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My Thoughts on Robert Sugden

This post isn’t in response to anything specific.  I’ve just seen the term “character development” a lot recently and it’s just made me ponder and ruminate on Robert Sugden and who he is and why he it who he is.
Now, this isn’t a post about what happened on Tuesday per say, but more along the lines of contemplating what’s brought Robert to this point in his life. Also, lets not forget that the recent character develop of Robert Sugden only began a short 6 months ago. Compared to 10 years of learned/forced behavior, 6 months is relatively no time at all.
I had been wondering how old Robert was when Jack asked him to leave to avoid prison because of the Max situation.  I found that Robert was only 19 years old.  I remember what I was like at 19 and the thought of being sent away from my home and family, at that young age, would had destroyed me.
Robert returned briefly when Jack died, but he didn’t hang around. He had already been away from the village and his family for 4 years.  4 long years.  Heaven only knows what his life was like during the years. Where did he live? Who did he hang around with?  How did he survive?  
He didn’t return again until he was 28 years old.  Almost 10 years later. 10 long years.  It begs to ask, how did he live for those 10 years.  How did he get by?  How did he survive.  Did he lie, cheat, steal, scam?  And all the while, he did it all without the support, guidance and love of a family.  He was essentially left to his own devices at such a young age.
So, although the things Robert did in the past when he arrived in Emmerdale again were deplorable and self-centered, I can see how and why he was what he was.  
That’s the only kind of life he’d known for 10 long years. How else could a boy of 19, with no money, no friends and no family survive?  He had to lie, cheat, steal and scam.
He didn’t have a Zak, Lisa, Chas & Cain and the rest of the Dingle clan, taking him under their wing and making him feel like he belonged somewhere.  He didn’t have a Paddy trying to, against all odds, show him love, guidance and how to be a man. He didn’t have an Adam to be a best mate.  He didn’t have a Jackson and a Hazel to show him that it was okay to be who he was and love himself.
All Robert had was himself and his wits and he used them to the best of his ability to take care of himself because there was NO ONE else.  He was alone.  
So, I understand why some people find it difficult to accept anything less than perfection in Robert since falling in love with Aaron.  And I understand how much people want their relationship to be perfect.  But, for me, realistically, Robert is STILL growing and developing. it’s only been 6 months since he’s turned a corner.  6 months that everyone seems to be expecting to wipe out 10 YEARS of survival behavior.  Give him some time, he’s on the right path, he finally has a family and a best mate (yes, Aaron is his best mate in addition to fiance),  and he finally has a real home.
Sorry this went on for SO long, but it’s just been rattling around in my head for a few days.  
~Lynnette @LvngConsiously

Idk jackshit about Overwatch but I do know that I love D.va, and I worry about her mental health. Is she okay? Is someone making sure she eats and drinks enough water? Is she getting enough sleep? Is she coping with the war in a healthy way? I hope D.va has a good day.

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ok so i fell in love w ur url and started following you then i went to read your faq and it said you ship shiro/paladins and i instantly unfollowed. then there was the "i see the paladins as being 19-20" then i was like oh ok and followed you again. just thought this was a lil funny

Ah! Well thank you for taking a chance on me :’))

Indeed I’ve made it clear that everything I reblog here is done under the assumption of my age headcanons as stated in my FAQ. I appreciate you taking the time to read that <3

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INFP Random Reflection #19

I feel like I’m a being composed of multiple oxymorons… Simultaneously an old soul and youthful soul, brimming with talent yet talentless, a perfectionist who is content with imperfection, both male and female, full of love yet cautious of accepting the love of others… A walking contradiction of a rugged badass who is able to overcome any hardship and a delicate empath who is so sensitive that even the slightest breath of emotion can prove to be utterly overwhelming.

I seriously don’t make any sense to myself at times.

everytime i read some shit yall post that makes me mad i like calm down bc i remember yall are like 19 on average and myself being that self important and whatever but also im emotionally stunted and working on that every dam day……but still like yall rly do say some DUMB ass shit………god

money struggles

okay so, no one has commissioned me. I’ve found a new job but since I’m new I don’t get enough shifts. My car broke down yesterday, I’m about to leave on vacation and I still have no where’s near what I need for school tuition.

So needless to say, I’m REALLY FUCKING STRESSED about money lately. SO FIRST OF ALL, I’m lowering the prices on my commissions again. I will literally draw what ever the fuck you want within reason for $20-$30. So fucking email me at jessica.filipovic@hotmail.com

Also I’m considering setting up a Patreon. Cause like, if half of you guys pledged a dollar, I would have what I need for tuition in a month. Unfortunately I have no idea how to set this thing up and I think you need to give like some sort of reward for the people who support and I don’t know what that would be.

—also posts will come again shortly, kinda took a small break. i’ve been busy making adoptables that no one is buyinggg

One talking point that everyone hit involved the representation of women in the updated Star Wars universe. Like, who did Kennedy identify with in the first trilogy? โ€œItโ€™s an interesting question, because originally I didnโ€™t have a lot of choices,โ€ she said. โ€œBut I have to say thatโ€™s something thatโ€™s going to change.โ€ She promised that in the next two decades of Star Wars movies (because thatโ€™s what weโ€™re getting) theyโ€™d be building more women characters. That should be welcome news to the little girls in costume around the con, because as many of them were in Leia outfits as in Mandalorian battle armor.

Carrie Fisher picked up the same thread when a few members of the original cast came out. โ€œI liked being the only one when I was 19,โ€ she said. โ€œBut now I need some backup.โ€

Clear Skies

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Is there anything better then a nice summer day? A warm but not too hot, bright but not blinding day? A day that is just begging to be enjoyed and if you didn’t, if you sat inside and played Minecraft all day long, you will surely regret the life your led when you lay on your death bed. This is one of those days.

The ball park is busy as it usually is during the late spring to mid summer; full of children, ages 6-13, playing Americans’ favorite past time, as the parents of these children, and myself, watch. I watch from my bike though, riding from Ball field to Ball field in a lousy attempt at exercise, but a lousy attempt is better then my usual no attempt, especially on a day like this. 

I do often worry sometimes, being the age i am, 19, and looking the way i do- “someone who will be arrested for pedophilia whether i fondled the girl or not” as my beloved friend likes to put it. Isn’t that how most people my age pick up young chicks? Offering candy or a ride on their bike? I can see it in some parents eyes as I do laps around the park, passing their field for the umpteenth time, feeling that every time I do I have my eyes on their little girl, and that I’m just waiting for my moment to strike. There is something else putting me on edge today besides the seeming eyes of all the parents.

Have you ever seen a clear sky? Like completely clear, not a cloud insight? People say it’s wonderful, just adding to the beauty of the summer day, but for me it has just never felt right. When I look to the skies and see the clouds, every so often blocking the warmth of the sun, I know it is just business as usual. When I look up though and see nothing but an ocean of solid blue above me, it sets me on edge, like something has come by and taken the clouds away. Like the Devil himself has finally made his strike against Heaven and has vanquished all the Angles who populate it.

Heaven is gone and all we see are perfect clear skies, but it’s only the calm before the storm.

Credits to: http://cpreviews.tumblr.com/     http://i-ate-earth.tumblr.com/

Happy Valentine’s day to all the single people out there who just got out of a bad relationship and to the cuties who just haven’t found the right person yet and the darlings who don’t want to date anyone and the lovely ace chickadees who have all this romance thrown in their faces every year you guys all rock