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George Orwell wrote that "Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting, struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness" (in 'Why I Write), do you agree?

Yes, I agree, that’s a George Orwell quote all right.*

“All writers are vain, selfish, and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery. Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.”

You can find out what Orwell felt were the four motives (the irresistable demons that drove writers) at https://www.brainpickings.org/2012/06/25/george-orwell-why-i-write/

*Do I agree with Orwell? Not really. Generalisations like that tend to be incomplete and unsatisfactory ways of describing the world.)

Top 10 Must Read Ichihime Fanfics

Multi-chapter edition! These are in particular the fanfics I believe are a must, perhaps even a requirement, for any true Ichihime fan to read! Fics are mostly rated T - M, with varying language and violence, as well as sexual content.

All fanfics are complete, apart from one.

Fanfictions listed here are found on FF.net, and are in no particular order.

La Belle et la Bete by Enelya87 - 19th century France. An AU Ichihime story based on Beauty and the Beast. “He lifted his hand and dragged a single claw down her cheek and throat, careful not to break the delicate skin.” Language and Lemons.
This is one of the first Ichihime fanfics I ever found, and I remember staying up a full day for the first time in my life when I first read this. Written back in 2009, with 15 chapters and a total of 131,138 words, its a very capturing read!

Office Romance by Enelya87 - They are separated until Isshin pulls a fast one on Ichigo and brings the two together again. Except for one, slight obstacle.
Because we all need a sexy little fic involving Ichigo trying to keep his cool with Orihime strutting around in a pencil skirt. Jealousy, lace panties, and a not-so-tough “rival” for Orihime’s heart. Written in 2009, 5 chapters, 20,061 words.

Yakusoku Shitara byle.etoile - [If You Promise] Protect me if you want. Stay by my side if you wish. My only request is that you don’t cry for me when I’m gone. Instead, smile in memory of me. IchiHime Royal Realm fanfic.
 I have read this so many times in the past year alone, but never get tired of it. It flips between Orihime and Ichigo’s P.o.v. and is based around the idea “what if Orihime was the key”. le.etoile and Ichihime? Duh! Written in 2009, with 11 chapters and 51,212 words, you can almost taste their yearning for each other.

hardboiled strawberries, smiling halcyon by alice hattercandy“Twice, you almost lost her. Her brother. Aizen. Who do you need next to finally gather your balls— if you have any— and tell what you need to say to her? Don’t wait for the third time. Because bad things come in three.” Days later, it happened.
Do you wanna cry? This is one of those fics you will read over and over, forgetting the ending not because it is forgettable - it is the most memorable - but because it will pull you in just as hard as when you first read it. (Or, it might be because of the tearful trauma.) Alice Hattercandy pretty much wrote the book for Ichihime fanfiction in my opinion. Written in 2009, 24 chapters, 104,971 words.

that beautiful girl, she’s a beautiful girl by alice hattercandy- CRACK. But because he was Ichigo and she was Orihime, nothing seemed to get right in their love story.
I think about this fic literally every day(I whisper the title under my breath way too much) The angsty Ichigo is my favorite Ichigo aside from the protective one, and boy does Alice capture them both! Its cute, and Ichigo is clueless even when he knows. Written in 2010, 3 chapters, 6,472 words.

Long Way Down - by le.etoile- Two entirely different people somehow intertwined by similar pasts. With one boy disabled and the girl with a secret, how will these two not-so-strangers learn to trust and fight against an unknown force together?
An AU, where in Ichigo is disabled and is still more hot/sweet than my delicate heart can handle. I have never found another fic like it. Orihime is so sweet I could cry! Drama? Check! Written in 2010, 17 chapters, 52,375 words.

Tainting the Roses Red by Child of the Ashes - Ichigo knew he could be thick headed. He almost always learned things the hard way, but about this, he couldn’t be making mistakes. His hollow was playing a dangerous game, one that somehow involved Inoue.
You might scream. Why is entirely up to you. In which Hichigo starts to surface more frequently as his relationship grows stronger with Orihime, and new faces stir up trouble. Written in 2010, 25 chapters, 107,347 words.

The Pain of Remembrance by halfdemonfan- It was amazing how one memory could change a person’s perspective. Canon to volume 404.
(Or, episode 300) Featuring a somewhat different end to the Aizen fight. We get to see the soft progression of our favorite couples relationship with a twist of Ichigo angst. Written in 2011, 28 chapters, 154,461 words.

The Most Dangerous Things by Child of the Ashes - In which Orihime runs and Ichigo chases.
My smutty love! Child of the Ashes is another notable writer for the Ichihime community. In this, we experience a sex savvy Ichigo frustrated with the sex curious Orihime. Written in 2011, 9 chapters, 31,128 words.

Bakery Department 12 by CoffeeBooks - ABCookies meets it’s end and Orihime finds herself a new position. It’s still a bakery but different from what she’s used to. Will she be able to handle working with the new employee?
Its cute, its light, and Ichigo is only subtle enough for Orihime to not get. Go figure right? Pining Ichigo is the best. Written in 2012, 12 chapters, 22,245 words.


Hidden Screams - Star Slightly To The Right - “Kurosaki-san, right? I know you do not know me, but I was wondering if you could help me with something.”
AU. I mentioned this wasn’t in any order, but I suppose I lied. Because this is incomplete, it will be the 11th in this top 10.
This is my all time favorite fic, even if incomplete. Ichigo is so just… bad ass, and that sort of sexy-rough my heart cannot handle it maturely. And Orihime, precious Princess she is, good lord! There are a thousand things I could say for this story, but I’d have to make a separate post for it entirely. You MUST read this one! Written in 2012, currently 20 chapters, 101,428 words, last updated November 10th 2016.

5 Books on Art Provenance
A Shelfie from Kelly Davis, Research Assistant at the Getty Research Institute

Hi, I’m Kelly Davis, research assistant in the Getty Provenance Index at the Getty Research Institute. My background is in English, but I graduated with a master’s of library science and a master’s in art history from Pratt Institute in 2014. Books have been an important part of my life since I can remember. These are 5 that inspire and aid me in my work.

1. The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe’s Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War by Lynn H. Nicholas (Vintage Books, 1994).

One of the first books to focus on Nazi-era provenance and also one of the most famous. The publication of this book in the early ‘90s launched an international interest in the repatriation of art looted from Jewish art dealers and families during World War II and encouraged organizations to create guidelines such as the Washington Conference Principles on Nazi-era Confiscated Art (1998) and the AAM Guidelines Concerning the Unlawful Appropriation of Objects During the Nazi Era (2001). It inspired me to focus on provenance in my art historical studies and might have been the first step to where I am today.

