i like angry the most tho

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AAAAA UR ART IS REALLY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE THE WAY U COLOURR AAAAAAAAA GO AL S [also would it b alright to have a smol tutorial on colouring,,?]


I usually just eyeball when I color and I try to experiment a lot!!!! I also color differently from artstyle to artstyle///// so im guessing you mean my most recent one?? I usually pick colors based on the mood and situation i want to portray and create palettes out of it.

I choose colors that I feel like associate with the emotions of the character and scene like
warm = cozy, happy, angry, etc
cool = cold, mystical, magical, sleepy, etc

Here’s a great video that explains the techniques on how to choose colors!! It covers up most of the basic things you need to know like saturation, shading etc. Heres another one (tho its quite longer though ^^;;)

I also try to make my contrast noticeble at a certain point to make it pop out more!! But it always depends on what im trying to achieve (ex. pure black shading + highley saturated flat colors = vibrant or thin colored lines + soft shading = cozy, soft , etc)

Heres a step by step on how I usually color: :OOO using laffy because he is perfect n i love him

This varies!!! depends on the mood u wanna set!! (warm or cool)

Create a folder and use clipping group Its waay easier to add shading and highlights

I used a blend of marker and pen here here (middle flat brush <33)

I hope this helps!!!


- I don’t like Kingbury because I’m a very overprotective Leebury shipper

- I tend to forget Leeburr is a ship

- KingLeeBury is pure af

- Lams is like: It’s historically accurate so it’s cool if we fuck

- Hamburr is like: I know I shot you and all but let’s fuck

- Jamilton is angry sex

- Marliza is also pure because lesbians

- Hamliza is the most historically accurate ship but I’m like “BUT LAMS THO”

- Pheacker is Hamburr

- For some reason I love James Reynolds x George Eacker and would love to roleplay it some time

- Jeffmads is so our sick bab can be happy and gay

- GeorgeSquared is beautiful and nobody can tell me otherwise without being severely punished

- Someone tell me Hambury exists? I mean, I’m not ship shaming I just want to know

-Is Hamaria a thing because not on my watch

I can’t think of anything else so I’ll end this here. The worst part about this is that this is my first post. Don’t kill me please.

Okay so I was inspired by @vld-keith‘s Soul Eater AU, so:

Voltron Soul Eater AU!

  • Shiro and Matt being a weapon/meister duo and going on a mission with Matt’s father, who had become a death scythe. 
  • During the mission, they get kidnapped and held prisoner by Arachne and her merry band of spiders.
  • Shiro is able to escape and eventually makes it back to the academy.
  • Pidge is TORN APART that her family was being held hostage by that SPIDER BITCH, so they’ve been working hard to get stronger to get them back.
  • Shiro is a meister and was able to form a really strong bond with Pidge over their shared determination to get Matt and Mr. Holt back.
  • Zarkon is the Kishin Asura
  • Alfor is Death, and Allura is Death the Kid, except better and with better hair (jfc i know his hair has a reason to be like that but even when i was like 10 i thought it was dumb. Sorry, going off on a tangent, but y’know.)
  • Allura takes becoming the next grim reaper very seriously and makes sure to work hard at learning and training.
  • Lance and Keith had no idea in the beginning that they’d end up being partners. They couldn’t STAND each other when they first met. Their personalities clashed, they butted heads, it was bad.
  • However, after talking a few times, they started to really understand each other, and by the end of the day, they couldn’t imagine being partners with anyone else.
  • Hunk and Shay being meister/weapon pair!! They both care for each other and have 100% faith in the other person.
  • Allura is able, being a future grim reaper, to use most weapons, and often accompanies the 3 duos when they go on dangerous missions.
  • Shiro and Pidge are finally able to infiltrate Arachnophobia’s headquarters and actually find Matt and Mr. Holt, and try to break them out.
  • They run into Mosquito (Haggar), and, while Matt and Mr. Holt BOOK IT, Shiro and Pidge stay and fight. 
  • They kind of do a bit of overkill, but they both want revenge and are willing to take their anger out on anyone responsible.
  • On the way back to the academy, they joke about Pidge probably having to find another meister, now that Matt’s back. 
  • Pidge starts training with Allura a bit, and Shiro when Matt’s busy. It gets kinda stressful for them, but they’re strong and are able to adapt to the differences between the two and what one is able to do and what the other is not.
  • It’s actually getting kind of bad for their health. They’ve become an insomniac.
  • Shay really doesn’t like fighting. She knows it has to be done, but she really doesn’t like it that much. However, with encouragement from Hunk and being shown what the witches and kishin are doing, she works really hard to WRECK THEM.
  • Also:
  • Meisters: Shiro, Lance, Hunk, Coran, and Allura. (And Alfor, because he’s death)
  • Weapons: Keith, Shay, Pidge, Matt, Mr. Holt.
  • Keith is a sword
  • Shay is a gun
  • Pidge is a dagger
  • Matt is an ax.
  • Don’t think I forgot about Coran! He’s a teacher and Alfor’s right-hand man. Everyone likes his class because he can be a goof and connects with his students and makes learning fun.
  • Lance in Keith in the situation like when Maka and Soul were fighting Crona and Soul got cut protecting Maka!! Lance getting distracted and, even though Keith screamed for him to look out, he wasn’t quick enough and Keith had to come back to human form so Lance didn’t get killed.
  • Lance feels The Most Guilty™ because Keith could have died, but Keith is just like ‘dude that’s just the way it goes’
  • Once Keith is up and okay again, Lance brags to everyone because he has the best, most loyal weapon in the world
  • None of the other weapons tell him that it’s normal for a weapon to be willing to die for their meister, mostly because they realize that Lance is only saying things like that because he’s angry with himself and is using that to cope with knowing that a mistake he made caused his best friend to get seriously injured.
  • Imagine the basketball game scene tho-
  • Like, everyone’s just chillin around and happy and alive before the BIG STORM and enjoying each other’s company.

