i like angry the most tho


Some things I bet you didn’t know about Carnelian, is that she’s sort of a crass, violent gem, not necessarily mean but just really, really angry. Like, really angry! She may seem cute most of the time, but she has a temper about seven magnitudes greater than the Hulk. Also, she’s often very dramatic when summoning her weapon, which, like Pearl’s spear, can be summoned blade-first or handle-first.

(Also featuring: lapisjazzuli‘s Jet Lignite and univaro‘s Carnelian!)

People's reactions to VnC so far

They’ve been more mixed than I thought. At first they were all great and they got at the very best when Jeanne first appeared. Then, next chapter most people were disappointed, sad, angry and felt like leaving the fandom. People are still very feely about the Vanitas and Jeanne scene.

Like yeah, umm, get over it?
I mean, I don’t want to sound rude, but it’s gotten kind of old now.
And to those who want to leave the VnC fandom: If you’re really that disappointed, leave. I don’t think ANYONE should have started the manga expecting a PH feel. As sad as it is, PH is over. This is a completely different manga, different characters, different stories, and probably different worlds. I don’t see the point of expecting things out of characters we just got to know just because of Ph?? THE MANGA HAS ONLY 6 CHAPTERS PEOPLE. It’s so new, it’s like a fetus. why are you judging so soon??? For heck’s sake, I continued PH ONLY because I liked the anime. When I read the first volume of the manga I wanted to drop it, because it seemed weird and not my thing. I bless the anime for making me re-read it, and this time till the end. So why is there a different treatment for VnC?

I don’t know about you, but the way I’ve seen some people treat Jun’s decisions about this manga is like the way half of the fandom treated Kishimoto after the end of Naruto. “It’s for fanservice; It’s for money; They’re screwing up their story”, NO! No they’re not screwing up their story. Mangakas like Jun (and Kishimoto) are professional, they know what they’re doing. They’re writing for an audience that will like the story, not them. If you aren’t happy with some decisions then ok, you can keep that to yourself, or you can express it lightly. There’s honestly no point in bashing on the characters or the mangakas. It’s stupid and childish. You have the right to have your opinion of course, but don’t go force it down on people’s throats. It’s irritating and ruining the fun of those enjoying the story.

I’m sorry for ranting, I’m just sick of hearing people complain about a story that’s new and has so much potential just because it’s not like they thought it would be. Of course it’s not. This is why we’re the fandom. It’s never what we expect, I mean heck, we’re talking about Jun freaking Mochizuki here. We’re supposed to be surprised by the choices that are made, but we’re also supposed to support these choices whether we agree with them or not.

On a side note, there is still a debate about Vanitas and the kiss. Is he a bad person? Maybe, maybe not, we have yet to see. Is he in love with Jeanne? Probably just a crush. Is what he did wrong? Yeah, but it’s a friggin story with vampires. I don’t get why forcing blood out of people by biting their neck is in any way more acceptable than a kiss for shocking the “enemy”. Is Vanitas a psycho? Yes, this one I can fully say, since we saw this at the VERY BEGINNING of the manga, when he said how he wanted to “save them all” while laughing crazily. So Vanitas is a psycho, it’s in his character, get over it. Should he be slapped? Yes, please.
Now about Jeanne. Is she awesome? Yes, yes she is. This doesn’t change despite what Vanitas did. She’s still the Hellfire Witch. Was acting bashful weird for her character? Now this is where people usually mess things up. It’s not wrong. We’ve just got to know her, don’t go acting like there’s already a full manga just about her and how OOC she is. Should we say that Jeanne is weak because of her reaction? No friggin way, no. For all we know, that could have been her first intimate interaction with a guy. Mine sure as hell would be even more awkward.
Then there’s Dominique. Is she a badass? Probably, so far she’s awesome. Is she beautiful? Yes, just like Jeanne, Amelia and the other girls, Domi is beautiful. Is she straight? Irrelevant question, but probably not. Right now she seems very very gay for Nox to me, though it’s probably just a joke from MochiJun cuz I’m sure she’s straight. Are her entrances amazing? Yes, no doubt.
Is Amelia a princess who should be protected? Yes yes, #protectAmeliaRuth2k16 Does she have a crush on Noé? Probably, I do, too.
Is Noé a cinnamon roll? Yes. Is he the best? Yes. Is Noé— Yes.

Kay that’s it thanks.

TBH the most disappointing thing about Rinn wasn’t that they weren’t endgame (tho they really could have been). It’s that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named didn’t even bother working on their relationship at all. Like come on, Finn and Rae felt like a couple even before they were one. In season one after Rae had that huge fight with her mom and decided to leave home, who was the only one she felt she could turn to? It was Finn. And in season 3 she couldn’t even talk to him about her decision to go to school? And you’re telling me that the sweet boy who told her, “I don’t mind that you’ve got stuff. Everyone’s got stuff, really.”  or who broke up with someone because he couldn’t stop thinking about Rae would kiss another girl despite the fact he’s been in love with Rae for two years? Nope.

so the early 2000′s had like. a thing? for hyperactive squirrels. it was in over the hedge and hoodwinked, and like, i never really thought about it, but i think i just realized what spearheaded it.

