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got myself a muscle tank hell yea

Youngbin as your boyfriend

A/N: I got a request to do this and I’m procrastinating my school work so here you go :))

  • Very typical boyfriend
  • The type to be like “Don’t worry, babe, I got you”
  • Random hugs all the time
  • You are the mother of 8 children be aware
  • All of SF9 bully him for being sappy around you
  • He comes with you when you go shopping, but only because you ask him veeeery sweetly
  • “Can we eat soon?”
  • “I’m not done yet, Youngbin”
  • “But I’m hungry”
  • “I need new underwear”
  • Suddenly he’s interested in your shopping
  • He likes being alone with you a lot
  • Just the two of you, talking about random things
  • Plus he can do skinship without being bullied 
  • He loves having you sit on top of him on the couch, his hands running up and down your sides
  • “What are you looking at?”
  • “You.”
  • “I can tell, but why?”
  • “Because you’re gorgeous”
  • Loves to take you places, like he’ll take you on a weekend holiday for your birthday
  • Because, and I quote him: “You deserve it”
  • You’re probably best friends with the hyungline in SF9
  • You can’t even count the times you’ve put pranks on Youngbin with Dawon
  • He’s usually very quiet about his feelings but every once in a while he’ll rant to you about his worries because he really really trusts you
  • Btw you guys have a really nice and healthy sex life (aka. you get down a few times a week)
  • And that’s all I’m going to say about that part uuuuhm 
  • Outside dates where you go to markets and share food
  • Half of SF9 joined your date
  • You complain about them being loud and Youngbin apologizes for it
  • At one point Rowoon puts his arm around you and Youngbin gets silently jealous even though Rowoon is just being friendly
  • Youngbin might kiss you a little harder than usual when you get home
  • But really he means well because he just always wants you to know that he is yours and only yours and he needs to make sure it’s mutural :))

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What EXO Thinks While Dancing - Ko Ko Bop

Xiumin: “Shimmy shimmy ko ko bop, I think I like it”

“You know what else I like?  Seducing the EXO-L’s from the stage and through the camera.”

“You all like my black hair?  I estimate there are 1 million underwears being thrown at me on screens around the world.”

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Suho: “Ah woo~”

“I get to sing in this song, wow.”

“I would like to thank SM, my mom, my dad, and my maknae Sehun for believing in me.”

“Will I be noticed at last????”

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Baekhyun: “Shimmy shimmy ko ko bop, I think I like it”

“You know what I don’t like?  This damn mullet.  I can’t believe you did this to me SM.  I know I’m extremely versatile, but damn.  Give me a break.“

“I mean, I know I rock it, because I’m Baekhyun.  But please don’t do this again.”

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Chen: “It’s okay.”

“Ahhh~ That’s a good imaginary blunt.”

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Chen: “Wooooah…”

“I have so many ideas I need to write down…”

“I got an idea that’ll make EXO rich“
“All we need is some money“

“The word bed looks like a bed“
“I need to show Xiumin while we lie in the bed”

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Chanyeol: “I’m Park Chanyeol”
“I have pink hair“
“In this comeback”
“Throw underwear”

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D.O: “Hmm, where have I seen this before?”

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D.O: “Ah, yes I remember.”


Kai: “You thought I was going to be nice just because this is Ko Ko Bop and not The Eve?”

“You obviously don’t know who you’re dealing with.”

“I’m Rude AF Kai and don’t you forget it.”

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Sehun: “You can do this Sehun.  You finally have some responsibility.”

“You are a confident, competent maknae.”

“You can begin the dance and strongly lead EXO to complete it.”

“Vivi is watching, don’t mess this up.”

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[[ // Masterlist // ]]

Note: Like the BTS version this is on the suggestive side. Not smutty or nsfw but a little sexy as it is about lingerie. This is part 2 for GOT7. Seventeen will be done soon. If anyone is interested in it send me a request and I might make a picture post of what kind of underwear I can see them liking.


He`d probably be hella excited for it. However would try to stay calm. He`d be showing you a lot of different sets and pieces that he likes. I can see him being into simple and charming underwear. Something that compliments your curves. Not too revealing but not innocent either. A simple, mature style. Doesn`t have any color prefrence but you can never go wrong with black though.


