i like angry the most tho

The signs as I know them
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> Aries is the fun sign. They love a good laugh and a party, but not with too many people. They're really social in smaller groups, and rather adventurous people with passion for their hobbies. Don't get them angry tho, because they find it scarily easy to yell at you and abandon you.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> I've learned tauruses are probably the strongest and most caring people of all, even if they've been through a lot they'll always be there to help others and give the nicest compliments and advice. They like to keep themselves busy trying new stuff and won't easily let people get to them.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> First of all let's clear something up: geminis are not two-faced. At all. Nor bitchy, nor lying. I've experienced they are actually really loving, have a huge interest in music, are stylish and funny. They're rather insecure and crazy, but in a fun way. They might not always be able to express their feelings the right way, but they try and that's what matters
  • Cancer: The Cancers I know are generally positive, optimistic, and adventurous. They want to experience as much in life and sometimes go a little too far when doing that. They're impulsive. When mad, they will give you the worst looks but won't attack you, afraid to get hurt.
  • Leo: Leos near me are some of the best people. They're caring, funny and very beautiful. They also tend to keep their feelings to themselves but oh, they're full of feelings and thoughts that should be heard but never will.
  • <p/> <b>Virgo:</b> A thing the virgos I know have in common, is I loved them and they left me. One purposely did, one didn't, but to me, virgos represent heartbreak. Since I know only two virgos who are also very different from each other, I can't give you one stereotype. One of them was your typical tumblr white girl who lacked depth and braincells, but was very fun to be around, cute, caring, happy... Till she got enough of me and started calling me names. For the other one how she behaved would depend on who you are. I've seen her mood change in a matter of seconds. She is a contradiction. Sweet yet bitchy. Intimidating yet easy to talk to. Tough yet emotional. Her smiles easily make someones day. As a virgo stereotype I'd say they're people you'll never forget.<p/><b>Libra:</b> I know the libra stereotype is that they're cute, but as far as I know they're all rude assholes caused by being insecure. They won't hesitate to insult or let down others if that'd make them feel better. They're really sneaky and talk shit behind your back.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I don't think I've ever met a perfectly alright or "normal" scorpio, somehow there's always something odd about them. Depression, no father, gender issues, been bullied, not straight, stealing.. It makes me wonder if "normal" scorpios exist. On the contrary, I've also never met a scorpio I don't like. They're really nice yet insane. And, being a scorpio myself, I find they are the only people who don't think I'm too intimidating to yell at. I've never met a purely stereotypical scorpio tho, we aren't all that scary and intimidating, not as obsessed with sex, and we don't fight everyone we see, only if we have a good reason to. Overall we're just deeply good, emo people.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Sags are really social people with a lot of friends, that they like being around. What they probably like even more, is showing off their friends. And their knowledge. And money. Clothes. And so on. They are good storytellers tho, and will keep you interested.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> All Capricorns near me are outgoing and sweet. They're really lovable and funny and have an ambition to make a change in the world. They'll always be nice to you, no matter what.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Y'all are FUCKING insane. Aquariuses tend to try too hard on a lot of stuff, and that makes them annoying sometimes. For instance they're smart, they know it, and love to let other people know as well. They're really some know-it-alls. Some of them stereotypically have no heart, some only care about themselves, and somehow a few do actually express some feelings, but not that often.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Pisces people either have too many emotions or none at all. They either think too much or not at all. They easily hurt your feelings and then come apologise afterwards, when it's too late. They can be really rude and annoying at times and don't seem to care about you at all, like they're in their own world. They're not really social people.<p/></p>

Who is this manly man in my paper~? But seriously tho,this piece of art is really important. Not to me,but to my friend.Let me explain. My friend is quiet,and not really brave.She was always by herself (like me)untill we finally met with each other.This was in primary school. Since then,we changed a lot,but there is something,which didn’t change at her. When she with me she smiles,but it’s really rare,even tho we are friend like ..7-8 years now?Most of the time she sad,or angry,and not smiling at all.I tried my best to make her happy,but most of the time I failed it because she just became more sad. But then a few weeks later when we met,she finally began to smile.I did not even do anything but I was happy to see her being happy. Then,she started to talk about Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.And no,not just in some words…she talked about them in HOURS.How much they making her bad day great again,and how much they help to her,even tho they do not even know her. So,I decided to make her christmas present where I draw Mark,and her birthday present is going to be a Jack art. Because her heroes always with her. And our heroes are always with us. Thank you for being here.

