i like angry the most tho

okay, can we talk about keith’s vlog tho? because all i see right now is that “we already have too much keith” and it makes me mad so i need to rant. here we go.

first of all, coran was so happy that he set up this system so he and the team could record vlogs and maybe talk about fun things and stuff like that. but keith lived on a desert for so long he didn’t even know what “fun” is at this point and he’s not the kind of person that would talk simply to fill the silence. so of course when you tell him to sit in front of the camera and talk, he will finally just say whatever is on his mind. and he starts to talk about being half-galra? 

like, it’s on his mind all the time; not only that he’s not 100% human but also that because of who he is allura hated him and other altea people would probably feel the same. most of the time keith acts like he doesn’t care about anyone but maybe shiro, but the truth is he cares so much? about what allura thinks, about what hunk thinks. he just bottles it up like everything else.

and then the “vol- tron” scene with lance. keith still thinks about that! he’s frustrated because a stupid chant shouldn’t be this complicated but keith thinks it’s important to lance. he doesn’t understand even tho he wants to! i don’t know, i just felt like pointing this out because of Reasons. 

and then probably the most important part. where keith talks about how his mom left him and that’s the reason he has trust issues. like, holy shit, of course you’d have trust issues and if i’ll ever see one more person getting mad at keith for being angry about shiro’s disappearance, i’m throwing hands. both his parents apparently didn’t give a damn about him and shiro was the only person he had, he was and is his only family so of course keith was angry. and in this last part of his vlog we saw how vulnerable he really is, he opened up so much i was surprised because keith is usually a very reserved person when it comes to his feelings, so i think that we saw more character development in those three minutes than in the whole show and it’s important! 

so if you think that it was a waste of time and they’re “shoving keith down your throat” (i saw someone saying that here on tumblr) then i hope you’ll choke on him, because honestly? keith is one of the more interesting characters in the show both because of his backstory and behavior/development. 

so do i think that the other characters deserve more screentime too? of course! matt fucking holt is my fave character so you don’t get to talk to me about too little screentime. but do i think that they should stop giving us more keith content and that it’s okay to insult keith because of the amount of time he’s getting? well, let me tell you that this is bullshit. 

bh is a nerd

bc u know, i find it REALLY funny that about 45% of the villainous fandom characterizes black hat as some suave and sexy inhuman gentleman who totally knows how to do the romance™ and frick frack™. i mean, fanfic will always be fanfic, and people can headcanon all they want. ((and i may be a bit hypocritical, since i do run a villainous imagines-blog myself))

but cmon, lets be honest people, if bh were to flirt/romance/pursue a relationship (which is pretty unrealistic itself tbh) he’s gonna be so awkWArD and angRY. like?? his pick up lines are probs gonna be: ‘hey there inferior mortal, i hate you SLIGHTLY LESS.’ or ‘do you want to eat at this illegal restaurant that serves endangered animals, what’s ya phone number?’ or he’ll most likely do everything his power to keep himself in sweet, sweet denial that he’s able to care for another being, bc emotions are for scRUBS.

and even tho bh has probably been walking the earth for ten millennia, he hasn’t a faintest clue about the human reproductive system. nor does he particularly care. he needs some serious sex ed tho, bc if u ask him where the ovary is located, he’ll squint and be like: ‘they’re inside the ribs????’

Boyfriend Wonho

A/N: this wasnt supposed to be this long but whatevs also wrote this on mobile will sort out the formatting later. some smut in there just to warn you