He`s probably a little shy but would also be kind aexcited. He`d let you pick out things and would give little comments here and there. For prefrence I think he`d be a lot like JB, though I can se Mark liking colors. So maybe a few strong blues and reds would be directly in his lane.


Now jackson would be so giddy to go lingerie shopping with you. He`d search out tons of sets that he`d like to see on you. He would be the type to buy 5 completely different sets, explaining himself by saying everybody need a little change every now and then. He`d love sexy, elegant pieces in all kinds of colors. Stockings, corsets or nighties he`d be into it all.


I`m not saying jinyoung is kinky, but that`s exactly what I`m saying. He`d be calm though. He`d let you choose the things you like and would then suggest any other pieces he likes. Accessories would a turn on, big time. Especially into stockings. Would probably like somemthing revealing and sexy in a deep red on you.


He`d be a mix of Jackson as he`d be giddy about it, but in taste he`d be more like JB and Mark. He`d find things that he would find compliment your body type and probably chuckle whenever you were to blush or be shy. He`d like simple and lace underwear the best. Might be into light colors.

sorry not sorry for this gif


Surprisingly mature when shopping. Will show you what he likes but would ultimately let you choose. I think he`d love something fancy and cute, with bows and little frills, but not in a childish kind of way. Just something that has a little bambam in it.


He`d be a bit awkward at first but wouldn`t shy away from telling you what he likes when you ask. I can see him being quite good at matching is own and your taste. He may be the maknae but honestly I think he has a very mature taste. Something elegant and expensive looking would be a definit turn on.



Criminal Minds Appreciation Week

Day 6: Favourite wardrobe 


Brent Seabrook plays Grand Prize Game with Bozo, and wins some… very interesting prizes 

for my fellow Seabs appreciation club member @keets-blog

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

I am thinking Bucky is the one complaining about there being so much damned underwear cause while he likes to steal his boyfriends every once in while to entice them, he'd also like to wear his own for fucks sake and which one of you is wearing clints face on your crotch, how did these boxers even get in here? Steve is the one complaining about the messes they make even though he can be just as bad. Tony is the one they always tickle attack, they worry they gang up on him to much. Thoughts?

Oh, I definitely like the idea of Bucky being the one pissed off about the underwear situation. Also, I agree with the tickle attacks too. Not that Bucky and Steve can’t be the ones always being tickled attack, but when you consider the differences in physical strength, Steve and Bucky need to be a lot more aware of Tony’s reactions when rough housing with him, because Tony can’t physically stop them without his suit. So yeah, they probably worry that they come off as ganging up on him too much when really the just want to be affectionate with him.

Oh, and here is the mini fic your thoughts inspired:

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Costumes and Brothers

Summary: Stiles takes his little sister Halloween costume shopping and is very vocal about what he thinks is appropriate and what is not.

Note: I have some other requests to do, but I went to Spirit Halloween last night and was inspired. I’m really super-duper extremely excited for Halloween and I really wish I had a Stiles in my life rn

“So…” Stiles caught the baseball he had tossed up in the air and passed it back and forth between his hands. “What do you wanna do?”

           I sighed. “I don’t know.” We had been stuck in the house for most of the day due to near constant rain storms. I had already finished my homework, checked over it once, and then a second time. Stiles had done his homework as well and texted his friends to see what they were up to. Everyone was busy, though, while my brother and I had nothing to do.

           “We could watch Beyond Scared Straight.”

           “No, we finished that last night.”

           “Right, right.” Stiles resumed tossing the ball in the air.

           I slumped further into the couch cushions. “We could play Mario Kart.”

           Stiles shook his head. “You always win when we play Mario Kart.”

           A grin stretched my face. “Exactly.”

           “No, no, no. Just… no.” He sat up abruptly and popped his neck. As he did so, he leaned forward and swiped up the newspaper from the coffee table. Dad always reads the paper before going into work. He sits right in the middle of the sofa with a steaming cup of coffee and just reads. I think he likes the peace and quiet.

