i like abby but chloe is right

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I’ve had a lot of time to write recently and I may or may not have written the next 5 chapters, so to keep these chapters coming out on a regular basis, I figured now was as good of a time as any to post chapter 5…A large portion of this chapter was initially part of my chapter 4 update, but I decided to split it up to prevent chapter 4 from being like 10,000 words lol. Luckily, I was able to get this chapter back down under my 3,000 words or less goal (I feel like that’s a decent length, but if you prefer longer chapters let me know and maybe I won’t be as strict on myself with that goal.)

So picking up where my last post left off, Rae is overwhelmed by her recent realization that Finn could be reciprocating some of her romantic feelings, so she reaches out to some of her most trusted friends for advice…but will they tell her what she is hoping to hear? This chapter is practically an exact depiction of how I handled this situation not that long ago (and yes, before you ask, I am that annoying when I’m texting friends while freaking out hahaha) and once again most of these texts came straight from the group chat with some of my long-distance friends…

I hope you enjoy this chapter and as always each and every one of you that read, like, reblog, send massages, etc. mean the world to me and help me get off my ass and keep writing regardless of whatever shittiness I’m going through in my life right now, so thank you! ❤️

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That last confession that said "Kendall is way too shady about Gia and Abby without the skill to back it up" ? What does that even mean? Kendall is a better dancer than Chloe right now in terms of technique and skill, but when Chloe is shady to Abby everyone calls her a queen. Chloe & Kendall BOTH have been bullied by that woman, and they don't need the skills of a prima ballerina to call her out or defend themselves. Since when was bullying okay as long as someone isn't a good dancer??

I think they may have meant that she talks a lot about Abby and Gia, but she isn'y that good a dancer? Something like that. I’m not too sure to be honest with you! Maybe the anon can explain themselves? -Kelly

Hey Abby guess what...


What modeling jobs have you booked recently? Hmmm thats what I though…yet just a few months ago you made her cry due to a MEDICAL condition that slightly affected her eye………looks like she showed you.

P.S. Even if Chloe wasn’t beautiful on the outside (and FYI she is) her heart and soul would make her more beautiful than you could ever dream of being.

P.P.S this isnt an attack on Abbys physical appearance just her inward being because Abby is not a physically ugly women but her actions and choices make her that way because who you are on the inside affects how those view you on the outside.

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Did Jill forget that Christi was standing up for Kendall when the whole argument broke out? Like the whole fight started because Christi stood up for Jill's daughter since Jill is not woman enough to stand up for her own kid.

(why doesn’t a notification show up for asks sent to a side blog otherwise i would have answered this earlier i’m trash)

but right??? that’s the most annoying thing. the whole fight happened because Christi said, “why is Kamryn allowed to cry, but Kendall isn’t?” which led into Abby saying Christi and Chloe were jealous of Kamryn and then that Chloe was ugly, etc, etc. like Jill should have stood by Christi for actually supporting Kendall. but what else would I expect from Jill, who NEVER stands up to Abby no matter how poorly she is treating Kendall.

Christi stood up for every single child on that team at least once and yet she is still demonized by the show and the fans. it’s gross.

What I really hate about Abby's defenders

…when they say shit like, “If Chloe/Paige thought they were being abused, why didn’t they leave earlier?”

As if they weren’t being abused. They just “thought” they were.

Recently I was listening to Afterbuzz and they were talking about Chloe’s child abuse video. Tony said something about “the abuse she thought she has faced under Abby.”


Stop right there.

They WERE being abused. Emotional and mental abuse, look it up. And if you argue that the remaining kids “love” Abby, I would like to introduce the term “trauma bonding,” which is not an uncommon phenomenon in abusive relationships, where victims crave their abusers’ love and approval. Paige used to have that and she drew a heart beside Abby’s name in her communion invitation a couple of years ago. Thank god she snapped out of it.

Instead of criticizing the moms who took them out too late, criticize the moms who choose to let their kids remain in an abusive situation. And quit that “thought they were being abused” shit.