Okay if I don’t stop now I’ll go on for like 10 years

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I hate that all the bitterness towards the latest developments are being labelled as angry yaoi fan girls who hate the girl for getting in the way of the gay when really it comes down to shit writing, lack of development and the most laziest couple to ever be. I bet some of the people are usually even the type to complain about the main boy meets main girl sex happens narrative

DONT reblog/just my thoughts+feelings.

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i've read a k/l fanfic before where L was discovering he was attracted to K and was having wet dreams and all, but was denying it really hard. To the point where he kept insulting K really harshly (which K didn't understand because he was always cool with him?). then one time at lunch, in front of everybody, L had a tantrum and insulted K really badly then fled and K, being tired of this shit, tried to answer and follow him, but Shiro stopped him and made him seem like it was all his fault?? (1)

and i was super angry because everyone was against K?? when he didn’t do anything at all ?? and i really tried to read more to see if the author would show that, no, they didn’t really believe that L’s behavior was ok. but no, it didn’t stop.. L was a bully/abusive and nobody supported K even tho L didn’t hide the bullshit he did… and so i stop reading the fanfic.. and everytime i think about kl//nce, i cannot stop thinking about this fic.. it haunts me.. (2/2)


This is the basis of most kl@nce shit honestly it’s like:

L suddenly realises he likes K and represses it by being an asshole to K

K gets sick of it and confronts L about it and everyone else is like wtf K why you being a dick and it’s like ????

Then L eventually confesses to K he likes him and says that’s why he was being a dick and K is just like ok that makes sense ily2

And that’s the whole fucking concept and it’s just like ???? What the fuck???? This kinda shit is why I hate shipping kl@nce sometimes bc this is the basis of 90% of any fanfic or HC and it’s such a dumbass trope and they always gotta make K some kind of villain for no reason and it’s like ???? Why do a lot of kl@nce shippers just fuckin hate Keith ?????

Fighting/Angry Signs!

Aries: I have few Aries friends and I think that they can actually keep calm longer than you would think. If a someone says stupid things to them, they pretty much laugh at it and let it go, but if a someone says something disrespectful to their friends, it is going down real fast! It starts with calm and slow: “What did you say?” and if they feel like they need to kick some ass, they can hear straight nothing, but their temper around them. Sometimes Aries might just want to spice their life a little and take whatever reason they have to fight. They need excitement.

Taurus: Taurus keeps it cool pretty long, but they have a meter that is slowly but surely getting there. It is a big surprise when they snap and after that it is not a guessing game. Often they end up crying and just letting their emotions out. You really don’t know how long they’ve been gathering all the anger, so you can be more than sure, that they will not forget the day that they had to play weak in front of you.

