i like a girl in a truck

I like to call my chickens “beasties” or “fat little monster trucks” and other such affectionate terms, but dad seems to take offence whenever I do and always gently refers to them as “the girls,” “the ladies” and sometimes “the dames” when he’s putting them away, like he’s a butler shepherding a group of well-bred country lasses into the parlour for tea 

the signs as weird/dumb lana lyrics

aries- my daddies in the trunk of his brand new truck
taurus- lalalada soft ice creammmmmm
gemini- come on u know u like DOOH lil girls ;)
cancer- *wailing and crying*
leo- buy my purple wig for my mermaid video
virgo- *moaning and panting*
libra- don’t treat me rough, treat me really niceys :)))
scorpio- my pussy tastes like pepsi cola
sagittarius- i get high on hydroponic weed
capricorn- i wanna die (x5)
aquarius- it all seems stranger…. than a stranger
pisces- i’m in the back doing crack

Missing Link

Missing Link (m)

Word count: 6.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, talk of masterbation and language

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: You catch Yoongi playing with himself before a night out and some part of you wants to join him. That’s crazy though, he’s your best friend… Right?


“Yes, Y/N?” Yoongi said as he watched tv, happy to be home after a long day with you. 

“Will you please go with me tonight? I don’t want to go by myself.”

Yoongi sighed on the couch next to you. “Y/N, i’m too old to be going to these college parties.”

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Now I’ve Got You In My Arms

Pairing: Richie Tozier/ Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: hickeys, lots of hickey talk, implications of oral sex, implied top!eddie, a lot of fluff sorry

they are 18

word count: 2,726

@delicateloser @killerxqueer @richiietozierr

THANK YOU @tastes-like-cherry-coke FOR BEING MY BETA

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Eddie sucks in a breath when he watches Richie slide on a clean shirt, his back muscles flexing. He shudders and shakes away the thoughts because, Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier are not gay, okay? Especially not together. Just sometimes they kiss and give each other hickeys when they’re alone. (They don’t admit to anyone they’re from each other, but they wear their bruises proudly.) (Okay, so they’re a little gay.) (They’re hella gay.)

It’s just another day in Derry. The Losers are in the hallway grouping up before their classes start. Richie and Eddie are running late. Again.

Just as the warning bell sounds, the two are rushing in toward their friends.

“Where have you guys been?” Stan asks, his eyes immediately adverting to Eddie’s neck, “And what the hell is that?”  

“Richie’s truck wouldn’t start,” Eddie said, initially ignoring Stan’s question before he covers his neck, “Yes, shut up, it’s exactly what it looks like.”

“From who?”

Eddie side-eyes Richie nervously, “S-some girl.. I went out last night.”

“Out?” Bill asks.

“Yeah..” Eddie trails off, remembering the night before.

He and Richie were both shirtless, Eddie in his lap, slowly moving himself around, moaning loudly as Richie attacked his neck like the leech he is.

“Eddie,” Bev calls out while dramatically waving her hand in front of Eddie’s face, “You good? You spaced out for a minute there.”

“Yeah, m’fine. I’ll see you guys at lunch.” Eddie turns and walks away in the opposite direction.

“Not gonna kiss your best friend goodbye?” Richie laughs when Eddie flips him off without turning around.

“Is it me or did Eddie seem really off when he responded to our questions?” Mike asks as the group watched the smallest boy go.

“Maybe it’s because he got fucking mauled last night. Did you see the size of those hickeys?” Ben makes a face and chuckles with Bill.

Richie awkwardly scratches the back of his neck and it must be his lucky day, because before his uncomfortable stance could be sensed by the group the second bell rings, “Yeeaaahh.. I’ll catch you guys later..”

After Richie leaves, the group disbands.

Two periods later, Eddie is in science when his phone vibrates on the desk. He slides it between two books, trying not to get caught checking it.

Richie: what’re you doing  [9:56AM]

Eddie rolls his eyes and types back, ‘im in science. cant skip today.’  [9:57AM]

Richie: you dont even kno what i was gonna ask  [10:01AM]

Eddie: was it that?  [10:01AM]

Richie: ok yeah but this time its different  [10:04AM]

Eddie’s mouth turns into a frown. Different? How? Everytime he skips with Richie they always go get fast food together and only sometimes he convinces Eddie to smoke with him.

Eddie: what do you mean?  [10:06AM]

Within seconds he gets a message back, but this time it’s a picture attachment. He opens it, almost regretting he did (he really doesn’t), eyes widening. Richie had taken a picture of himself- only showing his mouth and below. He’s biting his lip and- Eddie slams his phone down when he sees it- Richie has a hand down his jeans. Eddie’s face is flushed red.

“Mr. Kaspbrak, are you okay?” His teacher turns around from the chalkboard, shooting him a worried glance.

“Yes, fine. Can I use the restroom?”

“Sign out, please.”

Eddie does quickly and nearly runs out of the classroom. He unlocks his phone, Richie’s contact still up, and types out a blatant, ‘where the fuck are you’

Richie: downstairs bathroom, near the music department  [10:12AM]

Eddie narrows his eyes and walks down a flight of steps, turning a few corners, before attempting to pull open the bathroom door. It’s locked. That bastard fucking planned this.

“Open the door, asshole.”

The lock clicks, and the second it does, Eddie is pushing himself through the doorway, locking it again. He faces Richie.

“You’re such a little shit. You know that?”

“What’re you gonna do about it?” Richie challenges.

Eddie shoves him against the sink, “I shouldn’t do anything about it- you’re practically begging me to.”

Richie smiles cheekily, “Hm. I am.”

Eddie pulls Richie’s head back by his hair, lips immediately attaching to his neck, sucking hard. He has his other hand on the boy’s hip, tucking his fingers into the hem of his shirt, yanking it over his head, throwing it on the counter. He marks up Richie’s entire chest.

“Enough marks, I look like a fucking cheetah.”

Eddie gives him one more on his hip just to spite him. He stands back up, cupping his cheek, leaning in to kiss him on the mouth, but isn’t surprised when Richie doesn’t let him. Richie doesn’t do mouth kisses. He thinks back to a few weeks ago when they were sitting in Eddie’s room when he first tried to kiss him.

“No,” Richie had said quietly, “Too intimate. No kissing.”

But Eddie still wants to kiss Richie. No homo, of course, because that’s gay and Eddie Kaspbrak is not gay.

Those thoughts are interrupted when Richie flips him to the counter, kissing down his neck softly, taking off his shirt.

“You don’t always have to be in control, Eddie,” He whispers against the smaller brunettes pale skin.

“I know, but I want to. I like it.”

“Let’s change that..” Richie kneels down, unbuttoning his jeans, shoving the clothing to his ankles.

“Richie-” Eddie tries to protest, but cuts himself off. His eyes flutter to the back of his head and brings one hand to his mouth to bite his wrist, and the other one to pull on Richie’s hair because good god.