My opinion on what would have happened if the show never existed:

Read at your own discretion. Simply just what I think MIGHT have occurred with each of the girls if the show never came to be. Remember.. only an opinion. You don’t have to agree.

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1. Who’da thought that when Christi and Kelly left, so would every ounce of class the ‘mother’s association’ ever had.

2. I really, really love the fact that the producers are making a television show out of ruining the reputation of other dancers simply for the sake of making one look like the grand prodigy of dance.

3. Jeanie mentioned Chloe, and Melissa was quick to snap at her saying, “You don’t know the whole story, so don’t go there.”
What whole story Melissa?
That long part of the story where you continually stomped on Chloe to get Maddie ahead?
The way you deflected everything because you knew that your child’s dance teacher was setting Chloe up to fail so yours could succeed and you were okay with it?
Maybe that time you lied about a secret number that hurt Chloe and Paige? Who, by the way, would have one regardless if Abby had never entered Kalani and Maddie?
Or…ya’know that part when you never batted a lash when Abby hashtagged things like “wheresthetallblonde”?
OR OR are you talking about when you and the other mothers in the flock trashed the NobodyisYou campaign because it highlighted how badly Chloe was treated?
Or the fact that you and the moms believed that Chloe’s campaign was merely to hurt your kids? Cuz we ALL know…everything should be about their kids, right?

Yeah I can definitely see why Melissa would NOT want Jeanie to go there. Cuz then it slaps Melissa in the face with how awful she was to Chloe, and just how much of a part SHE played in what happened.