  • is too good for this world, too pure
  • LOVES you
  • Like would give anything for you
    Honestly thinks hes the luckiest person in the world for having you and is always sure to remind you of that all the time
  • Big soft baby with a heart of gold so you gotta take care of him and make sure hes always happy
  • Its that thing where he is so big and physically intimidating but is actually made of rainbows and sunshine
  • Where you are tiny and not intimidating in the least and ready the fight e v e r y o n e
  • And you will. You would fight any and everyone for shin hoseok you dont care anyone hurts your soft boyfriend they better be ready catch these hands
  • Hoseok knows too so everytime you gettin ready to throw hands he will pick you up throw you over his shoulder and leave while apologising to whoever you were tryna fight
  • That being said, you turn into goo around him
  • Its hard not to really because like have you seen his smile?????
  • Everytime he smiles at you or you make him laugh your heart grows three sizes and your life expectancy is lengthened by 3 years
  • Hoseok an actual angel tho omg
  • Willing to do anything for you his bby
  • Cries at the sad parts in movies
  • Like that sad part in Up made him bawl so hard that you had to ban him from watching disney/pixar movies
  • Mostly bc seeing him cry made u cry
  • You guys are on the couch watching a kids movie and ugly crying against each other
  • Its a Mess™
  • Feeds you all the time
  • Hes a big dude and hes thick af so boy has gotta eat so hes always suggesting going out to eat for date ideas lmao
  • If u try and tell him youre on a diet he will refuse and practically spoon feed you no diets are acceptable with hoseok around
  • Doesnt matter what you look like he doesnt care he just wants you to be happy and healthy
  • That being said if u rly did want to diet to get healthy and fit will make sure you do it properly with a nutritionist and planned balances meals and going to the gym and eating good food
  • Bc he’ll be damned if hes gonna watch u suffer and starve through shutty juice cleanses and no carb diets like no honey
  • is 1000000% supportive of you no matter what
  • Will try his best to support you in absolutely everything
  • Hug Machine™
  • Always down for hugs and kisses basically all the pda he does not care he just rly loves you
  • Tends to pull you onto his lap and wrap his arms around you
  • Probs doesnt even realise its pda hes so casual and liberal with physical affection that sometimes you go the whole day feeling wrong for some reason if wonho doesnt give u some type of lovin
  • Speaking of some type of lovin
  • So goddamn giving that it sometimes makes u feel bad if u dont return the favor
  • Like if he knows u had a bad day will just super casually eat u out til ur shaking and trying to push him away bc its too much
  • Doesnt let you return the favor either bc ur upset even if hes got a raging hard on will just be like ‘shhhhh no its fine drink some water i will make u food now’
  • And ur like hoseok what about u??????
  • He just laughs and walks away
  • Feel like sex will be playful
  • If its not super intimate and romantic then hes probs trying to make u laugh
  • Not all that adventurous just wants to please you and make you cum
  • Gets whiny and flustered when you tease him
  • Most likely to watch you in awe when you do suck him off
  • Honestly just super comfortable about sex tho hes chill about it
  • Its nice to do but not essential to your relationship like he’d be cool if you were asexual or hypersexual its no big deal to him
  • Also lowkey the jealous type
  • Not the angry/assertive jealous type more like sees someone tryna put the moves on u will slink over and throw himself all over like heeeeeyyyyyy my lovely girlfriend whom i love most in the world bc we are def dating and im your faithful boyfriend
  • Youre just standing like laughing bc this guy was pissing you off tbh and you were to slap someone and then he comes along like this wrapping you up in his huge arms being ridiculous
  • You love it tho
  • Gets giggly and blushy when you kiss him
  • Loves it when you backhug him tho he will unwrap your arms to pull you around and hug you properly
  • Always knowing how hes feeling bc he wears his emotions on his sleeve so be prepared for that
  • But him being so emotional makes you comfortable about expressing yours since he wont ever judge you about it even if you had a nervous breakdown about it
  • Wont push you for it either he will wait for you to open yourself up and is ready to open his big arms to you when you need it
  • Hes an actual literal teddy bear bc he loves cuddling dont try and fight me on this hoseok looooooooves cuddling
  • His favourite part of the day is bring close like that to you
  • Any cuddle position is a good cuddle position
  • You know that one photo where hes asleep on minhyuk on that couch where his head and arms are resting on minhyuks back and hes got one leg thrown over his
  • Thats what i imagine sleeping with hoseok is like hes always pressed up close to you
  • Sometimes slightly suffocating bc of his large size but tbh you would die happily like that
  • Has some big ass clothes for you to drown in too
  • I imagine his shirts and hoodies to be hella big which means you could wear them and have maximum comfort
  • Does not mind at all if you steal his clothes highkey loves it and has a folder on his phone dedicated to pictures of you wearing his clothes
  • Actually has a number of folders dedicated to you most of his camera roll is you
  • Gets whiny when the members tease him about you he will get all blushy and tell them to stop teasing him
  • Exactly no one listens and does it more
  • So youre like lmao ur just jealous and straight up make out with hoseok on the spot
  • Which will make him flustered and embarrassed but also get smug when the members are yelling at you guys to get a room
  • No one in this world deserves him like honest to god he is the the best person on this cruel earth

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Out of all of the Villainous AUs, which one is your favorite and why? Also, favorite Villainous character to draw?

 oo well honestly I haven’t really delved much into the AUs that are in the fandom so I don’t know really many \:>
But out of the ones I have found my fav gotta be Cowardice by @skribblie

I just want to hug this White Hat and tell him he’s doing fine, cambug and sanity are adorable, Glurf is a jerkface but I’ll admit he can be intimidating and honestly I really like the idea that 4.0.4 has no emotion instead of being an angry bear.
Also I adore the idea of Sanity giving Fraid hat a fluffy hug when he’s in panic mode

As for who I like to draw the most out of the normal cast, gotta be BH (def not because I’m weak for dapperness ahahahahah) His exaggerated expressions are fun to mess around with, and being able to do any kind of body horror with him  👌
Tho I like drawing the others as well, flug being simple for me, dementia is fun with her ridiculous design I just have a hard time with female anatomy, and 5.0.5 I want to draw the summer child more he’s just so freaking hard to draw, he has the anatomy of a potato why is it so hard


The acting in Descendants 2 was INCREDIBLE! Like Bens and Mals argument sounded so genuine and it actually startled me a little bit. And Umas little angry moment after the VKs and Ben get away.