The next time The Losers meet up again is at lunch. Everyone but Eddie is there.

“Hey-hey, you guuuys,” Bev sings, setting her tray down. “Anybody want to trade their french fries for my tater tots?”

“T-They’re the same thing,” Bill tells her.

“You’re a fake friend. Everyone knows it’s about the texture.”

Ben rolls his eyes, “Nuh uh, it tastes all the same. You’re so weird.”

“No, you both are weird. Texture is everything, it-”

“I’ll trade with you, Bev.” Stan speaks up. “I understand.”

“At least someone d-”

Mike cuts her off when he sees Richie parading over, bruises covering his neck, “Holy shit. You guys. Horton spots a hoe.”

“That’s not the correct quote.” Richie says while narrowing his eyes behind his glasses.

“Look at this, kids! What do we have here?” Ben pokes one of the many hickeys. Richie hisses in pain.

“Whoever gave you those must have been fucking rough. I mean damn, you’re wincing like a bitch. They’re so purple they’re almost black,“ Mike said with a small laugh before digging into his fries.

“You look like a cheetah.” Ben laughs.

“I told him that.” Richie mutters. If they heard him, they don’t say anything.

“W-Why did you let someone give you all of those i-if it h-hurts? And in s-school?”

“Because, my dear Billy,” Richie slings an arm over Bill’s shoulders, “At the time it felt fucking amazing.” He ignores Bill’s second question, but it’s just his luck that Eddie walks over just as he kisses and tells. Richie winks at him.

“Hey, Ed. You missed it. Richie was just telling us about his new lover,” Bev says, her voice filled with a tone salty enough to season McDonald’s fries.

“Excuse me,” Richie sputters, “You guys were pestering me about my hickeys- I said nothing about a lover.”

“Yeah, because there’s so many,” Ben says, reaching to poke at them again but reviving a slap on the wrist from Richie.

“You should see his chest.” Eddie tells them absentmindedly.

Richie shoots him a look, but it’s too late.

“There’s hickeys there, too? Damn, Richie.. Wait- Eddie, how do you know that?” Bev asks, almost knowingly, that salty tone almost tripled.

Eddie panics, “We have gym together.”

They don’t have gym together.

Mike changes the topic for Eddie’s sake, “Hey, are you gonna eat lunch, Richie?”

Richie looks at Eddie, “Nah, I ate earlier.”

Eddie’s face turns a bright red.

Eddie lays on Richie’s chest, tracing patterns onto his stomach. The other boy had fallen asleep minutes after Eddie snuck into his room. He’s been playing with his hair for merely an hour and his hand is getting tired. He retreats it slowly, resting it on Richie’s cheek, rubbing his freckled skin softly. He pauses his movements, suddenly extremely interested in what his lips would feel like, pressed onto the other boy’s. He doesn’t stop himself from leaning into Richie’s space.

Eddie places his lips onto his friend’s, cautiously, not trying to wake him. He pulls back only to do it again, however, this time he was not so lucky.

Richie’s breath hitches, and his eyes open. He sees Eddie hovering over him, and judging by how close he was, he realizes what he was doing. He sits up abruptly, letting the sheets fall from his body, and Eddie detangle from him. Richie searches Eddie’s eyes, unsure of what he could be thinking.

Eddie tries to speak but Richie touches his face and he closes his mouth.

Richie grabs Eddie by the neck, dragging him closer. His lips ghost over the smaller boys, before pressing his hickey-littered chest to Eddie’s, and parting his lips with his own. It’s not needy, surprisingly. That’s all the atmosphere has been between them, recently. Richie lets himself lay back down, not breaking their kiss.

Eddie gets the hint and crawls on top of him, mouths never leaving each other’s. It’s slow and open-mouthed and really, really messy. But it’s great. Fucking fantastic, actually.

The two kiss lazily until they fall asleep, Eddie still on top of Richie.

“Rise and shine, princess.”

A pillow comes in contact with Eddie’s face. “Did you know that you doing that could have like, killed me?”

“What? Me, kill you? I’d never, Eds.” Richie leans down, kissing him gently.

Oh, okay, so that’s a thing now.

Eddie sucks in a breath when he watches Richie slide on a clean shirt, his back muscles flexing. He shudders and shakes away the thoughts because, Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier are not gay, okay? Especially not together. Just sometimes they kiss and give each other hickeys when they’re alone. (They don’t admit to anyone they’re from each other, but they wear their bruises proudly.) (Okay, so they’re a little gay.) (They’re hella gay.)

“I don’t want to go to school,” Eddie groans and throws his head back onto the pillow.

“You have to, bubba. C’mon, up, up, up.” Richie pats his legs.

“Don’t have clean clothes,” Eddie says.

“You can wear some of mine.”

Eddie picks out a hoodie (it smells like Richie) and a pair of basketball shorts (Richie’s jeans are too long for him- curse that long ass bitch).

They brush their teeth together quickly before heading out.

It takes a few minutes for Richie’s truck to start. They end up having the neighbor help him jump it.

“Think we’re late?” Eddie asks.

“Nah, we should be fine. If not, we could skip first.”

Eddie catches the wiggle of his eyebrow. “You’re fucking disgusting.”

Richie grabs Eddie’s hand, raising it to his mouth, and presses a soft kiss to it. “Kidding, babe.”

Eddie’s heart soars.

“Well if it isn’t Richie and Eddie, almost late. As usual.” Stan gives them a look.

“My truck wouldn’t start this morning, again.”

“Hey, aren’t those Richie’s clothes?” Ben points out.

“Yeah,” Eddie shrugs, “I stayed over last night and I didn’t have any extra clothes with me.”

“Isn’t that s-sweet.”

“Yeah, sure.” Richie rolls his eyes at Bill’s snickering.

After the warning bell goes off, Richie and Eddie had never left The Loser’s so quickly.

Despite Eddie’s whines, they spend all of first period making out in the bathroom.

“You’ve never wanted to kiss me before,” Eddie says into Richie’s mouth.

Richie pulls back, “Mhm, I was missing out, obviously.” He connects their lips back together, weaving a hand into his hair, nudges his head into an easier angle to work with. Richie has his tongue shoved so far down his throat, Eddie feels as if he could choke (not that he’d complain).

But here he was, that feeling coming back again. Eddie groans, pulling away.

Richie notices and trails butterfly kisses down Eddie’s neck, making sure to kiss all of his hickeys.



“S-Stop.. Stop.”

Richie jerks back immediately, his heart about to leap from his chest, “Did I hurt you? What’s wrong?”

“We can’t keep doing this if we aren’t going to address the elephant in the room.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t.. Don’t act so incredulous, Rich.”

“I’m not, I-”

“We can’t keep fooling around if we can’t discuss.. Us.”

Richie swallows and avoids eye contact.

“Look at me.. Look at me, damn it.”

The older boy does as he’s told.