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Camp Half-Blood!Au Yoongi
  • Son of Apollo: God of the sun, light, healing, beauty, music, poetry, archery, reason and prophecy
  • Blonde yoongi like agust d bc you know how great it was
  • Basically hates his father
  • And it’s funny bc despite he dislikes his dad, Apollo seems to like him a lot
  • “What’s up yoongi mY BOY” “Don’t touch me”
  • “How I’m related to that asshole” 
  • “Seriously mom, I don’t understand why you fell in love with him”
  • He’s gorgeous, like how can he not he has the god of bEAUTY as father
  • But he’s not self conscious about his beauty, even tho most girls and some guys in the camp have a crush on him
  • “why they flirt with me, i’m nOT INTERESTED”
  • He’s done with everyone’s shit 
  • King of archery
  • You better hide when he’s angry and has a bow and arrows with him
  • “Hoseok don’t play with the arrows, you’re going to take out an eye with it”
  • He takes care of hoseok all time like don’t you dARE TO TOUCH MY BABY
  • He’s extremely good with poetry so he makes amazing raps
  • people didn’t understand why he raps like “You can’t sing? Why you rap?”
  • “Rap is music too dickheads”
  • He is sick of new campers asking for a prophecy 
  • He’s usually the leader of one of the teams in capture the flag, the other one is namjoon
  • One time he almost hurt a hephaestus guy with an arrow in the middle of capture flag
  • He apologized but felt guilty the rest of the month
  • When namjoon’s team win, he said he let them win
  • He really enjoys healing people but denies it bc he has to keep his badass look
  • He can’t stand discrimination, he fights everyone who say somehting degrading
  • He hates all ares kids except for jungkook 
  • Even tho he looks like a bad guy, he actually has a golden heart and want everyone to be safe

Jungkook ver / taehyung ver / jimin ver / namjoon ver / hoseok ver / yoongi ver / jin ver

I’ve been hiding out it the jimon tag pretty much all week (because jimon week has been pretty great btw) avoiding all the negative malec stuff and shadowhunters fandom discourse because it makes me sad. And I feel like just avoiding everything until next episode is the most healthy thing for me to do at this point. Because the more shitty stuff I see the more sad and angry I continue be. So I’m just going to stay in my bubble and only reblog semi happy fandom stuff until after the new episode.

People's reactions to VnC so far

They’ve been more mixed than I thought. At first they were all great and they got at the very best when Jeanne first appeared. Then, next chapter most people were disappointed, sad, angry and felt like leaving the fandom. People are still very feely about the Vanitas and Jeanne scene.

Like yeah, umm, get over it?
I mean, I don’t want to sound rude, but it’s gotten kind of old now.
And to those who want to leave the VnC fandom: If you’re really that disappointed, leave. I don’t think ANYONE should have started the manga expecting a PH feel. As sad as it is, PH is over. This is a completely different manga, different characters, different stories, and probably different worlds. I don’t see the point of expecting things out of characters we just got to know just because of Ph?? THE MANGA HAS ONLY 6 CHAPTERS PEOPLE. It’s so new, it’s like a fetus. why are you judging so soon??? For heck’s sake, I continued PH ONLY because I liked the anime. When I read the first volume of the manga I wanted to drop it, because it seemed weird and not my thing. I bless the anime for making me re-read it, and this time till the end. So why is there a different treatment for VnC?

I don’t know about you, but the way I’ve seen some people treat Jun’s decisions about this manga is like the way half of the fandom treated Kishimoto after the end of Naruto. “It’s for fanservice; It’s for money; They’re screwing up their story”, NO! No they’re not screwing up their story. Mangakas like Jun (and Kishimoto) are professional, they know what they’re doing. They’re writing for an audience that will like the story, not them. If you aren’t happy with some decisions then ok, you can keep that to yourself, or you can express it lightly. There’s honestly no point in bashing on the characters or the mangakas. It’s stupid and childish. You have the right to have your opinion of course, but don’t go force it down on people’s throats. It’s irritating and ruining the fun of those enjoying the story.

I’m sorry for ranting, I’m just sick of hearing people complain about a story that’s new and has so much potential just because it’s not like they thought it would be. Of course it’s not. This is why we’re the fandom. It’s never what we expect, I mean heck, we’re talking about Jun freaking Mochizuki here. We’re supposed to be surprised by the choices that are made, but we’re also supposed to support these choices whether we agree with them or not.

