i like being a creep

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea

like i dn’t mean this in a freaky way, b/c i feel like it can come across as me being.. a freak/creep, but it’s so relaxing/reassuring seeing gay couples jst… together? holding hands? smiling @ each other? talking? every single time i feel better, more @ peace, elated, safer, etc.. and i want to be like “me!! too!!! my girlfriend loves holding my hand!!! i love holding hers!! esp while we grocery shop!!! you two r cute!!!” and i’d never do that, b/c it’s weird, but it truly is jst.. such a nice thing? it leaves me w/ such.. a warm feeling, tbh

we´re on the right side of rock bottom

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Robert awoke with a low grunt, running his hand over his face before squinting open his still heavy eyelids. The bedroom was dark with the curtains closed shut, only illuminated by the red light of the electronic alarm clock sitting on his bedside table. 5:20 am. 

“Happy birthday to me”, Robert grumbled, rolling onto his side and curling in on himself. “Thirty-two…You´re getting old, Sugden.”

Aaron had his back turned towards him, his frame disappearing almost completely under the duvet he had wrapped around himself, his face buried deep in the pillow. Robert reached for him practically out of reflex, slowly combing his hand through his husband´s dark brown curls. 

After the year they had been through, he still didn´t know how he had made it back here. How they had.

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Imagine escaping from the Saviors and Negan looking for you, only to find you at the line up

(Wooo back to some imagines XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D I hope it isn’t too long…Yay, Negan being a creep…I guess? XD Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were tired of everything in your life at this point. You didn’t want to be around these people, calling themselves Saviors, when in reality they weren’t really saving anyone.

You hated seeing their faces especially the man that was leading them and calling himself your “husband”, Negan.

He had found you along the road and after he had saved you from a herd of walkers,he somehow managed to convince you to come along with him and as you got to his place, he instantly confessed to having some feelings for you.

You didn’t know what to do, and you just accepted his offer of being his wife, when you realize there was nowhere to run.

He was oddly nice to you but slowly things started to get creepy with him. He would spend his day following you and keeping his eyes on you, doing anything just to get your attention.

When he was with his other wives, he would request for you to be there next to him and one time had even had the audacity to suggest you to join in with him for a threesome.

You refused all his advances and although he never did anything to you further than hugs and light kisses, you just couldn’t stay with him.


And with that you had managed to sneak away during the night and leave without being seen.

You had walked for days and being quite clumsy you ended up using most of your supplies in the few days that followed.

You were on the road a hot day and as you looked up at the sun, you suddenly lose consciousness.

You woke up to a strangely well decorated and cozy room. As you looked around it, you saw a man sitting by the chair and for some reason instantly your first instinct was to throw your pillow at him.

It woke him up and he stood up quickly. He growling and mumbling something at you.

“What is wrong with you? I saved your life out there…and brought you here and this is how you pay me back? A hello would’ve been enough…”

You looked at him from head to toe and just couldn’t believe he belonged to such a nice place. He seemed too wild and dirty.

Being the loud mouth you were, you said exactly what you thought of him and the whole situation.

It ticked him off and slowly you both got noisy to the point another woman had walked in and pulled him away.

She later came to check on your temperature and while at it ended up explaining everything to you.

She had introduced herself as Denise and told you that the man earlier, Daryl, had brought you back along with him when he saw you unconscious on the road.

As she talked, you started to feel bad for the way you treated him and knew you had to do the right thing and thank him as well as apologize for your reaction.

As you felt better, you walked outside and realized how really nice the place was. You sat by the porch, as Denise warned you to not leave yet and as you did, you were greeted by most of them.


You hadn’t seen Daryl in the next few days but you did rest as much as you could. Although what you had done had pissed him off, he still came to check on you every time you were asleep, making sure you were safe.

One day, you finally got better and you eventually spotted Daryl. Quickly you made his way towards him.

You patted him on his shoulders and as he turned to look at you, you looked in his eyes.

As he noticed it was you, he sighed and said “What?”

“I-I’m sorry about the last time…I just got scared…waking up to see a man and being in such a nice room just threw me off…And I kinda panicked…Also i’m sorry about saying you were wild and stuff…I really am…”

He had crossed his hands and was having fun seeing you getting all shy and nervous in contrast to the first time he saw you awake.

