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//wakes up in the middle of the night// WE WERE ROBBED!!!

Imagine Tom talking about you in interviews after your child is born:

Pushy Interviewer: So were you there? Did you watch? With my kids I couldn’t watch so I just stayed up by my wife’s head.

Tom: Yeah, man. It definitely is a lot to take in, but I consider it an honor. You know, I grew up in a family of all boys, but my mum always made it very clear our whole childhood that having a baby was like– the most painful thing on this Earth and we needed to respect women for doing that.  

Interviewer: She raised you right, huh?

Tom: I’d like to think so. After we found out she was pregnant, one of the first things she decided was that she wanted to do it naturally. Which, you know, I really respect that. I can’t imagine what that must feel like, so I think it was important that I just be as supportive as I could. The whole process was insane. She did great.

Interviewer: Did you actually cut the cord? I did that with my son.

Tom: I actually didn’t. But I caught her. It was the craziest thing, man. The doctor was there and they said to give one more push and then the nurse literally like grabbed my hands and the doctor guided my daughter into my arms. It was the best moment of my life. I cried.

Interviewer: That’s amazing. Were your parents there?

Tom: Hers and mine both were out in the waiting room. We waited to find out the sex so I got to come out and say it was girl and everyone cheered and my dad cried. It was pretty great.

Interviewer: Now, you guys are both pretty young still, and you’re carrying a massive franchise on your back. How is that going to balance with parenting?

Tom: You know, that’s a good question. I think, for me, it feels really important to be present. I think in this industry, a lot of actors, men in particular, get to have a spouse and a family, but then their job is this separate life and they kind of go away and work and travel the world and leave their partners behind. And that isn’t to pass judgment– different things work for different people. But that was something we talked a lot about. I didn’t want my role as a father to be a side job. So I think for now, the girls will travel with me wherever I’m shooting. 

Interviewer: Wow.

Tom: Yeah, it’s a big sacrifice, on the girls’ part. I mean, the baby won’t remember it, and we haven’t decided what we’ll do when she’s school aged, but it’s a real privilege to be able to have a partner who believes in what I’m doing so much that she’s willing to come along for the ride of it. My hope is that I’ll be able to be a really involved father as a result of it because, you know, I’ll be able to go home to them at the end of every day. Try to be as normal as possible.

Interviewer: Do you have any pictures?

Tom: Do I ever. She’s the prettiest little girl in the world, mate.

I do think Keith’s birthday is still October 23rd (too many coincidences with Glenn’s death and the MCR release), but idk about the years for the ages or any other new info in that guidebook. This is why I never trust merch like this.


story peek: “it’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed”

It was a known fact that winters in New York could be brutal. The snow sometimes could get nearly too out of hand, blocking traffic and locking people inside their homes. (Name) had been over at her best friend, now boyfriend, Peter’s house watching their favorite holiday movies when the snow started to fall.

“Peter, look, it’s snowing,” she had said, pointing out the window of his apartment. She loved watching the snow seem to float down to stick onto the ground. Peter somehow managed to get her to come back to sit with him on the couch to continue watching the movie that was currently playing.

It was nearing close to 10 o’clock when she managed to convince Peter that she better get home.

“I don’t want them to worry if I’m out too late,” she said and Peter shook his head.

“Um, (Nickname) I don’t think that’s a good idea..” his voice trailed off as he stared out the window. The snow was still falling and growing in large numbers outside his apartment.

“Peter are you hearing yourself? I really need to-”

“No, seriously sweetheart, look,” he insisted, pointing a finger outside. She furrowed her eyebrows, pulling her his hoodie’s sleeves down her hands. Her feet moved towards the window and her eyes grew as she took in the sight outside.

“I’ll go text my parents. It’s okay if I crash here for the night, right?” she asked tentatively, messing with the hem of the hoodie. Peter’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” his voice was slightly higher and she gave a shy smile, before turning around and sending a text to her parents explaining the situation. At half past midnight she could feel herself nodding off. She sat up and yawned.

“Tired?” Peter chuckled and she sleepily nodded.

“Yeah, I’ll just sleep here though. You can have your bed,” she whispered and Peter shook his head.

“Nuh uh, it’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed,” he offered. She turned her head to lazily look at him.

“Are you sure?” she asked and he hummed in confirmation.

“C’mon,” he said, pulling on her hands and leading her to his room. He laid down in his bed and allowed her enough room to crawl in next to him. In her sleepy haze she didn’t feel embarrassed to snuggle into his chest.

Peter’s cheeks flared but he smiled at the content, tired smile on her lips. He pressed his lips to the top of her head, slinging an arm around her middle.

“G’night, love.”

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is there anyway u can give more harry x peter hc's?? it sounds super cute!!!!

when harry first starts attending midtown everyone is kinda standoffish towards him bc he legit shows up to school in a limo each morning, and he looks like he would have his dad sue you if you even glanced in his direction. flash thinks that the only reason he got into midtown was bc his dad paid his way in, but harry quickly proves that he’s as smart as he is wealthy. he isn’t as bright as peter or mj, but they are the highest in the class so that isn’t saying much

peter is the first person to really speak to harry, and maybe that’s why harry latches onto him. he’s sitting on a bench outside after class, all the other students are making their way home but he’s just… sitting there. he looks bored and kinda sad.