“Richie.. I-  I can’t do this unless.. Unless we can be more. I want more, I want all of it. I want to go on cute dates with you, and I want to hold your hand. I want to kiss you in public. Hell, I want to kiss you all the time. I want you. I want all of this, because I have fallen head over heals in love with you, Richie Tozier.”

Richie stares in shock as his best friend confesses this to him.

“Please, say something..”

Richie is too speechless. Yet the second he tries to, Eddie is backing away. “Forget it. I-I’m sorry.”

Which means, the next few days are really awkward. Eddie ignores Richie in school. He doesn’t go visit him in the middle of the night, and he locks his window so Richie can’t, either.

Eddie has been trying to eat his lunch as quick as possible and get the fuck out of there before Richie spots him.

Today he was not that lucky.

Just as he is throwing his trash away, he turns and bumps into none other than the boy he was avoiding.

“Hey,” Richie grabs at his arm.

“Let go.”

“We.. need to talk.”

“Oh, we already did. Well, I did.” Eddie pulls out of his grip. Richie watches him leave.

“Eddie Kaspbrak!” He calls out. When he doesn’t turn around, he sits on the seat next to Bill.

“W-What did you d-do?”

“Eddie is in love with me.” Richie states.

“Whaaat? Nooo,” Stan said without looking up from his textbook, his voice filled with sarcasm.

“Wait, so you guys knew and didn’t tell me?”

“Not our place.” Ben says, also without looking up.

“Yeah, plus we didn’t know what you guys were doing. You two have been out boning god knows who, because you both are stupid.”

Mike is clueless, Richie thinks.

“You guys.. Eddie and I have been.. Um.. hooking up with each other for the last few months now.. But, we finally kissed. On the mouth. Just a few days ago. And he doesn’t think I want him as.. As my boyfriend. But I do! I just was shocked to even say anything when he told me. Now he wants nothing to do with me.”

His friends are surprised by that (all except Stan), because they didn’t actually think they were with each other like that.

“You fuckass.” Bev rolls her eyes. “Eddie has been leaving school early, so if you go now.. You might be able to catch him.”

Richie has never run so fast in his life, and, obviously, The Losers needed to see this. They’re having trouble keeping up.

Richie is standing in the bed of his truck when he sees Eddie walking in the opposite direction.

“Eddie Kaspbrak!”

This time Eddie turns to look at him. The students around him are looking, too. He rolls his eyes and walks back to him. “What are you doing?”

“I want it too, Eds! I want more, I want all of it. I want to take you on those cute dates and I want to hold your hand and kiss you in public, in private, all the time. I, too, am in love. More specifically, in love with you, Eddie Kaspbrak. I want to give you so much more.. But I think you’ll have to be my boyfriend first.” Richie hops down from his truck and reaches out for Eddie’s face, “What do you say, bug?”

Eddie nods, his eyes brimming with tears he tried to will away, “Took you long enough,” and lets Richie kiss him into oblivion. “I’m so in love with you.”

“And I you.” Richie leans back in, capturing Eddie’s lips in his own, with every ounce of energy he has inside of him. There are stars behind his eyes and honestly, Richie never wants to leave the presence of Eddie’s arms.

The Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream truck arrives, right on schedule, at 2 AM, the third Friday of the month.

You sigh, rolling out of bed to look out the window and watch. And to listen.

The ice cream truck plays its usual haunting melody, parked outside your apartment. But what you strain to hear, feeling as though your ears are on tiptoes trying to make it out, are the wishes.

Coming from all around the neighborhood, children are running through the streets as fast as they’re able, forming an impatient line by the ice cream man’s window.

At the front of the line is a boy of perhaps 5. He excitedly wishes for a puppy, then hands the ice cream man a baseball card. Then he skips off down the starlit street, a smile on his face.

After he leaves, a girl, maybe 12, and her younger brother approach the ice cream man. The girl whispers something nervously, then hands the ice cream man a Valentine. You smile. You’ve seen this before. Children wishing for their crushes to like them. The ice cream man nods and accepts the card. The younger brother doesn’t wish for anything; he just wants to say hello. The ice cream man ruffles his hair and sends him on his way.

The last wish of the night, a teenage girl, self-conscious in the wake of the children. She approaches the window of the truck.

“I just want my mom to wake up tomorrow,” she manages. She throws coins on the counter and begins sobbing.

“The payment has to be something important to you, miss,” says the ice cream man, gently. The girl says nothing, still sobbing. The ice cream man nods, then closes his window and drives off into the twilight.

You’ve never seen a single wish given to the ice cream man actually come true. That’s why you don’t go down there much. But the children, the children.

The children never stop wishing.

BTS Love Yourself Theory: Jin

BigHit has said that BTS is acting with a false self in these highlight reels, as in they’re hiding their true selves because they are afraid people will not love them for who they really are. 

This makes a lot of sense towards all of the members, but in specific Jin. 

Jin is pretending that he is still alive, when he is really dead.

It’s been pretty much established in all of BTS’ HYYH music videos, Jin is the one who is dead. But I feel like for the longest while he has been having the hardest time coming to terms with this, because he doesn’t want to leave behind his brothers and he wishes he could do so many things over again, but better this time. He still has regrets (on his posters it says: If I could turn back time, I want to be the best man, If I could turn back time, I want to go back to that summer sea, he means turn back time to when he was alive). 

The beginning of his dialogue in the third highlight reel is this: “Looking back I had known all along, that underneath the glimmering world before my eyes lay my deception, that everything was to collapse with a breath of wind, I turned away, sidestepped, simply closed my eyes. Afraid I was, afraid to be loved for who I am.”

This refers to all of the members, but in specific to Jin, he’s admitting that he knew all along that he was dead, but he chose to deny it, because no one could love him for who he is, he felt no one could truly love him if he isn’t alive, that they’d just forget about him

When Jin is driving, he looks as if he notices something in his rear view mirror

And if you notice during the scene (watch for proof), he’s in the same intersection where he was at the end of the video because of the blinking yellow lights reflecting off of his car and around him, like here 

This is the same intersection (I’d watch the scene again for a clearer view)

Now I feel like all of Jin’s parts in this video were kind of out of order, because sometimes he was driving peacefully, but other times he looked distraught and in denial, driving recklessly 

I think the parts where he was acting irrational, looking as if he’d seen something he didn’t want to was after he died. Jin died in that intersection, not the girl. He drives through the same intersection where the girl is hit and killed, when he looks back he doesn’t see her he sees himself 

Jin most likely dies on his way to get the flowers. When he actually arrives by the truck, the girl isn’t even there waiting for him like he saw. Watch the scene again and look across the street, she isn’t there 

I think the girl is meant to represent Jin, she is supposed to be the one who shows him his true self and what he actually is; dead. But Jin doesn’t know that yet, he’s still in denial and obtaining his false self

She suddenly appears out of nowhere then, she was never there before 

The she runs across the street to him and gets hit, Jin’s own accident replays in front of his eyes and he knows this

This isn’t a face of shock, this a face of realisation and understanding. He just watched himself die, he is already dead. That’s why the scene is suddenly basked in an ominous purple, in some countries it is meant to represent death and mourning. Jin is dead.