On a side note, there is still a debate about Vanitas and the kiss. Is he a bad person? Maybe, maybe not, we have yet to see. Is he in love with Jeanne? Probably just a crush. Is what he did wrong? Yeah, but it’s a friggin story with vampires. I don’t get why forcing blood out of people by biting their neck is in any way more acceptable than a kiss for shocking the “enemy”. Is Vanitas a psycho? Yes, this one I can fully say, since we saw this at the VERY BEGINNING of the manga, when he said how he wanted to “save them all” while laughing crazily. So Vanitas is a psycho, it’s in his character, get over it. Should he be slapped? Yes, please.
Now about Jeanne. Is she awesome? Yes, yes she is. This doesn’t change despite what Vanitas did. She’s still the Hellfire Witch. Was acting bashful weird for her character? Now this is where people usually mess things up. It’s not wrong. We’ve just got to know her, don’t go acting like there’s already a full manga just about her and how OOC she is. Should we say that Jeanne is weak because of her reaction? No friggin way, no. For all we know, that could have been her first intimate interaction with a guy. Mine sure as hell would be even more awkward.
Then there’s Dominique. Is she a badass? Probably, so far she’s awesome. Is she beautiful? Yes, just like Jeanne, Amelia and the other girls, Domi is beautiful. Is she straight? Irrelevant question, but probably not. Right now she seems very very gay for Nox to me, though it’s probably just a joke from MochiJun cuz I’m sure she’s straight. Are her entrances amazing? Yes, no doubt.
Is Amelia a princess who should be protected? Yes yes, #protectAmeliaRuth2k16 Does she have a crush on Noé? Probably, I do, too.
Is Noé a cinnamon roll? Yes. Is he the best? Yes. Is Noé— Yes.

Kay that’s it thanks.


Hobi Stans: the softest? idk how but all of the ones who followed me (YEAH…ME???) like you guys have the prettiest most aesthetic blogs (and y’all followed MEEEE…) have an extreme love and appreciation for Hoseok (bless), i think yellow and soft pink, umm usually have cute urls

Namjoon Stans: either at the Daddy af spectrum or the “my aesthetic, grandpa bean, i must protect you” end of the spectrum…not really an in-between. super nice, confident tall ones (usually) lol. so mature and wise…yet have a childlike innocence to them

Taehyung Stans: WHERE YA AT. rare, the most chill, you always trying to protect somebody and Tae (<3)…where you at tho really :(

Jimin Stans: it’s like…he’s your bias but he isn’t like, he wasn’t even your bias when you got into bangtan but somehow he is. y’all angry with this dude ALL THE TIME but i don’t blame you, the boy switches from cute to fire in the blink of an eye. the most flirtiest and actual cute buns

Jin Stans: how do you guys have the same sense of humor as your bias lmaoo i love you tho like i love jin and his jokes and his confidence. you are all so pretty too like *clutches heart*

Yoongi Stans: i got nothing for y’all, you already know how it feels 

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but either way. usually calm until he does some rude ass shit then everybody just crawls out of their dumpster bin to write 1000 characters worth of anguish and love for this man. also i love you all, follow me, we can talk at great length about min yoongi jjang jjang boong boong

jungkook: as with Jin, WHY ARE YOU ALL SUCH MEMES ILY, invoke the same feelings of baby buns, are either always trying to protect the boy or lashing out at him (kindly) when he goes from kookie to namchun. tough like, i think you’re all capable of beating someone up

honestly when i say shit like ‘im glad im not straight/cis’, most of the time im not saying this out of spite or hatred for straight/cis people (even tho some of u get on my last nerve sometimes xoxo)

 its more like ‘i spent a long time being very very confused and feeling like i was broken because i couldn’t live up to the standards forcefully put upon me by a hetero/cisnormative society, so now that i finally understand my identity and the ways in which i was denied an earlier understanding (which would have saved me literal years of damage to my self worth and mental health), it’s hard to not feel resentment towards people who actively hold up and protect the standards that damaged me just because they represent “the norm” and refuse to understand me’

like do u get me?

#WarnerSquad - Biffy Clyro interviewed by Max Pezzali
#WarnerSquad - Biffy Clyro interviewed by Max Pezzali Video & editing Just Visual

ok for example. this is max pezzali. max was huge back in the 90s. I used to hate him. HATE HIM. I couldn’t stand his songs, I just hate his voice. We used to hear his band on the schoolbus. I was something like 10 years old and I coulnd’t wait to be back home only to run away from max pezzali. every single day. 

max is very loved here in italy (not by me tho, still) BUT LOOK AT THAT INTERVIEW. He was great, and I was terrified to hear this thing but you know what? this was the best thing of the week. SO THANK YOU MAX. in your honor this was the song I hated the most when I was a shy, chubby and really angry little girl on that schoolbus.


(btw max is a huge fan of biffy clyro. is basically one of us. can you believe it? I just can’t. sorry max. I still hate your songs)

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can u believe theres gonna be gross cornfield women in outlast 2, im so damn ecstatic

I’M HONESTLY JUST….. so happy… give me thos angry, blood-covered corn ladies i’ll kiss and marry them all… it’s literally what i got most excited about when i saw a playthrough of the demo lmao, not the monsters or the new characters, just the simple fact there’s ladies…. gah…. it’s been awhile since i’ve been excited about outlast but recently i’m like, rly back into it.

