i like astronomy ok

holy shit guys i literally just found out my actual birth time and half my chart changed?? it was a difference of like 3 and a half hours but literally my moon and ascending signs are different than what i thought among like a million other things

The signs' perfect match for Valentine's Day

Aries: ME

Taurus: ME

Gemini: ME

Cancer: ME

Leo: ME

Virgo: ME

Libra: ME

Scorpio: ME

Sagittarius: ME


Aquarius: ME

Pisces: ME (preferably)

why do we not talk about drunk Jim tho
  • Jim getting absolutely pissed every single Christmas on a bottle of Irish single malt whiskey
  • Sebastian being both appalled and delighted when he finds out this is an annual affair
  • drunk Jim’s normally lowkey Irish accent morphing into a full, nearly unintelligible brogue
  • drunk Jim insulting Sebastian in Gaelic
  • alternatively, drunk Jim flirting with Sebastian and telling him he’s pretty
  • drunk Jim laying face down on his couch and bitching about his employees 
  • “Y'know I’m not s'bad Bastian I’m really not I mean, evrybody gets fuckin’ paid vacation ‘n’ dental and I sent out tha’ bonus last year fer New Year’s. Even sent *hic* flowers ta that one bloke’s wife y'know? Paid for the fun'ral an all…Like yeah ok I fixed 'is brakes but-”
  • drunk astronomy lessons 
  • drunk Jim singing Irish bar songs and trying to get Sebastian to sing with him