i like and not like your dress

Imagine you and Thor’s wife got in a bet with Thor and Loki (a game or a battle) the losers would have to do whatever the winners decide. The girls win, so you said “Why don’t we make them wear dresses? Like that Midgardian legend when they had to disguise as brides to recover mijölnir” 

“I don’t like your wife anymore brother” growled Thor in annoyance 

“We got into this situation because of you, oaf” replied Loki.

When they return wearing the dresses both of you tried to suppress the giggles, but when Thor’s wife said “my-my, I think you would be a better Allmother than me Honey” You feel yourself starting to laugh.


“I like this one even more than the last one!” Connie gasped. 

“Yeah… it’s a really nice dress.” I agreed, biting my lip.

“Why the apprehension?”

“It’s a bit long… what if I trip over myself?”

“You’ll probably be wearing heels anyway, you’d trip over no matter what the scenario is.” Connie rolled her eyes.

“I don’t like the colour yellow either.”

“So? It contrasts so nicely against your hair!”

“Oh crap, what am I going to do with my hair?!” I gasped.

“For crying out loud, I’ll do it for you. Well, it’s a shame that you don’t like this dress. Next one?”

When I’m 30 I’ll be at Anime conventions dressed as a Bleach character and people are going to be like “Woah did you see that, the woman, the myth, the Legend, Strawberry!”
and I’ll be like “Step off, peasants, with your Hawaii Zombie cosplay and your Multiple Fragment gear. I’m here to rock”

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*Gingerly steps through the window* New question. What's your favorite DT Aesthetic(TM)? Mine is fluffy hair, glasses, and bright pants (trousers for ya Britannians). Essentially, I like it when he dresses like a stylish 20-something year old.

His laugh for one thing. I love it. He has the sweetest and most sincerest laugh in the world. I mean when he laughs no matter how bad your day is going; he just seems to put a smile on your face.

I love his natural Scottish brogue too. When he was Alec Hardy in Broadchurch you could hear it sometimes. Plus his natural accent is sexy as all get out, and I just love listening to his voice in general.

I absolutely love his hands on so many levels. He has the most gorgeous hands ever. They are soft and manly, and you just want to hold on to them forever(speaking from experience).

Another aesthetic I love about him; is his adorkable geekiness. He is such a fanboy when it comes to many things.  He gets just as excited to meet his heroes as much as we do ours. 

And to finish this off because I can talk about so many aesthetics I like about him, but I think if I post any more it might be time consuming for you to read. So my last favorite aesthetic of his is the way he eats food or puts things in his mouth. Weird I know, but it’s just really hot. 

Anyway thank you so much for the question. I really enjoy receiving your questions. Feel free to disturb me any time you come up with any more. 

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I can't tell if I'm transgender or gender neutral, I'm not really into female pronouns, but I'd don't mind them, on the other hand I despise being seen as female or doing generally female classed things (like painting my nails, my chest, dresses). And I do like to be seen as a boy, but I think that might just be because no one actually sees me as one, and I do stuff where I refer to myself as something with a males pronoun. Advice please?

Kii says:

Just a heads up- saying “male/female pronouns” is often considered an outdated way of referring to he/him and she/her.

We actually can’t tell you what your gender is. Only you can do that, and your gender is not based around whether you like to do things like paint your nails and wear dresses. I would recommend looking at this post.

Tenerife Sea - Braun Strowman

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You look so wonderful in your dress
I love your hair like that
The way it falls on the side of your neck
Down your shoulders and back

 All of their family and friends gathered for the special occasion. Braun had the biggest smile on his face as he saw Y|N walk down that aisle. Y|N always had curly hair but for this special day, she had it straighten. Braun only saw her hair straighten once and he loves it like that.

I’m so in love, so in love
So in love, so in love 

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70 from the prompt list with Rusty James? :D

You looked at yourself in the mirror and shakily put your hand against it to make sure that it was you. It damn sure didn’t look like you. You didn’t dress like Rusty and the gang did, you dressed more like your brother, Steve.

As if on cue, he walked into the bathroom and stared into the mirror with a horrified look on his face,”Y/N, what is all this?”

“You mean I don’t look good?”, you frowned.

Steve sighed and leaned against the bathroom counter, looking you over,”It isn’t you.”