2. Rogues’ Gallery: The Secret Story of the Lust, Lies, Greed and Betrayals that Made the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Michael Gross (Broadway Books, 2009).

While at the Last Bookstore in DTLA a few years back, a good friend of mine pulled this book out and handed it to me, exclaiming that she loved it and I had to read it. Somehow I hadn’t heard of it, but it piqued my interest as I enjoy nothing more than a gossipy read about the inner workings of established museums. While this isn’t about provenance specifically, and is more “pop” than some of the other academic texts on this list, it’s a fun and fascinating story and will certainly intrigue any lover of museums.

3. Memories of Duveen Brothers by Edward Fowles (Times Books, 1976).

This, along with a small stack of other books written by J.H. Duveen, or about the House of Duveen by those with intimate knowledge of it, have been gracing my desk for months. Like Knoedler & Co., Duveen was instrumental in the migration of European art to America in the early 20th century, and also like Knoedler, the Getty Research Institute owns the Duveen archive. Here in the Provenance Index, we’re interested in seeing what more we can do with stock book records we have on site, so I’m boning up on my knowledge of this great firm. These books are older primary sources, meaning what is said in them could be quite subjective. Of course, this is also what makes them so delightful.

4. Provenance: An Alternate History of Art edited by Gail Feigenbaum and Inge Reist (Getty Publications, 2012).

This book was a gift from Dr. Frima Hofrichter, one of my mentors in graduate school. Frima knew I had been accepted to the internship program here at the Getty, and what gift better than one on provenance published by the GRI and edited by Gail Feigenbaum, one of our esteemed associate directors? If Nicholas’s book was my introduction to “pop” provenance, this was my introduction to the academic career path ahead of me. A collection of essays on topics from collector’s marks to provenance in the Third Reich, reading this acquainted me with a number of respected scholars in the field, and names I would encounter during my time at the Getty.

5. The AAM Guide to Provenance Research by Nancy Yeide, Konstantin Akinsha and Amy Walsh (American Alliance of Museums, 2001).

The quintessential reference for provenance research, not so much a book you read but one you keep coming back to. Although the guide is being refined as we move forward in the 21st century (see the ArtTracks project at the Carnegie Museum of Art for more info), this book is still the standard for curators, librarians, collectors, and anyone else involved in provenance and the history of collecting. It’s been invaluable for the past few years as I’ve worked on the Knoedler & Co. stock books database. The appendices are particularly useful to a researcher, with information on dealer archives and locations, as well as a list of “red-flag” names to watch out for when dealing with World War II provenance.

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Hello! So I am going through your blog trying to find key things that make you believe larry and im a bit overwhelmed. Could you maybe explain a bit more? Im starting to think larry is a thing but im not sure yet. I need more evidence you know?

Okay. Let’s do this. I am going to link you to masterposts and analysis over the years. You can see for yourself then. :)

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there's some posts/theories about twins!hide, it seems, in the hide tag, but they are in korean and japanese and I'm crazy to know the content of it

Okay, so I went to take a look at the account, and I don’t speak either of those languages but I took a shot at trying to figure out what it was talking about through Google translate. Some of the translations were nonsensical (not surprising), but here’s what I managed to get (keep in mind that this might feel all over the place because I can only understand certain parts through Google translate).

This is going to be very long and image heavy so I’ll chuck it all under the cut but there’s a lot to deconstruct here, and though I don’t know if I’m entirely convinced by this theory, it’s an EXTREMELY interesting read and this person is amazingly perceptive, I’m seriously blown away by this.

Everything mentioned in this post was originally said by @twinshide so I take absolutely no credit for any of it.

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Now the puzzle, will save the plane

Back in EMP land, Sherlock is dying and Eurus needs to land the plane if she wants to survive. And while she is rightfully worried and John about to drown, Sherlock is pulling out of his ass a stupid solution for Eurus’ song. That’s when we start saying that ‘Eurus’ really had time to lose to grave these tombstones in order to fit that song.

But, really, the correct answer is ‘Eurus created that song in a way to explain the wrong dates’. The song isn’t a puzzle, it’s the solution needed because the graves are the puzzle that fascinated Sherlock as a child.

A fake gravestone where Nemo Holmes was ‘buried’. But really, Nemo was no one.

Or nobody. There was no body.

You can’t really face your own grave, can you? Unless you have a TARDIS, all you can do is have a gravestone with your name on it and no date of death. You’re still not dead so the dates will be necessarily wrong.

Basically, if you want to survive, you need to figure out the contradiction your gravestone is telling you. Show the inconsistencies and reveal it as a fake.

Here starts the puzzle. Now that the inconsistencies are laid bare, you need to find how that can tell you how to survive.

SHERLOCK: The wrong dates, she used the wrong dates on the gravestones as the key to the cipher and the cipher was the song.

Here, Stupid Sherlock strikes again.

The reverse is what happened.

Do you know what an Ottendorf code is? You have a set of numbers and they refers to a word of a page of a very specific book. We are facing a book cipher, not dissimilar to an Ottendorf.

The cipher is the graveyard, the key is the song.

The graves represent the number of the stanza and the numbers the words used in said stanza in ascending order. If you start with a number like 28 and then use 1, that just means you need to use the last stanza above (word 28).

Grave 1 (Stanza 1): 134-1719 -> 1 3 4 17 19   I AM LOST HELP ME

Here we can’t do 13 because we have 4 after, nor 34, so 1 3 4, now we are in the two digits 17 and 19

Grave 2 (Stanza 2): 28.9.1520 -> 28 9 15 20 BROTHER SAVE MY LIFE

We could have 2, 8, 9, 15 and 20 but then you get NOT SHADE SAVE MY LIFE, so 28 it is.

Grave 3 (Stanza 3): 1818 24 26 -> 1 8 18 24 26 BEFORE MY DOOM I AM

No choice is there? You can use the last like of the last stanza but that’s is so no 18.  1 8 and 18

Grave 4 (Stanza 4): Nemo Holmes:  1617-1822 32  -> 16 17 18 22 32         MY SOUL SEEK MY ROOM

If it’s 1, 6 and 17, It’s WITHOUT BEFORE SOUL, so 16 and the rest follows

You’ll notice that there is a part of the final message missing, so there is a grave missing.


So grave 4.0.0 should be : 28 1 2 3 8 in any combination.

What can we have then?

2/8/1238? 28/12/38? 2812 age 38? Age 28 1238? 2812-38? 28.1.238?