foamy the squirrel was this this character from  some…webshow? it wasn’t about him, but like steve irkle or george costanza, he quickly became the most popular one. it came out in 2002-03. his rant was really popular, and i remember seeing it when i was like 7. he wasn’t usually that angry, tho: most of the time he was just someone who spouted the fact that he wanted bagels with cream cheese, or some stupid shit.

anyways, what i’m getting at here is: i think the popularity of hyperactive squirrels was one of the first example of corporate meme pandering. like, the earliest case of it.

i’m horrified.

honestly when i say shit like ‘im glad im not straight/cis’, most of the time im not saying this out of spite or hatred for straight/cis people (even tho some of u get on my last nerve sometimes xoxo)

 its more like ‘i spent a long time being very very confused and feeling like i was broken because i couldn’t live up to the standards forcefully put upon me by a hetero/cisnormative society, so now that i finally understand my identity and the ways in which i was denied an earlier understanding (which would have saved me literal years of damage to my self worth and mental health), it’s hard to not feel resentment towards people who actively hold up and protect the standards that damaged me just because they represent “the norm” and refuse to understand me’

like do u get me?

Me and one of my many siblings. Though this one we call, Brenna. She’s the best. She was like a second mother to me, is a best friend and best sister. We confuse people by how well we get along. They think we’re really good friends or twins because how else? It’s been us against the world for most of our lives.. I don’t know where I would be without her.

I don’t like talking shit about other people’s fandoms in public because there you are, in your nice little trashcan, enjoying your garbage peacefully, and from behind you comes an angry voice like, “It’s trash. Your fandom is the most trash. It’s trash garbage.” and you turn around and realize the voice is coming from a septic tank.

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HELLO HELLO I request a challenging hc of Kizaru being angry. Like, maybe his s/o was significantly harmed? Tortured to the point of unconsciousness while kidnapped? I'm not sure, therefore I am curious to your hcs of an angry Borsalino and what ticks him off (doesn't have to involve his s/o but I'm just thirsty haha)

hmmm this is more of a character analysis than hcs but I’ll try^^

  • Kizaru has got to be the most chill breathing being in the OP world but there actually have been instances where he declared his dislike over things, like I think I can remember that he said he doesn’t like Luffy in Marine Ford or at least he was vocal about that Luffy annoyed him
  • And I guess that’s the worst of it tbh, I just have a lot hard time imagining him getting straight up angry tho, you would consider that the marines and the whole justice deal as well as his own subordinates would be important to him but he was kinda unfazed in the entirety of the Marine Ford Arc, where even the person he probably cares the most about (Sentoumaru) got injured
  • Truth be told if I didn’t see Kizaru with my own eyes fighting against Whitebeard and Marco I would have thought he fucked off after holding WB’s attacks and came back with coffee right when Benn Beckman pointed his gun at him
  • this dude is just an overpowered as hell troll who doesn’t give a shit and that’s why I love him

I just went on to the actual overwatch forums and remembered why i don’t go there. There were a BUNCH of people complaining about Mchanzo for the most absurd reasons, i’m not even going into detail on it. Secondly there was a person complaining about how Genji is completely ruining the game and that they should remove him altogether. It’s not that i’m angry at the forums i’m just generally confused as to why people get so touchy over these things?? Like, yeah i get it if you don’t like a ship, whatever. But what you don’t need to do is trash talk it as well as the people who ship it. Also why suggest removing a hero completely just because you lost a few QUICK PLAY games? I dunno it just confuses me so i stay away.

A expression sheet of Aoi Shimizu, he looks really trilled!

Aoi’s expression is mostly him looking emotionless and/or angry. He’s the least expressive out of the bunch (tho his third eye is the most expressive out of his face) and will tell it like it is with a straight face. He also scares people when he smiles

(tag urself I’m “Is this how you smile?”)

Tools used: Sai, Photoshop

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1. What are some of your interests that most people aren't into? 2. What would your perfect boy be like? 3. Favorite song of the moment?

1) i literally do not do anything at all
2) i can’t really answer this question adequately rn bc i’m so fucking lonely that i will apparently settle for gay and in the same room as me and i’ll just jump on him even tho i’m not attracted to him in the slightest
3) idfk

xendure  asked:


If you snuck into my room I would:

[ x ] Go back to sleep                 [  ] Kick you out
[ x ] Cuddle with you                   [ x ] Be like “How in the world?”
[  ] Let you sleep on the floor    [  ] Become angry

If you kissed me (or hugged) I would:

[ x ] Kiss or hug you back                       [  ] Smile and laugh
[  ] Stiffen, and feel uncomfortable        [  ] Push you away
[ x ] Be shocked                                       [  ] Strike you

If you asked me to go out with you for a day I would say:

[  ] No          [ x ] Yes          [  ] Most certainly not.          [ ] Without hesitation.

You are:

[ x ] Cute          [ x ] Adorable          [  ] Attractive          [  ] Beautiful
[  ] Okay         [  ] Ugly                 [  ] Am not going to grace this with an answer

You are to me a:

[  ] Stranger          [  ] Acquaintance          [  ] Ally
[ x ] Friend              [  ] Love                        [  ] Rival
[  ] Enemy

I find you to be:

[  ] Pathetic          [  ] Off no consequence          [  ] Intriguing
[  ] Frightening     [  ] Unsettling                          [ x ] Annoying
[ x ] Infuriating       [ x ] Pleasant company       [ x ] Comforting
[  ]  Unable to be lived without                            [ x ] Trustworthy