“Well I’ve got a date with Rusty James tonight and–”

That is what all of this is about?”

You had never really seen him this worked up over anything unless he was telling Rusty that gangs were not, are not, and never will be “cool”.

“I guess so?”

Taking a ragged breath, you sat on the edge of the bathtub and looked down at your feet,”I like him a lot, ya know. I want him to dig me too.”

“Romance isn’t everything, Y/N. And besides–”, he paused before frowning down at you,”Don’t change for him, he isn’t worth it…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Steve smiled weakly and looked out the window to see your date waiting outside,”Never mind, alright? Just go have fun.”

You nodded and bolted out the door, closing it behind you. When you noticed an odd look on Rusty’s face, you raised an eyebrow,”Don’t you like it…?”

“Like it? It isn’t even you under all that junk…Go back inside and change, alright?”, he grumbled while crossing his arms.

Steve overheard every word as he was right by the door. A wide grin stretched across his face as he mumbled to himself,”Maybe he ain’t so bad for the kid after all…”

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Hi there :) when it comes to your appearance do you believe that we can look like our draconic ascendant as well as natal? Or is it entirely different here? I've noticed that some people have guessed what I am and it's actually more like my draconic than my natal.

I think I may have been asked this before.. (which implies you’re not the only one thinking this), and yea I don’t see why not, the soul emanates through the body, as does the personality. I almost feel like… I could imagine that the more you get in touch with the soul, it would almost be like your appearance shifts, too. I think the way we imagine and view ourselves affects our appearance, not just in how we dress and what not. Kind of like how people say married couples begin to look like one another.

Anyways yea even without the ‘growing into your soul’ thing I think that the draconic can show up in our appearance. I see a lot of Capricorn in me, my natal moon is Cap and my draconic Rising is Cap, so I can’t really piece that one apart. I think when it comes to how I present myself as a woman, I can see both Aries (natal Venus and draconic Moon), and Cancer (draconic Venus, natal MC).

So yea I think it can be hard to piece apart if there’s overlap but I definitely think that, for instance, the pictures I’ve been taking of myself lately show my draconic chart a lot (Leo Sun/Aries Moon/Capricorn Rising) and that relates to my embracing myself on a soul level.

edit: I mean it’s interesting to see with celebrities for example how the draconic is apparent, for instance Anais Nin is very much her natal chart but I’ve made her draconic before and that’s also extremely her (Leo Sun/Gemini Moon/Pisces Rising - natal: Pisces Sun/Capricorn Moon/Libra Rising). I’ve made them for other celebrities, too, and yea it’s not this like hidden thing necessarily. A lot of people exhibit their soul in a real big way.

2nd edit: I’ve wondered if perhaps, those who are more connected to their soul will have a more obvious draconic chart, or if for everyone there is an equal interplay between the two.

In a few “fan fiction” episodes, the show changes from the adventures of Finn and Jake to those of Fionna and Cake, where every character is a different gender. But it’s essentially just a cosmetic change. Every character retains their original personality, especially Fionna, who just like Finn is brave, strong, and a bit of a dork.

None of that went away when her balls migrated inwards because, and this is important, your genitals don’t have to dictate how you live your life. Except for Deathray-Dick Johnny but I like to think he’s the exception that proves the rule. Always in our hearts, Deathray-Dick.

Feminism started out as a fight for basic civil rights for women, then equal rights, and today, it’s essentially about the freedom of choice, and Fionna is the perfect example of that.

She wears dresses. When she wants. She doesn’t need a boyfriend now. But she’s open to the idea in the future. She kicks ass. But the show doesn’t call her a tomboy for that, nor does she make it a cornerstone of her whole personality. On its own, that wouldn’t mean all that much. But because Fionna exists solely as the female version of a male character, her non-stereotypical characterization becomes a powerful feminist message, namely: You do you, no matter what’s between your legs.

5 Fictional Characters That Should Be Studied In Schools

[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Jungkook


Q1: What’s your hobby or something you’re into recently, how do you spend your holiday?

A1: I’m enjoying playing FPS (First Person Shooter) games recently. Every day I play for 3-4 hours and in the blink of an eye it’s already time to sleep. (laughs) And I listen to music all the time. I listen to exciting music like the future base genre too, but I lean more towards moody and calming songs.