He realizes this now, it’s no longer a dream, he is AWAKE 

The lyrics in his song say: 

I want to stay I want to dream a little more But still It is time to leave (It’s time for him to go to Heaven now that he knows he’s dead)

Wide awake Wide awake Wide awake
Don’t cry
Wide awake Wide awake Wide awake
No lie
Wide awake Wide awake Wide awake
Don’t cry
Wide awake Wide awake Wide awake
No lie

Jin died that night and finally realizes it. That’s why he was the only one with a date in the second highlight reel, because that was before he left his home to pick up the flowers, before he got hit by a car in the intersection 

That was the last day he was alive

Man leaves autistic daughter alone, tries to tell me he's not responsible

While in we r toys with my son, I noticed a little girl (maybe 8-9) by herself in the middle of an isle rocking back and forth with her hands over her ears. Straight away I called over an employee who after 10 minutes got her name and called for her parents to come get her. I stayed with the girl while my son played with the trucks next to me as I have training for children with autism. After another 20mins her dad came and got her and he joked with me that his wife usually looks after her so he had no idea that he should stay with her. He then got pissed at me cause I didn’t laugh and then told me I had no idea what it’s like looking after an autistic child. When I mentioned I worked with autistic children he literally snarled at me. I feel so sorry for his daughter and wife, but the employee was incredibly kind and asked what she should do
So fuck irresponsible parents and s/o to employees who care

My Dad Kidnapped Little Girls

I don’t ever remember my dad being normal. He was always a little strange. The man was secretive and closed off, and all his attempts at acting like a father rose the hairs on the back of my neck. It seemed forced. I don’t think I ever got used to that. There was no need, because he didn’t keep that up for long. By the time I was 5, I didn’t have a dad. What I had after that was a boss. Maybe an owner. Definitely not a dad.

He fully opened up as a person around that time. He brought a little girl into our home. She was small, but she was older than myself, too. Maybe 7 or 8. Her face was red and raw with tears. “Sam, this is your new little sister, Maria.” Before I could react, she spoke up between small sobs. “No, mister. I don’t know you. My name is Claire. Please take me home to my mommy, I promise that I won’t tell.” By the time she finished what she was saying, she was barely forming coherent sentences. That’s when I saw my Dad stop being my dad. With one fluid motion, he swung his arm, hitting her in the face and knocking her back on her ass.

I jumped up, too afraid and confused to do much of anything, but still frightened nonetheless. I was young, but I’d seen enough television to know that normal families didn’t do these things. “Sam, you sit your ass down or I’ll put you in the ground, you hear me?” Thus marked the loss of my father. Later, as I listened to the quiet cries of the girl, now locked in the room next to mine, he sat me down and explained that he wasn’t my father. He told me things a 5 year old should never hear. My life changed forever. I was a mistake.

The little girl was with us for a while. My dad left me at home while he went to the mall, buying all kinds of nice things for Maria. Claire. Whatever. He probably blew $500. The weeks afterward were strange, disgusting, and violent all at the same time. At the best, she would play along with his games and he would be happy. At the worst, I would have to listen to her screams as he did unspeakable things to her in the next room. After, when the screaming would stop, he would come to me and give me the same speech.

“This happens because you aren’t right, you understand? You should have been born a girl. We wouldn’t have to do this. She’s going to die someday because you’re trash.” He would walk to the door and finish with “Remember, Sam. No one out in that world will ever love you. If you try to leave, I’ll find you and I’ll kill you.”

Maria died about three months after my dad took her. This day wasn’t her first attempt at escape, but instead it was her last. Truly, I do not know if my father meant to kill her or not. He became consumed in his rage and I fought back tears as he continued to hit her and hit her, over and over again. Her little light went out as she choked on blood, gurgling sounds coming from her throat. She was buried in our back yard, right next to the playset that my father bought a year before. After that, he became nervous to the point where he packed me up and we started off on the road.

We lived like that for years. Sometimes, we’d live somewhere as long as a year, but that was the extent of it. On a good year, he’d take two or three girls without so much as a second look. People didn’t necessarily suspect him, though. He was a psycho, but the man was smart too. He would falsify documents and references, getting himself jobs as close to children as possible. I remember, one time, he was hired on to be an ice cream truck driver. He snatched up a little girl he called Gloria right in front of her house. He somehow managed to finish his route, too. She only lasted two months.

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My mantra was in full force this week; ya dream girl had shit to do. Like, truck-loads of shit. Yearbook stuff is a pain in the ass sometimes and so much hard work, but I’m starting to realize that nobody is asking me to work hard. I decide to work hard because I want to. It’s my passion and what I care about, and one of the ways I put my small stamp on the world. And I’m going to make sure I do my work proudly. I still have so much to do and have to study with finals coming up next week, but I’m figuring it out. sigh. // Busy is a blessing.

Taste The Sweet (Grayson Smut)

Summary: You’re a Youtuber, hanging around the H&M tent at Coachella. Grayson is your biggest fan.
Word Count: 2,861
Warnings: Fingering.
A/N: Thank you to the anon who sent this idea in! This is all your idea, I’m just writing it out. I didn’t want to post the request because it contains “spoilers” but this imagine is basically what the anon requested. Hope you like this one! (title from Don’t Be So Shy by Imany)

“Turn your head a little to the side…” The photographer gestured with her hand, cocking her head to the left so you smiled and complied. “Perfect. Now smile.”

The flash went off a few times as she snapped her photos, and you tried to stay still and let her do the work but you were feeling too excited. Earlier today you had arrived in Palm Springs, ready to head over to the festival and show off your outfit that you had spent three weeks planning beforehand.

You didn’t know how you had gotten so lucky. One minute you had been uploading your pictures on instagram and it had blown up, gaining over a hundred thousand followers the first few months. By the time you had reached five hundred thousand, you had started up a Youtube channel, and a year later you had gained over two million on your channel and been invited to numerous events. Coachella being one of them.

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To ease the tension

Even without there being a mission, it had been a long day. Jesse McCree didn’t mind helping out around Gibraltar, but it seemed like for this day in particular, everyone needed something. From helping to fix a fuel line on one of their service trucks, to running drills with the newer recruits, to hell, even helping Hana decide on what to wear for a livestream. He had chosen the soft grey sweater she held up, said it complimented her softer face, which made the young girl smile before thanking him and then booting him out the door.

As the hours grew dim, the cowboy found himself wandering back to his room, rubbing his shoulder at the built up tension. Jesse hated to admit it but age was catching up to him in some areas.

//At least ya still got your purty locks// he thought as he ran his prosthetic through them, glad that the later years hadn’t cause a receding hairline. McCree entered his room, kicked off his ever present boots and flopped on the bed. He had been grateful he used some cash to upgrade to a full size with a memory topper because it aided on his sorer days.

