i like animals more than people okay

someone: i gave up on ajin the cgi is so bad and ugly lol

me, crawling up to them with tears in my eyes: tHe sToRy, YoU’rE nEGlecTinG tHe sToRy

@ all the people asking me if it’s okay for them to kill bugs that come into their houses… I’m not your father confessor, I can’t give you moral permission or absolution for anything. That’s something you’ll have to determine for yourself.

If you want my opinion/experience? I sometimes kill bugs that surprise me or crawl into my personal space. I may love less charismatic animals, but I don’t like the idea of a spider in my bed any more than you do. If I can catch and release it easily, I will - if not, sorry little guy, you’ve entered a forbidden zone. Nothing personal. I’d never go out of my way to destroy an animal that was not all up in my biz if we could just live and let live.

It’s the self-congratulatory, hate-fueled zeal with which people approach the killing of animals they do not like that repulses me so.

An ENTP’s thoughts on the types

INTP: Dude, live a little. Stop hiding in your numbers and facts no one cares about. Also fewer details. But still, your brain is the coolest thing. Brainstorming with you is one of the most fun activities I can spend time doing. Who the heck cares if we didn’t end up making that Role Playing system, it was fun discussing theoretical mechanics of magic for 3 hours.

ENTP: Duuuuuuuude. You either SUCK as the looseriest looser of all losers or you are a ton of nerdy, chill, sociable fun. 10/10

ENTJ: Where are you? Probably somewhere more successful than me. From the one or two I’ve observed you look super cool and successful and put together. Well done gentlemen

INTJ: CALM DOWN. You don’t have to hide in a dark room just because there are people outside! Though, when you aren’t hiding from others, you are like, the best person to conquer the world with. Fun, Intelligent, and oh so delightfully logical.

INFP: Man you are fun. Like, there is not a single type that makes me giggle with silly glee more. Also, the only type to have a relationship with based on memes. Most excellent.

ENFP: Eww. Stop being so happy. The world is not great and people suck and just stop having so much optimism. Idk why I just have a hate for you. Nothing personal.

ISFJ: Ummmmm. You are nice and sweet? But pretty boring? So yay you? Also can be hella passive and manipulative, so boo you

ESFJ: Oh my god. Just stop. I don’t care if Timmy’s brother’s mom’s said that you were failing her. You aren’t and you are great and you try too hard for too many people. Super sweet but you try way to hard.

ESTJ: You are pretty sweet and GETTING STUFF DONE and it blows my mind but no to relax I would not like to chat about my goals and current objectives.

ISTJ: You are a human calendar/reminder/notebook thingies with one or two shy quirks. Please be happier and don’t freak out when people don’t write out lists for you.

ESFP: You are tons of goofy fun in short doses, then I just get angry with how stupid you are.

ESTP: Bruh. You are like the sexier more active version of me. I dig it.

ISFP: You have such a simple beautiful view of life. I’m not good at communicating in colors but it’s actually kinda nice even if I can’t rationalize it. Also, you like animals more than people so that’s.. yay?

ISTP: I wanna be you. You are cooler, sexier, smarter, everything that I have the potential to be but no drive for. Rock on Mr backflip genius doctor sexy man!

ENFJ: Honey… please calm down. It’s okay you aren’t dating anyone and it’s okay you aren’t making a difference. You are pouring yourself into like 20 people and super chill and high-class hipster.

INFJ: I just wanna keep you safe and let you do your silly change/save the world thing while I keep all the bad things away from you. You are too pure for the world.

Everyone that watches YoI think the skaters are amazing and we have only really seen Viktor and Yakov coaching, a little of Celestino so time to appreciate the coaches!

In episode 5 we had Kenjirou and his coach. No matter the result, look how happy they are over a personal record!

Episode 7 gave us more of Guanghong and his coach. Not sure if she is really nice but she calms him and carries his stuffed animals so she looks okay to me!

In episode 6 we got a little of Leo’s coach but this week gave us a bit more and show us how close they are.

Next, Phichit and Celestino. They fit well together, both very lively and cheerful people. I wonder who the woman is tho, is it Celestino’s wife or who is she?

Finally, Chris and his coach. I was surprised to see how nice of a guy it was. He looked like an ass but he is far nicer than Yakov.

