessly’  We (I) will always be grateful.

A1. Meat (chicken, beef)
A2. I want to go to New Zealand. I like everything about it.
A3. Friend. Jaehyun.
A4. NCT127 Limitless
A5. Winwin -> Mark: I really like his personality. He is always considerate and cute. He’s also good at dancing and rapping. He really, really has a lot of charms. Mark who has limitless charms.
A6. Please continue to cheer for us.

[ MARK ]
A1. Chicken. I can eat many different kinds of chicken.
A2. I would like to walk around the town I lived in Canada one more time.
A3. Winwin hyung. It’s interesting how there’s always a new feeling when being together with him.
A4. Justin Bieber - Love Yourself
A5. Mark -> Haechan: His legs are pretty. His energy is overflowing. He’s good at cooking. He’s not good at listening to me but he’s improving.  His character is completely different from mine so it’s interesting.
A6. To all our Japanese fans~!
This is our first visiting Sapporo. After being welcomed by our pretty Japanese fans, I like Japan even more! I would be very happy if we can visit Japan more frequently from now on. Please anticipate the next time we see each other!!

A1. kimchi
A2. Busan. I want to go to eat sashimi.
A3. Doyoung hyung
A4. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
A5. Haechan -> Taeil: He’s good at singing. He plays instruments well. He’s fun, kind, and good at sports.
A6. Everyone, I’m so happy!! Thank you!! 

Translation:  Teddy, Rini, Selin  Esmee, Em @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: llla_ittt

Please take out with full credit

Acceptance as a Queer Asian American

Coming out as pansexual to my grandmother was an extremely important, and I believe, pivotal moment in my life as a queer, Asian young adult. I believe this for many reasons, but there are two specific ones that over shadow the rest.

The first of those is what it meant to me as a Japanese-American woman to feel safe enough and confidant enough in who I was to come out to my grandmother. For the majority of my queer journey up to this point, I was dead set on the fact that I could never tell my grandmother my sexual orientation. No matter the circumstance, I was sure that my grandmother would not understand or approve. No matter the circumstance, there was a great chance of my losing my relationship with her, my strongest tie to my Japanese heritage and her presence in my life as a third parent could be gone forever. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the love between us or isolate myself even more than I already felt from the Japanese community.

As much as my refusal to share my identity with my grandmother was based in my fear of her not loving me anymore, a good portion was also based in how I felt my faux-heterosexuality was essentially tied to my right to my Japanese heritage. I already felt like an imposter for being biracial and I felt that my admission to being attracted to more than just men would give the community more reason to exile me, revoke my membership that I’d come to believe I could only have if my grandmother backed me first. After all, my grandmother was the closest resource I had for my culture and language. Everything that made me feel Japanese I could attribute to her: my round face, olive skin, and almond eyes, my short stature and straight frame, my knowledge of Japanese tradition and lore with her songs and stories, my induction to Japanese pop culture with Studio Ghibli, candies and sweets, cartoons by Sanrio, and watching her Japanese shows on the TV, my love of the Japanese food she’d raised me on, the miso shiru and gyoza that marked my childhood, my interest and grasp of the Japanese language that she’d spoke and sang to me all my life. If she disowned me for this, it would feel like the entire Japanese and Asian community behind her would disown me as well.

When I finally decided to come out as pansexual to my grandma I was twenty. Four years after my official acceptance of the label, I’d gained enough confidence in my intersectionality of identities, enough love and pride for them all, that none of them could be affected by her acceptance or disapproval. My forgiveness and acceptance of my white, Scottish family and heritage had allowed me to discard the shame I felt for being mixed race in the Asian community. My growth and education in my Japanese heritage, history, and language had given me confidence in my identity as a Japanese person that no amount of racial slurs, stereotypes, or discrimination I received from any group of people could shake. My growth and knowledge of my self as a sexually and gender queer person and found footing in the LGBTQ+ community had shed the self hatred and fear of rejection from my mind. As painful as losing my grandmother would be, it would not and could not break me as might have before. I was tired of living behind lies. Being able to do something about that without fear of losing myself in my lost relationship was the most liberating thing I’d felt in my history with my Japanese and queer identities.

The second of the two reasons is absolutely the way my grandmother responded to my coming out. She both met my expectations and surprised me in the best of ways. And by that I mean that her reaction was so explicitly something my grandmother would say and do, but my fear of the worst case scenario had clouded my ability to perceive this outcome over the former.