Gemini: Annoying Gemini is easy, but making them actually angry can be quite hard. A lot of times people mix the excitement and straight forwardness with anger. They are loud and clear about their opinions and often times it might seem like they’re just pissed off about something. Oh, but believe me, that is not even close with an angry Gemini. If they don’t like something, you will be informed as soon as possible. They will use big words and if they feel like that is not enough, or the situation is really hurting them, they will hurt you back brutally. You know when they’re very angry, if you can see your stuff flying around. Good thing is that they usually go back to normal really fast, but they will not forget.

Cancer: You will hear some kind of a warning from them, before they let it loose. If you’re smart, you will listen to that warning, because you do not want to hurt and anger an Cancer. They’re very protective of their loved ones and their engine runs with emotions, so be ready to hear every mistake you’ve ever made. It’s like they’ve been memorizing it all only for that moment.

Leo: Have you ever been near explosions? Well after this you have. If Leo gets angry, they will try to hurt your pride and confidence. Whatever happens, there is only one possible winner for them. They won’t apologize, they only forgive. If you’re close to them, after the fight it might be all fine and they usually won’t remind you about it and if they do, it is only to laugh about the whole thing. If you’re not that close to them, prepare to be ignored possibly for the rest of your life. They will act like they would not give a fuck about you, but they will talk about you with their friends, and probably laugh and question who you think you are. 

Virgo: They will try to put their anger to the back of their mind and not take an action. Then, one day you do something small, but annoying to them, and suddenly it is all out there. With Virgo the anger might be quite awkward, because there is so many little things going on. 

Libra: First they will question, if they actually have a reason to be mad about something. They weight it, like they weight everything and if they feel like they have a good enough reason, they will take their action totally based on emotions. It can be messy and weird, because Libra is usually not like that. They’re calm and balanced, so sometimes it might be a little hard to take their anger seriously, even tho they will probably have a very good reason to act out. I have seen unbalanced Libra in action and it is quite harmful and it includes a lot of shouting and tears.

Scorpio: You could say, that Scorpios are very afraid to get angry. They think that they’re above it, and that is very often true. The way I see it, is that it is healthy and good that they most of the time realize how harmful they can be, because they have so deep emotions. However, they will shut all of those feelings inside of them and eventually they start to show brutal criticism and mean sarcasm towards you, because they just need to let some of it out. If the situation goes too far, they will revenge slowly but surely every bit of the hurt that they’re experiencing because of you. My father is a Scorpio and he shows some pretty mean criticism towards me all the time, so it makes me wonder, what makes him so frustrated, because I have no clue.

Sagittarius: My beloved sister is Sagittarius and let me tell you, this anger is fast and the most demonic kind that you will ever see. It’s like, you are not even taking any part of this fight, but somehow they will have it all going on by themselves. It is very dramatic and loud and there is nothing you can do about it but wait, till it’s over. It’s better that you won’t say a thing, because they probably got angry about something seriously insignificant, like you walking a little too close when they were doing their makeup or something. I sometimes just can’t do anything but laugh. It is crazy!

Capricorn: They don’t like drama, they don’t like to fight. They think it’s childish and idiotic. If they have to let it out, they will tell you that you’re disappointing and then they want to get as far away from you as possible, so they won’t loose it all. They really don’t like to have any kind of anger going on, so they will get rid of the cause quite fast. Then there is this type that can’t shut up and it’s called relatives.

Aquarius: You’ll notice they’re getting pissed off, before the final explosion. Instead of showing their anger straight to your face, they will have some imaginary matches in their mind. They don’t take action very easily, but they can get furious and they will let you know how stupid you are. Good luck!

Pisces: They are so sensitive and that is why they don’t want to hurt anyone, at least it seems like that at first. Things can take a very nasty turn. They can be surprisingly very sharp and hurtful, even tho it seems that they would never say anything mean. It can get very irritating and childish. However, they do feel sorry after the anger fades and they will try to make it up for you. They actually get really sad about it all, they apologize like 8382 times and you’re trying to tell them that it is totally fine and still it bothers them. 

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unfortunatly, japan is quite homophobic. That's not even gay bating, it's fujo baiting. They're not even targetting gay people, they're targetting girls objectifying gay people. Shame because I find Borumitsu so cute :(

What exactly is fujo? I’ve never heard of that term, sorry if I sound silly. Does it mean girls who like yaoi basically?