Anyway, I love the subtle moments of showing the relations between coach and skater!

Do Not Anger Her

Requested by @justcallmecinammonMay I have a Loki x reader oneshot with an AU where Loki and Thor are on good terms and he takes Loki with him to visit reader to figure out something difficult for their mission. Her and Thor are good friends and when she meets Loki she’s sweet and openly invites him in. Thor warns Loki beforehand not to mess with her because it’s definitely best not to make her angry, but Loki’s like “I do what I want” and when he does he regrets it. Then afterwards he’s like “… sorry” and she’s okay with him and he falls for her. He learns she loves geckos and snakes and frogs. With a funny and fluffy ending plez? Reader is short and loves Hamilton the Musical. (This sounds like the most random shit ever and I apologize XD I’m getting over a bad cold and I think it went to my brain.) you can decide how he upset her and whether or not she gets quiet when angry or the opposite lol

Here you are, lovely!! I apologize for taking so long. I do not own Loki, Thor, Steve or Tony. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: slight angst, fluff, mentions of snakes and other reptiles and it’s a bit long (apparently I can’t write a Loki fic less than 1,000 words!) 

Pairings: Loki x fem!reader, Thor, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark

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“Thor, we need you to convince her to help us,” Steve told the Asgardian, who agreed. “We shall need her assistance in this endeavor.” Steve smiled and clapped Thor on the back while Loki simply stood by in confusion. There was a mission coming up and apparently, the Avengers needed your help.  "Whose assistance do we require?“  Thor turned to his brother with a bright grin. “We require the help of Lady Y/N.”

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Okay, so, which of class A are cat people, which ones are dog people, and which ones like really obscure animals? Because I feel like Momo would be a horse person. BONUS; Who has the rarest fav animal?

Texas University did a psychological survey on the differences between dog people and cat people.  

According to the survey, dog people tend to be more extraverted, agreeable, and conscientious than cat people. Meanwhile, cat people tend to be more neurotic and open than dog people. 

Dog people tend to be more energetic, faithful, and easier to get along with.

Cat people tend to be curious, unconventional, and prone to worrying. 

This is a hard question to answer. A lot of characters have personality traits of both. If I’m on the fence about a character, I’ll just make them a dog person since according to the survey mentioned above, there are more dog people than cat people. 

Dog people: 

Uraraka Ochako

Kirishima Eijirou 

Iida Tenya

Ashido Mina

Kaminari Denki 

Tsuyu Asui 

Satou Rikido

Hanta Sero

Ojiro Mashiro

Jirou Kyoka

Midoriya Izuku 

Shouji Mezo

Hagakure Tooru

Cat People:

Bakugou Katsuki

Momo Yaoyoruzu

Todoroki Shouto

Mineta Minorou

Aoyama Yuuga

Tokoyami Fumikage

Kouda Koji

Ummm…..I don’t know how to tell if a character would be into rare animals. I can’t find a psychological or scientific study on that. What kind of characters would be into rare animals? Probably unique characters, I guess? But who would be considered unique? Who has the more unique personality?

I guess Aoyama Yuuga would have the rarest most favorite animal because he’d like a dazzling, rare animal that stands out among the rest. 

You’re right, Momo does seem like a horse person. She probably owns a pet horse too considering she’s a rich girl. 

Haha…this was hard to answer. 

why i think a certain anime is overhyped, and ultimately a disappointment

 i’m very hesitant to post my opinions, and I’m not sure if people will take this criticism well.

disclaimer: i’m kind of sick, so it might affect the writing in this.bear with me.

let me start off by saying i am queer. i’m a pansexual nb person and i value representation in the media i consume more than many things in this world. i want to feel validated by the things i watch.

when people told me to watch Yuri on Ice because it had “canon gays” or whatever the kids like to call it, I had great expectations. Another sports anime I can enjoy, probably, even though sport animes aren’t really my thing, and the only one I’ve watched was Free!…Aside from that, I had watched series like No. 6, Nabari No Ou and Samurai Flamenco that surpassed my expectations, and ended up being good series.