MOST of China’s scenes actually were very impressive. Like you can tell she got insanely into character and really studied how Uma would realistically react to every moment in character. I admire that a lot and it’s insanely inspirational. I felt like she really got across how pissed she was with the whole living on the isle/ auradon situation.

Sofia I think did a very nice job taking Evies sincerity from the first movie and allowing it to grow even more.

Finally, Jane and Carlos’s little moment when he asks her out I feel was really well done as well. Given Carlos’s past with his mom Cameron did an incredible job with his expressions. Jane is very excited about the idea of being with him and telling him how he’s great and how much she cares for him. And Cameron’s expressions just say a lot. He lets the audience know that he’s not used to hearing this and his face just lights up. Then his hesitation with the hug before completely melting just shows how much he ISNT used to that. Sure he gets affection from Evie and maybe the other 2, but I think Cameron did really well showing Carlos’s unfamiliarity and joy and satisfaction in this one scene.

Ok I’m done
(Feel free to add on!)

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AAAAA UR ART IS REALLY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE THE WAY U COLOURR AAAAAAAAA GO AL S [also would it b alright to have a smol tutorial on colouring,,?]


I usually just eyeball when I color and I try to experiment a lot!!!! I also color differently from artstyle to artstyle///// so im guessing you mean my most recent one?? I usually pick colors based on the mood and situation i want to portray and create palettes out of it.

I choose colors that I feel like associate with the emotions of the character and scene like
warm = cozy, happy, angry, etc
cool = cold, mystical, magical, sleepy, etc

Here’s a great video that explains the techniques on how to choose colors!! It covers up most of the basic things you need to know like saturation, shading etc. Heres another one (tho its quite longer though ^^;;)

I also try to make my contrast noticeble at a certain point to make it pop out more!! But it always depends on what im trying to achieve (ex. pure black shading + highley saturated flat colors = vibrant or thin colored lines + soft shading = cozy, soft , etc)

Heres a step by step on how I usually color: :OOO using laffy because he is perfect n i love him

This varies!!! depends on the mood u wanna set!! (warm or cool)

Create a folder and use clipping group Its waay easier to add shading and highlights

I used a blend of marker and pen here here (middle flat brush <33)

I hope this helps!!!

Voltron headcanons

- I live for ftm trans Keith.
- mtf pidge is a blessing
- Non binary shiro with long hair.
- you can pry freckled lance from my cold dead hands
- people get some hair cuts! Allura with neck length. And pidge gets an undercut but keeps long hair on top (my friend has this)
- Keith likes lizards and he and pidge call them scaly bois
- Hunk is most angry when people dont cook easy stuff correctly. Shiro once messed up spaghetti and was no longer allowed to cook
- shiro can’t cook or bake for shit (that’s pretty canon tho)

- Shiro can sing. But usually doesn’t
- Keith can sing, he hums country songs to focus
- lance can sing, and will some times break into song/start singing whatever he’s trying to say
- hunk can sing, is usually forced into duets with lance
- pidge’s voice cracks when she sings. But she can rap really well and it scares the whole team.
- allura can sing altean songs!
- coran…can’t…but its always fun watching him try

I have a theory about Maggie. Scrolling thru the Ava’s Demon tag, I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding the latest update that talk about how Wrathia’s “curse” is mental illness or something of that nature. Or that the demons themselves all represent an mental illness that their respective hosts have. This got me thinking: if all of the main cast has a mental illness, could this mean that Maggie has BPD? Now I’ll just say this right now: I’m not a psychiatrist or doctor. So please take everything with a grain of salt.

The most defining symptom of BPD is fear of abandonment. We can clearly see this in Maggie by the way she interacts with others. The most obvious case of her fear of abandonment is her infatuation with Gil. In the first few minutes with him, she’s already smitten. When she returns to her mind scape, she pesters Tula into making her a special rose that would supposedly get someone to fall in love with you. She obviously wants to use this on Gil, despite only knowing him for a day.

Another symptom is having unstable relationships. Maggie herself has stated that Gil was “not like the other guys” implying that she’s had several boyfriends in the past. This is quite a large number of guys, considering she’s only 15. Another symptom is impulsiveness and recklessness. Maggie is VERY impulsive. From smashing her giant tree limbs into the dashboard of a space ship (not caring whether the other passengers live or die) to deciding to become a follower of Titan for a guy she just met. And one final symptom I’ll list here is irritability and moodiness. One of Maggie’s most noticeable personality trait is just how angry she seems to be. She yelled at Odin just because he put his hand on her shoulder. She can also be pretty violent too. There was also when she squished a fairy in the palm of her hand. She strangled Ava when she wondered into Maggie’s mind scape. But she’s not like this all the time. She can be sweet sometimes too (tho not very often), as you can see when she kisses Tuls on the cheek. So this is it. This post became WAY longer then what I intended to be. I’ll just say again that I’m not in any way knowledgeable about mental illnesses or psychiatric disorders. This is just something I’ve been thinking about.