The grave stones aren’t real, the numbers are wrong, but at minimum they give for a second an illusion of reality. Yes, there are two centuries of difference, but you won’t have many graves stones starting in the 29th century. Also we can’t start with the age of the dead Holmes, this comes only at the end.

You can have 2/8/1238, or even something like 28/12/38 or 28/1/238 but there is another option I want to point out.

2/8/12, Age 38.

Here lies Mr. Holmes, born on the 6th of January 1974 who died the 2nd of August 2012 at 38.

I admit, I’m not using John’s blog to estimate Sherlock’s “deathday” because, mainly, Watson was always shit at keeping track of dates.

But we need another Holmes grave, one that is the fakest fake to have ever faked the word. Also, it’s the only things that makes sense. Why wouldn’t they show the final grave needed if the numbers used were so pointless?

They gave us a solution that is missing a fifth of the answer, and not the least important because this is where we get the answer ‘LOST WITHOUT YOUR LOVE SAVE’.

So, the secret behind Sherlock’s grave, the one thing that turned his own grave into a pure architectural joke and not a genuine thing, the one thing that made sure that Sherlock is still alive is Love.

By solving these fake deaths, Sherlock found the answer to save the plane before it crashes and creates a far more genuine grave.

SHERLOCK: Help me, brother, save my life, before my doom. I am lost without your love, save my soul, seek my room.

Without Sherlock’s love, Eurus won’t be able to find her way home, back to London and the ground.

 Twice already Sherlock tricked death in two finale, twice love is what gave Sherlok the means to survive. He just needs to do it again.

Love conquers all, even death.


EDIT 05/26/16: If the links to the fics don’t show up, please go to http://kidcrooner.tumblr.com/KSFanficDirectory. Some tumblr update apparently disabled all the links on this post. sorry for the inconvenience!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This is late, but hey, here it is! I’ve been marathon-ing kakasaku fics recently since i NEEDED to satisfy my shipper heart before i drop everything and become serious for school next year.

Includes (*=contains some nsfw elements):

  • (20) (High) School AU
  • (25) Modern day AU (general)
  • (13) Fantasy/Sci-Fi AU (with sub-AUs indicated)
  • (04) Historical Romance AU
  • (19) Specific-book/movie AU/Crossover
  • (11) Time Travel AU
  • (11) Generation/Age Swap AU
  • (08) Co-Habitation AU
  • (07) Trapped in a Jutsu AU
  • (03) One of them is not Konoha Shinobi AU
  • (13+01) One of them has kids/Sakura gets pregnant AU
  • (18) One of them is Hokage AU
  • (07) Ghost and Living Person AU
  • (05) Amnesia Fics
  • (08) My Favorite kind of Sakura (where Sakura is a step ahead of Kakashi)
  • (22) In-Narutoverse, Mission Plots
  • (65) In-Narutoverse, Relationship-driven Multi-chapters
  • (46) NSFW (a large portion of the fic is NSFW)
  • (04) OT3
  • (93) Various Oneshots (Happy, Sad, Crack, etc.)
  • (27) Drabble and Oneshot Collections
  • (07) Unclassified Fics (I dont want to spoil them by classifying/i can’t classify them)
  • (04+(01)) NON-KAKASAKU FICS with platonicKakasaku <3
  • (11) Notable Naruto Fanfics


  1. I can’t guarantee consistent quality, characterizations and moral inclinations in all fanfics since i ’collect’ fics according to a mental checklist i have. For example, even if I do hold a Sakura as someone who can only have intimate relations with someone she’s emotionally invested in as my headcanonHarunoSakura, i can still cherish a Sakura who does one night stands (but not so much a Sakura that is reduced to an absolute mess just because a man is shirtless or someone says the word “penis.” she IS a medic, guys. she can’t possibly be THAT shy about it).
  2. There’s a LOT of NSFW fics floating around, which means there’s a lot of Fics that have made me go “NOPE! 8D” but i decided to include them since i liked some specific thing in it (plot, fluffy moment, characterization, etc) and i float different boats depending on the day. what i could probably HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION TODAY, i might be able to forgive tomorrow.
  3. I included the dates when it was last updated so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you’re going to be emotionally invested in something that was left hanging or was deliberately discontinued.

With that in mind, please enjoy!



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The Vikings in Ireland: The First Wave, 795 - 873.

The initial phase of Viking involvement in Ireland consisted of multiple “hit-and-run” type raids. Starting with the raid on the wealthy monastery of Lambay Island in 795, the Vikings began their plunder. Lambay lies just north of Dublin Bay, however, at this point there was no Dublin. Dublin would later be settled by Vikings in 841 as a longphort (a type of photo-settlement allowing safe harborage for raiding activities) during the second phase of Viking actions in Ireland.

The Vikings came in search of loot and treasure, of which monasteries sure had a lot of during the middle ages. However, they were not alone in this, “for native Irish raiders did not scruple or emulate [the Vikings’] example”(2). Irish society was unique from the rest of Christendom in that they were a fractured society familiar with tribal politics. Although these initial raids do shock the land, the people of Ireland were not estranged from violence and would eventually adapt as seen in the later Viking activities.

Some notable events….

795: Lambay
802: Iona (moves to Kells, 807 - Book of Kells)
812: Irish resistance
824: Bangor (bolder raids)
832: Armagh (several times)
835: Clonmacnoise
841: Longphort at Linn Dúachaill and Duiblinn
842: Viking participation in Irish conflicts


  1. Haywood, John. “Vikings in Ireland I.” In The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings. London: Penguin, 1995. 
  2. Killeen, Richard. “Vikings.” In A Brief History of Ireland: Land, People, and History. Running Press, 2012. 
  3. Dukes-Knight, Jennifer. “Vikings in Ireland.” Lecture, Viking History, University of South Florida, 2015.

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Hi beautiful and amazing human! Could you please give me some domestic!winchesters? :) Thank you!

Curtain!Wincest Fic Recs

hello nonnie, I think most of them are wincest but I put a few Gen there too, hope you like them!

Know the Water’s sweet but Blood is thicker by: Sijglind  There are two new guys in your apartment block. They’re hot. Maybe a bit old—over thirty, you guess—but they are the kind of men people always compare to fine wine, getting better with age and all that crap.

Rankle and Gall by smalltrolven AO3 right here Post Gadreel-reveal: after a month of not really finishing their unfinished arguments,  Sam and Dean finally do finish one, and get back on the same page so that they can deal with the Mark of Cain the Winchester Way -  together. An alternate take on Season 9 with Cain summoning, soul-bonding, Oz-sourced magical spell casting, much lasagna baking, and angsty reunion-type schmoop.

