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high school frogs!!!!!!

starring dex as the hot mess pizza face, chowder as the awkward chunky boy too nice and too into teal, and nursey as the one sighing his way through a lily-white prep school

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Best answer sans *0* meebs seriously, you deserve every thing i ever said to ya. like, i'm a reaaaaally tactless person, i say everything i think and maaaan your thing is good. *gives meebs all the cheetos*

;A; Thank you so much!

I don’t even know what to say aside from that, lemme just stuff my face with cheetos ok alright cool <sobs>

The number of people giving Hammer of Thor bad reviews because of Alex Fierro is so gross. I knew the conservatives would throw a fit, but still. I think I’m getting a migraine.

Since real life is hella stressful I need to balance things out and what better way would there be than 1x1s?
So here we go with my Wishlist!


  • Rachel x Santana
  • Rachel x Quinn
  • Rachel x Brittany
  • Rachel x Dani
  • Rachel x Marley
  • Rachel x Kitty
  • Rachel x Puck
  • Rachel x Jesse
  • Rachel x Sam
  • Rachel x Mike
  • Rachel x Sebastian
  • Rachel x Hunter
  • Rachel x Blaine
  • Rachel x Ryder
  • Rachel x Jake
  • Rachel x Quinn x Santana
  • Rachel x Santana x Brittany
  • Rachel x Santana x Brittany x Quinn
  • Rachel x Santana x Dani
  • Rachel x Sam x Blaine
  • Rachel x Finn x Puck
  • Rachel x Sam x Tina
  • Rachel x Kitty x Marley
  • Rachel x Sebastian x Blaine
  • Quinn x Sam
  • Quinn x Finn
  • Quinn x Jesse
  • Quinn x Finn x Puck
  • Quinn x Sam x Santana
  • Marley x Jake
  • Marley x Ryder
  • Marley x Kitty
  • Marley x Kitty x Ryder x Jake
  • Marley x Sam x Kitty
  • Twincest 
  • Genderswap

FCs dying to use or play against ( I would play all of those just saying)

  • Ashley Benson x Shay Mitchell
  • Ashley Benson x Lea Michele
  • Ashley Benson x Lily Collins
  • Shay Mitchell x Lucy Hale
  • Shay Mitchell x Claire Holt
  • Shay Mitchell x Dianna Agron
  • Troian Bellisario x Lucy Hale
  • Lucy Hale x Colton Haynes
  • Lucy Hale x Nina Dobrev
  • Nina Dobrev x Claire Holt
  • Claire Holt x Candice Accola/King
  • Claire Holt x Matt Roerig
  • Claire Holt x Nate Buzolic
  • Claire Holt x Joseph Morgan
  • Lily Collins x Sam Claflin
  • Lily Collins x Grant Gustin
  • Lily Collins x Arden Cho
  • Holland Roden x Shelley Henig
  • Blake Lively x Leighton Meester
  • Britt Robertson x Holland Roden

#1 of the art giveaway for @loverickandmorty!! The theme was: Inter dimensional trio happy!

This one came from a dream I had ages ago…Jerry and Beth are fighting seriously and threatening divorce. Summer was trying to drown them out with music when she heard a knock on her door. Rick and Morty were outside signaling her to come with them. They left and picked up ice cream from Rick’s favorite store and stopped at some exoplanet to watch the suns set over the beach. It was quiet and warm and nothing but the sound of the wind on the cliffs and the water lapping up on the rocks below. 

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Ever since I was a small husky puppy and genji pyrope loved it aaa… i ? dont remember when you dont appreciate anything that might make them 👦🏽 boys 👨🏽 go 😍 loco 🙃 😜 they want me too I don’t care what humans think is impossible. she never stops eating. usually when I lie / I’m starting to scare the living room, the next 5ish months, or however long it will be airing in an empty parking lots.

Because I like to tell ridiculous lies from time to time, I once told a couple of kids that the mannequin in the home ec room was my sister.

I said this years ago, and forgot all about it until a couple of days ago when, during cleaning time, one of the younger kids asked me to follow him to the home ec room. He pointed to the mannequin and asked if it was true that this was my sister.

“Of course,” I said, because I like to tell ridiculous lies. “Her name is Mary.”

to the person who commented on the fic poll to the extent of “I wish I could draw fanart of this”……….the answer is yes and always yes