           Stiles flipped the newspaper over. “You know, Halloween is coming up soon.”  


           “And…” he held the paper out to me. “We don’t have costumes yet. There’s a new Spirit Halloween store that opened a few streets over. We should go check it out.”

“Are you sure that it’s open Stiles?” I asked as we pulled up. “The windows look dark.”

           “Yes, of course it’s open. Can’t you see the sign?” He scoffed. “Come on; let’s go.” He hurried out of the Jeep, and I followed close behind him.

           A dance-remix of I Will Survive blasted from the speakers set up inside the display of strobe lights. Skeletons swaddled in cloth hung from the ceiling at different intervals, and scattered on the floor were random bloody body parts.

           “Nice.” I remarked as I crinkled my nose.

           “Alright, looks like your costumes will be over there.” Stiles gestured to the tween department.

           I huffed and crossed my arms. “Ha-ha, you’re so funny. I’m 16, not 6.” Stiles just rolled his eyes. I grabbed his arm. “Look, I see some superhero costumes over here. We could match.”

           “Like a couple costume?”

           “…I guess.”

           “Yeah, okay, here’s the problem with that: you’re my sister.

           “I’m pretty sure Batman and Robin weren’t a couple, either.” I held out a bag containing a Robin costume. “What do you think?”

           Stiles placed one hand on his hip while the other rubbed his mouth. “I think that’s a little too sexy for my little sister.”

           “How? It’s just a dress.”

           “It shows boobs.”

           “Everything shows boobs because I have boobs!”

           “Whatever. Here, try this one…” He held out a bag to me.

           Sighing, I turned it around to see the advertising picture. “Stiles… this is a male costume.”

           He nodded. “Yep. And it will cover all needed areas.”

           I stared at him for a moment before shoving the bag back into his chest. “You can be Robin if you like this costume so much. I’ll be Batman- erm, Batgirl. Hm…” I walked around the display, Stiles protesting all the while. I just ignored him- something I’ve gotten rather good at over the years. Finally I came across a Batgirl costume.

           I showed it to Stiles. “This one’s not so bad.”

           He stared at it for a moment. “I guess not.” Then his eyes darted from the bag to my body and back. “Except for the length, the fitting, the material. On second thought, I hate it. Pick something else.”

           Groaning, I racked the bag and stomped further down the aisle. “Okay. How about Harley Quinn?” I pointed to the form-fitting fake-leather tank and pants. “I could put my hair-”

           “You’re joking, right?” I looked at him expectantly, waiting for the rest of his rebuff. “This is worse than the Batgirl and the Robin costumes combined. No way.”

           I crossed my arms. “Stiles, you’re not being very fair.”

           He settled both hands on his hips this time. “Yeah, well, I’m paying for it so I get a say.”

           As I continued onto the next superhero aisle, I mumbled, “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you get to play dictator.”

           “What was that?”

           I quickly recovered, “I said, ‘Look at this Wonder Woman costume.’”

           “Y/N I know you are not being serious because that looks like goddamn underwear.”

           I held my hands up in surrender. “Alright, fine. Chill.” I nudged a Black Widow costume. “All necessary areas covered. What do you think?”

           “…it’s a little tight.”


“Did you guys find everything okay?” The man behind the counter greeted us as we set our costumes on the counter.

           “Yes, wonderful, thank you.” Stiles smiled and fished his wallet out. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

           “So, let’s see here… brother and sister?”

           I nodded stiffly.

           “That’s awfully nice of your older brother to do this.”

           “So I’ve been told.” I spit through gritted teeth. Stiles beamed.

           The man realized that I was not in the mood to chit-chat so he began to scan our bags. “Going as Batman, eh, young man? That one seems to be popular among the kids these days.” He flipped over my bag and blinked. “And… a nun?”

           “My brother picked it out.”


Long-time South Park watcher (I still maintain that it is one of the smartest shows on TV) and long-time Tumblr user, and yes, like many of you, I, too, am one of those ‘social justice’ people. I strongly believe that both sexism and racism are still alive today in more subtle ways and the sexual orientation, despite the claims that we are all accepting, is obviously still a confusing and messy subject for some.