The Secrets You Keep by  runedgirl  Dean started nesting the second week they were at the bunker. Sam took a little bit longer.

I’ll Wait For You by: morganaDW  Sam’s hurt in ways that can’t be healed easily even by Death. Facing the risk of Sam remaining how he is, Dean struggles to heal his brother in the only way he knows how even if that means giving up his life as a hunter.

Reading Into The Past by  jasmineisland This picks up after Sacrifice, and now that S9 has premiered it’s AU. The trials are over, and, even though the gates of hell aren’t closed, for the first time Sam and Dean are truly on the same page. They have a real home in the batcave, and have formed a relationship that makes them both happy. But it’s been a long, hard road to get there full of secrets, miscommunication, and manipulation from both sides. When Charlie opens the door to their virtual life, meaning the rest of the books online and the small community that knows they are real, they are shocked by the way they were both truly played. It gives them an insight to each other that goes a long  way towards healing old hurts. They manage to clear the air, figure out just how bad and worse the options they had to choose from really were, and they find each other in a whole new way.

The House Always Wins by selecasharp After the angels fall, the boys take some hard-won time away from the world so Sam can heal. Things at their new home aren’t as restful as they’d hoped, however, as old feelings between the brothers begin to resurge. As if that weren’t enough, it turns out that they’re not as alone in the bunker as they thought.

Of Ghosts and Men  by stardust_made (Gen/Sherlock-SPN Xover)  A year after Sherlock Holmes’s death John Watson returns to 221B Baker Street hoping to turn a new leaf. He finds that a stranger has come to town—while John was gone Sam Winchester moved in to the flat below. John’s interest is piqued, but he isn’t the only one curious in the household. Both men are trying to come to terms with their past, but as is often the case the past refuses to stay away. Sam and John are taken on a journey where adventures and revelations are going to put new and old relationships to test. (Gen fics are not my thing, I confess, I love wincest and the ponier the better, but this fic is made of awesome)

Wherever We’re Together That’s My Home by shannondoll It’s the small town gigs that keep them going - once a hunter always a hunter. Dean wants to do something special for Sammy, and a nice reclusive cabin in the Tennessee hills might be the perfect solution. A month of domestic bliss would do them well.

Clean Getaway by vicious-trade  It was cute for about a week. But it it’s been several months now and somehow Sam is still not getting it.

The College AU by Canon_Is_Relative, stardust_made Canon divergence post season two where Sam doesn’t die and Dean doesn’t make any deals, and their lives take on completely new turns. Sam goes back to college and Dean keeps hunting…but can they stay apart? A get-together story in a universe where the forces of Heaven and Hell left them alone.

Ignorance Would be Bliss by delanach Kevin knows more than he wants to about Sam and Dean, and he really wishes he didn’t.

Will You Settle For Love by verucasalt123 They’re out of the life. Pretty much. But regular jobs and friendly neighbors don’t negate the fact that the supernatural is still out there. This is a story about the choices and consequences that come along with retirement, and a test of how strong their relationship is when confronted with their past.

Lessons Learned by lyra_wing   It’s 2012. Six years later, and the hunt is over for Sam and Dean. But it’s just beginning for Michael, and he goes looking for the guys who helped him all those years ago.

He Who Fights With Monsters by bellajayd Dean leaves with Sam to go to Stanford. When John catches up with them years later things are very different.

Over The Hills, Far Away by askellington somewhere in the middle of season seven, this world careens towards the left. Dean looks at Sam and decides enough is enough. They need to settle down for a while, take a breath

Ways of Communication by  jiru_jiru_chan After a hunt gone awry Dean is left deaf and depressed, unable to cope with his situation. When he almost kills himself in an attempt to prove himself as a hunter Sam takes a drastic decision and they move to a secluded, out of the way town. Hoping to prove to Dean that he is more than his ability to hunt Sam tries all he can to let Dean help him, something that is not an easy task to accomplish.

Take My Hand and We’ll Make It by akintay post 8x23. It takes three days for the pain to stop and another four before Sam is strong enough to get out of bed. Dean is there to take care of him.

Loose Lips Sink All the Ships by miriad   They should have known that it’d happen, sooner or later. Two men, living together, small town. They were bound to get caught. Except, they hadn’t exactly lied. From the beginning, they had said they were brothers. The Brothers Winchester. It wasn’t Sam’s fault that everyone thought he meant “brothers” or Dean’s fault that everyone assumed it was just some kind of Brokeback Mountain thing

Never Be by rejeneration  Alternative WIAWSNB in which Dean is shocked to find himself living in domestic bliss with Sam (rather than Carmen)

Closing Time by 9091   The boys buy a bar and serve the hunter community. Futurefic, where they grow old together.

How the turtles react to reading their s/o’s poems:


Requested by: Anonymous

the turtles reacting to a s/o who’s very poetic and who’s writing is amazing


“Hey,” Leo would say casually, sitting down on the couch beside you. He’d be smirking but he wouldn’t tell you way. He’d sit there with you for ages, not saying anything just occasionally smiling at you with a knowing look in his crystal eyes.

“What?” You’d eventually inquire, impatiently. He would still not say a word, but instead he’d hold up your notebook, in which you wrote all of your poems, and he’d lean across and kiss you. He wouldn’t need to tell you, to show you how amazing he thought you were.


“So…uh,” Raphael would enter the gym looking guilty as fuck; though he lies often, he’d never been able to hide it well, and so you’d know on sight that he’d done something. “Ya know your poems…they’re, um….really, really good, babe.” He’d stand looking sheepishly down at you, preparing for you to be mad that he ‘invaded your privacy’ or something, but instead he just watches you blush. 

“You read those?” You mumble, feeling your embarrassment turn your face the same colour as his bandanna. 

“Yeah - and they’re brilliant.” He’d pull you in close, and smirk that beautiful smirk down at you, “it’s all…poetic, and stuff.” And then he’d just kiss you.


You’d be sat in his lab, working on something, and when you look up you are surprised to find Donatello sifting and reading through a book you can’t quite see. He’d be blushing terribly, and muttering under his breath, as he commonly does when reading something he is captivated by. Eventually, once he’s closed the book and attempted to refocus on the work at hand, you’d walk over and look at him accusingly, “Whatya readin?” You’d ask innocently, and watch his eyes grow wide.

“Uh - well - I - um - found it - and - uh - it’s…Amazing!” He’d babble, and lift his hand up to show you the notebook you’d thought you’d hidden well under his bed. “Seriously, Y/N, they’re - you’re amazing!” 