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Heyy bless us with Lysander NSFW headcanons please? ☕😏

mmm these’ll be fun to think up; skyscraper Lys being sinful. i hope they’re not short bc i feel like they are um,, anyways! enjoy you s i n n e r s ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Okay so I was inspired by @vld-keith‘s Soul Eater AU, so:

Voltron Soul Eater AU!

  • Shiro and Matt being a weapon/meister duo and going on a mission with Matt’s father, who had become a death scythe. 
  • During the mission, they get kidnapped and held prisoner by Arachne and her merry band of spiders.
  • Shiro is able to escape and eventually makes it back to the academy.
  • Pidge is TORN APART that her family was being held hostage by that SPIDER BITCH, so they’ve been working hard to get stronger to get them back.
  • Shiro is a meister and was able to form a really strong bond with Pidge over their shared determination to get Matt and Mr. Holt back.
  • Zarkon is the Kishin Asura
  • Alfor is Death, and Allura is Death the Kid, except better and with better hair (jfc i know his hair has a reason to be like that but even when i was like 10 i thought it was dumb. Sorry, going off on a tangent, but y’know.)
  • Allura takes becoming the next grim reaper very seriously and makes sure to work hard at learning and training.
  • Lance and Keith had no idea in the beginning that they’d end up being partners. They couldn’t STAND each other when they first met. Their personalities clashed, they butted heads, it was bad.
  • However, after talking a few times, they started to really understand each other, and by the end of the day, they couldn’t imagine being partners with anyone else.
  • Hunk and Shay being meister/weapon pair!! They both care for each other and have 100% faith in the other person.
  • Allura is able, being a future grim reaper, to use most weapons, and often accompanies the 3 duos when they go on dangerous missions.
  • Shiro and Pidge are finally able to infiltrate Arachnophobia’s headquarters and actually find Matt and Mr. Holt, and try to break them out.
  • They run into Mosquito (Haggar), and, while Matt and Mr. Holt BOOK IT, Shiro and Pidge stay and fight. 
  • They kind of do a bit of overkill, but they both want revenge and are willing to take their anger out on anyone responsible.
  • On the way back to the academy, they joke about Pidge probably having to find another meister, now that Matt’s back. 
  • Pidge starts training with Allura a bit, and Shiro when Matt’s busy. It gets kinda stressful for them, but they’re strong and are able to adapt to the differences between the two and what one is able to do and what the other is not.
  • It’s actually getting kind of bad for their health. They’ve become an insomniac.
  • Shay really doesn’t like fighting. She knows it has to be done, but she really doesn’t like it that much. However, with encouragement from Hunk and being shown what the witches and kishin are doing, she works really hard to WRECK THEM.
  • Also:
  • Meisters: Shiro, Lance, Hunk, Coran, and Allura. (And Alfor, because he’s death)
  • Weapons: Keith, Shay, Pidge, Matt, Mr. Holt.
  • Keith is a sword
  • Shay is a gun
  • Pidge is a dagger
  • Matt is an ax.
  • Don’t think I forgot about Coran! He’s a teacher and Alfor’s right-hand man. Everyone likes his class because he can be a goof and connects with his students and makes learning fun.
  • Lance in Keith in the situation like when Maka and Soul were fighting Crona and Soul got cut protecting Maka!! Lance getting distracted and, even though Keith screamed for him to look out, he wasn’t quick enough and Keith had to come back to human form so Lance didn’t get killed.
  • Lance feels The Most Guilty™ because Keith could have died, but Keith is just like ‘dude that’s just the way it goes’
  • Once Keith is up and okay again, Lance brags to everyone because he has the best, most loyal weapon in the world
  • None of the other weapons tell him that it’s normal for a weapon to be willing to die for their meister, mostly because they realize that Lance is only saying things like that because he’s angry with himself and is using that to cope with knowing that a mistake he made caused his best friend to get seriously injured.
  • Imagine the basketball game scene tho-
  • Like, everyone’s just chillin around and happy and alive before the BIG STORM and enjoying each other’s company.

Okay if I don’t stop now I’ll go on for like 10 years

Request :  Hey, can I have a (hyung line) BTS reaction of there GF that has been attacked/mugged and they took her phone and money! Thank you!

Jin/Seokjin : It’d probably be one of the few times you will ever see him angry, like really really angry. If he was there when it happened he would probably yell a huge “yah” and call the police right away, describing perfectly the person, and trust me he won’t drop it until the person got caught ! I think he’s most likely to buy you a new phone since he would feel kinda guilty that this happened even tho you were with him. He would be really mad at himself because he wouldn’t have been able to protect you.