50 quick Dance Moms opinions — drop a few responses in my ask to simply say which you agree and disagree with (i.e. "#2 - agree, #6 - disagree")
  • 1. Maddie is the strongest dancer.
  • 2. The contemporary group choreography for Season 4 has been the strongest so far.
  • 3. The dancer I'd most like to work with (as a teacher) is Nia.
  • 4. The dancer I'd least like to work with as a teacher is Mackenzie or possibly Paige.
  • 5. Brooke is a pretty average acrobat — she used to be way better.
  • 6. The rest of Abby's company gets such beautiful costumes!
  • 7. I don't think it's really morally okay to say that any mother on this show is a bad mother, however I do question how much some of them seem to pimp their daughters. I do, however, think they all have good intentions.
  • 8. Christi seems to be making a conscious effort to be less of a butthead this season.
  • 9. Abby was harsh on the girls in Season 1, but never as MEAN as she is now.
  • 10. I truly don't believe Abby is ever actually upset about not getting first considering her company often doesn't sweep categories at their real competitions.
  • 11. Abby needs to stop giving Nia delicate, princess-like contemporary pieces. She's better at more mature, quirky solos like her scat solo.
  • 12. If Paige were more dedicated she could have gone far. She easily had the best body for dance.
  • 13. Chloe's technique isn't actually that great, she just has naturally long, straight legs, beautiful feet, a good centre of gravity and strong turnout. She doesn't work it as much as she can.
  • 14. How miserable girls like Chloe and Kendall are now, three years later, should be a sign to the moms that maybe asking your nine-year-old if they wanted to be on a TV show wasn't a good idea (of COURSE they'll say "yes!")
  • 15. Candy Apples' technique is stronger.
  • 16. Their choreography is also more interesting.
  • 17. However, I immediately distrust Cathy because she was a Romney supporter.
  • 18. I don't think Vivi Anne actually hates dancing. I think she's just painfully shy.
  • 19. The girls' repertoires are all far too narrow. Everyone has their own "specialties," but the fact that each girl has mostly been sticking to the same genre for the past three years shows that they are not really that versatile.
  • 20. Kendall will probably get the most work when she's older because she blends into groups well and generally doesn't have any big major issues.
  • 21. Maddie's expressions are genius.
  • 22. Paige's expressions are great but maybe a bit over-the-top.
  • 23. Brooke really looks like she'd rather be sitting on her front porch watching grass grow than on stage.
  • 24. Brooke does not have a good enough voice to warrant having an album.
  • 25. Neither does Mackenzie.
  • 26. I think Abby favours Maddie and Mackenzie more than she used to entirely because she likes going to extremes for the show to draw in viewers.
  • 27. Stars is exponentially better than the ALDC.
  • 28. In terms of well-roundedness, Sammy Small is probably the best dancer featured on the "Dance Moms" franchise.
  • 29. I've never really enjoyed Maddie/Chloe duets — they're too different of dancers and their physiques are way too different.
  • 30. I think acrobatics are important, but Abby focuses too much on acro to the point where her dancers have bad habits.
  • 31. All of the dancers on DMP besides Chloe have sway backs.
  • 32. I believe Abby almost always has her dancers jump/roll out of turns because she hasn't bothered teaching them how to land them well.
  • 33. I think it is ridiculous to put a 9/10-year-old on pointe.
  • 34. The dancewear these kids get away with wearing is ridiculous.
  • 35. I worry that the girls' friendships are being strained due to being in the public eye.
  • 36. Quite frankly, it's insulting to see Abby call ANY of her numbers "controversial."
  • 37. "Cancer is bad" is not a controversial theme.
  • 38. "Slavery is bad" has not been controversial in a couple centuries.
  • 39. Christi looks like she's gotten a lot of Botox since Season 1.
  • 40. Holly is smokin' hot.
  • 41. I can't blame the dads for not wanting to be featured.
  • 42. There is no way there is not some form of compensation for the dancers' families from Lifetime.
  • 43. The show might not be literally scripted in terms of there being a physical SCRIPT, but it is so completely staged that you cannot call ANY of these situations organic or genuine.
  • 44. I blame "Dance Moms" entirely for popularizing that obnoxious "drop" jump in competitive dance.
  • 45. The royalty-free music is fine, but I wish they'd just find regular, inconspicuous songs instead of trying so hard to find music that resembles pop songs.
  • 46. Abby's "ethnic" and "folkloric" dances are a joke.
  • 47. I support any competition that makes the decision to ban the ALDC.
  • 48. Abby demands more of dancers outside her own studio than dancers from her own studio can give her — for example, she values someone who can work both sides, yet only Kendall and Nia have ever really shown any ability to work on both their left and right.
  • 49. Payton will probably be a very successful performer one day.
  • 50. I feel like the Moms are too beautified by Lifetime now and it's alienating.

anonymous asked:

Maddie is a talentless whore and Chloe should have been on Ellen, Jimmy and Sia's video Abby is paying her way

Anon why are you trolling? You and I both know Maddie is far from talentless and not even close to a “whore” (What a lame term. Why does it exist? Anyways)
You can stay mad that Maddie is making it and getting on these tv shows and doing amazing things, WITHOUT ABBY, because you don’t affect her in the slightest. She’s still gonna be doing all these incredible things on her own talent and merit and you’re still gonna be bitter as hell sitting at home behind your computer screen. Not everything Maddie gets has to involve Chloe. Vice versa. Stop trying to do that and stop being the example of /that/ Chloe fan. Believe it or not, Maddie WILL get things that Chloe doesn’t (absolute shocker right?) People will prefer Maddie or think she’s the better dancer and will like Maddie better for the job and there’s nothing you can do about it. There will also be people who prefer Chloe etc and would you want bitter ass Maddie fans in your ask demeaning and insulting Chloe over an opportunity she got? Maddie got the chandelier video because the artist herself WANTED Maddie. She’s seen Maddie dance and thought “I want HER!” Abby didn’t force Sia with a gun to her head. Sia recognized Maddie and thought she’d be best for her video, and she was. She did brilliantly and while you sulk about that, everyone else will continue to talk about her talent and how amazing she is, because it WASN’T Chloe that got Ellen and Kimmel or anything. It was Maddie, and she deserves the praise for a wicked job done.