i like all the moments when he doesn't hide his right index finger

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one of them doesn't like showing skin and their partner(s) help them become more comfortable with it

“For real?”

Dex looks up at Nursey, staring at him with a cocked eyebrow. Dex huffs and goes back to rifling through his Miscellaneous bin for sunscreen. 

“What do you want, Nurse?”

“You know we’re going to a beach, where it’s warm and sunny.”

Dex rolls his eyes. He knew it was in here somewhere. “Point?”

Nursey tugs at his collar. “You’re wearing flannel!” Dex swats him away when his hand brush something that is definitely…

AHA! Dex pulls out the bottle of sunscreen and shoves it into his backpack. “I like flannel.”

Nursey flops on his bed and twists to lie on his side, propped up on his elbow. “Flannel isn’t beachwear, Poindexter.”

Dex flushes. Yes, I know. But I don’t have a choice, you dick. “Fuck off. I’ll wear what I want.” He flings the backpack over his shoulder and starts grabbing his phone and books. Shitty would kill him for bringing homework to a beach day over the summer, but light reads are allowed and Dex’s been trying to finish this book for months. 

“DEX! NURSEY! COME ON!” Bitty hollers from downstairs.

“COMING!” Dex yells back and shoves Nursey off his bed.

“Alright, alright!” Nursey chuckles and grabs his shit off the floor. “You’re seriously gonna wear full sleeves to a beach?”

Dex sighs. “Yes, Nursey, I am.” He isn’t gonna let this go, is he?

Nursey turns at the door frame and gives him a steady look. “Why?”

“Why does it matter?” Dex shoves at Nursey, but he doesn’t budge. “Jesus, Nursey, come on!”

“Just tell me why.” Nursey grabs one of Dex’s flailing arms and pulls him close. 

Dex blushes and ducks his head. Nursey tugs his hand up and presses a kiss in the middle of his palm. “Can’t you just let it be?” Dex murmurs. 

Nursey curls his fingers around Dex’s neck and soothes the little strands at the back of his head. “This bothers you. I want to know why. I like knowing things about you, Poindexter.”

Dex groans and bangs his head into Nursey’s shoulder. “I get freckles in the sun,” he mumbles. 

“What was that?”

Dex grumbles and straightens to look his boyfriend in the eyes. “I get…a lot of freckles when I’m in the sun and…full sleeves help.”

Nursey raises an eyebrow slowly. 

“Jack is bringing beach umbrellas and it’s not gonna be that hot. It’ll be fine.”

Nursey regards him for a moment before squishing both of Dex’s cheeks together into fishy lips which he then kisses. “I love you, babe, and all of your freckles. You definitely should not be wearing flannel.” Nursey throws his arms around Dex. “I can’t believe you want to hide your constellations from me.” He sniffles into Dex’s shirt. “What a mean boyfriend I have.”

“Constellations,” Dex repeats flatly. 

Nursey pulls back with a grin. “Your freckles! They’re little stars in your milky way. Alllll you gotta do,” he says as he traces his index finger over the bridge of Dex’s nose in randomly. “Is follow the pattern. Constellations.” Nursey dips down to press his lips against Dex’s lips, trailing his fingers down Dex’s suddenly too-hot neck. “Your freckles are beautiful, Will,” Nursey confesses in a whisper, taking no mercy on Dex’s tomato upper-body. “I want to spend hours and hours learning every single one. Please don’t hide them from me.” Nursey lifts on his tippy-toes to kiss the bridge of Dex’s nose, then his forehead, then his cheek.

“Jesus, Derek,” Dex exhales shakily. 

“Does this mean you’ll take off that ridiculous shirt now?” Nursey says, unbuttoning the shirt from the top. 

“Fine. Fine.” Dex tugs the rest of the buttons off hastily while maneuvering his leg between Nursey’s and nudging him to the left until he’s backed up against a wall. “Kiss me.” 

Derek smiles indulgently before capturing Dex’s lip in a smoldering kiss and pushing off the flannel shirt to the floor. 


Well, since Joanna was the one to get over excited about this gif with another gif and as a thank you for all the pain she caused with ever after and the watchtower why not hurt her a bit?. 

have some pain! @superhappybubbleslove

Her heart beats loudly in her ears, overtaking the gentle music playing in the background, the ballroom is decorated with beige wall-length curtains and torches lining the upper part of the walls, making her entire vision blurred and melting gold. She hands her shawl at the request of one of the servants at the wide doors, exposing her shoulders to the chill late-night air and she steps in, the clicking of her heels muted by low chatter.

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