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The Boy Named Yoongi (Part 5)

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Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1,289 words

Summary: Valentine’s day is coming up and you had no interest in that but that was only until you realized you still liked your middle school crush; the boy who harshly rejected you.


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“Are you serious?! Yoongi is dating her now?” Nana says a little too loudly.

“No. I didn’t say they were dating but I think he went out to meet her again. I guess he really enjoyed the date.”

“Fine fine, they’re not dating but maybe they started dating.”

“That’s possible but they’ve only met once.”

“Twice.” Nana corrects you.

“Whatever.” you rolls your eyes, “so did you call your boyfriend?”

“Oh! Yeah. Hold on, I have a picture. Do you want to see what he looks like?”

“Nah. I like surprises.”

“Well, let me just tell you. He’s a real cutie.”

“So when are we meeting?”

“He’s free this coming Saturday. So that’s the 4th I think. He said he wanted an entire day to meet you instead of after school. And it’ll be a double date so you won’t feel too awkward. Cool with you?”

“Today’s Sunday so I guess I have alot of time till then.”

“I can totally help pick out your outfit. You don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting to do that. I’m so proud of my little girl.” She wipes a fake tear away. “And if it goes well you can make chocolates for him on Valentines day.”

“Oh right. Valentine’s day is in the 14th. I completely forgot.”

“So why did you suddenly agree to go on the blind date?”

“I guess I’m just ready to move on from Yoongi. Especially now that I’m sure I have no chance with him.”

“Ha! So you were hoping for him to like you.” She said in a tone like you were caught doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing.

“Think whatever you want. I just need to stop these feelings asap because it’s clearly not getting me anywhere.”

The week had never gone by so slow, school was like usual and you didn’t talk to Yoongi. You weren’t mad at Yoongi anymore but now you guys just weren’t talking to each other. The both of you would eat at different times, sleep at different times, and wake up at different times. In school, it was like you two didn’t know each other. Everything was like before, except you were getting more excited about your date with this mysterious cutie tomorrow.

“Y/N! Let’s go shopping for your blind date. I wanna help pick out a new outfit.” Nana happily skips over to your seat as soon as class ends.

“Isn’t the clothes I already have good enough? Do we really need to go shopping?”

“Um yeah! This is a new start for my grown up girl.” She throws an arm over your shoulder, “Let’s go.”

You grab your stuff and head to the mall. It was definitely exciting to finally be interested in another boy other than Yoongi.

“Y/N! Y/N! Come here! This dress is so cute. Oh wait! This sweater is cute! Ohhh this skirt is too!”

She was holding up so many things but none of them were your style. They were all more for her. You continue to look through the store until you see the perfect thing. It was definitely popular since there was only one left so you immediately take it. Problem is, someone else had their eyes on it. You look up and see someone you don’t expect to see, Soo Mi, the girl that you’re assuming is dating the boy you once liked. She tries to pull the sweater from you but you have a tight grip on it. No way you were going to let her have the sweater, she already has Yoongi.

“I saw it first. Give it to me.” Soo Mi demands while still holding on tightly.

“I took it first. Let go.” You retort and tighten your grip.

An employee noticed what was happening and rushes over. “I’m sure we have more in the back so there’s no need to fight.”

“Hmp.” Soo Mi let’s go and flips her hair, “No thanks, I don’t want to wear the same thing as her anyway.” And then obnoxiously walks away.

“Y/N What just happened? Isn’t that the girl that was with Yoongi?”

“Nothing. She just wanted this sweater. Anyway, I found it. I like this one.” You proudly hold up your sweater.

“Ohhh I like this.” Nana nods her head in approval. “Is that all you’re getting? Cause I’m ready to go.”

You look at the pile of clothing Nana has chosen. You already knew that going shopping with her basically meant you’d choose the one thing you like and she’d choose everything in the store.

“Aren’t you excited? You’re finally going on a date and it’s with a total cutie.”

“I guess I am. I hope he’s actually a nice guy. Cause if he isn’t then I’ll really be a cat lady for the rest of my life.”

“Ugh. You’re way too dramatic.”

“Lets go now. I’m hungry.” Eating now meant you didn’t have to eat dinner with Yoongi so that was fine with you.

You get home around 7pm and tiredly sit on the bed. You already had your outfit all planned out and all that was left was actually going in the date.

The next morning you get a text from Nana

Hey open the door. I’m outside.

You walk to the front door wondering why she would be here.

“Y/N! Good morning, I’m here to do your make up.” She takes her make up kit out of her bag. “Let’s go inside. I’m so excited. You’re going to look so good. I have to be quick though cause I need to go somewhere before the date.”

“So am I meeting you there?”


Yoongi comes out of the bathroom with a confused face.