“Holy shit, girl,” Mikey shouted as he wondered through from the dojo - in his hand you could see a flimsy notebook, one which you recognised upon sight. You felt your whole body go stiff as you watched Michelangelo’s pale eyes roll over every word on the page, “is this about me?” He smiled wide at you, and you felt your heart flutter for a second. Of course he would take the piss, and find away to joke about it. 

I stumbled upon this masterpiece, and as I was staring at it, I realized something, so let me tell you a thing…

Let’s be honest, Tom Felton is sporting a Jim Moriarty smile. To be honest I thought that the left side was Draco at first because it looked sort of.. dark. But in a hidden way, not blatantly dark. Hence, Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty.

The right side, Draco Malfoy, doesn’t look dark though. He just looks tired and angry- like he’s sick of living and needs to finish his task without obstacles so he won’t die. He’s not smirking, his mouth is straight, and expressionless- other than the downward head tilt. It may look angry, but it’s like he’s sick of people being in his way, not truly evil.

So furthermore, my point is: How can people say Draco is evil? Because when he is compared next to Tom Felton (who is a wonderful and kind person), Tom Felton looks darker and more evil than him. At least to me.

Basically, people who look angry, tired, and are sick of living, are basically stereotyped and associated with being bad, or evil, people.

That’s the thing though- bad people walk among us, disguised to be as common as anyone else you’ll see on the streets (hence, Tom Riddle). There will be bad people anywhere, and the really clever, bad ones won’t be discovered because of an evil scowl on their face. They walk among us. And that’s when it reminded me of something that’s been happening to me recently.


Recently, my family discovered that a trusted family friend wasn’t who she said she was. I had been close to her since 2012, and I found everything I knew about her was a lie. She worked for my mom, doing the finances for her small business, and over the course of 4 years, she stole over $180,000 from our accounts. The banks discovered the fraud transactions, and now my mom is working herself to death trying to fix it, and trying to come up with the money to pay bills on time. The person who did this checked herself into a psych ward so she wouldn’t be able to get arrested, and she’s getting shipped away far across the state so she can escape her mess that she made.

My mom is a wonderful person. For someone to do this to her is just so cruel- and when my mom asked her about it, she straightforward lied to her face on multiple occasions. My family doesn’t believe in suing people, but there’s nothing we can do- we have to go to court, and she’s going to have to go to jail.

To be honest, we didn’t want her to go to jail. She has two children and a husband- and she had a life.

But, that’s not my point.

At first I thought that she just made a bad mistake.

But after the countless lies and excuses, FOUR YEARS OF LIES AND EMBEZZLEMENT, including the lengths she would go through to keep herself safe, and continue to damage my family, I now know that you can’t trust anyone and ANYONE can be a bad person deep inside, and you cannot judge a book by its cover.

So if you’re looking for the truly bad people, you’re going to have to look a lot harder past the masks people wear over their broken faces.


5 years ago my first meeting with Eddie !!

Esattamente  5 anni  fa, il 2 febbraio 2012, mi recai al Donmar a Londra per vedere lo spettacolo “Richard II” e per incontrare per la prima volta Eddie.

“Richard II” e’ stato bellissimo, emozionante, da brivido……

Quando sono entrata in platea, ero tra le prime, ho sentito il suono delle campane e profumo di incenso, un atmosfera bellissima, calda e accogliente……

Exactly 5 years ago, on February 2, 2012, I went at the Donmar in London to see the play “Richard II” and for to meet  Eddie the first time..   “Richard II” it was a wonderful, exciting, thrilling … …   When I entered the theater, I was among the first, I heard the sound of bells and incense scent, a beautiful atmosphere, warm and cozy … …

Io e mio marito eravamo seduti in prima fila laterale e lui era li’, a due metri da me, seduto sul trono nel mezzo del palco con gli occhi chiusi e palmi delle mani  rivolte verso l’alto e con lo scettro nella mano sinistra. L’attore che seguivo da piu’ di un anno, alla quale avevo visto realizzare Hick, Birdsong e che si stava preparando per il ruolo di Marius ne I Miserabili  era li’ davanti a me immobile, affascinante e regale, e con una bellezza senza tempo.

Il teatro era molto piccolo, il palco centrale, e noi tutti eravamo seduti  intorno ad esso. Una volta entrati tutti gli spettatori e’ iniziato lo spettacolo.

Eddie era sinuoso e lineare nel suo abito bianco……Tutti gli attori volteggiavano sul palco, correvano, lottavano…ovviamente tutta la mia attenzione era rivolta a lui. Vedere Eddie recitare dal vivo e’ incredibile. l’ho trovato molto disinvolto, libero, ma nello stesso tempo intenso, e passava da una risata isterica al pianto e viceversa, con una disinvoltura  e con un carisma che ben pochi attori giovani hanno. Una delle scene piu’ forti e significative per me e’ stato l il passaggio della corona tra  Riccardo e Bolingbroke, l’immediata reazione di Riccardo che gliela strappa  dalle mani urlando,  riponendosela sul capo,  dondolando disperato, sapendo che stava per perderla per sempre , bellissima……..

My husband and I were sitting in the front row on the side and he was there, a few meters from me, seated on the throne in the middle of the stage with  eyes closed and palms facing upwards and with the sceptre in his left hand. The actor that I followed for over a year, which had seen him make Hick, Birdsong and who was preparing for the role of Marius in Les Miserables was there ahead of me still, fascinating and regal, and with a timeless beauty.

The theater was very small, the central stage, and all of us were sitting around it. Once all the audience was inside the show started. 

Eddie was sinuous and straightforward in his white dress … … All the actors onstage ran, fought … but obviously all my attention was turned to him. See Eddie play live is unbelievable. I found it very casual, free, but at the same time intensive, and passed by hysterical laughter to tears and viceversa, with an ease and with a charisma that very few young actors have. One of the strongest scenes and meaningful for me, it was the passage of the Crown between Richard and Bolingbroke the immediate reaction of Richard who rips off his hands and screaming if puts on his head, and his desperate rocking  knowing that he was about to lose it forever, beautiful …… . beautiful … …

I corridoi laterali alle sedie dove eravamo seduti erano percorsi anche dagli attori durante le scene.

L’intensita’, la grande bravura di tutti gli interpreti e la magistrale regia di Micheal Grandage, ha reso questa tragedia, seppur ambientato in questo piccolo teatro, Grande!!!

Adoro Shakespeare, conosco tutte le commedie e qualche tragedia, ma quando ho saputo che lui interpretava Richard II, non ho esitato e mi sono subito attivata per acquistare i biglietti.

