i like aeroplanes


-you were pretty much raised on Vegemite

-it was perfectly normal for kindy kids to sing “OPEN WIDE, COME INSIDE, ITS PLAYSCHOOL”

-giant bananas chasing bears was normal television

-meeting the wiggles was your literal dream

-there was always more Milo in yer drink than milk

-the most stressful thing in your life in kindy was what window it was gonna be….. DIAMOND, SQUARE, ARCHED OR ROUND??

-NOT, HAPPY, JAN!!!!!!!!



- the beep test was literal hell

- NAPLAN was a horrible, useless waste of time

-sprinkles on buttered bread is a national delicacy

-after a Saturday of sport, a Bunnings sausage sizzle was the way to go


-HAVE YOU EVER, EVER FELT LIKE THIS…. - ~I like aeroplane jelly, aeroplane jelly for me!~ - WUN THREE DOUBLE-OH SIX TRIPLE FIIIIVE, O SIX
The soles of each of my feet are dirty with two different soils.
Underneath one foot, I have the entire West.
I have capitalism and its perks.
Open markets and stockholders and the American dream.
I was born in the West.
My shirt is made up of a cloth made by people in another country, it is not important.
They are not important.
They do not carry the privilege I do,
they were not born in an already developed country with opportunities soaring through the skies like aeroplanes.
I have confused looks and questions.
“No, where are you really from?”
Ignorance is bliss and nobody understands that better than I do.
I have unqualified presidents debating and inforcing laws against me.
I hide behind a mask, a privilege, that is my fair skin and eyes so that I do not have to deal with this first hand.
I can sit back and watch my mom, my friends and everyone else deal with it.
Underneath the other, I have the East.
I have long walks by the river and endless and endless amounts of landscapes ready to be discovered.
I have corruption and the aftermaths of war.
I have reminders of painful pasts and damaged buildings.
Not knowing half your family, the awkward hello’s and goodbye’s with people you haven’t seen in forever.
Having an accent to your mother tongue and seeing your grandfather get more and more disappointed with the way we bend and break our language as the generations go by.
People that died so that you could call your language what it is instead of it being occupied too.
Spices in foods you dont even know the name of but that remind you of home.
Nevertheless, my feet are planted here.
I can try, but I will never succeed on moving one foot to the other.
This is how it was meant to be.
—  And I think I’m finally happy with that.
best of: neutral milk hotel
the 22 songs that are (in my opinion) neutral milk hotel, for beginners to the band and long time fans alike. this includes live versions, Jeff covers, and unreleased demos as well as songs off of ITAOTS and On Avery Island. if the song was live or unreleased, i tried to add which show or what demo you could find it on. merry christmas, my e6 lovers. enjoy :-)

engine | angel eyes (unreleased demo #2) | april 8th | bucket (live acoustic version) | holland, 1945 | i love how you love me (live phil specter cover) | in the aeroplane over the sea | two headed boy pt. 2 (live at jittery joe’s) | king of carrot flowers pt. 1 | oh comely (live at the knitting factory 1997) | avery island / april first | marching theme | little birds (studio) | circle of friends (live, unreleased demo ‘beauty’) | true love will find you in the end (live daniel johnston cover) | my dreamgirl don’t exist (live, unreleased demo #1) | fool | glue (the gerbils cover) | two headed boy (live at jittery joe’s | [untitled] | two headed boy pt. 2 (studio | bucket (organ version, studio) |


something like you love me by @killians-dimples

Summary: Emma decides the best way to get Mary Margaret off her back about Walsh is to say she already has a boyfriend. Except she doesn’t. That’s where Killian comes in.

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