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Kat/Imnah for the ship meme !



who is more likely to hurt the other? 
Physically? I think Kat, on accident, because she’s physically stronger. Or Imnah cause she’s a clumsy fuck sometimes.
who is emotionally stronger? 
They both are
who is physically stronger? 
Kat, hands down.
who is more likely to break a bone?
Imnah cause she’s a clumsy fuck sometimes.
who knows best what to say to upset the other?  
Oh pff… I think Imnah? She never would unless she’s really angry tho, she cares for Kat too much.
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?
That depends what the argument’s about. They can both be pretty stubborn I think.
who treats who’s wounds more often?
Imnah treats Kat’s wounds more often.
who is in constant need of comfort?
Both? They’re both scarred beings, I’d like to think they take comfort in each other
who gets more jealous? 
That’s definetly a tie lmao
who’s most likely to walk out on the other?  
Imnah. When things are tending to get more serious, she’l get scared and run/
who will propose?
I think Kat.
who has the most difficult parents? 
-Looks at camera like she’s in the office-
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?  
Imnah I think
who comes up for the other all the time?  
They come up for each other. 
who hogs the blankets?  
Imnah. Burrito time!
who gets more sad?  
Kat I think.
who is better at cheering the other up?  
It’s a tie I think? But if I’d have to choose, probs Imnah.
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? 
Imnah, Kat would probs be afraid she’ll actually hurt Imnah cause of her strenght lmao
who is more streetwise? 
Kat also thanks to her experience in the underworld.
who is more wise? 
Imnah, thanks to her travels 
who’s the shyest?  
Imnah lmao
who boasts about the other more?  
who sits on who’s lap?  
Imnah sits on Kat’s lap lmao 

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📝 (for James tho yes)

Season: 5B- Underworld!verse

  • THEIR FIRST IMPRESSION: I Like You. You Also Hate Everything Here. This Makes Us Allies Now. No Arguments.   
  • THEIR CURRENT IMPRESSION: You Make Me So Angry IS2G. But Please Don’t Leave Me. 
  • WHAT THEY LIKE THE MOST ABOUT YOUR MUSE: Their equally matched bitterness and resentment. It makes for a highly validating friendship when all you want to do it harp on your situation (which Gaston does. Frequently.), especially considering neither man will ever call the other out on his cheap stubbornness. They are the Angry Dude-Bros of the Underworld.  
  • WHAT THEY DISLIKE THE MOST ABOUT YOUR MUSE: Probably just how similar they are (comparatively). Gaston is bright enough to recognise the futility of his death and punishment, but not quite enough to see the rage-blinded qualities in both himself and James that keep them stuck where they are. Raised to take charge and value his own importance, Gaston can only angrily butt-heads with his friend when their mutual pride and egos take up too much room. Neither of them back down easily, and this is an issue. Especially after the creation of hemmed-in Underbrooke.
  • WHAT YOUR MUSE IS FOR THEM ( FRIEND, LOVER, RIVAL ECC.): The Best Frenemie. (Best…Frenem-Lover?)
  • A GENERAL OPINION OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP: I’m never letting go of the Underbrooke Synchronised Diving Squad. But listen, I ship them so hard.
  • IF APPLICABLE, SOMETHING THEY WISH TO REVEAL: James is the one thing keeping Gaston sane in the Underworld, especially once Underbrooke rolls on in and disrupts everyone’s groove. Whilst their relationship is far from sunshine and roses, it is still a profoundly positive thing in Gaston’s un-life. James can kick Gaston out of his sulks, and shake him out of his rages with little fear, and whilst Gaston may be too far gone to fully appreciate it, some part of him does. 

Some things I bet you didn’t know about Carnelian, is that she’s sort of a crass, violent gem, not necessarily mean but just really, really angry. Like, really angry! She may seem cute most of the time, but she has a temper about seven magnitudes greater than the Hulk. Also, she’s often very dramatic when summoning her weapon, which, like Pearl’s spear, can be summoned blade-first or handle-first.

(Also featuring: lapisjazzuli‘s Jet Lignite and univaro‘s Carnelian!)

TBH the most disappointing thing about Rinn wasn’t that they weren’t endgame (tho they really could have been). It’s that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named didn’t even bother working on their relationship at all. Like come on, Finn and Rae felt like a couple even before they were one. In season one after Rae had that huge fight with her mom and decided to leave home, who was the only one she felt she could turn to? It was Finn. And in season 3 she couldn’t even talk to him about her decision to go to school? And you’re telling me that the sweet boy who told her, “I don’t mind that you’ve got stuff. Everyone’s got stuff, really.”  or who broke up with someone because he couldn’t stop thinking about Rae would kiss another girl despite the fact he’s been in love with Rae for two years? Nope.

I don’t like talking shit about other people’s fandoms in public because there you are, in your nice little trashcan, enjoying your garbage peacefully, and from behind you comes an angry voice like, “It’s trash. Your fandom is the most trash. It’s trash garbage.” and you turn around and realize the voice is coming from a septic tank.