The side aisles to the chairs where we were sitting were also traveled by actors during the scenes. The intensity ’, the great skill of all the performers and the perfect direction by Michael Grandage, has made this tragedy, albeit set in this little theater, Great !!!

I love Shakespeare, I know all the plays and some tragedy, and when I learned that he played Richard II, I didn’t hesitate and I immediately turned to purchase tickets. 

Finito lo spettacolo, entuasiasta, sono uscita fuori nella hall del teatro e ho aspettato tutti gli attori……

Lui e’ arrivato per ultimo, l’ho visto scendere dalle scale, e mi son detta ” Ok” ……

Ho  aspettato che facesse foto e autografi con le ragazze presenti li’, che parlasse con una signora di mezza eta’, e poi si e’ rivolto verso di me…..

 I was excited !! When  the show finished ,  I went outside in the theater lobby and waited for all the actors ……  He was the last, I saw him coming down the stairs, and I said to myself ‘OK’ …… I waited for him to do photos and autographs with the girls present them ’, he spoked  with a lady , and then 'turned to me ….

La prima cosa che e’ evidente a tutte, e che mi sono ritrovata a incrociare nell’ immediato, sono stati i suoi occhi, bellissimi, color verde acqua quasi trasparenti. Ero un po’ imbarazzata, ovviamente, ma dal momento che ho assistito al suo approccio con le altre persone, ero decisamente piu’ rilassata.

L’ho salutato  e gli ho donato  un regalo portato dall’italia a nome delle sue fans, e lui e’ rimasto sbalordito, non se lo aspettava!!! Era molto contento…… Poi  ha preso il libro che avevo in mano di Richard II (Italiano /Inglese) e ha cominciato a sfogliarlo, soddisfatto, e mi ha detto ” the book” , ed io “si, l’ho studiato in italiano ed in inglese in modo da capire quasi tutto”. Poi si e’ rivolto a delle ragazze per farsi dare una penna e a gran sorpresa mi ha fatto una piccola dedica con autografo. Intanto di fronte e noi c’era qualcuno che continuava a fotografare……….Piu’ di una volta si era girato per vedere l’individuo………… Alla fine, quando ha lanciato un altra occhiata interrogativa, gli ho detto che quella persona di fronte e noi era mio marito……Non so cosa sia successo, ma siamo entrambe scoppiati in una grande risata e a sorpresa mi ha abbracciato forte e mi ha fatta girare di fronte a Claudio e ci siamo fatti la foto insieme.  

 On first I crossed  immediately  his eyes, beautiful, green-colored water nearly transparent. I was a little embarrassed, of course, but since I have watched his approach with other people, I was definitely more relaxed.  I just waved, and I donated a gift from Italy on behalf of his fans, and he was amazed, didn’t expect!!! He was very happy … … Then he took the book I was holding of Richard II (Italian\/Inglese) and began to leaf through it, satisfied, and said “the book”, I was like, “Yes, I studied in Italian and in English so I could  understand almost everything.” Then he turned to the girls to get a pen and with big surprise he  did a small dedication with autograph. Meanwhile in front us we had someone who kept taking pictures … … …. more than once had turned to see the strange person … … … … At the end, when it launched a second bad look , I told him that that person in front of us was  my husband … I don’t know what happened, but we are both broke out into a great laugh and a surprise hugged me strong and made me turn opposite to Claudio and we get the whole picture.    

Lui e’ stato splendido, amichevole, gentile e grato per il regalo ricevuto.

Infine gli ho detto di maneggiarlo con cura perche’ il regalo era delicato, e lui con delicatezza lo ha appoggiato sul fondo della scala, e ha continuato a stare ancora li’ con noi per 2 minuti a parlare con altre persone, poi e’ uscito e lo abbiamo visto scomparire.

Ecco questo e’ stato il mio primo incontro di dieci. E’ passato diverso tempo, molti di noi che lo seguono da anni  lo hanno visto crescere professionalmente e  sono orgogliosi di tutto cio’ che e’ riuscito a realizzare. Grazie.

He’s been wonderful, friendly, polite and grateful for the gift received.   Finally told him to handle it carefully because the gift was delicate, and he carefully leaned on the bottom of the ladder, and has continued to stand still there with us for 2 minutes to talk to other people, then got out and we saw it disappear.

This  was my first meeting of ten. It ’s been a long time, many of us who follow him for years have seen him grow professionally and we are proud !!

Dopo il secondo incontro avvenuto dopo qualche mese, decisi di dedicargli il primo blog Italiano/ Inglese su Tumbler, subito dopo su  Twitter e  dal 2016 anche su Instagram. Eddie e’ un grandissimo talento e un deliziosa persona.

After the second meeting took place a few months later, I decided to dedicate the first Italian / English blog on Tumbler, immediately on Twitter and from 2016 also on Instagram. Eddie is a great talent and a  delightful person.


P.S. here’s the actors thanks !!

Beauty and The Beast: Chapter Three

“You can’t love someone until you love yourself first,”

“That’s bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you? Oh, God’s above. I loved you. I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

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since the other soundtrack masterlists i’ve seen on here have a lot of broken links, i decided to make my own! under the cut are 200+ different musicals and 300+ different download links all in alphabetical order. if you encounter any problems please message me so i can update the list, but please understand that these are not MY uploads, they are others’ that i’ve found and listed here for you. there are also some notes listed below the cut regarding the download links. please like/reblog! [last updated: 24 december 2015]

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anonymous asked:

"proven false" lmao i guess the pictures of the police reports are a lie then.... i used to believe him and love him like you do but there's no way you can still play dumb about this :|

Okay this is the first and last time I’m ever going to address this disgusting, ignorant, and idiotic shit about Michael Jackson. I’m tired of people on this site, on twitter, on instagram, etc. believing anything they read because its on a website or on TV or on a stupid ass british tabloid regarding the false accusations of Michael Jackson. I’ve read the FBI files and read many of the 68 released transcripts and testimonies of the trial from both sides of the case. This is long and the only time I’m going to speak about this.


This case and these accusations were proven false not only in court, but through the FBI. The FBI investigated Michael Jackson for twenty years after the false accusations of 1993, they released their findings in 2012 and found NOTHING. They literally wrote “NOTHING” on each of their reports

If the FBI investigated Michael Jackson for 20+ years, don’t you think they would have found these “new findings” and used them against him in his 2005 trial?