I saw the opportunity to tell her over a conversation we had started about the recent mass shooting of LGBTQ+ people in Orlando, Florida. The devastation she expressed over the massacre, her clear understanding of the hateful prejudice behind the crime, it allowed me to see her clearer than before.

“I don’t understand why people do that!” I remember her shouting. “Why you got to hurt and kill people just because you disagree? Megan, it does not matter who you love, who I love, it doesn’t matter! Just because you believe doesn’t give you right to take another’s life!”

With her words my perceptions changed. My biases that often allowed me to view her as a stubborn child with an adult’s face and experiences had been pushed aside. Instead of the previously held image I’d had, my view of my grandmother had shifted to that of a women who’d experienced much hardship and shut out many new people and ideas because of it, but was still capable of growth and acceptance of new social norms and ways of thinking. This new image, this new perception of my grandma was a kinder, softer one than I’d met previously. It was one that I was safe with, I could feel it in my stomach and my cheeks.

“You know, it’s kind of scary for people like me, people who like more than just the opposite sex, people like those killed in that club, to be alive right now,” I said. “I’m like them, I like more than just boys, I want to date a girl someday, and it scares me that someone might want to kill me for that.”

My grandmother stared at me for a moment, her bony arms encircling her small legs, a high hum coming from her throat. That hum and the noise of her TV that never got turned off were the only sound in the room for several moments.

“You like girls?” She asked, then gestured to the news on the TV. “Like those people?”

I nodded and she made the same high hum.

“Well you know, Megan,” she said, looking down then back up again. I could feel my heart pounding heavily against my chest. “it does not matter who you love what you believe because you are my granddaughter. You are my first granddaughter and I will love you and take care of you always.”

I felt tears pricking my eyes and my heart slow its pace. I’d cried coming out to each of my parents so far, but this was the first time my tears were from joy.

With my mother I’d cried with frustration and anger at her lack of understanding and patronizing questions. Despite her general acceptance and “I’ll always love you” concluding statements, it’d hurt that she’d had so many concerns and objections. With my father I’d cried with rage, the pain of betrayal, the pain of lost love, and a fear for my livelihood then forward. He’d made me feel like a child running from home who truly had no option of turning back. He’d made me feel like his promises to love and care for me all these years had been out right lies.

But with my grandmother, all I’d felt was an overwhelming happiness from her words. Her straightforward acceptance, her attempt to understand me with out being invasive… I hadn’t been aware of how desperately I’d needed her to respond in this way until she had. With it I felt a tremendous weight lifted off my chest and a surge of love and emotion.

Seeing my watering eyes, my grandmother leaned forward and hugged me. I laughed at how her arms could hardly reach around my shoulders and I scooted closer so to make it easier for her. She patted my back with her bony, knobby, hands and kissed my head.

“I don’t care who you love, Megan. I love you first and that’s what’s important.”

I sniffled and laughed, squeezing her waist in my arms.

“Arigatou gozaimasu, obaachan. Aishite,” I said. “Thank you, grandma. I love you.”

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do you think they have made allura a bit mary sue ish?

Anon, I have to confess that I find it very funny when these accusations are made mostly because like…

The thing that “Mary Sue” is often used to describe is specialness.

Allura is one of the core protagonists. She is going to be special.

I think that sometimes, well-meaning people in writing get very scared of making a character special exactly because they’re scared of making a “Mary Sue”. It comes out to “But Clockie, we can’t have a magical space princess with some kind of ambiguous divine destiny and the traumatic loss of her entire people making her one of the only survivors of an ancient race! That’s Too Many Checkboxes!”

and, yeah- if you’re treating it as a list of checkboxes, and not a backstory.

You can, in fact, take a massive number of cool things and compile them together into one character with it flowing smoothly.

The difference is, did you just toss all this in there with little rhyme or reason, because it was cool?

Allow me to introduce you to someone near and dear to my heart:

This is Doom.

Specifically she is one of the oldest characters I ever created. Like- back in middle school, I had Doom.

Dear old Doom was the child of a dragon and a Japanese yokai whose M.O. and capabilities I never actually researched (nekomata) and her dragon dad was Evil and she looked human for some reason. She could breathe fire and fly and was always chirpy and excitable and so funny and charming and really how could anyone not like her unless they were Evil and Close-Minded and thus there to be beaten down and humiliated comically?