He felt himself slowly start to sink comfortably into the mattress just as a swift but even knock came from the door.

“Just ain’t no rest for the wicked.” He grumbled, groaning at just how much his body seemed to protest movement. There had been a mission earlier in the week where Jesse was knocked harder than desired into a brick wall by a rogue Omnic, and he wondered if maybe that was the lingering cause of his pain. Mulling it over, he opened the door to reveal one Hanzo Shimada. The archer had forgone his usual attire, dressed in simple black joggers and a grey long sleeved shirt. His hair always up and neat.

Jesse leaned into the frame of the door and smiled gently down at the shorter man. “Howdy Hanzo. What can I do for ya?” He drawled.

“Genji requested I come fetch you for some training game he organized.” The older Shimada explained flatly. The brothers time spent in Overwatch was one of redemption and healing, bit by bit bringing the eldest out of his shell but it was noticeable how Hanzo doated on whatever the youngest desired.

“Now that sounds like a fun idea but it’s been a busy day for this old broncho. Maybe another time.”

It was an honest but polite refusal and McCree expected the archer to simply nod and leave as per usual, but instead he stood there, staring intently.

“I noticed your being injured during our last mission. Is that why? Have you not sought proper treatment?” Hanzo inquired, surprising the gunslinger with his concerned tone.

Jesse shook his head, leaning to rub his shoulder again, trying to stretch out the stiffness. “Nah I’m alright, just tension and I worked on a few things so my body ain’t takin’ that all too well. But I appreciate your concern there darlin’ ”

Hanzo scoffed slightly and seemed to battle with an idea before pushing past Jesse to enter the room. “Whoa now, whatcha-” he started but was cut off by Hanzo’s command to shut the door, to which he complied.

“Do you have some form of lotion or something?” Came the next question, to which Jesse raised an eyebrow.

“Uh..yeah I got some…somewhere?” He thought outloud, not truly remembering everything that was contained in his room. Jesse strode over to the bed, rummaging through his side table before finding a small bottle of lavender lotion. He had almost forgotten about it, for it was a gift from Ana that he had stuffed away. He had always enjoyed the scent though. Turning, he tossed it the archers way.

“You can borrow it. Now if ya don’t mind..” he trailed off, laying back down on his stomach, stuffing his head into the pillows. “I’m really worn out Hanners and I wanna rest.”

He waited to hear the door open and close, and was honestly ready to pass out when he felt a dip in the bed. Jesse turned his head to see Hanzo kneeling there.

“Sometimes I truly fear if you have taken one too many blows to the head McCree.” The eldest Shimada stated with light annoyance. Jesse wanted to protest but the archer continued. “I had requested lotion to offer my assistance in easing your tension. Now remove your shirt.”

Jesse stared,blinking a few times before sitting back on his knees to pull his shirt up over his head. For being almost in his forties, it wasn’t like the cowboy wasn’t attractive. Muscles were chisled into his features, with only a small amount of fat lining them. A defined v curved into his waist, as a gentle trail of hair lead from his chest to his waistline. Scars littered the tan skin and Hanzo spent a soft second staring at his left arm where skin ended and metal began. “I appreciate the offer partner, but if you wanted to get me naked, you coulda just asked.” The cowboy flirted, waggling his eyebrows.

Hanzo huffed and literally shoved the cowboys head back down onto the pillows. Jesse chuckled but the laughter died in his throat when the archer straddle his legs, resting on his ass. The position went straight south, and he shamelessly thought of those lingering desires he had for his teammate. Not that something such as that would happen. McCree knew well enough that Hanzo found him to be ridiculous, spurs and all.

The archer opened the bottle, lathered the lotion between his hands, and started a deep but gentle press into the tanned flesh of Jesse’s back. It earned Hanzo a satisfied groan. His teammates fingers made quick work on rubbing out the tightness in the cowboys shoulders,between the blades and down his waist. It felt like heaven.

“You are quite tense McCree. You should possibly seek a realignment for your spine.” Hanzo offered softly.

“Ya I may just do that. Damn darlin, sure got magic with those fingers. Must be all that fancy bow work.” He complimented, another groan slipping from his lips.

“Yes, must be.”

Something about the reply struck a cord within the gunslinger. Why was Hanzo doing this for him? Yeah they were friends, but this type of contact toed the line in his head. As the hands working away at his muscles started to travel to his waist, the cowboy felt a familiar twitch.

//Keep your head in straight there Jesse. This is Hanzo Shimada, not some floozy.// he thought, although the last time he engaged in such frivolities was many moons ago. It wasn’t a secret to his closest friends that he swung the other way but Jesse didn’t exactly walk around proclaiming it. Yet when he first met Genji’s older brother, he couldn’t deny how beautiful he found the man to be.

Fingers hooked into the sweats he wore, pulling them and his boxers down, revealing his bare ass, surprising the gunslinger.

“Hanzo now what in the hell are ya doing?” He asked, embarrassed and confused.

He felt Hanzo shift downwards, then hands kneading his rear muscle with newly lotioned hands. “This muscle is quite often neglected, and it carries a lot of tension, just as does your back. I offered to help ease your pain McCree and I don’t, as I have heard you say, ‘half ass’ my work.”

The comment surprised Jesse but he couldn’t help but agree how great it felt to feel the archers hands there. His half hardened cock twitched against the bed and he prayed Hanzo wouldn’t notice, for this situation was embarrassing enough. Another press of fingers, this time closer to the space between his cheeks and a soft moan echoed into the room. Jesse blushed, wishing the Reaper could just take him now. Hanzo’s hands halted and McCree expected him to stop, noting how the sound recently voiced was different from before. Instead, he felt firm a grip at his hips, and yelped as those strong hands pulled him up to be more on his knees, his bottoms being pulled off the rest of the way.

Jesse’s mind flooded with questions and sinful ideas, but no, this wasn’t anything. The archer was simply helping to ease him, or at least so he thought until he felt a soft kiss to his lower back. “Hanzo…?” He questioned.

“You are quite the fool gunslinger, letting yourself get into such a knot.” The archer purred, actually purred, as he placed another kiss lower, and McCree’s dick couldn’t help but throb at the words. This was becoming much more than a back rub. A tongue swirled around until trailing to that puckered entrance at his backside. Again Jesse yelped at the surprising sensation, but sunk his head down, his ass up, debating if he was simply dreaming that the archers mouth was lapping away. A tattooed arm slunk between his legs to softly grip the hardened flesh, and started to gently pump him. Jesse felt his body slowly coming undone.

“Ah..f-fuck Darlin’..what are you doing to me?” He moaned, unable to hold back anymore. Hanzo merely hummed continuing his ministrations. When the archer drew back his mouth, his one hand stayed between the cowboys legs, as the other dipped fingers into the lotion. Soon a lean digit circled him before pushing inside. A gluttoral sound escaped McCree. It felt so amazing, and it was literally a dream come true. If the archer really had anything going for him, he knew exactly how to work McCree up. Soon a second digit joined inside him, twisiting and spreading him.