Yuri on Ice is…okay. But it’s not the ~* groundbreaking anime of the century*~ everyone is making it to be, and I’m fairly certain the only reason people say that it is because it features a same sex couple. It didn’t become the engaging anime I thought it would be. I’m pretty sure the series was also  written by a fujoshi, and it’s not actual LGBT rep when it’s literally another form of BL bein sold to the public and passable as representation. just because it’s not junjou romantica doesn’t mean it’s not baiting the female population to fetishize m/m relationships (and well, as it turns out, most of the fanbase is female)

Certainly, it did have it’s good points. Some side characters are downright lovable. Yuri and Victor are shown to be so blatantly into each other by the end of the series, it’s hard to prove that they’re not into each other. I’m grateful for that.

However…what I value in a series is good, consistent writing, and this series definitely fell short of that. No. 6, for example, was a Sci-Fi series that had a romantic subplot between 2 of the male leads as a focal point of it. It was successful in weaving the two narratives together because we got to see the plot progress through the lense of their relationship, if that makes any sense.

1.) weak plot and character development

this series’ goal was supposed to be about sports and a romance between two boys. both narratives fell through because the writers could not properly mesh together these two themes. a good story incorporates these things together solidly through a main theme in a way that the viewer can understand the progression of the plot and the characters in a consistent manner. literally what everyone is working towards is ice skating competitions. that’s the only thing driving the plot forward! yuuri and victor’s romance was something developed separate of ice skating, and while I saw the attempts at connecting their romance through ice skating, it fell through because their characterization was virtually nonexistent and it made it uninteresting to watch. 

2.) where was the individual characterization ?

Yuuri wasn’t confident, and he was fat and a mess at the beginning of the series - that much the show made clear to me. i didn’t really like the attack on body image but I took the message for what it was. I figured it’d be some sort of Zero to Hero thing (but I was wrong. By Episode 6 Yuuri had already hit his Hero phase)

So…by the end of episode 2, he wanted to get back into ice skating because of Victor. I barely got to know of Yuri as person before the series took off when Victor showed up. I didn’t know who Victor was at all. I didn’t have an attachment to either of the characters. And as soon as they met, they threw baity romantic tropes at me to establish a connection between them.

I didn’t feel anything but a little confusion, and as they kept going with the series, I felt literally nothing. I read a similar criticism from someone else on tumblr in that these two were just pretty cardboard cutout characters that looked good together, and literally EXISTED to look good together.

2.) the only thing interesting about Victor and Yuri’s characters was their relationship with each other

There was virtually no build that attracted me to these two as a pairing.

We never got a proper platform to develop Yuri and Victor as characters so that we could see their individual purpose and identities, and thus experience their character development as the series went on.

When your characters completely revolve around their relationships with each other and literally nothing else, it makes it uninteresting (unless you’re sold on their relationship, of course). 

Yuuri’s archetype is supposedly to be the hardworking protagonist, but it falls flat and disappears as the anime progresses, because once he teams up with Victor, this protagonist-coach duo literally becomes the only thing central to their side of the anime. Both he and Victor became unsympathetic characters in comparison to Yuri, who still had his flaws and still had his work cut out for him. We had seen him train a lot more than Yuuri in comparison, and around episode 6, Yuuri’s role as a foil character to Yuri also falls through.

Yuuri and Victor’s flaws are also only ever barely grazed over, but never entirely addressed. they are not as compelling of characters as Yuri, who had his flaws out there for everyone to see since the first episode.

this anime turned into a Cinderella story typical of the shoujo genre - Yuri being the plain person blossoming into a beautiful flower with the help of Victor, the handsome seductive prince, noticing him. It’s not very compelling to me and if I didn’t want to see it in a hetero romance, why would I want to see it depicted in a m/m romance?

3.) Did it make no one else uncomfortable that Victor fell in love with Yuri while he was drunk? Like…anyone? hello? Victor’s static, unchanging ambiguous character is confusing and flat as a board and doesn’t make me feel like any of this is romantic. So he ended up choosing to coach Yuuri out of impulse and dropped everything….for some drunk dude who hit on him? a groundbreaking romance, i guess.

4.) Yuri Plisetsky was the only thing motivating me to finish this series. No, I haven’t finished it yet but that’s because it’s kind of hard to watch without gettin bored? But unlike Yuuri and Victor, Yuri had time to exist separately as his own character with his own motivations. He also clearly had his own personal issues that allowed for potential character development - I wanted to see him learn, and I wanted to see him win something. As opposed to Yuuri and Victor, whose only motivations seemed to be each other.