Speaking of that trial, Michael Jackson NEVER had any child pornography in his possession. One of the so called “findings” is a picture of Michael Jackson and his nephews for a music video from 1995. This is what they put in as evidence.

This is the part no one seems to either want to understand or acknowledge.

In the trial, the boy accusing Michael Jackson Gavin Arvizo attempted to confirm one of the alleged magazines Michael Jackson had forced upon Arvizo (meaning Arvizo would have fingerprints on it). It had been released in August of 2003, 5 months after the Arvizo family left Neverland (the accusations had already been released to the public). Basically, this boy lied in front of a jury along with his brother Star Arvizo saying they viewed a magazine with Michael Jackson that didn’t even exist yet.

Going back to the “new claims”, any alleged child pornography would have been taken into custody to be used as evidence against Michael Jackson. All of the evidence was dismissed considering one evidence was a fucking picture of him and his nephews and the pieces of “evidence” were books that did not contain any violation of any law (many which were given from fans that date back to the eighties, also which were probably not even opened by Michael Jackson).

Also in 2006 the defense and prosecution denied this same claim that is being released right now lmao



People in this world need to stop reading headlines and actually think for a second that if there was a lick of evidence found, why would it not be used in the court of law a decade ago? This is the reason he passed away in his home and not a prison cell.

Also another fabrication is that he had a “secret sex closet”




To finish it off, the Michael Jackson Estate posted this statement

okay that it, if you still believe that bullshit that’s on you now, stay ignorant and close minded

Sugar Baby Masterpost

I added a master post to my profile a few weeks ago, but I still get “How do I start?!?” in my ask box. So here’s an official post with a link to my profile containing all the reading material you will need as a sugar baby. 


by Joe Brainard

When I stop and think about what it’s all about I do come up with some answers, but they don’t help very much.

I think it is safe to say that life is pretty mysterious. And hard.

Life is short. I know that much. That life is short. And that it’s important to keep reminding oneself of it. That life is short. Just because it is. I suspect that each of us is going to wake up some morning to suddenly find ourselves old men (or women) without knowing how we got that way. Wondering where it all went. Regretting all the things we didn’t do. So I think that the sooner we realize that life is short the better off we are.

Now, to get down to the basics. There are 24 hours a day. There is you and there are other people. The idea is to fill these 24 hours as best one can. With love and fun. Or things that are interesting. Or what have you. Other people are most important. Art is rewarding. Books and movies are good fillers, and the most reliable.

Now you know that life is not so simple as I am making it sound. We are all a bit fucked up, and here lies the problem. To try and get rid of the fucked up parts, so we can just relax and be ourselves. For what time we have left.

–From The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard, (Penguin Books, 2012). 

Photograph of Joe Brainard by Robert Giard

jonesgrey-deactivated20150712  asked:

What would you recommend for a beginner to spiritual practices such as chakra opening, reiki, meditation, etc? I've never explored these topics before, but I feel spiritually "clogged up" inside and I need a starting point to improve myself. Know of any good books that are good for beginners?

Without a doubt I recommend you watch the Spirit Science episodes on youtube.

Here is a list of the episodes and a short description of each episode, so just watch the ones you resonate with =) 

feel free to reblog this if you think it will help others.

Lesson 1 – Thoughts

Patchman begins your journey into the unknown with the basics. Thoughts, Emotions, and the power that they bestow upon you.

Lesson 2 – Chakras

In this lesson, we take a look at Chakras, and how your body picks up energy on a vibratory level. Last week, a few people didn’t understand HOW thoughts affected you, but did you know that your body has a system for doing so?

Lesson 3 – Channeling

We talk about one of the methods to communicating with beings of consciousness both higher, and lower than ourselves. We also talk about animal communication and how you yourself can also do it.

Lesson 4 – Male and Female Energy

This week we talk about two parts of an incredible whole, Male and Female. No, not gender, but energy. There are 3 parts to this one, First, Energy. Then we look at Brain Hemispheres, and then the Indigo Children and Super Psychics (Because i promised we’d talk about that after lesson 2).

Lesson 5 – The Keys of Our Past

In this lesson, we cover 3 topics, ranging from alien life, all the way to the precession of the Equinox. Human history is more than we know.

Lesson 6 – The Flower of Life

Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret, The Masons for example have done just that. What are we talking about? It’s the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.

Lesson 7 – Dimensions

Patchman takes you on a quest to understand the dimensional levels, and where we are on that scale. We also take a look at some Particle Physics, and touch upon Leonardo Da Vinci!

Lesson 8 – Meditation

In this video, lets get Meditational!

Lesson 9 – Astral Projection

In this lesson we look at the phenomenon known as Astral Projection, and also other out of body states, dimensions, and even life and death! all wrapped up with a nice little surprise at the end 

External image

Lesson 10 – Math of God

This week, we dive back into the Sacred Geometry pool to talk about spirals and sequences that all life strives towards, and at the end we look at the 2nd informational unraveling of the Fruit of Life.

Lesson 11 – Evolution

Today, we look at the aspect that Consciousness plays in the role of Evolution, and the evolution that’s happening to us right now as a species on planet earth.

Lesson 11_11 ~ DNA Activation

This is an addendum of Lesson 11, which covers what it means to activate your DNA, and evolve as a being of light!

Lesson 12 – The Human History Movie

Human History in review – 2 Years Later

The story of Human History is not what we know. Modern society tells us that we just evolved from monkeys thousands of years ago and now here we are. But if our evolution was so natural, why is everything so broken and screwed up? Through communication with Astral Entities, along with many ancient texts across all religions, as well as many other sources, we have begun to see our history is not what we know. This 5 part episode is the Human History story according to the Atlantean being known as Thoth. Now, were not saying “THIS” is what happened in our history. This is only Thoth’s perception of it. That may even lead us to ask, who is Thoth…?

- The movie was originally split into 5 individual parts, if you would like to watch them separately, these videos are here -

- Part 1 – Rise of Atlantis -     - Part 2 – Atlantean Catastrophe -

- Part 3 – The Solution -       - Part 4 – The Fall -

- Part 5 – The New Beginning -

Lesson 13 – The Crystal Movie

This half-hour special is all about Crystals. What are they, what do they do, how do they work, in what ways can you use them, what is Orgonite and the Crystal Movement, and much, much more! This lesson goes into everything! We highly recommend checking it out and getting into Crystals!