“Whoever it was, he better be praying that he doesn’t cross my way ever again”

J-Hope/Hoseok : He would feel really scared and sorry for you ! He would ask a hundred times if you were okay if that person hurt you in any way… If it happened while he was there, his first reflex would be to run after the little fucker to catch your things (and i’m pretty sure he’d succeed because he’s fit af) But yeah I think overall he would just try to make you forget about this scary thing that happened to you by making you laugh and treating you for the whole day !

“Let’s go grab some bubble tea to forget about that little incident yea ?”

RapMonster/Namjoon : Angry Joon hereeeeeeeeee ! Even if you say that it’s not a big deal or anything to try to calm him down, he would still be really pissed. His first reaction would be to take you to the police immediately to file a complain, when this will be done, he would just apologize.

“I’m sorry Y/N I should have been there..”

Suga/Yoongi : He would be a mix of Jin & Namjoon, the first thing he would do is taking you to the police to report what happened, but then he would be dead silent, like he would be so mad at himself that he would not talk for a long time, playing the scene in his head over and over again, how bad it could have turned if you tried to resist and it would just drive him crazy. The first thing he would do/say after a long moment of silence would be hugging you tightly while saying 

“I won’t let anything like this happen to you ever again, you hear me ?”

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One of my favorite past times: Finding the most innocent of moments or funny scenes in Gravity Falls and injecting angst into them, digging deep into the context of the scene to root out any potential angst and then overflow the situation with it until I am in tears over these characters I love so much.

Especially the Stans. They’re easy targets, because the angst roils off of them like angry waves batting a ship in a storm.

Ok, I don’t have anything BIG against Sakura. I like her as a character (I have a few bad thoughts about her, tho, and most of them are relative about Sasuke and her, or she being too mean or rude sometimes, but it’s not like I hate her or something. She grow up, she was part of Team 7, she was such a great ninja medic) and I think that she was okay, but I hate when SS shippers (and people in general) starts saying things like “I like SS, tho Sasuke didn’t deserve her, you know”, “she did so much for him”, “she was the person who cared about him the most and he treated him so mean and rude”… I mean… what???

Sakura was fine, but all the “Sasuke didn’t deserve our queen” is bullshit. Sorry, but it’s true. I come seeing this phrase more often and it just. makes. me. ANGRY.

Sakura, who was supposedly so in love with Sasuke, tried to kill him. And before you all start with the “but she was so in love that she couldn’t” let me tell you that is such a lame excuse, because she STILL tried to kill him, ok? That she “couldn’t” doesn’t count because she still tried, and that she couldn’t because some reason doesn’t quit that she still tried in some point. It doesn’t quit that she GAVE UP on him. She, who was the one that “love him so much that hurts”, gave up on trying to get Sasuke back, to get Sasuke “out of darkness”, she gave up on trying to understand him, understand his reasons for all he was doing. She thought there was no saving for Sasuke, that there was no way to “make him come to reason”, that it was not worth it the pain of her pursuit of Sasuke. And don’t tell me I’m wrong, because that’s you making up things. She thought it, that’s basically the reason why she tried to kill him. She gave up. All the “Sakura is not a little girl anymore, Naruto, she’s a kunoichi, she grow up, she know how the things are, she understand, you should do it too”. Everyone in the village gave up on him, everyone thought that he was a criminal and didn’t even TRY to understand him, and so did she. She gave up.

You know who is the ONLY person who actually CARED for the reasons behind Sasuke’s actions? The ONLY person who actually NEVER gave up on him? On trying to understand him? Naruto. He didn’t try to kill him. Not even once. Even all that happened, he NEVER GAVE UP on him. He never lost his undying faith on him. Naruto KNEW Sasuke was a good person, that he had a good heart. He KNEW that Sasuke wouldn’t do anything for no reason. Naruto cared. Naruto tried to understand him, since day one. Did he try to kill him tho Sasuke attacked him? No, he said he would shoulder Sasuke’s hatred and die with him so he’d never be alone again. He even begged the Raikage to spare Sasuke’s life. He had a several panic attack just at the thought of Sasuke’s death.

AND before you start with “but that’s unfair because Naruto knew the truth about Itachi so he could understand him better” because I’m gonna tell you something: Naruto didn’t have to believe that. Madara (well, Obito, but in that time he was supposedly Madara) told him that. MADARA, who was the big villian in that moment, told him, and he could decide to not believing him like Yamato did, like Kakashi did. Naruto decided, he CHOSE to believe it despite all. He actually THOUGHT that, was it truth or not, it AFFECTED Sasuke. He CARED about how Sasuke could have feel in that time. He understand that Sasuke was suffering because the truth, because all that happened. He didn’t dismiss his feelings, he didn’t gave up; his love for him was no selfish, because he CARED. He spent awake before Obito went, thinking “Sasuke, why didn’t you come back to the village? You already had your revenge, you killed Itachi. Did it make you feel better? Or all gets just worse?” HE THOUGHT ABOUT HOW SASUKE COULD HAVE BEEN FEELING IN THAT MOMENT, HE CARED ABOUT HIM AND HIS FEELINGS AND ALWAYS TRIED TO UNDERSTAND HIM, unlike Sakura.