“uh, you d-did really good in the decathlon try out, harry. i’ll be really surprised if mj doesn’t let you on the t-team,” peter stutters out, shuffling around. he really should get going, he needs to start his patrol before the rush hour crime starts.

but then harry smiles at him, his sulking sour face melts into a sunshiny blinding smile and peter feels his breath catch in his lungs because holy shit. where had harry been hiding that smile. peter wants to wax poetic about that smile. wants to swing around new york and tell everyone about that pretty smile. in fact he probably will do just that later that night.

“you think so?” harry laughs. “i feel like flash doesn’t really want me there.” harry swings his legs and kicks a stray pebble, then leans back into the bench and sighs. he looks at peter and then looks at the empty space on the bench.

peter hurriedly sits down next to harry and takes off his bookbag. “don’t worry about flash, mj is the captain and unlike him she actually knows what’s best for the team.”

“i hope he warms up to me,” harry sighs. “i hope this whole place warms up to me. i feel like a pariah.”

peter snorts and then blushes when harry focuses his attention on him. “they just aren’t used to someone with your family’s status, they feel like they gotta walk on eggshells or something. don’t worry, they’ll get their heads out of their asses soon.”

harry hums and then chuckles. “you seem like you have experience in the outcast department”

peter side-eyes him and smirks, “you calling me an outcast?”

“what? i – no, no, i didn’t mean it like that, i mean. well, i did, but not like – fuck”

and peter giggles and shoves against harry’s shoulder to relax him “dude, don’t worry, i know what you meant. and either way, yeah, i know what it feels like. i’m just starting to get a steady group of friends outside of ned, and i’ve been going to school with these guys for ages.”

harry runs his hands through his hair and pulls an expensive pair of sunglasses off his head, and places them gently on his nose. he looks like a model, peter would find it ridiculous if he wasn’t so entranced by the way harry licks his lips before he begins to speak.

“i don’t know why anyone would have a problem with you, peter. you’re the nicest guy i’ve met. nice and normal.”

peter blushes, and leans a bit towards harry. “nice and normal is kinda boring, huh.”

and harry smiles softly, peter can slightly see his eyes crinkly behind the sunglasses. “boring? never said boring. between the spider guys of new york, the vultures and goblins? i think we all need a little normal. it isn’t boring, sometimes it’s just what somebody needs. give yourself some credit, pete.”

he wants to comment on that spider guy, wants to laugh at just how ironic this all feels. but peter feels himself leaning more towards harry, and harry doesn’t really try to stop him. it’s like he’s waiting for peter to do something. peter feels like if he just leaned in a bit more, just a bit closer then –

but then suddenly a car horn is honking right in front of them, and a sleek limo pulls up. peter jolts back from harry, and harry sighs and lazily stand up and gathers his books.

“that’s my ride,” harry groans.

reality crashes back onto peter in a hard wave, and he stands up and clumsily throws his bag over his shoulder. “yeah yeah, of course, totally.”

harry throws a small smile towards peter and begins waking towards the car. peter watches him go, watches this pretty boy harry saunter towards his limo, and peter’s pretty sure that there are little hearts floating around his head.

harry suddenly turns around and leans against the side of the limo, clearly posing, but peter can’t bring himself to find it ridiculous even though it clearly is

“you want a ride?”

“oh – uh, um, no that’s okay, i gotta swing by a few places on my way home, but thanks, i mean – thank you. yeah.”

harry smiles wryly, knowingly. “okay, pete. be safe, there’s a lot of weirdos out there.”

“yeah, you too! lotta weirdos.”

harry chuckles and climbs into the limo, winking at peter before he closes the door. the limo starts up and drives away.

peter watches it go, and clutches the strap of his bookbag tighter.

“don’t get a crush,” he mumbles to himself, then he thinks about harry’s smile and blushes. “ah, fuck”

Mistakes Will Be Made

For @voltronwhumpweek2017!

Day Three: Near Death and/or Blood Loss

Summery: Keith just wants to make Shiro proud and be a good leader. He still needs to work on making sure everyone is on the same page.

Ship: Klance

Word Count: 1482

Extra Note: Season Three Spoilers

Sometimes, no matter how elite your team is, no matter how well you work together, and no matter how many times you drill each other for these exact moments, people can get lost in the chaos.

That’s just the nature of war.

So when Keith lost track of Lance as he fought his way through a group of Galra soldiers, he didn’t worry about it too much. Why would he? Lance had probably just gotten to higher ground to cover him, as he does on almost every mission they’ve ever been on. And besides, Keith had other things to focus on at the moment. Like getting back to Shir- back to his lion, and getting the fuck off this planet.

At some point Keith started tuning out the yelling of the other paladins over the com waves, something he does whenever he gets into the zone of combat. He tunes out the pointless grunts and chatter, yet his mind is always able to focus in on the important stuff. Which he knows he needs to get better at. He can’t zone in and out of focus on his teammates whenever he pleases.

Mistake number one.

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hi. i really like this nature spirit deku au so i wanted 2 draw it