Q2: Tell us your fashion style or preference!

A2: I like big silhouette like hooded jackets and the color black. I don’t change my style that much even in summer. Although we have different styles, I think Rap Monster and J-hope are really cool because you can feel how they are from their way of dressing.

Q3: Favorite perfume?

A3: The fragrance of the wind or the green when spring comes. I once rode a bike along the riverside while listening to music together with Rap Monster and V on a spring day before. When I feel the distinctive air of the early spring, I would recall the memory of that day and get excited.

Q4: Favorite work among Japanese movies, dramas, mangas?

A4: I like Japanese animes and my favorite work, which is also what Jin’s currently into, is ‘Haikyuu!!’. It helps me learn Japanese too!



I’m the type to focus on something instantly once I feel like I want to do it, I want to accomplish it! Right now I’m into makng music so I’m learning diligently, even though it’s still far from releasing. My personality is to do what I like first and think of whether it’s going well or not later.


I like food! Especially meat. Chicken is my favorite. I like the food at Japanese convenience stores so much that I think about convenience stores every time I go to Japan (laughs) If I travel to Japan off work, I would stop by several times!


I love sleeping so much. I’m into playing games so my sleep time has been cut off (laughs) If I have even just a little bit of time like in the car, I would nod off to sleep.


from J-HOPE

“A member with stronger desire to improve for music and dancing than others, but sometimes he also has the cute maknae-like side like a spoilt baby. I have to use my strength when I hug him since he’s tall, so I can sleep well. (laughs)

from JIMIN

“The maknae who works harder since he was young than any of the members. He’s the same age as my real brother so I look after him well, but at some point he has started to feel like my real brother. Whatever he does, he’s cute.”

JPN - KRN © Jeon Jungkook Gallery 전정국 갤러리, ma_ko77
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

SKAM S04E09 Clip 4 - Your Faith Is Strong

SANA: This is me and Noora at a café.

MOM: Red lipstick?

SANA: She’s always wearing red lipstick.

MOM: Yeah? It suits her.

SANA: Yes, it suits her very well. And there she’s also wearing red lipstick.. This is at school..

MOM: She’s a very pretty girl.

SANA: She’s very pretty.

MOM: Yes.

SANA: And this is Chris!

MOM: She looks like lots of fun.

SANA: Yes, she’s very cool.

MOM: Why don’t you invite them here? Wow!

SANA: That’s a picture of Vilde and Eva.

[YOUSEF: Of course I want to hang out with you! What about Friday? I’m leaving on Saturday.]

[Yousef Acar accepted your friend request]

SANA: Aaaand… This is a picture of Noora.

MOM: What are those sunglasses?

SANA: It’s just this halloween party. Because we were.. We had dressed up and stuff.

MOM: Nice pictures!

SANA: I like Yousef. And.. He’s not a Muslim.

MOM: And now you’re going to hang out?

SANA: I know.. I know that Islam says I can’t marry him, but I just.. I don’t understand that because Yousef is a very good person.

MOM: You’re just seventeen years old. You’re not getting married yet.

SANA: No, but what about three years from now? If I still like Yousef - why can’t I marry him?

MOM: When you’re that young, you think crushes and love are the same thing. Crushes pass, but love and a marriage last for your whole life. It’s almost like a cooperation, where you give all the love inside of you to that cooperation. It’s also about having someone by your side your whole life, no matter what happens. And I think you’ll get a bit lonely in that relationship if you’re the only one who believes, because your faith is so strong. Because there are always times in your life where you doubt everything, even Allah and then.. I think it’s important that you have someone by your side who reminds you why you’re a Muslim and who understand what you believe in. Do you understand? It’ll be fine.


[YOUSEF: Of course I want to hang out with you! What about Friday? I’m leaving on Saturday.]

[SANA: Oh are you leaving this Saturday? I can’t this week.

SANA: I hope you have the world’s best summer]

[CHRIS: Yo girls. What about test driving the van this Friday? I know it’s not Russ Time 2018 yet, but a little trip has to be fine?


I saw Wonder Woman, a film about a superhero who is a woman (unlike a man), and I am shook. I’d heard the kerfuffle over the Alamo Drafthouse offering women-only screenings, and like many of you, I laughed it off. “Who cares?” thought I. “Just a few crazy dames putting on their lipstick and letting the dishes soak while they go have their little hen party, watching a movie about some kickass World War I soldiers and their gal pal. Let ‘em have their fun before they come home. To whom? Daddy, that’s whom. Or who. Whichever is manlier.”