And I was gonna say something sorta long here but see I’m too ignorant about Japanese culture in regards to yaoi/yuri and actual LGBTQIA+ stuff, I don’t want to offend anyone or just blab about nonsense I don’t know. I just have no clue how different it is from the West.

I just hope Kishi at least says Mitsuki is gay himself for some validation, even if in the meanwhile Boruto and Sarada have a huge irksome Vegas themed sign that reads “Canon” as far as I am aware.

Camp Half-Blood!Au Yoongi
  • Son of Apollo: God of the sun, light, healing, beauty, music, poetry, archery, reason and prophecy
  • Blonde yoongi like agust d bc you know how great it was
  • Basically hates his father
  • And it’s funny bc despite he dislikes his dad, Apollo seems to like him a lot
  • “What’s up yoongi mY BOY” “Don’t touch me”
  • “How I’m related to that asshole” 
  • “Seriously mom, I don’t understand why you fell in love with him”
  • He’s gorgeous, like how can he not he has the god of bEAUTY as father
  • But he’s not self conscious about his beauty, even tho most girls and some guys in the camp have a crush on him
  • “why they flirt with me, i’m nOT INTERESTED”
  • He’s done with everyone’s shit 
  • King of archery
  • You better hide when he’s angry and has a bow and arrows with him
  • “Hoseok don’t play with the arrows, you’re going to take out an eye with it”
  • He takes care of hoseok all time like don’t you dARE TO TOUCH MY BABY
  • He’s extremely good with poetry so he makes amazing raps
  • people didn’t understand why he raps like “You can’t sing? Why you rap?”
  • “Rap is music too dickheads”
  • He is sick of new campers asking for a prophecy 
  • He’s usually the leader of one of the teams in capture the flag, the other one is namjoon
  • One time he almost hurt a hephaestus guy with an arrow in the middle of capture flag
  • He apologized but felt guilty the rest of the month
  • When namjoon’s team win, he said he let them win
  • He really enjoys healing people but denies it bc he has to keep his badass look
  • He can’t stand discrimination, he fights everyone who say somehting degrading
  • He hates all ares kids except for jungkook 
  • Even tho he looks like a bad guy, he actually has a golden heart and want everyone to be safe

Jungkook ver / taehyung ver / jimin ver / namjoon ver / hoseok ver / yoongi ver / jin ver

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please don't cry totty. your dreams will come true someday! ; 3;

     🌠 Mod Todo

No no no no no, listen to this old Mod angrily ramble for a moment, kid, I really need it and I don’t care if I’m in public, this place is like a bar, I get “drunk”, angry and I rant.

I’m probably the pettiest and most pissy Mod this blog has, but at least I bother covering it most of the time (unless you don’t read the FAQ, but that’s as basic as ABC, Mod Todo doesn’t like people that don’t bother checkign the fAQ), but ??  Today ??  No, NOT TODAY, I’m going to be SUPER PETTY until I go to bed.

‘Cause, in this game,
listen to me, I will only say this once
dreams do not come true unless you put MONEY into them.

I’m very close to reaching a full year since I started playing this game and I can TELL you that quite too well, if you are cursed like me GIVE UP, maybe you’ll save everyone around you the hassle of dealing with your angry and frustrated nonsense.

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Who is venny and what is her case? (New army)

she posted a video of namjoon’s freestlye over wale’s song illest bitch and mentioned wale and wale responded to that asking for a collab and shortly after that collab was confirmed, wale went to seoul and recorded a song with namjoon, and all ‘thanks to her’. but people found her tweets from few years back that were racist and mentions of a lot of other bad things. All in all a lot drama,she being problematic and angry fans.

sugaofficialman said: I seriously hope wale meant well with that collab. I think armys need to chill tf out (bcus honestly you’re all annoying) and just see what happens and not just take the words of a fan who THOUGHT wale and venny used namjoon. Tho most likely, both parties wont speak up about this (unless through a cypher lmfao)

I would like to belive that too, that they liked this collab cause the song is really good, wale looked excited but who knows. whatever it is I think we’ll never now what happend and if all that’s true and what’s not and the assumptions will stay. The next cypher will probaly be the most hardcore one yet 🔥

Anonymous said: Uhh are you implying that wale used them for fame?? I’m confused

that’s what a lot of people are saying that he did that to get more attentionnot exactly the fame 