It made him chuckle and just made him want to have a little fun out of you.

“Alright…I get it…But i’m not accepting your apology yet…I gotta get back at you…”

He grabbed your arm and leading you back inside, he went to get a pillow and threw it back at you.

You were shocked to see a grown man being so childish but you couldn’t help but laugh at him. However, being childish as well, you picked up the pillow and hit him back.

It stunned him and quickly he got another one to do the same and you both spent quite some time playing around like kids.

You laughed so much, you had completely forgotten the world and the man you had just walked away from.

You ended up staying in Alexandria and grew to know everyone there and love them, especially Daryl. You felt yourself free there and couldn’t be any happier with your decision, until now.


However, while you were happy, Negan was a mess. As soon, as he had called for you and didn’t hear you answer or walk towards him, he felt his heart drop.

He had paced all over the place and had quickly lost his patience, screaming at the top of his lungs for you.

He didn’t want to believe the worst, you just walking out of his life but knew it wasn’t something impossible.

Everyone had no choice but to help him look for you and were just praying to find you alive and safe.

As they didn’t find you, Negan yelled at them for being incompetent and was just so frustrated he ended up taking someone’s life that night.

As the days passed, Negan sent out some people to look for you everyday and he himself went out with them.

He was determined to find you no matter what and was going to do whatever it took to get you back.

He was infatuated with you and had tried everything to get you to like him and at this point just couldn’t let go of you.


While he was busy looking for you, the people in Alexandria had taken upon themselves to kill some of the Saviors.

You had warned them to not do so but they didn’t heed your suggestion and went at it.

Because of it your happiness quickly turned into a nightmare.

Denise had passed away, you and Daryl had grew apart and he left to avenge her on his own without saying a word to you.

Maggie had been feeling sick and you and the others went along to help her get to the Hilltops.

Along the road, you had been stopped. countless of times and each time you recognized the people as the Saviors.

It scared you to think about what would happen and quickly you turned to be right.


You were now all on your knees on the ground in the cold night and Daryl and the others had been brought to be put in the line along with you.

The men unarmed you all and Negan’s right hand man, Simon, instantly recognized you as he got closer.

He smirked and shaking his head went on as if he didn’t noticed you, walking over to Carl instead.

Soon, you heard the door of the RV open and jumped. You heard a familiar chuckle and knew who it was.

“Pissin’ our pants yet…”

As he said that, he had an amused smile and was just getting excited at the thought of teaching you all a lesson.

However, as he shot his gaze towards you all, he finally noticed you and instantly, he felt his heart race.

He felt his throat getting caught and his eyes widen in shock. He had looked for you for so long that seeing you there was just overwhelming.

He didn’t knew what to say and just stood still in the shadow, taking a good look at you and realizing you were truly well and alive.

He was more than relived and just kept thinking about taking you back home with him and making things right with you.

He just couldn’t ever get mad at you for leaving his side, he couldn’t bring himself to start yelling at you or even thinking of hurting you in any way.

As he stared at you, he couldn’t keep his gaze away from you and took notice of your breathing being ragged, your messy hair and your sweat and tears covering you and still he found you breathtaking.

It went on for a while and it stayed quiet and nobody made a move. You glared up at where he was and just wanted to curse him out for what had been done to your friends.

Both your eyes locked and he finally managed to say your name.


It was soft and low, making it strange for everyone. You didn’t answer him and only kept staring at him angrily thinking about what everyone had went through.

He slowly approached you and smiled.

“You’re alive and fine…That’s good…”

He sighed and with a soften expression, he continued saying “I missed you…I really did…and now you’re here…with these people…”

He then turned his gaze towards Rick and knew  he just couldn’t let him slide for what he did. He made his way towards him and threatened him as planned.

He gradually went back to his crazy and wild self, scaring the crap out of everyone there and started to talk about killing one of you just to get back at them for what they did.

He then started to pick someone out of you and sang “eenie meenie minie moe” his decision, while always avoiding you, obviously


Seeing how scared your friends were and noticing him not counting you along with them, made you understand you were the only able to save the situation.

