i like am so excited you guys ugh

  • blizzard team: *doesn't release sombra*
  • blizzard team: *has left multiple ARG clues/updates, ON TIME, and was very, very likely to release sombra at blizzcon anyway*
  • overwatch fandom: ugh i'm so pissed off that they hyped sombra again for nothing! i hate her now!
  • me, seeing the glitches, messages, and art: my acne has cleared, my crops are growing, my rivers are flowing

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Guys I am so embarrassed. My boyfriend is deployed right now, and he has internet there so the only way we are able to talk vocally/audibly is through FaceTime - but our opportunities in doing so are still very scarce. Anyway, whenever he calls I get too excited and I'm so giddy and overly ecstatic when I answer and I'm just like "HIIIIII" and since it's FaceTime it's on speaker... so everyone around him hears & they always laugh. Ugh. Embarrassed to the maxxxxxxx

Aw! It happens! You were just excited, no need to be embarrassed! Truth knowing, they’re jealous that they don’t have a girl that’s so excited to see them! Or they probably just think it’s cute & sweet! Don’t worry too much girl!


Jurassic Havoc (Part Two) // Pietro x Reader

Inspired By: Jurassic Park/World

A/N: Jurassic Havoc (Part One) was so successful! I am so glad you guys love it, and I am so excited to continue on with it! Here’s part two, enjoy!

Warnings: Cursing 

Word Count: 1713

“NEW DAY! NEW DINOSAURS TO SEE!” You nearly shouted as you jumped on the bed, already prepared for the day as Pietro was still dead asleep–or at least you thought. “NEW DINO! NEW DINO!” You cheered like a little girl, but nothing seemed to wake him up. “HEY, GET YOUR ASSBUTT UP! I HAVE SOME CRAZY SHIT TO SEE!” You shouted again, but nothing happened. “Ugh…” You rolled off of the bed, wondering if he was doing this on purpose so he didn’t have to go see the dinosaur.

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cries about the gw2 community

you guys are just so nice ok

keep being cuties

shoutout to all y’all ur so cute and friendly and welcoming and just like ugh

like it is so encouraging (even as a technical veteran) to see how many people were so excited and opened their arms wide when the f2p decision was announced.  A lot of other games would have been hostile and angry about such a decision, but you guys?  You guys just said, “Hey, great!  More friends!” and had parties at spawn points for newbies and donned your armor proudly.

I am so so so so so happy to have found this community, and so proud to be a part of it.

Ugh just bring it in, losers, big group hug time