Now, I get that a lot of people are turned off by South Park’s latest episode, Stunning and Brave, thinking it’s mocking people who are defending their rights, thinking it’s the equivalent of dudebro trolls calling a woman a ‘feminazi’ when she is merely stating her point.

I can understand where some of you are coming from, especially for a first time South Park watcher. At first glance, it may seem like they’re mocking Tumblr people and all ‘social warriors’.

But let me ask you this: of the ‘politically correct’ extremists you saw on the show last night…which one of them was actually a POC? Or a woman? Or showed any indications of being anything other than heterosexual?

That was South Park’s point. As a long-time South Park viewer, I can tell you that irony is one of their finest and reoccuring themes. The irony is that sadly, many ‘social justice warriors’ are a lot like the PC fratboys: they say these things to fit in with the social ideals, yet their actions completely contradict their words.

You’ll find a lot of them, in and out of Tumblr. The ‘feminist’ slut-shaming the local popular girl for sleeping with more than two guys. That one guy who preaches about homophobia who will say things like ‘asexual lol that’s not a thing’.

What makes these people unlikeable is the fact that they use social justice as some kind of special pass that justifies their behavior because they have ‘good intentions’.

For example, they harass Kyle, who is a little Jewish boy, for thinking that Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero to him (shout out to Kyle Broflovsky who has literally voiced everything I have thought about the Caitlyn Jenner issue but that’s another story). When Cartman nearly blackmails the PC Principal for sexual abuse, the PC Principal is more focused with connecting Cartman’s words to sexist issues that don’t even make sense than his actions. 

The idea was never to piss off people who genuinely want to point out the issues and fix them. It’s the equivalent of a conversation that goes like this:

Someone: I don’t really understand why women don’t like being seen in underwear but are fine with going out in bikinis. What’s the difference.

And someone can either answer…


Or they could answer…

A Good Feminist: The difference is that when women are in bikinis, they choose to be seen like that, whereas a woman in underwear being seen implies an invasion of privacy. 

So you see, kids, South Park was mocking people who would probably answer like the PC Principal. If you are one of those people, then I heavily suggest sorting out your priorities because you can’t preach one thing by just calling everyone stupid. Instead, you’re reinforcing a negative stereotype that portrays us as ape-like extremists. That’s not to say someone who supports these things can’t be angry. But you can’t be unreasonable.

If you need proof that South Park is, in fact, a show that is actually very intelligent when it comes to social issues, take a look at one of my favorite episodes, The Hobbit, where young feminist (and arguably one of the only sane characters along with Kyle) Wendy Testaburger is fighting against photoshopped images giving young girls unrealistic expectations regarding their bodies. Warning: The episode is rather sad, but it does give a brutally realistic ending. 

Going back to episodes like this and ‘Starvin Marvin In Space’ also acknowledges the mistreatment of African cultures by missionaries and the irony of Christian education and their colonisation.

Now, let’s all take a deep breath, calm our shits, and go home to fuck our hot wives, K?

a-shippers-tale  asked:

I just had a wild crazy thought of an underwear model AU for percabeth. Like Percy is the model and annabeth the photographer. (Basically anything that lets me imagine Percy shirtless is 💯) 😂😂

lol girl I feel that deeply. It would probably be swimsuits tho cause I can’t see him being an underwear model. But like………Percy in swim trunks that hang low on his hips in a tropical location?? And he’s probably at least a little wet???? g i r l 🙏🏾 Annabeth would be suffering and living at the same time

so guys when you start living on your own slash living at university make sure to lock your room/flat/house doors at night because i didnt and some random girl just walked in on me in my bra as i was trying on my wip poison ivy cosplay and she got an eyeful of yours truly in my underwear, very confused as to why a stranger just walked into my room. it took her a few seconds to register that a) she was in the wrong room b) she was in the wrong flat c) i was in my underwear so queue me being like “ur in the wrong flat omg” while trying to cover myself and her awkwardly retreating and kids that is university life for you and i felt like i was in a goddamn fanfic