But let me tell you this, dear reader – and by “dear,” I don’t mean “my dear,” like a lady, because men, right now I want you to stop reading this out loud to your little lady. Go have her fix us a nice glass of Scotch. You read this alone. Stop moving your lips so she doesn’t see. Or move to a room she isn’t allowed in, like your tannery / bodybuilding studio. Good. Now that we’re alone, I can warn you: Wonder Woman isn’t about kickass World War I soldiers and their gal pal. It’s about a kickass gal and her World War I buddies. The men … they’re … secondary characters!

At my screening, there was an actual woman dressed as Wonder Woman in the crowd. Whole groups of ladies sat together, unchaperoned and eating food that appeared to not even be low-fat, as though they weren’t concerned with maintaining their figures. There were cheers when Wonder Woman leapt into the fray and fought men. Penis-having men! And she won! Pretty easily!

Brovaries: The True Danger Of The 'Wonder Woman’ Movie

a stolen moment

To the people who I’m quite sure took a picture of my back while I was on the train and laughed: fuck you. 

Yes, my dress has an open back, and you can see my bra, and quite a bit of skin. Yes, it is low-cut. Yes, I have thunder thighs. But I goddamn like myself so much more than I used to. I’ve lost 40 pounds, and counting, since January, and on the hottest day of the year so far, I took a chance, and wore I dress that I would not have worn a year ago. If I were not meant to wear this, it wouldn’t come in my size. 

And your mean-spiritedness will not impede my progress, will not lower my self-esteem like it might’ve a year ago. Because clearly, if you feel the need to make fun of someone looking this fly, you have more problems than I do. #selfconfidenceflow2k17 #greeneyesandthunderthighs

Wannabe greek salad:
This is a super simple salad, where the amount of each vegetable I add, depends on whats in my fridge and my preferences, so you can make your own twist on this if you like.

Base of salad:
- tomato
- cucumber
- olives
- red onion (I usually skip this one )

- olive oil
- apple cider vinegar
- salt
- pepper
- dried oregano

Dice the vegetables and mix. If you add red onion, but think that the flavor might be a bit to strong, I suggest cutting it up into small slices and then soaking them in water while you make the rest of the salad.

Dressing : 2 parts olive oil, 1 part apple cider vinegar. Salt, pepper and oregano to taste. I like to make it a bit more salt than I usually would on food, just because the greens need a bit more.
For this serving I used 2 teaspoons of oil, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, and ca one teaspoon of oregano.

Mix dressing with the cut vegetables. Add feta cheese or goat cheese if you would like that. And enjoy 😊

I tore myself out of my own mother’s womb.
There was no other way to arrive in this world.
A terrified midwife named me Monster
and left me in the pine woods with only the moon.
My mother’s blood dripped from my treed head.

In a dream my mother came to me and said
if I was to survive
I must find joy within my own wild self.

When I awoke I was alone in solitude’s blue woods.

          *  *  *

A woman found me and took me to her mountain home
high at the end of an abandoned logging road.
We spent long winter evenings by the fire;
I sat at the hearth as she read aloud myths of the Greeks
while the woodstove roared behind me.
She sometimes paused to watch the wall of shadows
cast by my antlers. The shadows danced
across the entire room like an oak’s wind-shaken branches.

          *  *  *

The woman was worried when I would not wear dresses.
I walked naked through the woods.
She hung the wash from my head
on hot summer days when I sat in the sun to read.
The woman grew worried when I would not shed
my crown with the seasons as the whitetails did.
“But I am not a whitetail,” I said.

          *  *  *

When I became a woman
in the summer of my fifteenth year,
I found myself
suddenly changed in the mirror.
My many-pronged crown had grown
into a wildness all its own;
highly stylized, the bright
anarchic antlers were majestic to my eye.

The woman saw me and smiled. “What you are I cannot say,
but nature has created you.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

When night came it brought a full moon.
I walked through the woods to the lake
and knelt in the cool grass on its bank.
I saw my reflection on the water,
I touched my face.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

—  the girl with antlers, ansel elkins