Besides, Sakura COULD have know about Itachi if she wanted. She heard when Naruto said “I know about Itachi’s truth”, she HEARD, and did she ask Naruto about that? Did she tried to even know what was happening in Sasuke’s life? No. She didn’t. She didn’t ask. She stay ignorant because SHE WANTED. She HEARD what Naruto said and she didn’t even ask anything about that, despite knowing how important Itachi was for Sasuke, how it could affected him, whatever it was. She didn’t even try to understand Sasuke. She just didn’t get him, never. She thought about him as a criminal, she thought that the pain she was feeling was not worth it and she gave up. Naruto was suffering just as much as her, the girl that was “so in love” with Sasuke, and he didn’t thought that the pain was not worth it. He tried to understand, he knew that, somehow, Sasuke was feeling very bad and he didn’t want him to suffer more, he didn’t want Sasuke to feel lonely, he was willing to die with him (and put all, his desires, his goals, ALL aside because of him, just so Sasuke would not feel lonely anymore, would not suffer more about the Uchiha clan and Itachi. He WANTED to meet Sasuke in the afterlife and be happy there with him, no more wars, no more corruption system, no more jinchuuriki and clan problems, just the two of them. Happy.) So don’t dare to tell me that Sakura deserved SO MUCH Sasuke and that she did so much for him instead of just spill out her feelings and gave up on him. Don’t dare to tell me that she was the person who cares more about Sasuke because that’s not true. And I’m tired of all the glorify to the girls in the fandom (yeah, I’m talking about the “princess Hinata” too, you all glorify the girls so much.), because the truth is that Sakura gave up on him. I don’t care about if you say that she loved him or she cared about him because yes, she did, but NOT ENOUGH, and despite Sasuke took bad decisions in his life (because of certain reasons, but still, bad decisions), Sakura had his fails too, and if you talked about her as the girl who was “so in love with Sasuke that he didn’t even deserve her” then WOW, THAT girl actually cared less than the boy that was supposedly just “Sasuke’s friend/best friend”. That’s a dissapointment.

SS is a shitty ship NOT ONLY because of Sasuke. Sakura’s “love” was selfish and like a drug, like Kishimoto himself said. Sakura, who was “so in love” with the boy didn’t even try to understand him? I mean, what? If you say that Sasuke is bad for Sakura, then Sakura is bad for Sasuke too. She always talked about how much she loved Sasuke but she didn’t even understand him? She didn’t even tried to think that there were reasons behind his actions? No, she thought that he became a monster, that he became a criminal. So, if you say that Sasuke was bad for Sakura, the let me tell you that Sakura was bad for him too.

SS is a toxic relationship and a bad pairing because of BOTH parts, not just once.

So stop with all the hate for Sasuke, because he’s not the only to blame here.

Fighting/Angry Signs!

Aries: I have few Aries friends and I think that they can actually keep calm longer than you would think. If a someone says stupid things to them, they pretty much laugh at it and let it go, but if a someone says something disrespectful to their friends, it is going down real fast! It starts with calm and slow: “What did you say?” and if they feel like they need to kick some ass, they can hear straight nothing, but their temper around them. Sometimes Aries might just want to spice their life a little and take whatever reason they have to fight. They need excitement.

Taurus: Taurus keeps it cool pretty long, but they have a meter that is slowly but surely getting there. It is a big surprise when they snap and after that it is not a guessing game. Often they end up crying and just letting their emotions out. You really don’t know how long they’ve been gathering all the anger, so you can be more than sure, that they will not forget the day that they had to play weak in front of you.

Gemini: Annoying Gemini is easy, but making them actually angry can be quite hard. A lot of times people mix the excitement and straight forwardness with anger. They are loud and clear about their opinions and often times it might seem like they’re just pissed off about something. Oh, but believe me, that is not even close with an angry Gemini. If they don’t like something, you will be informed as soon as possible. They will use big words and if they feel like that is not enough, or the situation is really hurting them, they will hurt you back brutally. You know when they’re very angry, if you can see your stuff flying around. Good thing is that they usually go back to normal really fast, but they will not forget.

Cancer: You will hear some kind of a warning from them, before they let it loose. If you’re smart, you will listen to that warning, because you do not want to hurt and anger an Cancer. They’re very protective of their loved ones and their engine runs with emotions, so be ready to hear every mistake you’ve ever made. It’s like they’ve been memorizing it all only for that moment.