“Oh sorry to barge in so suddenly. I’ll be leaving soon, I promise! Come on Y/N.”

“We should go to the bathroom then.”

“Sure. Where is it?”

You awkwardly lead her to the bathroom while Yoongi continues to stare at the two of you.

It didn’t take as long as you expected it to and you emerged from the bathroom with a new face. Yoongi nearly choked on his coffee when he saw you.

“Now let’s get you dressed up.”

You usher Nana into the room before Yoongi can question you.

Getting dressed definitely took way longer because Nana was so picky. She let you wear the sweater you bought yesterday but she didn’t like anything you matched with it. She basically changed everything but the sweater.

“Here. Wear this necklace, it’s really simple so it’ll be good with the sweater. Oh! The shoes. What shoes. Hmmm?”

“These will work fine.” You showed her your brown ankle boots, “I like these.”

“Oh those are good. Alright. Be dressed and be ready to go in 45 minutes. I’ll be back.” She grabs her stuff and jogs out the door.

“Why are you all dressed up?” Yoongi asks with his cup of coffee.

“I’m going on a blind date with Nana’s boyfriend’s friend.”

“Why are you going on a blind date?”

“Cause I want to. Do you have a problem with it?” You flip your hair and check your make up in the mirror.

“Nothing. I don’t care. Have fun.” He turns to leave but then you stop him.

“If you don’t want me to go, then tell me and I won’t.”

“I don’t care what you do. It’s your life.” And then he walks out with his coffee.

45 minutes goes by so slowly because all you did was sit in his Yoongi’s bed and wait till you got Nana’s text telling you to come outside.

You put on your shoes and unlock the door. Just as a out one foot out, Yoongi grabs your arm.

“Don’t go.”

So I know it’s past Valentine’s day and I didn’t really think this all through but I hope you enjoy reading this! If you enjoyed it, please tell me! Thank you

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Chapter 11 has reenergized my absolute LOVE for watercast. The plot has me absolutely hooked!! I was on the edge of my seat as I read ch11. With keith finding out lance was taken... I was flailing in my seat. And when lance spoke to Matt, I sCREAMED. You are such an amazing writer. The story is just so smooth and so enjoyable. Thank u so much for ur hard work!!

Oh my gosh thank you… I really want you guys to feel excited about the plot and stuff ? Especially since the story is so long and we spent so much time relationship building (and there has been no smut. SORRY GUYS). I’m so stressed you guys would get bored haha…. 😭😭😭

I really need to learn to write shorter and tighter fics haha :/ ugh thanks guys it’s like over a year and over 100k ilu guys I am scared when this is over 😭😭😭


27 August 2017

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omg okay wow i’m not even joking, but it took me an hour to scour for selifes- because i never take them, searching for them was such a workout abhdsfjn, mars thanks for providing me such agony. also a rare sighting of me before my bangs?? ( i can’t believe this was taken this jan ლ( ¯ ロ ¯ “ლ))

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If you manage to go to AMAs, would you be willing to keep us updated through it? >_< Dunno if anyone else would want, but for those of us who can't go to kinda share in the experience. (screw you last semester of college why you gotta mess up all my fun?)

omg of course jsgnkdfgnd just like when I went to wings, or kcon, or gdragon, or anything I think you guys might be interested in I will update as much as I am legally allowed to. literally half the fun of it all is being able to share the experience and excitement with all of you

so not to worry

  • blizzard team: *doesn't release sombra*
  • blizzard team: *has left multiple ARG clues/updates, ON TIME, and was very, very likely to release sombra at blizzcon anyway*
  • overwatch fandom: ugh i'm so pissed off that they hyped sombra again for nothing! i hate her now!
  • me, seeing the glitches, messages, and art: my acne has cleared, my crops are growing, my rivers are flowing

hey guys, THIS IS IT. THE LAST DAY OF THE KICKSTARTER. i am honestly just – bowled over, i guess, is the way to put it, by your help and support. like. i cannot even at all. i’m really excited to write this book, but i’m also so thrilled to be able to say, “hey, people wanted me to write this book,” you know? and to be doing it alongside such talented people and… ugh. ugh. i can’t believe this happened, i can’t believe we’ve hit our first stretch goal (illustrations!!! amazing!!!), and are vying for our second one.

SO: here it is. the End Times. the Moment of Truth. if you have been waiting to back the project, or just feel like celebrating THE END OF MY BLOG BEING TOTALLY FOCUSED ON THIS KICKSTARTER (truth: i feel like celebrating that), or have always wanted in your heart of hearts to make me and erin and nat sign a bunch of bookplates, go check out our latest awesome stretch goal!  and thank you again, seriously, honestly, from the bottom of my heart thank you. i can’t express in words how much it means and has meant to me to have your support <3 <3 <3