5.) the fandom itself is a little unbearable. granted a lot of them are younger than me, and I cannot refuse them the right to consume and enjoy media when they probably haven’t had the same experiences i have had.

however! the fandom is literally eating everything without critically thinking and that shows a massive difference in how I personally consume media. the overwhelming amount of fujoshi culture i also see in response to this series is uncomfortable but i probably should have expected it. i’ve seen the fandom go so far as to endorse the purchasing of YOI merchandise so that we could tell Japan that we love the gays!!! when they don’t actually realize that’s not helping the LGBT community at all over there

Yuri on Ice, to me, was like a fan fiction with open ended threads and plot devices that were sort of made up as it went along. It had potential at the beginning, but fell through once the middle of the series hit. It also had plenty of fanservice with little substance…like a porn without plot, essentially, lmao. 

some of the characters are really cute. yuuri and victor are aesthetically pleasing and i’m grateful that there is an anime showing a healthier depiction of a m/m, despite it still pandering to the female crowd in doing so.

the last point i’ll make is that the canonization of a gay pairing when the gay pairing is one of the series’ selling points, btw, isn’t exactly revolutionary. without good, solid writing, the claim is a false one.

“This isn’t Draven, but he sure acts a lot like Draven” 

Mmm okay so I would actually unironically recommend yall see Cars 3 this Friday because its legit one of my fave movie franchises (minus the 2nd one ugh) of all time. 

It features one of my all time favorite animated characters put to screen, and you get 3 guesses on who that is~

Anyways uh. This probably isn’t a surprise to a lot of people at this point if you follow me on more than just tumblr honestly. 

Why is it that people can make one billion drawings, animations, posts, and fics about how two male characters canon says are straight are madly in love and everyone is like “thats chill” and I make one post where I include someone who I’ve headcanoned as polyamorous and people send me bullshit??? WHY? Why is it so unacceptable for me to do it? Everyone is okay with destiel, johnlock, and stuff. Everyone’s even okay with ones that have even less proof like Daredevil and Foggy or Captain America and Falcon. But me implying that a character I love might have the same sexuality as me and it’s “isn’t that more fanon than canon I mean… bla bla bla.”

Leave other sexualities the fuck alone. If you can decide that Spiderman is bisexual and Cas is gay other groups can decide that Sherlock is asexual and Finn is polyamorous. Get off my dick.

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I. dont. understand. how. to draw. the same. character. more than once. doing different things. I can't even put whats in my head on the page, at all my gesture is so pathetic and useless. i just wanna cry and tear my hands off

Oh hey, that’s okay! Guess what I felt like when I started drawing people… about 2 years ago. I was really uncomfortable drawing anything but animals before because of the same reason - it just never looked right. But you keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get the hang of it! Tutorials and real life studies help immensely!
I struggle a lot with new characters, too. You need to get to know your subject and the only way is to fuck up sometimes. If I had not started drawing Buttons a couple years ago, he wasn’t looking sort of okay-ish the way he looks right now. To make you feel better, here’s a comparison of some headshots from his first character page and some doodles I’ve drawn underneath just now:

WHAT ARE ANGLES, right? See how damn flat and twisted and weird and clunky that was? Ew! Not only that but he didn’t have any emotions yet. I had to play around with how to make him smile, cry and all that stuff!
Also I think figuring out the basic shapes of your character’s head (and other body parts) helps a lot with consistency. Once you know the “rules”, all you gotta do is transform/skew the shapes according to their emotions and head tilts.

I’m not even sure if I got Polly right since I haven’t drawn her that many times yet.
But yeah, just practice and have fun! It’s totally ok to be frustrated and take breaks but the only way to get better is by doing it!
PS I can’t put whatever is in my head on the page either. :D

Rant For The 2Ptalia Fandom (Please Read If You Would~)

Okay so I am just very very done with how every single 2p is depicted as edgy and insane. Like to the point where its “I drink blood from the dead people I kill and store in my basement, I use the blood to bathe in too and I use it in recipes bcuz im edgy :)))”


A 2p can be a lot more than INSANE!

I get that they might not be mentally stable and they may seem a little unhinged, but try to have it make sense!