Leo: Have you ever been near explosions? Well after this you have. If Leo gets angry, they will try to hurt your pride and confidence. Whatever happens, there is only one possible winner for them. They won’t apologize, they only forgive. If you’re close to them, after the fight it might be all fine and they usually won’t remind you about it and if they do, it is only to laugh about the whole thing. If you’re not that close to them, prepare to be ignored possibly for the rest of your life. They will act like they would not give a fuck about you, but they will talk about you with their friends, and probably laugh and question who you think you are. 

Virgo: They will try to put their anger to the back of their mind and not take an action. Then, one day you do something small, but annoying to them, and suddenly it is all out there. With Virgo the anger might be quite awkward, because there is so many little things going on. 

Libra: First they will question, if they actually have a reason to be mad about something. They weight it, like they weight everything and if they feel like they have a good enough reason, they will take their action totally based on emotions. It can be messy and weird, because Libra is usually not like that. They’re calm and balanced, so sometimes it might be a little hard to take their anger seriously, even tho they will probably have a very good reason to act out. I have seen unbalanced Libra in action and it is quite harmful and it includes a lot of shouting and tears.

Scorpio: You could say, that Scorpios are very afraid to get angry. They think that they’re above it, and that is very often true. The way I see it, is that it is healthy and good that they most of the time realize how harmful they can be, because they have so deep emotions. However, they will shut all of those feelings inside of them and eventually they start to show brutal criticism and mean sarcasm towards you, because they just need to let some of it out. If the situation goes too far, they will revenge slowly but surely every bit of the hurt that they’re experiencing because of you. My father is a Scorpio and he shows some pretty mean criticism towards me all the time, so it makes me wonder, what makes him so frustrated, because I have no clue.

Sagittarius: My beloved sister is Sagittarius and let me tell you, this anger is fast and the most demonic kind that you will ever see. It’s like, you are not even taking any part of this fight, but somehow they will have it all going on by themselves. It is very dramatic and loud and there is nothing you can do about it but wait, till it’s over. It’s better that you won’t say a thing, because they probably got angry about something seriously insignificant, like you walking a little too close when they were doing their makeup or something. I sometimes just can’t do anything but laugh. It is crazy!

Capricorn: They don’t like drama, they don’t like to fight. They think it’s childish and idiotic. If they have to let it out, they will tell you that you’re disappointing and then they want to get as far away from you as possible, so they won’t loose it all. They really don’t like to have any kind of anger going on, so they will get rid of the cause quite fast. Then there is this type that can’t shut up and it’s called relatives.

Aquarius: You’ll notice they’re getting pissed off, before the final explosion. Instead of showing their anger straight to your face, they will have some imaginary matches in their mind. They don’t take action very easily, but they can get furious and they will let you know how stupid you are. Good luck!

Pisces: They are so sensitive and that is why they don’t want to hurt anyone, at least it seems like that at first. Things can take a very nasty turn. They can be surprisingly very sharp and hurtful, even tho it seems that they would never say anything mean. It can get very irritating and childish. However, they do feel sorry after the anger fades and they will try to make it up for you. They actually get really sad about it all, they apologize like 8382 times and you’re trying to tell them that it is totally fine and still it bothers them. 

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Black butler

Good job anon, cause ironically enough, no one had asked me this one .. maybe bc my answers are kinda obvious tho xD

  • Favorite character: the tiny devil we’ve been following for so many years now: Ciel, aka Sebastian’s Ciel, eyepatch!Ciel, our!Ciel
  • Second favorite character:Sebastian
  • Least favorite character: (honesty hour it is I guess xD) Edward Midford, Nina Hopkins, prince Soma, Elizabeth
  • The character I’m most like: Ciel
  • Favorite pairing: hmm.. let’s see… that one with the proud, small and angry kid and the dumb, smug and attractive demon, who are great together and have this complex and unique relationship… i can’t remember the na-.. oh right, SebaCiel (⊙ヮ⊙)
  • Least favorite pairing: any other character + Ciel
  • Favorite moment: so many, but this is one of my faves
  • Rating out of 10: 9

Send me series and I’ll answer

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Have u ever get hate messenges?? How do u get away with them??

I dun’ receive that much hate .like maybe 2 or 3 hate .But i don’t always consider them as “hate” ,i usually understand why they’re angry but that doesn’t affect mah life that much. ⊹⋛⋋(◐A◑)⋌⋚⊹

I accept criticism if at least, it’s argumented. Most of the time,it’s only somewahn pissed off who wants to tell u to stahp somethin’ bc that annoys them.

 Does that annoys them physically? i dun’ think so but they have to mention it personally to u.(As anon tho’.too afraid of your reaction)

 That’s ok, i’m here for listening/reading them if it can help.

Sometimes,when i can, i like to reply them with a meme .that’s mah salty cookie part.im sorry if u see meh in this mood ♪( ‘Θ’)ノ~☆

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hi! gud day can i request a kadi lovequarrels spam.. i know they sometime in 2015 but i found it adorable how ksoo tried to gain nini's attention again.. they're cute when they fight imo.. im weird.. anyways thanks and love ur blog!