Now here’s the thing about Doom. My point is not that Doom is a bad character, or to say “this, this is a Sue. Allura’s fine.”

My point is actually, Doom is a good character. She’s also just kind of a starting character- I was new to this whole writing game. I was also pretty insecure, and wanted to fantasize about being good at everything, having every cool thing, and being liked. I thought dragons and Japanese culture were really cool, but put basically no thought into them besides that. I thought being full of energy and spontaneous were good likable personality traits and put no further thought into it.

And I fell into cliches, racism, and various other issues.

But Doom is not fundamentally a bad character. With a better understanding of what I’m doing, I could take that exact list of characters- humanoid dragon/cat creature that is overenthusiastic, has a negative relationship with one of her parents, mixed race with Japanese heritage and able to take a human form.

The “problem” with Doom of old is lack of cohesion. Because her traits really are just a list of checkboxes with very little thought on how they fit together. Like how a dragon and a magical cat reproduced in the first place, both biologically and why they’d have a child together if they had such staunchly opposed moral viewpoints.

That’s not something I think you can really accuse Allura of. Because? All of Allura’s points have been given a lot of thought and fit together smoothly and fluidly. They did not just take a stereotypical tolkienesque elf and throw her into deep space. A lot of thought is given to the Alteans and how they work. Allura does not have unforeshadowed powers or solve problems effortlessly without consequence.

The Alteans, like many of the other species we see, have a beneficial quirk (shapeshifting). Magic is not their trick, since we see multiple species have that.

I’ve mentioned this before but I think “Mary Sue” is a really ineffective piece of criticism because it tries to cast a net for a broad variety of writing problems- some of which are not even actually writing problems as much as sometimes, the term is used specifically to criticize a female character being too important to the plot. And while it’s not always used that way, I think “Mary Sue” has kind of outlived its potential usefulness as a criticism. It’s at a point where the vague specter of the Sue has become a character in and of itself, when, I think if we’re being honest with ourselves- all of us live our fantasies through our characters to a degree. And our early characters were usually the more blatant fantasies.

But that’s kinda the point. Writing and creating characters should not be a joyless puritan exercise. Like, let’s just be dead honest here, the reason why we are into Voltron as a show is because someone looked us dead in the eye and said “Do you want to see a combining mecha made of lions fight a guy in space” and that is not a pitch you can say no to.

As a child I had a keen sense of what was really cool and wanted to cut straight to that. This person is going to be able to shoot lasers. Because, of course they can.

That was frankly a gift that I threw away, and I’m currently trying a lot as a writer to get it back. To actually cut loose and let my characters be special and exciting- because there’s a reason they’re a major character! There’s a reason I want people to care about them! I feel like, compared to my past self, I’ve improved technically quite a bit, but honestly some of the wild imagination I had when I was younger, I’ve lost. It’s important to balance what’s logical and makes sense with sometimes taking your audience by the shoulders and going “Lightning wizards.” because honestly, most of the time, most people will reply with “…continue.”

So I guess my rebuttal is: Characters are allowed to be special, and I think we should retire Mary Sue as a criticism. If you have a further problem that we should bring up, let’s use other words to explore that.

morning (fic)

Fandom: Bleach

Characters/Pairing: IchiRuki

Summary:”Do you believe in the future?” Written for @deathberryprompts‘ “dawn” this week. 

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the marvelous adventures of germany: true luv
  • Germany: I am not gay
  • Italy: hi
  • Germany:
  • Germany: shit
First Impression: Duolingo for Japanese (app)

Duolingo finally released Japanese today (although it only appears to be available on the app so far), and I decided to try it out. For reference, I’m someone who has never used Duolingo before but has studied Japanese for several years. If you’re a Duolingo expert, this might not be helpful for you.

When I first opened the app, it allowed me to take a placement test rather than start from the beginning. Below, I’ve included an example question from the test as well as a screenshot showing my placement after finishing the test. Duolingo let me skip 24 sections (I’m calling each of those circles a section).

After that, I decided to use the “test out” option on 8 more sections, which allows you to answer questions more specifically related to that topic. You get to make 4 mistakes before you fail the test and have to either start over or go through the lessons. It doesn’t take very long to go through each test if you already know the material.