“You are quite compliant Jesse. I like this side of you.” Hanzo commented, him calling the gunslinger by his first name sending goosebumps across his skin. The fingers crooked and hit a spot, causing Jesse moan louder. “Han…shit…s'good.”

He heard the archer chuckle, before pulling out the fingers. Jesse’s whimpered at the loss, especially when Hanzo took away the hand stroking him. He didn’t want to ask for more, because the older brother had already gave him more than he ever thought would happen. His head stayed planted into the pillows, unable to exactly look at his friend as he felt movement off the bed. Turning his head tentatively, the gunslingers mouth fell open as he watched Hanzo strip before him. The archer was defined in all the right ways and it only solidified how attracted to him he was. Eyes wandered south, following the line of his hips to the space between the milky thighs. Hanzo was perfect.

Before he could stop himself, Jesse crooned, “You are a beautiful sight there Hanzo.”

The other man paused and actually blushed, shaking his head at the compliment. He crawled back into the bed behind Jesse, grabbing the lotion. McCree honestly tried so hard to not imagine what Hanzo was about to do, as he soon felt hands possessively grabbing his waist. All sounds muted as he felt the tip of Hanzo’s cock at his entrance.

“Would you like me to help further release your tension, and my own Jesse? For I will stop if it’s too much.”

McCree shook his head. “N-no..please…wanted ya for a while. If this is gonna help stem off some aches, then please Hanzo…” he begged shamelessly. Jesse couldn’t deny it, he wanted the archer to take him, just like all the ways he had in his dreams.

Hanzo slowly pushed into the tight entrance, relishing is how blissful it felt. For the first time since this started, the Shimada heir moaned, burying himself to the hilt. He paused, waiting for Jesse to adjust, reaching around again to stroke his partners neglected member. Jesse felt full, so damn deliciously full and he slowly rocked back against Hanzo’s hips.

“F-fuck me…HannyBee..” he begged. Hanzo leaned down to kiss the crook of his neck, and McCree could feel him smile against his skin. “As you wish dear gunslinger.”

The pace was quick, unforgiving, but everything the two of them wanted. Jesse felt his whole body ignite like fire. Each thrust had him moaning like a bitch in heat and he loved it. “Mm..yes Hanzo. S'good….you’re fucking heaven..”

A snap of hips pressed Hanzo even deeper inside and the gunslinger arched himself in response. “You are so tight Jesse. Such a good boy for me.” Hanzo cooed, and it made his teammate melt. Who knew the stuffy elder brother had such sugar words?

The familiar coil in his stomach churned as the perfect pace between thrust and stokes built up.

“Han…I’m…I ain’t gonna last much longer…”

Another kiss and then a soft bite to his neck. “Then come for me Jesse. Come and release all that stress you had tucked away. ”

That was all he needed, moaning louder and louder until he came explosively over Hanzo’s hand and his quilt. It felt so hot, causing his body to shiver. Hanzo fucked him through it, whispering sweet praises that McCree lapped up.

“Where do you..?” Came the half question and the cowboy knew what Hanzo had meant.

“In…inside is fine…fill me Hanzo..”

A deep sink of teeth into his shoulder caused Jesse to groan even more as he felt the archers pace become erratic. “Jesse…gods Jesse!!” he moaned between clenched teeth, releasing deep inside McCree’s tight ass.

Hanzo slumped against the tanned back, giving a few more gentle thrusts before stilling. The room filled with soft pants for air as Jesse tried to organize his thoughts. It had been a long day, he was offered a back rub from his honest to heavens crush, and then he was fucked sweeter than ever before.

He felt Hanzo withdrawal and he couldn’t help but sigh at the loss, but his hips fell to the bed. Surely the archer would leave now, and what could McCree even say to this?

But Hanzo didn’t leave, instead he crawled up beside him. “Move Jesse so we can get beneath the blanket.”

The cowboy complied, shuffling so they could both burrow beneath the covers. He laid on his side so he could face the archer. “Ya gonna stay then?”

Hanzo smiled and it took Jesse’s breath away. He was only further neglected from air as the elder Shimada leaned in to kiss him. It was gentle, but caring, and it made the cowboy melt.

“I am not so cruel of a partner to leave after such a good time Jesse. Besides…” he trailed off, snuggling up closer into the strong arms of the cowboy. “You are warm and I desire sleep.”

Jesse nodded and placed a tender kiss to that raven head. He wasn’t certain If this moment would lead anywhere but one thing was for sure, Hanzo had magic fingers and was just what he needed to ease away any tension. McCree kissed that head once more, running his hands softly down the pale back, as he felt Hanzo’s breath steady into sleep.

“Goodnight then Hanzo. Thank you.”

Werewolf Boyfriend (Harun)

I was commissioned by @liala-lavellan for a werewolf story with an established couple. This story takes place in the same town as Adam and my other werewolves. Adam also makes a cameo.

   Several years ago you had moved to a new town in order to help take care of your grandmother. Not long after you started noticing strange things about the peaceful little community. It wasn’t exactly something that you could put your finger on at first. In fact, it wasn’t until dead animals started appearing on your neighbor’s lawn that you had any evidence to your claims.

   Your grandmother reassured you that what was going on at the neighbor’s house was normal. It was nothing to get flustered about. But when a giant dead, bear was slumped over right outside your bathroom window, it didn’t feel normal at all.

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Let me tell you about something that happened earlier today.

Our store manager had a massive stroke a few months ago, and he came back to work this week. He has to use a cane to walk because he hasn’t fully recovered, his speech is slurred a little, and he now has a service dog to help him along (if he drops something and cannot pick it up, for example), but he was super excited about being able to work again.

Anyway, I came to the store on one of my days off to get a few things, and he was outside with his service dog, because, well, even service dogs need to have potty breaks, and I stopped to chat with him. That’s when we encounter some asshole in a pick-up truck who decides to take not one, but two parking spots that is reserved for the disabled.

Store manager sees this shit and politely inform the guy he cannot park there. Guy basically laughs in my store manager’s face, calling him a r****d and saying he can’t do a thing about it.

Guy seriously doesn’t know my store manager. He’s one of those awesome managers all the employees love because he is very protective of his staff and is not the type to hesitate about putting customers back to their places. You’d think the guy insulting him would have wounded his feelings, but no. My store manager started grinning like this was Christmas come early for him.

So, my manager asks me if I could go get the truck’s license plate and to meet him at the customer service desk. I did, even if I was a customer at that time, because I could tell something awesome was about to happen, then I met the store manager at the service desk. He had the girl at the desk call for the owner of the trunk to come to customer service. Once. Twice. Three times.  Guy never shows up. I go back outside to confirm the truck is still there and, sure enough, it is.