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plz no offense!! i didnt you were she/her, you kinda gave off a more they/he vibe. its surprising though that a lot of wc artists are female, like finch, princess-anna, artclaw, and ginjaninjaowo. idk where im going w this

ahaha i never knew thats the impression ppl got of me lol its fine tho. im kinda questioning anyway so maybe one day

it is weird how most wc artists are female i mean like. i feel like there was an elaborate youtube comment or something being angry about this but idk

The signs as I know them
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> Aries is the fun sign. They love a good laugh and a party, but not with too many people. They're really social in smaller groups, and rather adventurous people with passion for their hobbies. Don't get them angry tho, because they find it scarily easy to yell at you and abandon you.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> I've learned tauruses are probably the strongest and most caring people of all, even if they've been through a lot they'll always be there to help others and give the nicest compliments and advice. They like to keep themselves busy trying new stuff and won't easily let people get to them.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> First of all let's clear something up: geminis are not two-faced. At all. Nor bitchy, nor lying. I've experienced they are actually really loving, have a huge interest in music, are stylish and funny. They're rather insecure and crazy, but in a fun way. They might not always be able to express their feelings the right way, but they try and that's what matters
  • Cancer: The Cancers I know are generally positive, optimistic, and adventurous. They want to experience as much in life and sometimes go a little too far when doing that. They're impulsive. When mad, they will give you the worst looks but won't attack you, afraid to get hurt.
  • Leo: Leos near me are some of the best people. They're caring, funny and very beautiful. They also tend to keep their feelings to themselves but oh, they're full of feelings and thoughts that should be heard but never will.
  • <p/> <b>Virgo:</b> A thing the virgos I know have in common, is I loved them and they left me. One purposely did, one didn't, but to me, virgos represent heartbreak. Since I know only two virgos who are also very different from each other, I can't give you one stereotype. One of them was your typical tumblr white girl who lacked depth and braincells, but was very fun to be around, cute, caring, happy... Till she got enough of me and started calling me names. For the other one how she behaved would depend on who you are. I've seen her mood change in a matter of seconds. She is a contradiction. Sweet yet bitchy. Intimidating yet easy to talk to. Tough yet emotional. Her smiles easily make someones day. As a virgo stereotype I'd say they're people you'll never forget.<p/><b>Libra:</b> I know the libra stereotype is that they're cute, but as far as I know they're all rude assholes caused by being insecure. They won't hesitate to insult or let down others if that'd make them feel better. They're really sneaky and talk shit behind your back.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I don't think I've ever met a perfectly alright or "normal" scorpio, somehow there's always something odd about them. Depression, no father, gender issues, been bullied, not straight, stealing.. It makes me wonder if "normal" scorpios exist. On the contrary, I've also never met a scorpio I don't like. They're really nice yet insane. And, being a scorpio myself, I find they are the only people who don't think I'm too intimidating to yell at. I've never met a purely stereotypical scorpio tho, we aren't all that scary and intimidating, not as obsessed with sex, and we don't fight everyone we see, only if we have a good reason to. Overall we're just deeply good, emo people.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Sags are really social people with a lot of friends, that they like being around. What they probably like even more, is showing off their friends. And their knowledge. And money. Clothes. And so on. They are good storytellers tho, and will keep you interested.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> All Capricorns near me are outgoing and sweet. They're really lovable and funny and have an ambition to make a change in the world. They'll always be nice to you, no matter what.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Y'all are FUCKING insane. Aquariuses tend to try too hard on a lot of stuff, and that makes them annoying sometimes. For instance they're smart, they know it, and love to let other people know as well. They're really some know-it-alls. Some of them stereotypically have no heart, some only care about themselves, and somehow a few do actually express some feelings, but not that often.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Pisces people either have too many emotions or none at all. They either think too much or not at all. They easily hurt your feelings and then come apologise afterwards, when it's too late. They can be really rude and annoying at times and don't seem to care about you at all, like they're in their own world. They're not really social people.<p/></p>

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dude ppl got angry at ur art??? rly?? wtf man? "the lighting is wrong so it's whitewashing" like ok sure next time make sure to do a light source directly in front of him to wash him out!!! honestly tho ppl who nitpick like that won't ever be happy with the art the fandom puts out. ignore the ppl who are annoying and love the show as much as you want. - a fan of lotor who has to deal with the voltron fandom's garbage all the time bc of it

i think for the most part people were informing me that i drew lance too light rather than “getting angry,” and at least in all my previous lance drawings they were right about that so i was glad they let me know.  and no worries, i still really love the show!! ^_^