Here are a couple questions from the “test out” tests. The questions either present you with an English sentence and require you to translate to Japanese or vice versa, and sometimes there are word options (as you can see above), but other times you have to type in an empty text box. I was frustrated a couple times when I was marked wrong for giving answers that were very close to what the app wanted, but overall it’s pretty good at taking multiple possible translations for each question. There’s also an option to report an error with the question if you truly believe your translation was correct.

I then decided to try one of the lessons (each section is divided into multiple lessons). I was surprised to see that the lessons are basically the same as the “test out” tests, except you can tap on each word in the given sentence to see possible translations for that one word. (You can’t tap on the words during a test.) Tapping on words definitely helps you narrow down the options when you’re picking out the translation. 

I also noticed that sometimes in the lessons, one of the words is highlighted. When you click on each character in this word, the app actually suggests a list of words that have that character in them. Below, you can see what popped up when I selected う、す、and い from うすい. 

At this point, I was starting to wonder how Duolingo actually teaches you new things, so I tried purposefully getting something wrong in the lesson mode to see what would happen. It simply said I was wrong and told me the correct translation of the sentence.

Overall, Duolingo’s Japanese course is very sophisticated. I really like being able to hear each sentence spoken in Japanese, and I appreciate the fact that multiple translations are often supported for each question. The main downside I see is that it might be hard to learn Japanese from scratch this way. It seems like you would have to learn purely through trial and error. Because of this, I think Duolingo would be best for someone who needs practice on top of a more structured learning plan from a class or textbook.

Also, I’ve almost exhausted all of the sections available in the Japanese course already, so I’m not sure if more sections are going to be added or if Duolingo just doesn’t cater to advanced learning. I will definitely keep checking back to see how the course gets updated, and I’ll try out the web version as soon as possible!

I’ve seen a lot of people reacting to Hanzo’s new stuff in a sorta… Maybe bad way?
I mean like
His dance
A lot of people have been making fun of his dance, saying he’s a bad dancer or that he looks like a dork, etc.
Now I’ll be the first to admit I know next to nothing about Japanese culture but I feel like I can recognize an old cultural dance when I see one and that looked like a cultural dance.
Next, his new skin
Where he’s wearing “socks with sandals”
Once again, not super familiar with Japanese culture, but come on guys even I recognize that as traditional Japanese footwear.
So yeah maybe his new stuff is a bit formal and old fashioned, but I sorta feel like calling him a dork and saying he looks silly because he’s being traditionally Japanese is like…
I feel like that’s bad.
I’m not Japanese so I’m not gonna pretend to be an authority on it but like,
Maybe not a great thing to do?

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What are your race headcanons for the Gotham Rogues?

AHHHHHHHHH ok no one ever asks me about my race headcanons lol

  • edward’s black (i actually have a much longer headcanon of eddie being adopted by a white family and in school and at home he’s always treated as not as good enough as white children even tho he’s really smart so he overcompensates by learning so many different things but it’s never enough.) 
  • selina is latinx/cuban
  • i could see harvey being biracial, white and latinx. just goes into fast and angry spanish when he’s pissed off?
  • i personally see poison ivy as being indian (when she’s not green lol)
  • i hadn’t really thought much about jonathan until i learned something new recently, but i like the idea of him being japanese? there’s actually a shinto god called kuebiko that’s represented as a scarecrow in japanese mythology. 
  • harley is jewish

haven’t really thought much about the other rogues (joker is definitely white, the whites can keep him lmao) but there are ofc the poc villains (or voc as i like to call them, villains of color) such as croc, bane and the al ghuls. 

I like to think of Tim being French, Italian and American-Japanese. The Italian and French being from Janet, and the American-Japanese being from Jack. Mrs Mac travelled with Janet from France, her birthplace, and is part of the main reason Tim speaks fluent French. Janet taught him Italian, and he knew bits of German from his main tutor, Ms Schmidt, since he was young. He has his father’s black hair and a natural tint to his skin from his mother. I usually think his eyes are brown, from Jack.

hey what if i uh became a translator

i remember reading somewhere in the wiki that jolyne’s mom is italian, and i really like the idea of jolyne knowing how to speak the language

what/who she and giorno are talking shit about, you decide