i like 'em long and lean


What’s the secret to getting along in a girl band? 

Ally: I definitely think communication is key– specifically listening (to each other). Everyone has something important to contribute and everyone deserves to be heard. 

Dinah: We’re always around each other and treat each other like sisters– at the end of the day, I know I can count on any of them when I need ‘em! We support each other like a family. 

Camila: Embracing and acknowledging the different assets that each person brings to the table (whether it’s during recording process or rehearsing for a new tour, etc.) is really important. Each of us has something unique that makes us a special piece of this group. 

Normani: Being supportive of each other is really important. We have all sacrificed a lot and have crazy schedules and are away from our families for long periods of time, so it helps when you know that you’re not alone and that you can lean on your girls. 

Lauren: We’ve been at this together for a couple of years now and I think being respectful to each other is the secret.

i lean back in my chair, taking a long drag from my corncob pipe – it’s mostly tobacco, mostly. my flannel shirt is wrinkled; my trucker cap hangs low over my brow; it looks like I haven’t slept in twenty years, and sometimes it feels like it, too. “it ain’t just a rumor,” I say, voice low and weary. “i’ve seen ‘em myself… folks with healthy parental relationships. they’re elusive, but i’ve crossed paths with a few in my day.” I pull out a photo album (where was it concealed? beneath the chair? inside the lining of the coat draped over it? nobody knows for sure) and show you blurry photos of an old high-school friend – a cousin I’ve not seen for years – co-workers and classmates, all in shadow, all indistinct. “they’re out there. I just can’t prove it.”