Hi anon! gud day to you too :)

Well tbh, I’ve only seen kaisoo “fight” a couple of times, the only one who knows for sure are kaioo themselves tho. but.. 

This was during music bank in mexico 2014. To me it seemed like maybe they had had a little disagreement prior, as you can see on nini’s kicked puppy face he’s very much trying to get the attention of his hyung.

This fight seem to be the one that most ppl think about when you mention “kaisoo” and “fighting” together. But tbh from my understanding, or maybe I remember it wrong, Nini’s mic wasn’t working correctly. So I think he was whining/complaining to his hyung about that.. thus making it seem like he’s angry with Soo. 

Arguing by a bus :—) well, ji is upset xD and soo is O__O

This moment I deem to be one of the strangest nini has ever acted. He was circling soo like a hawk, both looking pissed and jealous all at the same time. And soo was pretty much ignoring him.. so I think smth might’ve happened that day. 

Then there’s ofc this moment, I’ve used this in a lot of my spams cuz it’s so significant. This is the epitome of jealous nini. But it also showed how angry he was with soo afterwards. 

He ignored soo after, which soo noticed.. 

Ok so 2015!!

There are/were lots of speculations that they had a pretty big fight during 2015. But there’s not really any proof if they did have a disagreement or not tho.

I know a lot of ppl felt like they were fighting back then, since they seemed distant at times, but tbh I don’t feel like they kept the “distance” up for long. Kaisoo are quite funny, cuz sometimes it can seem like they’re ignoring each other but then they come back strong. I think that’s mostly cuz they wanna lay low.

But I guess the main speculation, was that apparently nini had broken his phonecase during a fight with soo.. 

And then later he was seen doing a cover of “love me again” looking really gloomy.. (which is interesting for sure) 

But tbh.. Idk how sure I am of that tho, ya know?? He could’ve just dropped his phone (which we all do)?? and he likes that song thus making him want to sing it?? 

(I actually don’t really believe in the claims above, cuz it can’t be proved, but it’s an interesting theory^^)

These are just mere speculations of what happened last year. And I think it probably rooted from the feeling, that SOME were having, that they were fighting/seemed distant in the second half of 2015. 

Camp Half-Blood!Au Yoongi
  • Son of Apollo: God of the sun, light, healing, beauty, music, poetry, archery, reason and prophecy
  • Blonde yoongi like agust d bc you know how great it was
  • Basically hates his father
  • And it’s funny bc despite he dislikes his dad, Apollo seems to like him a lot
  • “What’s up yoongi mY BOY” “Don’t touch me”
  • “How I’m related to that asshole” 
  • “Seriously mom, I don’t understand why you fell in love with him”
  • He’s gorgeous, like how can he not he has the god of bEAUTY as father
  • But he’s not self conscious about his beauty, even tho most girls and some guys in the camp have a crush on him
  • “why they flirt with me, i’m nOT INTERESTED”
  • He’s done with everyone’s shit 
  • King of archery
  • You better hide when he’s angry and has a bow and arrows with him
  • “Hoseok don’t play with the arrows, you’re going to take out an eye with it”
  • He takes care of hoseok all time like don’t you dARE TO TOUCH MY BABY
  • He’s extremely good with poetry so he makes amazing raps
  • people didn’t understand why he raps like “You can’t sing? Why you rap?”
  • “Rap is music too dickheads”
  • He is sick of new campers asking for a prophecy 
  • He’s usually the leader of one of the teams in capture the flag, the other one is namjoon
  • One time he almost hurt a hephaestus guy with an arrow in the middle of capture flag
  • He apologized but felt guilty the rest of the month
  • When namjoon’s team win, he said he let them win
  • He really enjoys healing people but denies it bc he has to keep his badass look
  • He can’t stand discrimination, he fights everyone who say somehting degrading
  • He hates all ares kids except for jungkook 
  • Even tho he looks like a bad guy, he actually has a golden heart and want everyone to be safe

Jungkook ver / taehyung ver / jimin ver / namjoon ver / hoseok ver / yoongi ver / jin ver

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Lexa being the most supportive wife in the entire world tho????? Clarke is sick? Lexa is on the bathroom floor with her holding her hair and rubbing her back. Pregnant Clarke? Lexa is making sure she has everything she craves and then some. Clarke is sad? Angry? Guilt ridden? Lexa is there talking her through it in the most calming voice. Clarke is so lucky and she knows it Lexa is the best wife.

Lexa is so romantic like the other day I got someone bitching in the comments abt how it’s “tiresome” that Lexa holds the door for Clarke and acts like the ppl she hates in Pride and Prejudice and I’m like???? Are u okay??? What is tiresome abt her loving Clarke sm that she wants to treat her the way her fave romance novel is written???