He was near the end of the song and suddenly, you raised your voice at him and tears were flowing down your cheek.

“Stop! Stop it! Just stop everything! You want me back?!”

It instantly caught his attention and made him lost his count. He looked your way and raising his eyebrow, he got closer to you.

You looked up at him and in a lower tone, you continued.

“You want me to spend the rest of my life with you…don’t you? If that’s what you want…Then…Fine…I’ll go back with you…I’ll do as you want and…i’ll be happy with you and only you…I can promise you that…But only if you don’t kill any of them…and you let them go…”

He noticed you fighting back your tears and just wanted to hold you in that instant. A smile came to him but it went away as he heard Daryl, standing up and trying to reach over at you before getting stopped by the others.

He understood his action and looking back at you, he said “Really?”

He crouched down to you and getting closer to your personal space, he whispered to you.

“If I do as you say….You’ll forget about any feelings you had for any other men, right?”

You bit your lip, regretting what you were about to tell him and nodded at him, while looking away from him.

He cupped your face and made you look at him in the eyes.

“If I do that then it’s only me right…You’ll love only me…Think and care about me…and you’ll be with me forever…no other men will ever have you…right?”

You reluctantly nodded at him and your tears rolled down your cheek. Breathing in and out, you confirmed your promise to him.

“Yes…Don’t hurt them…Leave them alone and i’ll go back with you…”

He smirked, nodded and getting up he pulled you to your feet.

He wiped your tears away and said “As long as you keep your promise…I won’t even think about hurting them…”

You nodded at him and he pulled you over to get to the car. As he did, you looked back at your friends, you told them you were going to be fine.

You felt slightly relived to see them being left alone and standing up one by one, until you met Daryl’s gaze.

All you saw in his eyes was anger and in that moment, you knew he was going to get himself in some trouble because of you.

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The Ultimate Rickshaw Race – RT Life 4K

joel and his baggy shorts. SERIOUSLY, just look at how big his shorts are!!! and how his top literally looks like a cut-up t-shirt. …oh, and remember how burnie said that joel never runs at a panel that one time? well, he (kinda) did!

i don’t want to spoil anything more but can we please appreciate how smiley adam was throughout. and how joel was in character but he did break a smile here and there.

Time to set a new goal!

I had my moment this morning. On May 20th, 2017, I entered ONEDERLAND. I had to do it three separate times because I was too busy being excited for the first two that I forgot to take a picture. 😆

I am so, SO happy. Are you kidding me?! When was the last time my weight started with a 1? My junior/senior years of high school? I graduated almost 10 years ago. I made it to 199 just in time for our vacation next week, but I’m planning on setting my calories to maintenance and enjoying myself while still being mindful, just like I did in Hawaii. That might mean creeping back into the 200s for a short time, but that’s okay with me. I’m so happy with where I’m at. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve done so much that I never thought I could do. I tried and failed SO many times. I had so many negative thoughts each time Anthony suggested we try again. I thought it was stupid and pointless and I rolled my eyes every time he even suggested it. I thought I was just destined to be fat forever and it was useless to even try anymore. Anthony and I still have a long way to go, but we’re no where close to where we used to be. At this point he’s lost a little over 110 lbs. and I’ve lost just shy of 80. We are a good team and we will no longer allow each other to fail. What a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joseon Gunman ▶ Choi Hye Won

Did you forget what kind of child I was? I was a slave, too.

Random Lines: A Bit of a Creep

(Kaliyo and Holly have a short discussion after Vaylin’s fight with Pierce)

Kaliyo: “So, Holly, that thing you did to finish off Pierce, I thought that was some kind of hypnotic dance thing?”

Holly: “Oh, no, I modulate my hologram so that it stuns most things with optical senses. The dance is just because dear Tharan finds it amusing.”

Kaliyo: “So, this ‘dear Tharan’ is a bit of a creep, then?”

Holly: “Don’t say that, he did so much for me. I have many upgrades that increase my freedoms. That is why I am so autonomous. But he has his quirks.”

Kaliyo: “Like being a creep.”