-This episode was originally 4 parts long, you can see them separately here!-

~ Part 1 – What are Crystals ~     ~ Part 2 – Crystal Uses ~

~ Part 3 – Crystal Types ~     ~ Part 4 – Crystal Movement ~

Lesson 14 ~ Insights of Ascension

This lesson goes over the 9 insights of Ascension described in the book “The Celestine Prophecy”. The book follows the pathway from Waking up to becoming a consciously ascended being of love and light. Wake up, for the time is now. Also, check out the Celestine Prophecy if you have a chance!

Lesson 15 ~ Power of the Heart

The heart has an electromagnetic field that is 4,000x stronger than the brain! It also has its own neural-network of brain cells, as well as has the ability to change the world around you! You are a powerful being, and understanding the field around the heart has a lot to do with it.

Lesson 16 – The Shift of Ages

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is “What do you think will happen with 2012?”. We thought the best way to shed light on the situation was simply to make a video about it! So without further ado, here is our 2012 video!

Lesson Mailbag: Meaning

Where is meaning found? What is meaningful in your life? In this episode, we discuss that very topic.

Lesson 17 – Universal Geometry

Consider this “The Flower of Life – Part 2″, we round out the Flower of Life discussion, and open up some new topics as well.

Lesson 18 – The Four Elements

In this episode, we look more closely at how the platonic solids interact with the world, parallel realities, and a really cool painting 

External image

Lesson 19 – Cosmic Connections

Everything is connected. You are part of a hierarchy of awareness that you aren’t even aware of!!

Lesson 20 ~ Water

What is Water? Why is it so crucial to life? Lets ask some questions about water, and see what we find out…

Lesson 21 ~ The Torus

The Torus is one of the fundamental building blocks of all reality. How does it work?

Lesson 22 ~ The Light Movie (In Production)

Part 1 ~ EnLIGHTenment         Part 2 ~ Cycles n’ Sine Waves

Part 3 ~ The God Particles           Part 4 ~ Source Energy

If Light is the first form created, we should be able to map that out both scientifically, and spiritually…shouldn’t we?

I Want To Shout It From The Rooftops

Summary: In which keeping their relationship a secret is proving too difficult, and one is wishing for change.

Genre: Fluff / Songfic

Song: Secret Love Song, Pt. II

Warnings: Elements of angst, minor mention of alcohol

Word Count: 4.3k

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A/N: So here is my (long overdue) collab with the super lovely @galaxyhowlter

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Steve's Notebook

Alright guys, here is the intro to the Steve’s Notebook miniseries that I announced recently. As it is an intro, this one does not include any suggestions from you guys, but I’m currently working on one, as well as a story for the main (Y/N) Barnes series! So keep an eye out!

If you want to get involved, send me a suggestion of what you want to see in Steve’s Notebook, and I will write it, and dedicate the story to you!!!

If you have any feedback, as always, I would love to hear from you : )



Steve was sitting at the dining room table, pinching the bridge of his nose, elbow on the table, and eyes scrunched tight. A book was open on the table, cover up, in front of him.

“Steve, what’s wrong?” you asked, approaching him gently. You knew that he was stressed, confused and overwhelmed. Getting closer, you were able to see the title of the book.

100 Movies to See Before You Die.

He dropped his hand from his face when he realised that you were there, and faked a tight smile.

“I’m ok. Just a little headache,” he replied.

Even if you weren’t an empath, you would have known he was lying. You understood why he lied though, and you didn’t pull him up on it. Being your friend was hard enough, without the extra stress of your powers. Something that you had recently been reminded of.

“Your shoulders are tensing,” you pointed out.

Steve shook out his arms, but the tension remained. You had an idea, and popped into the kitchen, placing a heat pack in the microwave. This always helped you relax, and you were hoping it would help him too.

Returning to him, you gently draped the heat pack around his neck, and held it in place on his shoulders. You heard a sigh, and he leaned back in his chair, resting his head against you.

“What’s bothering you Steve?”

“We missed so much (Y/N). Movies, music, cultural events, historical moments… all things people reference on a daily basis, and I can barely understand what they’re saying…” Steve explained carefully. “I don’t think I can feel like I belong until I catch up… but there is so much, it’s overwhelming…”

You nodded your agreement. You were always amazed by Steve. At first, he was just as closed off from this new world as you. You had both watched movies, and read books and other things, but couldn’t get past your longing for the time you knew.

When you had both been recruited for the Avengers, Steve once again felt as if there was a place in the world for him, no matter how much things had changed. He began throwing himself into catching up on as much as he could.

You wished that you shared his enthusiasm. You had not condemned all modern luxuries, of course. But, you were happy to go at a slower pace. In honesty, you felt as if, the quicker you adapted to this new century, this new life, the quicker you would leave your old life behind. The further away it would seem. The foggier your memories of Bucky would become. And that terrified you.

You thought for a while about Steve’s stress, and decided that, no matter how you felt personally, you would help him in any way possible.

“Wait here for a moment,” you stated, prompting Steve to support the heat pack himself.

You went into your bedroom, and riffled through one of the drawers of your desk, finding exactly what you were looking for.

Back in the living room, you placed the notebook and pen in front of Steve.

“We’ll make a list, of every essential. Everything people recommend to you. And, then we’ll go through it point by point, until you’ve caught up. How does that sound?” you asked, opening the notebook, and taking the cap of the pen off.

Steve was silent for a moment. He was just as overwhelmed, as if the task of even making the list was daunting, until finally he nodded.

“Thank you (Y/N). I know that you’re not all that interested in catching up on everything. So I appreciate your help.”

“Hey now. I’m not opposed to watching the movies in that book,” you pointed to the book for emphasis. “I am especially happy to read some of the books that people think I should read. But, mostly, I am always interested in you. And this is something you want to do. So, where possible, I’ll do it with you.”

“Thank you,” Steve stood, and wrapped his arms around you, letting the heat pack fall to the floor. Some of the tension in his shoulders seemed to have disappeared.

“Of course Steve. I love you,” you replied, holding him tightly.

“I love you too.”

“Now,” you began after Steve let you go, “where should we start?”

“Stark recommended a movie to me,” Steve replied, retrieving the heat pack, and sitting back down.

“Oh?” you prompted, dragging a chair up as close as possible.

“Star… Star something…”

“Maybe it’s in this book?” You picked it up and started flicking through the pages.


“Is this alphabetised or ranked by quality?” you asked.

“Alphabetised I think,” Steve replied, picking up the pen, and pulling the notebook closer.

You spent the rest of the night, going through the book, remembering conversations, and jotting down as much as possible. By the time you were both ready for bed, the light was peaking in through the curtains, and you had a sizable list to begin working through.

Steve’s Notebook would definitely keep you busy for quite a while, and you were sure that you would add much more to it than you would ever be able to cross off.


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