My store manager then goes and contact the police, and they come pretty quickly. It’s a small town and it was apparently a slow day. Once again, the girl at the service desk calls for the truck owner, and he still doesn’t show up. So the store manager go into his office behind the service desk with the two policemen to file a report, and I went too because I’m considered a witness and needed to sign papers too.

So, the two policemen decide to get the truck towed for illegal parking because 1) it’s taking 2 disabled spaces, and 2) it’s been over an hour by then and still no sign of the owner. The towing truck comes pretty quickly too because, as previously mentioned, it’s a small town. Just as it leaves, lo and behold, the asshole pick-up trunk owner reappears and demands to speak to the manager because his vehicle just got towed. Starts screaming at the girl until my manager walks out of the office, with one of the two policemen in tow.

I didn’t see the guy’s face, unfortunately, because I had to finish the paperwork with the other policeman, but according to my coworker (who was the one at the desk that he was yelling at) his face went from dark red to white when he recognized my store manager as the guy he had called a r****d earlier in front of the store. I wish I had been there to see that. Serves that customer right.

In other news, I spent 2 hours in the store on my days off rather than like 15 minutes, and the store manager’s service dog is a real sweetheart and I got to play with her when we were in the office.

beneficial (m)

word count: 13780

a/n: this literally took weeks to write and plan, and i’m so happy with the way it came out :)

|| You’ve been friends for as long as you can remember. So you guess it has its perks.

> Friends with Benefits! Jungkook


Originally posted by donewithjeon

New environments were never a comforting thought for a young child. Y/FN Y/LN was no exception. Having moved into a new suburban home close to her kindergarten, Y/N didn’t have many friends to begin – if any at all. The world seemed too big for her tiny mind. Five years of living and Y/N was still as shy as they come.

The first day of kindergarten arrived, and Y/N wanted to show off her new glitter shoes – the ones that glow and sparkle in the sunlight when she’d walk. Of course, she was way too shy to ever ask her classmates what they thought, and to her, it was almost as if they never cared. Swinging her feet as she sat in her chair, listening to the teacher introduce herself, Y/N bowed her head, shamefully staring at the shoes she thought would bring her friends.

A tiny, chubby cheeked boy with straight black hair turned his attention towards Leg-Swinger, her pretty hair put up in pigtails as her shiny shoes rocked back and forth. His straight and stern face was tough for a fellow five-year-old, his eyes staring at the little girl across the room intently. Diverting his attention back to the teacher, the little dark-haired boy began to swing his feet.

Mrs. Park had finally released the tiny children, sending them off to the playground. The sun beamed down as Y/N sat on the edge of the sand box, her tiny legs burying her shoes and hiding the glitter. It was embarrassing – all the other little girls had regular pink Barbie shoes and the boys had their trucks and racecars. Y/N had glitter.

“I like your shoes, lady.” A tiny, squeaky voice piped up from behind Y/N, making her tiny body shake and whirl around. Her eyes landed on a timid boy, his hands wringing the hem of his shirt as his hard gaze met her surprised face.

“Y-you do?” Y/N questioned, pink rushing to her cheeks. A reassuring and forceful hum rumbled his throat as he nodded vigorously. His black hair bounced as he nodded.

“I’m Jungkookie,” the little boy nervously pointed, “Who are you, lady?”

Y/N’s nose crinkled as she crossed her arms over her chest, “I’m not lady, Jungkookie.”

“Then who are you?”


“Y/N,” Jungkook swallowed, “You’re pretty.” He blurted out before running away, the dirt flying from his shoes as he ran.

“Wait!” Y/N called out, watching him disappear into the playground slides. Turning back to face the shoes buried in sand, Y/N’s legs slowly pulled out, letting the sand fall off from the glitter.

Someone actually likes her shoes.

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The Promise

Title: The Promise (Mechanic!Dean x Reader, Best Friends AU). Part 1.

Summary: When Dean Winchester was a little kid, he met a girl that would change his life. So, he stood by her through thick and thin and every time people asked him what home was to him all he could think of was her beautiful smile and her big, bright eyes and the sound of her laughter. Because, like Melville used to say, his home was not down in any map. True places never are.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Mary and John Winchester (mentioned), Sam Winchester, Benny Laffite, Leslie (OFC, only mentioned), Lisa Braeden

Word count: 7217 (I know, I know, it’s a monster fic but I hope it’s worth it)

Warnings: Language. Lots of fluff. Angst. Divorche, mentions of an almost-fatal car accident and drunk driving, death of a parent. Kid Dean (trust me that should be a warning). Lots of feels. 

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @luci-in-trenchcoats ‘s 2K Follower Challenge. Michelle, congratulations on your milestone, you deserve it so much! Thank you for organizing this and for letting me participate. I had tons of fun writing this.

Now into the fic, my prompt was “ We’ll figure it out. We always do.” and it is included in the text below in bold. (This is an AU, written entirely from Dean’s POV and hopefully they’ll be more parts.) 

Enjoy everyone!

Dean was five years old when he met the girl that would change his life. Of course, he was too young to know it then, but that didn’t stop Lady Luck from working her magic.

Everything started at the playground just a few blocks away from his house. The little Y/H/C girl was there again that morning, just like the last two times, jumping off the swing like she could fly, but Dean didn’t want to leave his mum and his brother alone to go talk to her. So, he stayed away, stealing glances every now and then, until another boy, older than him and plainly mean, shoved her off the swing and made her fall flat on her butt.

The girl gasped in surprise, her bottom lip wobbling and Dean knew he had to do something about it because he hated seeing girls cry; it reminded him of that time his parents spent the entire night fighting, and of the next morning, when his mother’s eyes were red and puffy and he had to hug her and tell her that joke about the stick being brown and sticky to make her laugh.

So, the green-eyed boy walked to that annoying kid, told him to leave her alone and when he didn’t listen and made fun of her again, Dean punched him so hard that his stupid Pokemon hat flew off and his whole face turned red.

A few seconds later, Stupid Hat was leaving with his tail between his legs and Dean was turning towards the girl that looked like a scared little bird, her big Y/E/C eyes wide open.

“Are you okay?” he implored, taking a step forward.

She nodded solemnly and looked down on the ground.

“Are you going to be mean to me like he was?” she asked.

Dean shook his head.

“No. He was an idiot. Here, give me your hand.” He said and she obeyed, smiled shyly at him.

She was kind of cute.

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One Night Lover

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N Y/L/N, Sam Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Lisa Braeden, Cassie Robbins.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Mention of one night stands, implied smut - a bit more than implied but not super graphic.  

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: @kathaswings was the winner of my monthly best feedback award  for September and she asked this: Hi, Kari! Okay, I’ve decided. I’d like to request a fluffy/smutty Dean x reader inspired by the song Wicked Way by Benjamin Taylor. I’ll leave the details for you to decide… :-)

I am not sure this is what you had in mind but this is what came to me when listening to the song with Dean in mind. It turned out more angsty than I planned. I hope you like it nonetheless.