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I was reading a magazine and found an article by a designer who claimed that Kate Bush is "deeply unhappy" about her weight and that makes me feel sad because I think she is so pretty and I don't want her or anyone to feel bad about being any weight. I would tell her she is very pretty : (

Oh no! That’s terrible! :(
(If you have the magazine article I’d very much like to read it)

It not something that surprises me tho, since all new pics of her are heavily photoshopped. And I think her insecurities are the main reason she doesn’t want to relise the Before the Dawn DVD.

It makes me so incredibly sad and angry that she has to feel this way…to me she is the most beautiful woman in the world. And I love her so so much.

I am so mad at the music industry!!! She is almost 60 years old, she has aged. That’s it!! Nobody talks about any male musicians the same way. And this disgust me so much! All the focus are on LOOKS! And nobody even cares about the music anymore!!? It’s disgusting! She’s always said she doesn’t want to be famous, she wants to have a normal life and make music. But media focus on beauty and not music.
So that is not helping anyone’s confidence at all.

When I saw Kate live I thought she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen!!
inside and out she is beautiful. And it pains me to know she feels like this.

I want to punch everyone who has made her feel this way! She is too good for this world!

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leonard snart for the character thing

First impression: who dis boi nd why he so angry 👀

Impression now: [jumps down from kitchen counter] IM GAY

Favorite moment: i have too many but the two most noteable r when Cisco calls Leonard a good brother and Len is like “debatable” and the next was when he defended Stein in The Magnificent Eight and ended up starting a bar fight.

Idea for a story: everyone fights his dad and gives him hugs and the love he deserves

Unpopular opinion: i dont…ship coldflash rlly?? like its cute nd stuff but its not my thing tbh. i bet they have sleepovers tho lol

Favorite relationship: either ColdWave or his sibling relationship w his sister Lisa.

Favorite headcanon: Kendra was his and Lisa’s mom from a past life OR leonard snart is a trans man


as of now I’ve seen all but the last half of season 11 and 1-18 of season 12. I had to watch the last 5ep of 12 on the CW app so I could be mostly caught up when 13 starts, cause i swear to chuck I’m not going to be out of the loop on this one, this is the first show I really wanna catch as it airs.

Honestly I gotta say, I think I was most upset about Rowena, Crowley to me is meh; half the time I like him and half the time I don’t. And as for Castiel, tbh it’d be a mistake for them to kill him off and in reality their views would go down a LOT w/o Cas. But yeah, Rowena made me sad.. I’m going to miss her as much as I miss charlie, tho I am not NEARLY so angry abt Ro as I am about Charlie, charlie was lgbt, she was a damn genius, and a badass woman of letters and tbh I am very disappointed the writers killed her. Like, way to go; kill off the best rep for lgbt, women being strong, and S&D showing that they need a woman to help, for once, way to go, guys. 

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🔥 and 🌚

🔥  = vent

omg lmao idk if i actually have much to vent about atm like i’m pretty good and Not Angry which is honestly weird and relieving i suppose tho i can yell @ mother nature for making this weekend hot as FUCK and for making it stormy and disgustingly humid and for also keeping me sick for the past like 4 days 

🌚  = talk about my crush

i don’t have a Real In Life Person Crush but i will gladly talk about my #1 actress crush melanie chandra and how she’s literally one (1) of the most beautiful ppl on this planet 

send me stuff!

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uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh 😤💛💥🎀 idk man im just bored

😤 do you get angry easily?
-completely depends, i usually dont get loud or really angry i stay pretty chill
 i do get mad at really trivial shit tho, like getting caught in the doorhandle  with my headphone cables i go from 0-100 in like a second, but in an  argument i usually stay calm all the way through

💛 if you could talk to your younger self, what would you say?
-learn to say no before 9th grade you little fool

💥 what are some unpopular opinions that you have?
-iunno i dont like most sweet candy or drinks and people get mad at me for  that and i also dont like jimmy hendrix’s music 

🎀 what’s your fashion sense like?
-a classmate once said “you look like you got here from the 70s” and thats pretty spot on really