Your character or that character might have problems, okay well headcannon problems for em, yeah? Like abandonment, trouble with alcohol, drugs, depression, the bads…. Like hurting. Things of that matter.

2ps are people/countries too and I hate how some of yall play or see them as barbaric animals. Like, chill.

Lets take the wonderful Luciano Vargas and Oliver Kirkland for example!!!

I don’t believe they’d stab everyone they meet and kill them. I don’t really think Oliver would go as far as eat them. I don’t think Luciano would even digest blood, he’d probably think the red is pretty, but tasting it he’d be all “Eugh.”

And i just hate it when someone is all “OF COURZE THEY’RE PSYCHO!!!1!1! THEY’RE A 2P LAWL XD” like shhhhhhh no. 2ps have a lot more to them than being “PSYCHO XD”

And I better not get hate for this from an edgy 12 year old.

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using different id as coping mechanisms is okay. identifying as different characters or animals, like seeing urself in them or personifying urself more closely to them to deal with stressful situations is not bad. it can actually help people. i wouldn't say ur personifying ur moods more than just feeling one rly strongly at a time but any other copinglink(?) u may have is totally fine. hope it's able to help u! — j

you;re probably right about the mood thing, i’m just trying to piece everythign together i guess. but this did help a lot, thank you ! <3

Hell To Pay

Originally posted by spnfans

Warnings: Swearing (slight cussing) and violence.

You felt your skin burn as a knife was dragged across you arm. “Damn, for a hunter your not so nice are you Dean” you smirked. “Well, I could say the same about you being the Devils daughter in all” Dean laughed. “I’m actually an Angel” you corrected, a smug smile tugging at corners of your lips as you watched Deans jaw clench with frustration.

“Just tell me who are you working with, who’s killing these people” Dean’s voice rose.
“Firstly Dean, just because I’m the Devils daughter, it does not mean I am the big bad wolf and certainly does not mean I am the one killing these people. In fact, sorry to disappoint you but I don’t know who is killing them” you stated with ease.
“You lying bitch, we know your killing them just tell us who’s helping you” Dean shouted.
“I’m not killing anyone, you have no right to judge me because of my families past and don’t raise your voice at me” your voice was starting to rise and the anger was starting to build. The steam was nearly coming out of your ears.
“Oh I’m not judging sweetheart, I’m stating. Stating the truth. Your father is the devil, your dating Gadreel and your not exactly a saint yourself are you” Dean smirked.
The smirk soon vanished as he knew you wasn’t going to tell him the answer.
“Who are you working with” he shouted as he ran the knife down your other arm, only for you to close your eyes and clench your fists. That’s it, you thought. You’d had enough of him speaking about you and your family like that. So they may not be the most innocent and righteous but nor was you and they sure as hell made sure you was okay and safe; that’s more than most kids of the human race could have ever say about the their family.
“I haven’t done anything, not that I have to explain myself to you of all people. How about instead of judging my father you take a look at your own. He raised you like animals. Did he give you treats when he told you to watch Sammy? I bet he told you to roll over too huh?” You spat; the smirk tugging at the corners of your lips.
That was until you felt a sharp sting across your cheek. He hit you. In shock you couldn’t do nothing but stare. The only thing that pulled you out of your trance was the words Dean spoke next. “Don’t you dare speak about my father again, you filthy little bitch”. 

Within a matter of seconds Dean was flung to the wall. “Don’t you ever speak to my daughter like that again. In fact, hurt her one more time and you’ll be back in hell with your brother quicker than you can pray for your angel boy” Lucifer smirked.
You looked ahead of you, only to find Gadreel and your father, Lucifer, with clenched jaws and screwed up fists aiming towards Dean. Gadreel snapped out of his anger and rushed over to you and untied your from the chair; he pulled you into his chest and asked if you were okay, before pushing you behind him for protection.
“You will want to watch your back and sleep with one eye open Dean. Let’s just say it’s not just me and Gadreel that will pay you back for this”. Your father smirked. 

Within seconds your father snapped his fingers to take you, himself and Gadreel back to hell. Your home.
Dean was going to face hell for hurting Lucifers daughter and let’s just say your dad had a special technique in revenge. After all, it’s what he does best.

Gif from Tumblr

Author: supernaturalwinchesterimpalapies