Thanks to my sweet neighbor Ida aka @like-a-bag-of-potatoes for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

One night were all Dean could have with any girl. He had come to terms with that a long time ago. He couldn’t let someone else into his world. He couldn’t risk bringing a life into the world to be raised like he was. Dean wasn’t meant to have a wife and kids. A white picket fence, a pickup truck and the apple pie life wasn’t for him. He had tried and failed. He had put the people he loved in danger and Dean had promised himself long ago, that he’d never do that again.

It didn’t stop him from craving it. The normalcy and a woman’s healing touch. A touch that let him forget who he was for just one night. A touch that freed him from his worried mind and chased the nightmares away as long as he held her in his arms.

Dean loved women but it was their soft touch that he needed. It was the tender look in their eyes, that allowed him to dream of a world without monsters. A world where he could have the kind of love they showed him for one night, every night. A world where he wouldn’t have to be afraid that his love would get them hurt or killed. A world where he was free to be the man he really was. Loyal and loving, not running from embrace to embrace for comfort and warmth, but forever returning to her arms. Y/N’s arms.

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Dating Ethan Dolan Would Include

the daddy video today was so weird but im happy that my main lane would b a good dad ; )

  • watching you do your makeup
  • awwww he’d be so interested and insist that you didn’t need any bc you’re beeeauuttiful
  • yelling at him when he injures himself bc lets b real,, it happens pretty often
  • the eye rolls jeeeez
  • and he reasons that he’s a #sAvaGE
  • bc cameron gets pretty annoyed when she has to film for the boys,, a lot of the time u do
  • “gaawwddd (y/n) you don’t know how to work a camera?”
  • omg, u would get to witness ethan after a workout
  • and he’s all sweaty
  • and probs handsy ;;;;;;)
  • when he’s thinking too much he’ll lay his head in your lap
  • or lay across your lap and sigh until u give him a little massage
  • he sometimes will blabber away about his problems
  • and other times he’ll just close his eyes and enjoy your touch
  • sticking his ugly ass feet in your face
  • i feel like he’s a big cheek kisser
  • like when you’re just minding your own business, he’ll do it to try and get your attention or to make you feel better if you are having a bad day
  • when you’re giving him the silent treatment or just being sassy, he’ll pick you up and carry you over his shoulder to the bedroom
  • he would JOKINGLY make ‘daddy’ jokes with u which u end in you blushing sm omg
  • he has no problem embarrassing you in public btw
  • he also doesn’t mind showing a little pda
  • cheek kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • small hugs
  • and hand holding
  • when he kisses you he likes to place his palm right below your ear, having his thumb on your cheek
  • he’s a pretty passionate kisser
  • sometimes he would forget that he’s all muscle and jump on you
  • he can wrap his arms alllllll the way around you so that he could grab his elbows (if that makes sense??)
  • he likes to be the big spoon
  • but if he’s having trouble with anything he likes to feel your arms wrap around him when he’s falling asleep
  • any time any where legit
  • in public
  • at his moms house
  • in front of grayson
  • you would often playfully punch or slap him bc somehow this boy’s hands are on your body all. the. time.
  • grayson would be so annoyed w you two
  • omg
  • he would groan and leave the room
  • i feel like ethan would want a girl who could keep up with him, so that means;; sosososoossooso many hikes and drives to random places
  • sometimes you have to camp out in his truck bc y’all drove too far away from home
  • watching the sunsets and sun rises together
  • and looking at the stars
  • hand on your thigh or intertwined with yours when he’s driving his truck
  • getting that cheesy ass smile all the time
  • he would be so scared to tell u that he loved you
  • like so scared
  • more scary than going up on stage at the teen choice awards
  • he almost cried when he told u bc he was so scared
  • but you giggled first and so did he
  • lmk if y’all want a part 2 because i could go on forever looooool

Originally posted by leroydolan

I did a semi-radical thing recently, inspired – as many semi-radical things these days – by tumblr.  

I went through a whole day deciding that I was the hottest thing on the planet.

I wasn’t competing, wasn’t throwing myself out there, wasn’t dressing differently, it was just in my head, and therefore, in my attitude, I decided I was gorgeous and sexy and irresistible.

Something happened.

People treated me differently.

I didn’t have a single rude customer that day.  I didn’t have the middle-aged white men who ignore my polite “aloha"s because they’re too good to say hi back.  Everyone said hi back.  I got lingering looks from young men, young ladies.  On my drive home I got actually, factually hooted at by a couple of guys in a truck (nothing that would make my inner warrior rage, just a non-rude "I notice you there” little “ooohh” sound).  That hasn’t happened to me in about sixty pounds.

When I went to get gas, the young man watched me walk up to him to pay and he smiled at me the whole time I was walking up, smiled like he was excited to see me, like he knew me.  When I left he said, “You have a beautiful day.”

This is me, I’m a girl who has had garbage thrown at her on more than one occasion just because I’m so invisible, no one noticed me standing near the trash can.  This has happened, actually, lots of times.  It happened last week.  

The only thing I changed was my perspective.  It took work.  I concentrated all day.  I had to fight the urge to feel like it was arrogance talking when really it was self-love.  All I did was tell myself I was too hot to handle, and I believed it.  The rest of the world seemed to catch on.

I recommend this little exercise, for all of you.

Did You See?

Author’s Note: lord i am so glad someone requested Jongin fluff so i could make up for the torture that is Mourning Air. this is a gift for @kpopandlock and i hope hope hope i have done this justice. romance comes very hard for me unless theres chapters of tension and build up, so i hope this makes every Nini stan swoon just a tiny bit <3 enjoy loves!

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Summary: every day, you fall a little bit more in love with your best friend, Jongin. everyday, you ache for him. everyday, you miss all the signs of something he’s been trying to tell you.

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,068

Nini[2:06 AM]: you up?

Y/N[2:08 AM]: yeah why

Nini[2:08 AM]: are you hungry?

Y/N[2:10 AM]: !!! diner run? :)

Nini[2:11 AM]: i have a better idea ;)

Y/N[2:12 AM]: better than 2AM waffles?? D:

Nini[2:13 AM]: promise to keep an open mind

Y/N[2:14 AM]: nini it’s too early…or late idk to be open minded~~

Nini[2:15 AM]: ok then be spontaneous

Y/N[2:16 AM]: what are you suggesting

Nini[2:18 AM]: cheesesteaks

Y/N[2:18 AM]: im not fucking cooking at 2 in the morning, are you high

Nini[2:20 AM]: nooo let’s go GET them i know an amazing food truck in philly

Y/N[2:21 AM]: are you driving?

Nini[2:21 AM]: as long as you DJ

Y/N[2:22 AM]: come pick me up~~ <3

Nini[2:23 AM]: that’s my girl! be there in 10

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