i like a little loss of faith in humanity with my breakfast

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i recently found your fics on ao3 and im actually in love with your writing style and characterization of these space queers. i'd like to hear more about your headcanons and stuff too, i enjoy the little snippets in your fics

Hey, there! Thank you for this. I’m glad you like my writing. But headcanons– ah, man. I don’t know. I’ve noticed more and more it’s hard for me to toss headcanons outside of fanfiction where I kinda stew on the shit. Or if I am tossing headcanons it’s never the fun stuff but ‘here’s the emotional weight between these two characters.’ Pretentious about an 80s anime franchise, duh.

Here’s one I think about a lot:

I live for Keith and Pidge being of the same vein, you know? Like, equally suffering from the Kerberos loss and picking up the pieces in the wake of Shiro. Handling it individually but also looking to one another for mutuality feels good to me. I think it’s important to address different coping mechanisms and how people can learn and grow from that. I’d like to think they lean on one another. After all, they’re literally the duality of Voltron; sword and shield. 

And another:

There’s probably some risk in the Paladins entering alien cultures reminiscent of their home world. Like, finding a planet with a visceral resemblance to humaneness? Holy shit. Especially as early twenty-year-olds? I think I’m just now walking away from my early-twenties puberty where I had some black hole tendencies because I’d rather get lost in muck than focus on my goals, jobs, aspirations, etc. Talent, smarts, drive aside, it’s so easy to fight for escapism, and the entire daunting concept of Voltron is fucking oppressive (depressive? both? both), I’m sure. Give them an inch and I think one or two of the Paladins could fall through the cracks for a while aka let’s add more stress to Shiro’s job.

Small things:

- Genocidal dictator aside, Galran people are probably ridiculously ‘human.’ Blood Thirstiness of a Level Three being my prime example. Probably has a partner and kids. Probably changed a diaper and likes beer. Probably took the job for the benefits or whatever.

- Lance is going to grow to respect Keith’s sense of direction. This was definitely alluded to with the maze segment in their training. I have tons of faith in Lance’s ability to grow. Being able to take orders from Keith will cleave that growth open and probably bring out the Blue Lion’s ‘faith’ factor. 

- Hunk and Lance being faith and heart and also the legs is my favorite thing because what’s the point of a fight if you don’t know what you stand for?

- Shiro slept in late before Kerberos. Keith was an early riser and probably brought him coffee and breakfast burritos in the lounge. They talked before Keith’s physics class, and Keith restlessly watched the clock the whole time, not wanting the time to end.

- The fandom doesn’t see it this way (and I write them to pander toward that), but I think Keith is the more ‘masculine’ presence between he and Shiro. If Keith and Shiro got into a serious screaming match? Shiro’s voice would choke up first and Keith would be the one to walk away. Post-Kerberos, this dynamic would probably change a little and fuck up Keith’s view of them.

- Keith laughs and smiles a lot, and if he does like My Chemical Romance (groans typing this), then it’s for the horror movie references, queer themes, frustration with identity as an outsider, commentary on universal grief and not his brooding disposition. Keith is smart and introspective, clearly interested in survival and finding purpose. Give me that dialogue, y’all. Emo Keith is tacky, tired and uh– tacky, yeah. 

- The Paladins miss their cellphones.

- They probably sing a lot on Castle Lion to make up for not having music, too.

- Odds are? After being a part of Voltron for like 5-8 years? Their entire standards for social norms would change. Polyamory is so fucking likely I can’t believe no one wants to discuss how unconventional the adult Paladin dynamics would be. Too close. They’d be too close, for sure.

That’s all I’ve got– hope that satisfied some cravings or whatever, and again, thanks for reading my fic.

If There Was No You: Finding Caryl in the Delicate Imbalance of S4 Daryl

A/N: Supreme thanks to Haley for being so patient. And triple thanks with fudge on top to twisted-and-ginger and silver-89 for their read-throughs and helpful comments. The title I chose is from the Brandi Carlile song.

When Haley so generously asked me to talk about the Daryl we saw in S4 compared to the Daryl we’ve seen in earlier seasons, I did what I always do when I receive a writing “assignment.”

I pondered it in the shower.

And, despite the fact that I am one of the least math/sciencey people I know, a weird thing happened in my brain.

The first image that came to me was a balance scale. And once I started considering the trajectory of Daryl and Carol’s relationship in terms of that mental image, I couldn’t see it any other way.

What I want to do is start with the opening Caryl scene in “30 Days Without an Accident,” which is the point when, imho, the scale was the most perfectly balanced between them that it’s ever been, then bounce back to the beginning and talk about how they arrived at this halcyon state, and finally conclude by confronting head on the reality we’re all facing as Caryl shippers as we settle into the long wait for S5.

Right now, the scale is tragically and painfully out of balance. And it hurts.

But first, happier things!

When we catch our first glimpse of Daryl in 4x01, he’s strolling over to grab his breakfast while simultaneously being greeted by multiple admiring, enthusiastic Woodburians. His body language as he strides toward Carol is some of the most relaxed we’ve ever seen it — confident but not hostile, purposeful but not tense.

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